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Premiere elements

  1. 1. Leeanne HibbertOnce you open up premiere elements this image above is what will come up. As I am going to beuploading new footage I will need to click ‘new project’.Once you have clicked new project this black box will come up , in this box you need to give yournew project a title plus then save the project in a place of your choice. As you can see from thisother white box in the left hand corner I am choosing to save the project into my area in the foldernamed ‘filming’.
  2. 2. Leeanne HibbertOnce you have saved your new project this image above will be what you will see. I now need to addall of my media onto this. To do this I clicked file at the top left of the page then get media from,then click on ‘files and folders’.This box will come up when media is being added. Once this gets to 100% the media will have beenimported onto premiere elements.
  3. 3. Leeanne HibbertHere now from this image as you can see the three videos have been imported. I just need to nowadd images to this and the song track that I will also be using. I will do the same process as the aboveimages to get the rest of my media.As you can see by this image I have also added all of the images as well. In now need to add theaudio.
  4. 4. Leeanne HibbertThis image above you can now see that I have added the audio to it. Now all of my media has beeninserted into premiere elements.As you can see I have now added some film to the scene and timeline.
  5. 5. Leeanne HibbertAs you can see the length of the movie clip is quite long. I want to also speed this up quite fast sothat it looks like people are running inside the college.To speed up the clip I right clicked the clip on the timeline and clicked ‘time stretch’ this then bringsup the box that you can see on this image. The original speed was ‘100%’ but I have changed it to‘600%’.
  6. 6. Leeanne HibbertAs you can see from this image above the movie clip now looks a lot shorter, this is because it willnow be super speedy.I have also added another short movie clip to the time line. This is called ‘zoom up of sign’ and thisjust literally is a quick full on zoom of the Cheadle and marple sixth form sign outside of the Cheadlecollege.
  7. 7. Leeanne HibbertIn this print screen above as you can see I have added a title to the beginning part of the movie. Atthe minute it just says ‘welcome to the Cheadle Campus’ I will be adding more to this.Underneath the ‘welcome to Cheadle Campus’ title I have added another title, this says ‘The creativemedia Course’ The first blue title does come on the screen before the second, then after a fewseconds the other title appears. They stay on the screen together for a second or two and then thefirst title I added a ‘zoom’ transition to it so it zooms away, the second title I have added a ‘smear’transition to it , so it smears of the screen, this is then when all of the text is not visible on screen.
  8. 8. Leeanne HibbertThis image is just showing what my time line looks like. The ‘Zoom up of sign’ piece of movie clip iswhat I added a few moments after adding my first piece of film, I have added this as it shows a niceclose zoom up of the Cheadle campus sign which is just near the entrance gates of the college. Theblocks that are circled on the image are the two titles which I spoke about previously and these startjust before the ‘walk up to college’ clips and finish just before we enter the college grounds in theclip.I have now just uploaded to the media folder of premiere elements the last video clip that wefilmed. This clip is of a present creative media student speaking about the course and its advantagesthat it brings.
  9. 9. Leeanne HibbertAs you can see from the timeline of the video now I have added the short clip of the student’sinterview into it. I have also added a title which will be on the screen the same time as the interviewclip but will be taken of the screen before the clip ends.This is the clip of a student speaking about the creative media course, as you can see I have nowadded a title in blue on the bottom left hand side.
  10. 10. Leeanne HibbertAs you can see I have also added a title page. This title has text which is about the different facilitiesthat our college provides.As you can see from my timeline I have now added 5 images of places around college to my video.The gaps in between these images are also transitions that I have added. The transitions I have usedfor this is both the ‘swing in’ and the ‘swing out’ transitions.
  11. 11. Leeanne HibbertAfter viewing how the video was up to I noticed that the clip of the current creative media studentspeaking was very quiet so we decided to film this clip again, this did mean I had to delete the clipthat was in the video at the moment but this will be replaced with the new clip so it is not aproblem.I have now filmed another clip of a student going on about the Cheadle College itself and justexplaining a few of the advantages. It has now been uploaded to my premiere elements mediafolder.
  12. 12. Leeanne HibbertI have now added titles to the images of places around college. This is showing one of the ICT roomsin Cheadle College. So I have added a title to tell the viewers this.This image is of the creative media book section in the library, again I have added a title to show this.
  13. 13. Leeanne HibbertThis image is showing the Hub which is a place to relax in between lessons. So I have added a title tosay that this a place to chill out.This is an image of the library at Cheadle College. I have added a title to tell the viewers this.
  14. 14. Leeanne HibbertThis is an image of the refectory in Cheadle College. I have titled it as the refectory and also a placeto hang out.I have also changed one of the titles that is at the very beginning of the video, this is because it justsaid originally ‘welcome to the Cheadle campus, creative media course’. I thought that it may soundbetter if it says ‘This video is all about the creative media course’ as it sounds more structuredtogether.
  15. 15. Leeanne HibbertI have now added a title page which explains a bit about the creative media course & what a studentcan achieve. This is placed at the start of the video just after the fast paced walk into college.I have now added the new movie clip into my time line. I have also added a title to this video and asyou can see it is placed at the bottom left of the clip and it says ‘present creative media student’.
  16. 16. Leeanne HibbertI have now added some more text to the title about the creative media course, this just says ‘Here isa present creative media student to tell you about the course’ this is just because after this title thenfollows the clip of a creative media student.The two rectangles squared are 2 new transitions that I have just added to the timeline. The first oneis placed between the title page about the creative media course and the interview with a presentcreative media student. The second transition is placed between again the interview with a presentcreative media student and the title page about places for students to go around Cheadle College.The first transition used is named ‘curtain’ and the second transition used is named ‘tumble away’.
  17. 17. Leeanne HibbertNow at the end of the video I have added a title which includes the Cheadle campus address sopeople know where to find us.I have now added an image of the official Cheadle and marple sixth form logo. This starts around 30seconds into the video and then stays throughout. The logo is placed at the top left hand side of thepage.
  18. 18. Leeanne HibbertI have now added the audio in which is the metro station shake it instrumental, I have made it sothat the song fades in at the beginning and then fades out at the end. I have cut a part of the song asit was too long and carried on when my video had ended, now it finishes at a few seconds after myvideo but it all works perfectly together.This is the clip of Lewis the present creative media student speaking about the course, As you cansee I have changed the clip volume to the maximum, I also made the audio fade here and go quiet sothat you can hear Lewis’s voice more, but once he stops speaking the music then plays louder again.
  19. 19. Leeanne HibbertThis print screen is showing me in the process just about to export my final video. It will be a PALDVD Standard and it will be saved within my area in a folder named ‘Final Video’. I have named thevideo Final Promotional Video.This print screen is showing the video being saved and exported.
  20. 20. Leeanne HibbertMy video has now been exported and I can play it as an MPG file. My video is 1 minute and 47seconds long.