W E B Committee Training Part 2


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W E B Committee Training Part 2

  1. 1. Setting the Board Development Training Course Understanding The Part 2 a Needs Of Our Chapter
  2. 2. The course has been set. It’s time for you to chart your course. What types of things should you be considering? 1. Fulfill the purpose of CEF with excellence 2. A consistent, ongoing, organized prayer program 3. Growth in primary CEF ministries. 4. An effective teacher training program 5. Healthy financial accountability 6. An aggressive effort in the area of promotion
  3. 3. 7. Compliance with all policies and procedures 8. A written ministry strategy 9. Build a team of workers 10. Acquire and maintain adequate office space Let’s look at some foundational requirements BEFORE we actually start discussing and planning…
  4. 4. Setting the Board Development Training Course Understanding The Part 2 b Needs Of Our Chapter: Preserve the Ministry
  5. 5. “If God has called you to be involved in ministry, He has called you first and foremost to pray for the ministry.” —Hudson Taylor
  6. 6. Pray Pray ½ hour before the meeting: •Prepares hearts •Relieves tension •Strengthens relationships among members Between meetings: •Daily prayer for staff requests •Have regular prayer with staff •Be involved in a prayer band •Participate in World Day of Prayer •Pray daily for more workers
  7. 7. Preserve the Ministry •Keep the ministry biblically sound •Statement of Faith, Doctrinal Protection Policy and Worker’s Compliance Agreement •Devotions •Use Child Evangelism Fellowship® materials •Establish an advisory council •Keep the ministry on track •Make three primary ministries a priority •Good News Club® , 5-Day Club® and CEF Mailbox Club™
  8. 8. •Evaluate other ministries with CEF purpose statement •Keep the ministry unified •Follow the CEF Organizational Manual •Review portions of the Manual •Use only the official CEF logo
  9. 9. Protect the Children Child Protection Policy “…protect the children who attend any USA Child Evangelism Fellowship® ministry function and workers who are minors from the possibility of abuse and to assist the child who is being abused to find the needed help. This program is also designed to protect CEF ® and the workers from false accusations.”
  10. 10. •600,000 a year are sexually abused •550,000 sex offenders •Location of 100,000 of those unknown Each chapter must abide by the Child Protection Policy as outlined in the Child Protection Policy Manual
  11. 11. Setting the Board Development Training Course Understanding The Part 2 c Needs Of Our Chapter: Planning
  12. 12. Planning •Know the goal and work together to achieve it. •Only God knows In Boardroom Confidence, Bobb Biehl points out, “...planning is an evidence of faith, not a contradiction to it. As you plan a building you are expressing faith that God will bring people to fill it.”
  13. 13. Strategic Planning •Spend time praying and asking God for His wisdom •Surround yourself with wise and knowledgeable people who can help you plan •Know the strategic plan for your state and USA Ministries •Pray and watch God do great things
  14. 14. Team Leadership Proverbs 11:14 Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety - Those with specific strengths or interests aide the director and staff in making decisions that impact the usefulness, effectiveness, and witness of the ministry. -Building on one another’s strengths, shortcomings are avoided through prayerful, biblical, and practical reasoning. - Decisions are committee / director team decisions therefore reducing director & staff stress. (it was “our” decision)
  15. 15. Suggested Board Sub-Committees Financial Sub-Committee Fund-raising / Public Relations; Budget development; Cash flow analysis; Purchasing; Legal financial accountability Personal Sub-Committee Staff hiring; paid & volunteer development & support; Salary & benefit review; Conflict resolution; Recruiting development Ministry Sub-Committee Ministry planning & development; Public speaking; Prayer support and development
  16. 16. Setting the Board Development Training Course Understanding The Needs Of Our Chapter: Discussion & Planning