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  • Experiences are mixed (no guarantee that you’ll be matched with a “perfect” student every time!) Overall, really good experiences. Making an impact on their Leeds/CU experience, placement rates, etc.; No tuition dollars pay for this program.
  • How have you used the software to help you/your partnership?
  • La lunch presentation

    1. 1. Leeds Professional Mentorship Program Mentor Luncheon Los Angeles, CA December 4, 2013 Kristen Freaney Program Manager 303.492.5881
    2. 2. Reorganization of Undergraduate Professional Development The Mentoring & Career Development Office prepares undergraduates for careers in business by providing professional skills, career exploration, industry experiences, and access to employer and alumni connections throughout the Leeds experience. Undergraduate Mentoring & Career Development Mentoring Employer Relations Career Advising Internships & Industry Immersion Business Core Curriculum (BCOR)
    3. 3. Undergraduate Mentoring Programs Mission: To enhance the Leeds academic experience by providing opportunities to develop academic, personal, and professional skills through a continuum of mentoring relationships. Vision: Leeds’ mentoring programs aspire to set the standard for integrating mentored learning experiences into business education; providing our students with the real-world skills, knowledge and experience necessary to be early contributors and future business leaders. Co-Lab Peer2Peer Young Alumni Mentors Introduction Exploration First year Sophomore Professional Mentorship Program Preparation Junior and Senior
    4. 4. Mentoring Program Growth Leeds Mentoring Office Participation 3000 2500 2500 2184 204 182 2000 MBA PMP 1149 1500 1007 YAMs 1852 1000 500 0 130 P2P 284 300 COLAB 711 717 2012-13 2013-2014 87 874 397 134 129 2009-10 Undergrad PMP 735 361 152 208 2010-11 2011-12 • Over 1,500 undergraduate students (50%) and 760 professional mentors participating in mentoring programs • Completed 4-year build-out with launch of Young Alumni Mentors (YAMs) this fall; 53 sophomores and 22 alumni, staff and corporate partners attended the first Sophomore Summit, October 19 • 100% of PMP undergraduates and 96% of mentors would recommend the program to others • 64% of PMP Mentors have 15+ years of experience; 70% are from Colorado • 96% of PMP students felt more prepared to transition to their career • PMP students were 40% more likely to secure a job upon graduation than non-participants
    5. 5. PMP Satisfaction Data & Statistics PMP Mentor and Mentee Feedback PMP Cost per Participant Total = $186/person (12-13 EOY Survey) Student Post Grad Plans Attending Grad School 3% 100% Events, Program s, Training 90% 80% $26.04 $42.78 70% Information Technology Other 8% $20.46 60% $96.72 50% Mentor Mentee 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Overall Satisfaction Satisfaction with Would Recommend Match the program Seeking Employme nt 24% Recruiting, Relati onship and Program Management Marketing and Outreach Employed Part Time 3% Employed Full Time 62%
    6. 6. PMP: Nuts & Bolts • Two-year program pairing professionals with juniors and seniors at Leeds • Mentors should connect (inperson, phone, Skype/FaceTime) at least twice per semester with their student(s) • Be available for advice and support via phone or email • Be willing to share your personal and professional experience, insights, and network with your student • Optional: Attend kick-off and end-of-year celebrations, participate in networking events, workshops, provide connections to jobs or internships, etc.
    7. 7. Leeds Mentoring Network Software 1) Manage Your Partnership • Personal – you and your mentee • Partnership Info & Support 2) Share Resources • Job & Internship Postings • Forums/Q&A • Program Resources 3) Create Community • Beyond one-on-one partnership • Announcements, events, cont acts
    8. 8. Mentor Tips Student Perspective Use Skype: Mentors have found Skype to be extremely helpful in building rapport with their student mentee when meeting in-person is impossible due to distance or time constraints. “My advice for mentors with students who don’t know what they want to do is to ask specific questions about what they like and dislike, rather than general questions about what they want to do.” “Remember to reach out if you haven’t heard from your mentee in a while, because while we try to stay connected, it sometimes gets busy in the world of a student.” Set a Schedule: Mentors and students feel that a schedule helps them to set aside time on a consistent basis to dedicate to their partnership. Set Clear Expectations: How often will you communicate? Who will initiate contact? Answer these question upfront to avoid confusion later on. It’s Not Just About the Job Search: The PMP’s primary aim is soft-skill development. Feel free to provide feedback on all areas that relate to professionalism “I would advise mentors to try to relate to mentees on as personal a level as possible to make the relationship feel more real and less structured.” “Take your mentee to your office and allow them to shake some hands.”