AssetCentreMaximize Your Automation and Process InvestmentAdvantages• Secure access to the control system• Prevent unautho...
Base Functions                                                       AuditsFactoryTalk AssetCentre Server provides you and...
Examples of Event log messages are:                              Security•   RSLinx® Enterprise service started           ...
FactoryTalk® AssetCentre optional           capabilities extend the value of           your system and allow you to       ...
Disaster Recovery                                                 Rockwell Automation AssetsFactoryTalk AssetCentre provid...
Third-party Assets                                              procedures involving complex algorithms and obtainFactoryT...
FactoryTalk AssetCentre Calibration Managementincludes a comprehensive selection of over 70 standardreports. Our standard ...
› 1797-IE8H/A HART Analog Input                                                                                           ...
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Asset center facts


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Asset center facts

  1. 1. AssetCentreMaximize Your Automation and Process InvestmentAdvantages• Secure access to the control system• Prevent unauthorized or unwanted changes from occurring in running processes or files• Have a documented audit trail for Rockwell Automation devices of who made what changes and when those changes were made to device programs• Have an unequivocal record of who made changes to a specific device or file• Can maintain version control for all system files• Always know where to find the most current version of your program Overview• Can confirm that the correct and validated configuration or FactoryTalk® AssetCentre provides you with a centralized tool for programming is currently in a device securing, managing, versioning, tracking and reporting automation- related asset information across your entire enterprise. And perhaps• Time to complete process activities (i.e., calibration) can be reduced by more importantly, it can do this automatically, with limited additional over 50% management oversight or work from employees.• Manage multiple instrument types FactoryTalk AssetCentre can impact uptime, productivity, quality, across multiple vendors employee safety or regulatory compliance. Whatever your area of• View and edit the configuration for a concern, FactoryTalk AssetCentre and its flexible, scalable solution can process device help you and your organization meet your asset uptime goals. With FactoryTalk AssetCentre, you can: • Secure access to the system • Track detailed users’ actions • Manage historical versioning of any electronic file • Provide automatic backup and compare operations on supported devices • Configure process instrumentation • Manage instrumentation calibration schedules and certificates The scalable design of FactoryTalk AssetCentre allows for easy expansion of assets and extensible (add-on) capabilities — it’s adaptable from small line applications to plant-wide installations. It is built on a server that provides common base functions and extendable add-on capabilities that help you leverage certain functions for specific automation asset types. It is this integrated and modular design that lets the system grow as your business goals and production needs change.
  2. 2. Base Functions AuditsFactoryTalk AssetCentre Server provides you and your The Audit feature gathers information centrally that isproduction facility the tools to centrally track and manage generated by user interactions with Rockwell Automationnot only the configuration changes that occur in your FactoryTalk-enabled applications, including FactoryTalkfacility, but also the people who are able to perform AssetCentre. Audits are captured while connected or eventhese functions. The entire breadth of the base server disconnected from the network!functions can assist with diagnostics and troubleshooting The audit trail consists of Logged Time, Occurred Time,and reduce the time needed to maintain your production Source, Location, Resource, Username and Message.assets. The base server functions include: Capture audit messages such as:Centralized Database • Data value changes (timers, tags, instructors, etc.)FactoryTalk AssetCentre is built upon a centralized • Create, delete or changing of rungsMicrosoft® SQL Server database. This database is theprimary repository for all file versioning, audit logs, event • Create, delete or changing of tagslogs, reporting configuration, schedules, and more. • User log-in/out • and more . . .Source Control The image below is an example of audits for aSource control leverages the centralized database and ControlLogix® processor named Filler_CLX:provides automatic version control. This provides properfile management and single master relationships.Any electronic file can be put under source control —RSLogix 5000 (.acd), Microsoft files (.doc, .xls, .ppt, etc.)Computer Aided Design (CAD) files (.dwg), and others.Supported source control functions include:• Check-out: Writes the selected file or folder to a local working folder with read-write access and locks the selection to prevent multiple-user editing.• Check-In: Reads the local working folder and updates the source control repository, creating new versions as needed.• Get: Writes the selected file or folder to the local working folder with read-only access. Note: A Get can retrieve the latest or any historical version that is in the archive. Examples of Rockwell Automation applications that• Undo Check Out: Returns the selection to an unchecked produce audit messages are: out state and unlocks the selections. • RSLogix™ 5, RSLogix™ 500 and RSLogix™ 5000 • PanelView™ Plus • FactoryTalk® View Site Edition • FactoryTalk® Security • FactoryTalk AssetCentre • and more . . . RSLogix 5000 itself produces over 150 different audit messages! Events The Events feature gathers system-generated information centrally from FactoryTalk-enabled applications, including FactoryTalk AssetCentre. The Event logs consist of Logged Time, Occurred Time, Source, Location, Severity and Message. 2
