From Social Media Monitoring to Social Business Intelligence

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Talk from the #

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  • 1. From Social Media Monitoringto Social Business IntelligenceLee Bryant, Headshift | Dachis Group, June 2011
  • 2. IntroductionsWorld’s largest SocialBusiness Designconsultancy: 10 cities,5 countries, 250 people
  • 3. TL;DR:Social media monitoring will evolvetowards real-time data-driven businessimprovement based on socialisingcustomer insight within the firm as awhole, not just marcomms
  • 4. Looking back: marketing is a conversation, right?
  • 5. Well ... we’re getting there...
  • 6. Social Media listening tools are evolving rapidly
  • 7. Brand monitoring: they love me...they love me not...
  • 8. But what’s more important than brand? ... Utility
  • 9. A tale of woe and bridges:why listening should comebefore social media engagement(and why utility mattersmore than an ‘official’ voice)
  • 10. We love our bridge :)
  • 11. But one day it stopped talking & started shouting
  • 12. Tom built a glorious, useful twitterbot for the bridge
  • 13. Sometimes it would take on a ‘human’ voice
  • 14. But then ... how not to ‘join the conversation’
  • 15. It turns out people loved Tom’s twitterbot
  • 16. ... and were wondering why it just disappeared
  • 17. On the plus side, mentions were well up! ;-)
  • 18. But let’s just say ‘sentiment’ was through the floor
  • 19. Finally listening, the inevitable climbdown began
  • 20. And the bridge was back! (with a silly username)
  • 21. So, analytics cannot undo stupidity...
  • 22. ... but used well, they can derive actionable insights
  • 23. What’s next for listening:Where is social media monitoringheaded and where will it add value?
  • 24. How do we move from buzz to social intelligence ?
  • 25. First, instead of studying a microcosm...
  • 26. ... we should immerse ourselves in the ecosystem
  • 27. Gather behavioural data, not just opinions
  • 28. Join up internal and external conversations
  • 29. Involve all your people, not just marcomms
  • 30. Who can / should act on customer insight?
  • 31. Challenge: how do we organise for social ?
  • 32. Centralised or Podular? Amazon’s data-driven teams
  • 33. Move beyond time-lag reports to real-time data
  • 34. How can we share customer insights ‘in the flow’ ?
  • 35. Social analytics: applying ‘many eyes’ to action
  • 36. Social analytics: encouraging ownership of actions From reports to real-time action • Real-time data and activity streams • Filtering for actionable insights • Action framework for claiming issues • Open forum showing action + resolution • Immersive environments for C-suite
  • 37. Data-driven behaviour change:real-time data can drive positivebehaviour change internally, as wellas improve customer engagement
  • 38. Open data stimulates greater self-management
  • 39. Open data stimulates greater self-management Just the simple act of “publicizing” those numbers — not in a cruel way, but a “where are we at as a group?” way — has kept the support process on-task and, I think, made it a bit more like a video game.
  • 40. Game mechanics can reward action by staff
  • 41. Social Business Intelligence:why is it more valuable to companiesand brands than listening alone ?
  • 42. SBI creates the conditions for permanent evolution Key Benefits • Real-time insight not just aggregate buzz • Expose more staff to customer feedback • Encourage ownership and action by all • Make the company, not just the marketing department, more customer centric • Helps company evolve
  • 43. Thanks for listening
  • 44. I am and live athttp://www.headshift.comExcept where otherwise stated, photos courtesy of Flickr using Creative Commons license.Thanks to the following image sources:!/acton/status/46984770017697792