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Slide deck from the 2013 PMP New Student Orientation.

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  • Remove Career Connections piece – CC host resume workshop either before or after orientation. Hand out schedule for CC events, elevator speech info, etc.
  • Emphasize career assessments (help you develop content/talk about yourself for elevator pitch)
  • Student speech about what works and what doesn’t work
  • Mentor/student panel HERE?
  • Calendars, RSVP’ing to events, Milestones, Forums/Boards
  • PMP Student Orientation Slides

    1. 1. Leeds Professional Mentorship Program New Student Orientation – Fall 2013
    2. 2. Introductions • People to know: Katie Connor, Director, Leeds Mentoring Office Sally Forester, Associate Director, Leeds Mentoring Office Kristen Freaney, Program Coordinator, Leeds Mentoring Office Lauren Russo, Project Coordinator, Leeds Mentoring Office Julia Donahue, Ashley Ziegler, Matt Mackenzie, Student Assistants • Connect online: Facebook: Twitter: @leedspmp LinkedIn: • Email: • Web: • Phone: 303.492.5881 • In Person: KOBL S220 (inside the Undergraduate Student Services suite)
    3. 3. Leeds Mentoring Office Mission: To enhance the Leeds academic experience by providing opportunities to develop academic, personal, and professional skills through a continuum of mentoring relationships. Vision: The Leeds Mentoring Office aspires to set the standard for integrating mentored learning experiences into business education; providing our students with the real-world skills, knowledge and experience necessary to be early contributors and future business leaders. Introduction Exploration Preparation Professional Mentorship Program First year Sophomore Young Alumni Mentors Junior and Senior CoLab Peer2Peer
    4. 4. First Step! Go to:
    5. 5. What can a PMP Mentor do for me? A mentor can provide skills, self-awareness, and experience in a relatively Low Risk environment. • Academic and career advice • Define personal goals • Develop professional skills • Access to unique resources and experiences • Networking experience and connections • Preparation for ANY job • Competitive advantage in the job search “Make sure to reach out to your mentor frequently. Even if they don't have the immediate connection to your dream company, they might in turn know people that can help you get connected in the field/industry you are looking for.” Christopher Lynch, PMP Graduate, ‘13
    6. 6. Program Commitment  Completed and reviewed resume  Uploaded to Leeds Mentoring Network and posted on Career Buffs ASAP  SEPTEMBER MILESTONE TASK 1: Connect with mentor by September 26th  Fall and Spring Events  SEPTEMBER MILESTONE TASKS 2-3: Fall Kick-Off Event: Thursday, October 3rd, 5:30-7:00 pm, KOBL Atrium  Complete required “Milestones”  Good academic standing  Respect PRIVACY  Be Professional  Provide feedback
    7. 7. Program Jargon: What Does All This Stuff Mean? Goals: Things you want to accomplish within your mentoring partnership. Goals should guide you in creating your personal mentoring milestones. Monthly Milestones: Monthly program requirements that you must complete by accomplishing tasks. Personal Mentoring Milestones: Milestones that you create and accomplish with your mentor. You are required to create and work on at least ONE personal mentoring milestone each semester, in addition to your monthly milestones and tasks. Tasks: Activities that make up the milestones. Tasks have specific due dates throughout the month (i.e. “Contact your mentor” is the first task of your September Milestone and is due on September 26th).
    8. 8. Monthly Milestones PMP JUNIOR Monthly Milestones June 1 – September 10 September Milestones October Milestones November/ December Milestones January/ February Milestones March Milestones April/May Milestones PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS 1) Professional resume reviewed by Career Connections/ Services and posted to your profile 2) Update (contact info, professional pic, etc.) and publish your Mentee Profile **Required Event** Attend a new Mentee Orientation Workshop September 10 - 24. Your mentor match will NOT be released until you attend an Orientation! ** Required Event** Thursday, October 3: Fall Kick-Off 5:30-7:00 pm, KOBL Atrium **Required Event** Wednesday, February 12: Leeds Career Fair 12:00-4:00 pm, Folsom Field ** Required Event** Thursday, April 24: Spring Celebration 5:30-8:30 pm Off-Site MILESTONE TASKS September: Get connected with your mentor Task 1: 1) Contact your mentor Due: September 26 September Tasks 2 & 3: Fall Kick-Off 1) RSVP for the Fall Kick-Off (Oct. 3) 2) Contact your mentor about meeting at event. Due: September 30 October: Plan and conduct your FIRST 1-on-1 meeting Tasks 1-4: 1) Schedule a meeting, Skype or phone call 2) Set regular communication schedule. 