  3. 3. Examples of Event log messages are: Security• RSLinx® Enterprise service started FactoryTalk AssetCentre internally leverages the powerful• FactoryTalk® Activation checkout features already found in FactoryTalk® Security. This standardized security model minimizes efforts to• FactoryTalk® Network Directory now active administer users and passwords on operator interfaces,• and more . . . . historians, engineering and maintenance workstations. It even enforces security rights when machines areReporting disconnected from the LAN.The reporting capabilities allow scheduled and on- Using FactoryTalk Security, by user or by group, you can:demand searches and can include traceability informationfrom Audit, Events or Source Control. Scheduled reports • Secure user actions (i.e., check-in, check-out, undocan be e-mailed to a specific e-mail distribution list, or checkout, etc.)if run on demand (manually), can be printed or saved as • Control what a user is able to view: full or read onlyan electronic file format of Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® items in the FactoryTalk AssetCentre tree viewWord, Crystal Reports®, Adobe® Acrobat®, or Rich TextFormat.Easily create reports for:• Weekly programming change reports for any Allen- Bradley controller• Daily operator inputs from PanelView Plus (Ethernet) terminals• Change history report for any electronic file• and more . . . • items in the FactoryTalk AssetCentre tree view. Gain Further Value with Add-on Capabilities FactoryTalk AssetCentre has an evolving set of add-on capabilities that allow you to optimize and leverage your factory automation and process device investments. These optional capabilities expand upon the robust central features already found in the FactoryTalkScheduler AssetCentre server and allow you the ability to extend the value of the system as needs change within yourThe Scheduler is used to run periodic tasks or reports. manufacturing environment.These are assigned to FactoryTalk AssetCentre-designatedcomputers, or agents, to leverage unused or under-utilized computing power within your facility and areload-balanced automatically across all agents. 3
  4. 4. FactoryTalk® AssetCentre optional capabilities extend the value of your system and allow you to optimize your investments. FactoryTalk AssetCentre Process Device ConfigurationFactoryTalk AssetCentre Disaster Recovery FactoryTalk AssetCentre Calibration Management 4
  5. 5. Disaster Recovery Rockwell Automation AssetsFactoryTalk AssetCentre provides control system backup The table that follows lists the Rockwell Automationthat is integrated with source control to provide reliable devices supported by the Disaster Recovery capability.and easy access to the latest control system configuration Network connectivity exceptions are noted wherefiles. The backup system can be configured to provide a appropriate.comparison of the configuration file retrieved from theplant floor with the master file stored in source control Device Type Descriptionso users can determine any changes that have beenmade on the plant floor. These operations are executed Logix5000™ Supports all processors firmware v11.0 Processors and later.on a repeating date or time basis as scheduled to fit your Requires matching RSLogix 5000operational needs. release for each firmware version in use within the facility.Disaster Recovery Assets Supported PLC-5® Supports all processors.FactoryTalk AssetCentre supports both RockwellAutomation and third-party assets. The FactoryTalk SLC-500™ Supports all processors.AssetCentre Archive can be used to manage the project Allen-Bradley® Any drive on Ethernet, ControlNet® orfiles for these assets, as well as any other files that you Drives DeviceNet® that uses RSLinx Classic.might normally store on a computer hard drive ornetwork share. MicroLogix™ Supports MicroLogix 1000 (detailed compare) if connected to a network. Supports MicroLogix 1100, 1200, 1400Backup and Compare Schedules and 1500 (binary compare).Easily create Backup or Backup and Compare for any PanelView™ PanelView devices are supported on allsupported asset type. Schedules can be created for one Standard networks.or more devices, create as many schedules as you require! PanelView™ Commonly referred to as PanelView “E,”Set the Start time and frequency of schedule by Hourly, Enhanced these devices are only supported onDaily, Weekly or Monthly. Specify by schedule and asset Remote I/O (RIO) connections.type backup or compare properties, i.e. Compare Options, PanelView™ Plus PanelView Plus devices are supportedemail notifications, etc. on all networks. Additional Assets FactoryTalk AssetCentre version 3.00.00 supports the ability to back up and compare files and/or folders on remote computers. Device Type Description Remote computer Treats back-ups as single version (requires UNC control entity in archive. A share is connection) required on remote computer, user credentials is also specified. Generic FTP Treats back-ups as single version Devices control entity in archive. IP addressNotification required, user credential is also specified.The Notification feature proactively notifies designatedusers when predefined system events occur. E-mailnotifications could include:• Upload and compare event statuses• Completed, aborted or failed schedules• Rogue candidate detection 5
