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  1. 1. Changing public discourse and actions from Potholes to Business PittMAPS - one-stop-shop for essential data, reports and statistics related to City services. Access a wide variety of performance-related information on the operations of City Departments, including the Citys 311 Response Line. Did you know that the public can review monthly performance indicators related to day-to-day operations of every City department? http://www.pittsburghpa.gov/pittmaps/mfr.htm Chuck Half City Innovation & Performance Manager - PittMAPS Office of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl 512 City-County Building, 414 Grant Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219 412.255.0819 -office 412.287.2650 - mobile chuck.half@pittsburghpa.gov
  2. 2. 25% County’s 1.4 million people live in Pittsburgh Allegheny County = 129 other municipalities + Pittsburgh Jobs and Population in Major U.S. Cities 2004 Employment in City 2004 Population in City 298,429 Pittsburgh (.93) 320,402 527,959 Boston (.90) 589,048 415,051 Seattle (.73) 572,166 403,315 Charlotte (.67) 602,285 247,659 Cleveland (.54) 457,117 578,955 Philadelphia (.40) 1,465,475 241,629 Detroit (.27) 896,919 0 500,000 1,000,000 1,500,000
  3. 3. Changing public discourse and actions from Potholes to Business• Useful Data for Stakeholders/Transparency – Every week 30 sub-department level managers receive weekly performance reports – “Analytical” Reports for Regulatory Agencies – “Custom” Reports for Departments• “Open Data Movement” Legislate or Not?• Collaboration and Sharing Challenges
  4. 4. Non-Profit Partnerships Pittsburgh Today and PNCIS Economy / Job Growth Total nonfarm jobs for August 2012 in the Pittsburgh region was 1,160,200. Over the four-year period from August 2008 to August 2012, the Pittsburgh region gained 12,600 nonfarm jobs. These figures show that the region is recovering from the recession and performing comparatively stronger than all of our benchmark regions. In the nation, only Houston and Austin gained more jobs.4
  5. 5. Non-Profit Partnerships Pittsburgh Today and PNCIS…unfortunately, absentee landlords are theones taking advantage of the bargains.(properties sold between 2005-2007) 5
  6. 6. Weekly Code Enforcement Supervision Bureau of Building Inspection
  7. 7. Weekly Customer Service Supervision Public Works Department & Animal Control
  8. 8. Weekly Distribution Tableau Server If we bottle the water, and serve it up, will the supervisors drink it?
  9. 9. Regulatory “Analytics”
  10. 10. Departmental “Reports”
  11. 11. Stakeholder Transparency
  12. 12. Open Data Movement Legislate Transparency or Not? • Ordinance supplementing the Pittsburgh• Lack of “eyeballs” and hits Code of Ordinances, Title I, Administrative, Article One, General Provisions, by adding a new Chapter, “Chapter 109: Public at PittMAPS City Website Accessibility to Municipal Data Sets.” •• “Right to Know” requests Chapter 109: Public Accessibility to Municipal Data Sets. • § 109.01 - Legislative Intent. It is in the best• Data Sets and Homeland interest of city that its agencies and departments make their data available online using open Security standards. Making city data available online using open standards will make the operation of • FBI Inquiries for site city government more transparent, effective and accountable to the public. It will streamline intra- visitors governmental and inter-governmental communication and interoperability, promote• Codathon / Hackathon efficient solutions for government, advance innovative strategies for social progress, and create economic opportunities.
  13. 13. Organizational Culture Change COLLABORATION
  14. 14. Generic Collaborations Two-Way Problem Solving for Communities14