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World wide web

  1. 1. Leeanne HibbertThe options of exporting my final promotional videoWorld Wide WebIf I was to export my final promotional video to the World Wide Web this would mean uploading itto websites such as the official Cheadle college one or others such as Youtube. Uploading videos tothe internet is an advantage as this means that a lot more of the public will actually see my work. Icould even upload the video to social networking sites if I wanted to such as facebook or Twitter andagain this would mean that lots more people would be able to see my promotional video and learnabout the creative media course that the Cheadle campus provide.DVDAnother option that I could choose to export my final video as was a DVD. This way would also be anadvantage as this means that the public could actually buy and take my final video home as a diskand watch it in more depth when you have the time. Plus on open days and induction days forcreative media then teachers can actually give my video out to students and then again they cantake this home and watch it alone then they can properly make up their minds about both thecourse and college..MOVThis is the format that I actually exported my final video as and this was because of the fact that it isa primarily format, meaning that depending on what computer you have you can use both windowsmedia player or QuickTime to view the video. So as these are the best players to use the .MOVformat was the best one for me to export the final promotional video as. Meaning that more peoplecan view my video as it is compatible for many computer devices.CompressionI didn’t want my video to be compressed as if I did this then it would make my video as a whole quitebad quality meaning that it just wouldn’t look professional to the public. Especially with larger filescompression will occur and this is due to the size. If I was to have compression the quality of thevideo would not seem appealing to the target audience as I think if they see that the quality of avideo advertising the college and course is bad then they may wonder with the quality of the collegeitself is decent. I wanted to make sure that my final video is exported to format that is decent andmakes me lose no quality what so ever.
  2. 2. Leeanne HibbertWindows media playerAnother format that I could export my final promotional video as was a windows media player. Thisagain is another advantage of exporting as just like the .MOV it is format which ables you to view thevideo as a media player meaning you could open and play this on most computer devices. Plus manywindows computers actually have the windows media player software installed on their computersso there would be no reasons to worry about watching a windows media player file as it would work.