  6. 6. Third-party Assets procedures involving complex algorithms and obtainFactoryTalk AssetCentre version 2.21.01 supports automatic Pass/Fail results.Motoman, Fanuc and ABB robot controllers. Calibration Points Device Type Description Calibration Points specifies the calibration information for Motoman robot controller Motoman NX-100, the instrument, such as the number of calibration points, (requires FTP connection) XRC Robot Controller stated accuracy, resolution, and more. This information is then used to calculate the high and low spec and control Fanuc robot controller Fanuc RJ3, RJ3i, R-30iA limits for the instrument’s calibration. (must support FTP connection) Robot Controller ABB robot controller ABB IRC5, S4C+ Robot (must support FTP connection) Controller Siemens S7 processors 400 and 300 Family (requires TCP/IP connection) Master Instrument Record (MIR) Siemens S5 processors 100 Family The Master Instrument Record (MIR) is used to enter all of (requires TCP/IP connection) the instrument’s information that will remain constant, such as model number and serial number. The MIR that is entered will be the basis for creating calibration recordsCalibration Management for those instruments.The FactoryTalk AssetCentre Calibration Managementcapability allows for a paperless calibration solution: Calibration Recordsmanaging calibration requirements, specifications, This is used to add, display, modify and, if necessary,schedules, calibration results and reporting. When it delete the results of an instrument, loop, and testcomes to the managing of instrument calibration and instrument or system calibration. This record is used tosystem qualifications, FactoryTalk AssetCentre offers capture all information related to the calibration of anunique advantages. Whether for a single department item, including inputs, readings, standards used, SOPor an entire organization, your workflow and oversight used, man hours, who calibrated the item, and possibly,practices can be automated, systematized and improved electronic approval signatures.— particularly in a regulated environment such as 21 CFRPart 11 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and GoodManufacturing Practices (GMP).How It WorksThe FactoryTalk AssetCentre Calibration Managementcapability leverages industry-leader Prime Technologiesby integrating their ProCalV5 (PCV5) software intoFactoryTalk AssetCentre. This Calibration Managementfunctionality is completely contained within PCV5, but Event Historyaccessed solely through FactoryTalk AssetCentre. The event history is a searchable audit trail. It allows users to find any historical events quickly and easily thatProCalV5 Integration with FactoryTalk AssetCentre are associated with their items. For example, users canInstrument data is entered only once and shared use this feature to determine when calibration for anbetween FactoryTalk AssetCentre and ProcCalV5 — that instrument occurs, as well as when status, the manufacture, model number, serial number,etc. Calibration summary data can be viewed within RemindersFactoryTalk AssetCentre; and for detailed calibration The tool is also equipped with a reminder system wherebyinformation, FactoryTalk AssetCentre provides a context- overdue calibrations, work items and alerts will appearsensitive quick launch into the ProCalV5 application. on the Reminders screen. There are many different types of reminders that may be configured by User Group toSimplify Complex Calibration Procedures appear in this screen. They range from Late Calibrations toFactoryTalk AssetCentre Calibration Management lets Un-finalized Maintenance Results. The Reminders screenyou assign multiple input and output engineering may also inform users of their current Review and/orunits, multiple ranges, multiple test points and multiple Approval obligations.tolerances. It helps users to perform calibration Standard Reports 6
  7. 7. FactoryTalk AssetCentre Calibration Managementincludes a comprehensive selection of over 70 standardreports. Our standard reports include audit trails, alerts,calibration, loop, equipment reports and more. Reportscan be modified or created using Crystal Reports® fromSAP BusinessObjects.Hand-held TransmittersWith the use of the optional Field Calibrator Utility,users are able to download calibration assignmentsand specifications directly to a documenting processcalibrator. With the calibrator, the user may then go intothe field and complete the calibration assignment inaccordance with the predefined and approved procedure.The completed calibration is then easily and seamlessly DTM Networkuploaded as electronic calibration records to the ProCal The physical communications path to the device issystem database. managed via the intuitive, easy-to-use DTM Network editor. Adding new devices is easy with the Scan Network function. Devices found via the scan will automaticallyProcess Device Configuration be added, capturing the device(s) model number, serialFactoryTalk AssetCentre Process Device Configuration number, manufacture, etc.