3) Prepare your Personal Statement, TWO Personal Mentoring Milestones, and resume to review with your mentor 4) Send a Thank You note Due: November 1 Nov/Dec: Plan and conduct your SECOND 1-on-1 meeting Tasks 1 & 2: 1) Review progress on goals 2) Complete and discuss at least ONE of your Personal Mentoring Milestones Due: January 10 Jan/Feb: Create your 2nd Semester Plan Tasks 1 & 2: 1) Reconnect with your mentor via email and schedule your THIRD meeting 2) Identify TWO Personal Mentoring Milestones to be completed and discussed with your mentor during the 2nd semester Due: February 1 March: Plan and conduct your THIRD 1-on-1 meeting Tasks 1 & 2: 1) Review progress on your 2nd semester Personal Milestones 2) Discuss internship opportunities and plans Due: March 21 April/May: Spring Celebration Tasks 1 & 2: 1) RSVP for the event (Apr. 24) 2) Reconnect w/ & thank your mentor Due: April 18 End-of-Semester Follow-Up Tasks 3 & 4: 1) Complete Partnership Evaluation 2) Follow-up w/ mentor on Milestone progress, discuss summer plans Due: May 1 RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES 9/16, 24, 30:Resume Critique Days 9/17: Mktng/Mgmt Mini-Career Fair 9/18: Finance Mini- Career Fair 9/19: Acctng, Meet the Firms Night 9/23-27: Internship Week Events 9/25: Careers Networking Night 10/1 & 2: Campus- wide Career Fair 10/8, 23: Resume Critique Days Various dates: Check rs for campus programs and company visits through Career Services 11/5: Resume Critique Day 11/6: Social Media Workshop at Leeds End of Jan: Mentoring Month Executive Speaker 1/28 & 29: Spring Campus-wide Career & Internship Fair Mid-Feb: Leeds Mentoring Office, Speed Mentoring & Networking Event TBD: Career Connections Company Info Sessions, Mock Interviews, local Career “Treks” Various dates: Check rs for campus programs and company visits through Career Services 4/17: Just-In-Time Hiring Career & Internship Fair
    9. 9. Personal Mentoring Milestones
    10. 10. EXAMPLE: Creating Personal Mentoring Milestones Goal: Obtain an internship in consumer marketing. Milestone 1: (BUILD) Develop personal brand in consumer marketing. Due November 15th Task 1: Talk with mentor about how to frame my experience in application materials Task 2: Create resume for consumer marketing positions and review with Career Connections and mentor. Task 3: Draft prospecting letter and review with mentor. Milestone 2: (EXPLORE) Identify 5-10 companies in CO & CA with marketing internship programs. Due February 1st Task 1: Use Career Buffs, Vault, LinkedIn to research companies with internship programs. Task 2: Talk to an advisor in Career Connections about my interests and companies that hire Leeds students. Task 3: Review my research findings with my mentor to identify additional companies, or personal contacts at the companies on my list. Milestone 3: (CONNECT) Schedule informational interviews and sign up for on-campus interviews with targeted companies. Active February 15th – May 1st Task 1: Use Career Buffs to sign up for on-campus interviews. Task 2: Identify Leeds Alumni/Friends at prospect companies through LinkedIn, social media, and Leeds Mentoring Network. Task 3: Send prospecting letters to companies/individuals on my list. Task 3: Work with my mentor to make introductions for informational interviews or provide additional contacts.
    11. 11. Keys to Success 1. Know Yourself 2. Know What You Want 3. Be Prepared 4. Set Clear Expectations 5. Invest in the Partnership
    12. 12. Know Yourself • Personal Statement (“Elevator Pitch”) – Past • Family, background, significant events – Present • CU, involvement, major – Future • Aspirations & role models – Other • Strengths / weaknesses, passions / values • Self/Career Assessments: Great way to help you develop content for your elevator pitch!
    13. 13. Know what you want • Finish the statement, “I would like my mentor to help me with”… – Professional Knowledge or Skills – Experience and Practice – Clarifying Your Goals – Understanding My Options – Connecting/Relationship Building
    14. 14. Be Prepared Use ALL the resources available to you - • Career Connections (KOBL 227) – Career assessments, resume reviews, workshops, interview prep, and MORE! – Sign On to Career Buffs and post your Resume Now! • Career Services (C4C) – Campus-wide Career Fair: October 1 & 2 – Online Newsletter, training, networking events, interview sign-up • Do Your Research (mentor, company, industry) – LinkedIn – Vault – Company Research available thru Career Connections website • Search your mentor’s company before you connect with them! – Google News • Get Involved – Clubs and Organizations – Internships or Volunteer Work – Greek/Campus Life – Study Abroad
    15. 15. Set Expectations • Be CLEAR about roles & responsibilities • Keep private CONTACT Information CONFIDENTIAL • Be sure to COMMUNICATE • Talk about COLLATERAL MENTEE: MENTOR: Communication How often? Who initiates? Email, phone, in-person? Expertise What do you have/need? Time Commitment How much time can you commit? What about “homework”? Resources Connections/invitations? “Sweat” equity?
    16. 16. Invest in the Partnership Mentoring is a two-way street – the more you invest, the greater your return will be. “*Email+ your mentor throughout the semester just to ask how they are doing and let them know what you’ve been up to, even if you don’t have specific questions.” Amy Vieth, PMP Graduate, ‘13 “Use your mentor as much as possible. They are successful for a reason. Take in as much as you can.” Justin Castor, PMP Student, ‘14 “Take advantage of this great experience! Work hard to make a connection with your mentor and keeping in contact is very important. Things may start out slow but the more you put into it the more you get out of it.” Maggie Corcoran, PMP Student, ‘14 “*Students+ have to know that THEY must take initiative in building the relationship.” Diem Chi Nguyen, PMP Graduate, ‘13
    17. 17. Who are your PMP Mentors? • Experienced Professionals • Coaches/Advisors • Connectors • Volunteers • Supporters of Leeds • Excited to meet YOU! • Aligned by industry, functional area, geography, or other interests.
    18. 18. October Milestone: Your First Meeting Objective: Make a connection/Establish “ground rules” Who: You are responsible for the initial outreach and scheduling When: Contact via Email before Sept. 26. Make plans for Kick-Off Event and first mentoring session. Exchange contact info and make a plan to meet! Where: Somewhere comfortable, quiet, and accessible for both. Skype or video chat if in-person meeting is impossible. What: Before the first meeting you should: • Send your mentor your resume – Connect with them on the Leeds Mentoring Network • Prepare your Personal Statement • Draft TWO Personal Mentoring Milestones • Think about or bring the “Mentor-Mentee Partnership Agreement”
    19. 19. Email Etiquette 101 Most mentors (and business people) use email as their primary means of communication. To be effective: • Provide a CLEAR subject line – no abbreviations (e.g., PMP) • Describe your PURPOSE or AGENDA • Provide well-defined OPTIONS – dates, times, locations • RESPOND promptly – within 2 days • Send CONFIRMATION • INFORM of Changes • Use appropriate salutation, full sentences, capitals, and punctuation • Err on the professional side • PROOF-READ everything TWICE! (especially personal and company names) • Keep to 1 screen (25 lines)
    20. 20. In-Person/Skype Meetings • Be on time • Come prepared • Ask questions • Listen/take notes • Comfortable but quiet location • Dress appropriately • Be aware of nervous habits • Make eye contact • Breathe and smile • Thank them for their time! • Follow-up
    21. 21. Dos & Don’ts DO: DON’T: -Initiate contact with your mentor -Expect mentor to do the “heavy lifting” -Use our office to help you! -Only contact your mentor when you have a problem -Leave voice messages – clear and concise -Share contact info -CHECK YOUR VOICE MESSAGES -Give up -Keep all emails
    22. 22. Using the Leeds Mentoring Network • Personal Area • Partnership “Wall” – Mentoring Area • Milestones • Public/Community Area • Forums/Boards • Resources
    23. 23. Personal Area: Your Information • “Home” page – Edit your Profile • Security settings • Update: – Contact Info – PROFESSIONAL Photo – Educational Info – degree, upload resume – LinkedIn URL – Graduation Date / Study Abroad Plans
    24. 24. Mentoring Area: Your Connections • “My Mentoring Partnerships” • Mentor Information • Mentoring “Wall” – Track milestones – Send a message – Access resources • Send messages directly from the website – To your mentor – To us
    25. 25. Community Area: Program Info and Connections • Announcements – Posted on Home page • Reminders to complete tasks – In Mentoring Area – Meeting reminders in My Activity/Partnership Activity • Mentees – Find others who share your interests • Mentors – View limited information online – Request access for specific purposes, e.g., someone in your home state • Remember: This information is for Members of the PMP Only. Mentor names and contact information are confidential!
    26. 26. Other Resources • Handbook and Hand Outs – Quick links – Resources Tab • “Private Journal” • Tips • Forums – Mentees forum – Reach out to mentors – Job/Internship ideas and opportunities • Advice – Post a Question to all participants – Review Articles posted by Mentors and others
    27. 27. REMEMBER • Make a good impression – Have appropriate photos – Check your spelling/proofread! – Use complete sentences – “Hey” is for horses – Say “Thank you” • Be open-minded – Nothing ventured, nothing gained – Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – Remember, nobody’s perfect – Don’t take things personally • We don’t know you need help if you don’t ask for it
    28. 28. Make the Most of It! Directed Connected Selected! • PMP • Career Connections • Advising • Professors • Self-Awareness • Personal Goals • Career Exploration • Focus/Fit • Career Connections • PMP • Social Media • Clubs/Speakers etc… • Personal Network • Interviews • Hands-on Networking/Learning • Internships/Job opportunities • Academic Prep • Professional Skills • Network • Skills Fit • Organizational Fit • Cultural Fit • JOB SATISFACTION!
    29. 29. Student Experiences • Introduce yourself – Major/interests/hometown • Who is your mentor? • What have you done well? • What was your biggest challenge? • Awkward/embarrassing moments? • Lessons learned/Advice?
    30. 30. THE BIG REVEAL • You are connected! • Log in to the software – upload your resume. • Reach out to your Mentor • Come to us for help • Have fun!