(PDC) is an optional capability. Using Field Device Tool(FDT) technology, FactoryTalk AssetCentre PDC allows you DTM Viewto access instrument parameters, aids in configuration Depending on the device (for example, Endress+Hauserand commissioning process devices and helps with Cerabar pressure transmitter, the DTM View presents adiagnostics. Acting as a host system, or frame application, rich set of graphical user features and functions that areFactoryTalk AssetCentre gives you the ability to work with unmatched to other technologies. From the DTM View,multiple vendors’ instruments in one common platform, you can edit online/offline parameters; upload/downloadreducing overall maintenance and field time. This means configuration; print; view online help manuals, trendingyou now have the freedom to choose best-in-breed for diagnostic purposes, etc.instruments and maintenance tools available from any ofthe more than fifty vendors supporting FDT technology. Connectivity OptionsFor more information on FDT technology, visit FactoryTalk AssetCentre Process Device comes standard with a number of communications andWith FactoryTalk AssetCentre Process Device device DTMs for use in a variety of Rockwell AutomationConfiguration, you can: architectures. The common process device networks (HART, Fieldbus Foundation and Profibus PA) are• Manage installed Device Type Manager (DTM) with the supported for use within FactoryTalk AssetCentre Process DTM Catalog Device Configuration.• Build the DTM communications path from FactoryTalk AssetCentre client computers to the physical devices Rockwell Automation-provided Communication DTMs• View and edit the configuration for a device (online or • ControlLogix (Ethernet or ControlNet) offline)• Upload and download the configuration for a device › 1756-IF8H HART Analog Input• Print the configuration for a device › 1756-OF8H HART Analog OutputHow It Works – The Path • Flex I/O (Ethernet or ControlNet)The path from the FactoryTalk AssetCentre Client to the › 1794-IE8H/A HART Analog Inputphysical device passes through one or more intermediate › 1794-IE8H/B HART Analog Inputgateway or communication DTMs. For example, thispicture shows the physical path from the client through › 1794-OE8H/A HART Analog OutputControlLogix® to an Endress+Hauser Cerabar pressure › 1794-OE8H/B HART Analog Outputdevice. › 1794-IF8IH/A HART Analog Input › 1794-OF8IH/A HART Analog Input 7
  8. 8. › 1797-IE8H/A HART Analog Input Rockwell Automation-provided Device DTMs › 1797-IE8H/B HART Analog Input Rockwell Automation provides a generic device driver › 1797-OE8H/A HART Analog Output library called the iDTM. The iDTM represents both input and output type devices, such as Rosemount 643 Pressure › 1797-OE8H/B HART Analog Output Transmitter, Fisher Valve DVC600, etc. With the iDTM• Foundation Fieldbus you can go online, monitor, configure and print device configuration. Note: Offline configuration is not supported › 1757-FFLD (Ethernet) via the iDTM. › 1757-FFLDC (ControlNet)) For online configuration or for advanced deviceAdditional hardware communication DTMs can be configuration, beyond the generic iDTM, device driversobtained directly from the device manufacturer – for can be obtained directly from the device manufacturer –example, HiProm’s EN2PA DTM. for example, Endress+Hauser, Metso. ADVANTAGES OF FACTORYTALK® ASSETCENTRE ADD-ON OPTIONS FactoryTalk® AssetCentre Disaster Recovery • Helps improve product quality and helps reduce process • Secure access to the control system mishaps (instrument performing as intended) • Prevent unauthorized or unwanted changes from occurring • Helps allow a more repeatable process (not operator specific) in running processes or files • Helps to lower production cost (closer to specification • Have a documented audit trail for Rockwell Automation thresholds, removing safeties) devices of who made what changes and when those • Easy review of any aspect of activities changes were made to device programs • One system! • Have an unequivocal record of who made changes to a specific device or file FactoryTalk AssetCentre Process Device Configuration • Can maintain version control for all system files • Manage installed Device Type Manager (DTM) with the DTM • Always know where to find the most current version of your Catalog program • Build the DTM Networks from FactoryTalk AssetCentre client • Can confirm that the correct and validated configuration or computers to the physical devices programming is currently in a device • View and edit the configuration for a device (online or offline) • Upload and download the configuration for a device FactoryTalk® AssetCentre Calibration Management • Print the configuration for a device • Time to complete calibrations can be reduced by over 50% • Manage multiple instrument types across multiple vendors • Allows compliance (automatic documentation and • Manage multiple instrument types across multiple protocols reporting) (HART, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus) • Helps improve staff effectiveness (ease of accessing the • Remotely connect to instruments to diagnose and correct right information) problems quicklyFactoryTalk AssetCentre, FactoryTalk Directory, FactoryTalk Security, Factory Talk View Site Edition, Logix5000, MicroLogix, PLC-5, SLC-500, RSLinx, RSLogix 5, RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000, PanelView Plus and Rockwell Software are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of Rockwell Automation, Inc.All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies.Publication FTALK-PP001F-EN-P – February 2011 Copyright ©2011 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA.Supersedes Publication FTALK-PP001E-EN-P – July 2010