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Final evaluation of promotional video

  1. 1. Leeanne HibbertEvaluation Of Final Promotional VideoAnswering the BriefWhen answering the brief this is very important. Before actually starting to create the promotionalvideo I had a short meeting with my client to show him my ideas on the video. He then later gaveback my group feedback on what we could include to make the filming better. So whilst in theprocess of filming in our group we stuck to the guidelines that were presented to us by the clienthimself who is Roger Sears. My Final promotional video for the Creative media course at the Cheadlecampus is 1 minute and 47 seconds long all together.Fitness for PurposeI definatly think that my promotional video is fit for its purpose. I think I addressed to the targetaudience well about the creative media course at the Cheadle campus. My reasons for this wasbecause not only did I add title pages that gave information about the course, I also added titlepages about the facilities that the Cheadle campus have for students to both study and relax in whenthey have free time during college hours. After watching my exported and finished version of mypromotional video I do think that it looks professional like it has been organised by my college itselfand this may have something to do with the fact that I have added the official Cheadle and marplesixth form college logo and this is included on every part of the video in the top left hand corner, thisis to show that is part of the college.Addressing the right target audienceWhilst in the process of planning for the creation of the promotional video I did like at previouspromotional videos which were advertising colleges within England. One that I really liked was onethat was advertising Stockport College, I enjoyed this particular video as it was entertaining and notjust jam packed with boring information, they put everything into a song and danced around thecollege. This was then that I knew I wanted my own video to be entertaining and catch my agegroups attention. I then went more into depth on YouTube researching past adverts for anythingsuch as colleges to products and this was to gain insight as to what makes a successful advert.
  2. 2. Leeanne HibbertTechnical QualitiesThe first scene we filmed as a small group was the “zoom up to college sign” and this was when wefilmed the college sign which is just placed near the college entrance gates. We thought as a groupthat it would be good to zoom right up to the sign hold the camera there for about 3 seconds andthen zoom out again so this is what we did. For every clip we did we each counted ourselves in andout making sure everything was done carefully and the way we originally wanted.When it came to filming the second scene which is the “walk up to college” we as a group wanted tomake this scene look like the lenses of the camera was somebody’s eyes so basically we held thecamera and walked up to and inside of the college. We all decided that this part of the video wouldlook really good if it looked as if we were speedily walking up to college, plus I also thought that thiswould suit well with the music. So when it came to adding this clip into the movie I sped up thespeed of it so it now looks like were walking up to college at a fast pace. For the third part of filmingwe filmed one of our group member Lewis Bradley and he was giving a short interview about thecreative media course we did have a few technical difficulties with this particular clip where we hadto do this three times, I have spoken about this in a lot more detail within the resolution part of thisevaluation and that explains exactly what happened and how it was resolved ect. We only filmedthree different parts as we didn’t want to overdo the video with major film but we wanted to addpages of information towards it.The music I used was the instrumental version of Shake it which was produced by the band namedMetro Station and this was published around 2010. Out of the group it was my choice to use thissong and my reasons for it is because it is still a popular songs especially to teenagers, every timeyou hear it you just want to get up and dance and so I thought as soon as this song kicked in on mypromotional video it will make people be a lot more interested and see that the college is bubblyand enjoyable. Another reason why I thought it would be a good song choice is because when youhear a song and it is a decent tune with a good beat then it can stay in your head all day, this meansif people watch the video and hear this song the song will repeat on them through out there day andso will my video because they will put the tune to the video.
  3. 3. Leeanne HibbertResolutionI edited my promotional video in the software named “Premiere Elements” I had only used this oncebefore and found it a little bit tricky at first when it came to getting the hang of things, howevereventually I cracked it and learnt how to do numerous things. Within my video I used a range ofdifferent effects and transitions in order to enhance my video and make it entertaining so that theaudience would not get bored easily throughout the process of watching. When it came to uploadingall of my clips that were filmed into premiere elements some of them were quite dark so I increasedthe colour resolution, not a lot as then the saturation would have made the clips look to bright, butjust enough so that the clips looked like they were filmed on a nice clear day.All media that I wanted to use within my video had to be imported to Premiere elements, so in orderto do this I had to get my chosen media from files and folders within my work space and then importthem all to the folder in premiere elements. Once these were then added in I could then insert themto my timeline to where ever I wanted. Most of the images used within the video were what me;Heather Lomas and Lewis Bradley took at college grounds with a camera, the only one that I did nottake which was in my final video was the official Cheadle and Marple sixth form logo and this I savedfrom the Cheadle campus website. I then imported this image to premiere elements. All of theimages imported were JPEG file formats. The quality of the video on premiere elements whilst I wasstill creating it wasn’t really high definition and it was all quite fuzzy, but in order to prevent this Ijust kept rendering the work area. This made quite a difference when I exported the final video asnow when you watch the video the fuzziness has now disappeared which is good, but I wouldn’treally say that it is now amazing quality as it again still doesn’t look at a high definition level and thisis no fault of my own.Considering I used an audio file to play throughout the video I had to make sure that this was anappropriate file format otherwise I would not have been able to include a music file. So the audio filewas an VLC media file (mp3) and this was the right file format to use as well so I had no problemswith the music at all other than the song was a little bit too long and carried on even after the videohad stopped, but this was not a problem as all that I had to do was cut the music file down to thesize that I wanted, I cut the file down to around two seconds after the video had ended and thenadded a ‘fade out’ effect to the music so that it faded out instead of just cutting off. I also added a“fade in” effect to the beginning of the song this was so that it didn’t straight away come on but itincreased sound as it approached. Me and my group filmed over all three different interviews butonce uploaded to premiere elements they all sounded quiet and there wasn’t really any other wayto increase the volume as I had already increased the volume of the clip to the maximum it would goto. At first I thought that the first interview clip could have been quiet because it wasn’t filmed on ahigh definition camera, so the second one filmed was then done by a HD camera. But when I lookedback at this clip I noticed that even though Lewis Bradley (who was speaking in the interview) wassupposed to be speaking about the creative media course instead the whole video was just aboutthe Cheadle Campus, this was all of our mistakes so again I got Lewis to film one more interviewspeaking specifically about creative media and what it can provide you as a student. I then addedthis into the video but sadly there was still no way to increase the volume of the sound, even ourcreative media teacher Jamie tried everything he could to help. I have still kept this video in as youcan hear Lewis speaking but he just isn’t that loud but it doesn’t make any difference what I did to
  4. 4. Leeanne Hibbertincrease the volume as nothing worked. All video clips were the file formats of VLC media files(Mod).Production SkillsBefore even starting the process of filming I was doing many different ways of planning. I startedresearch straight away and was specifically looking at past adverts on the website named YouTube,this was just to get ideas and also see how other colleges represented themselves i.e. as entertainingor a more formal educational video. Then with my group we made two detailed storyboards whichcovered the eight different scenes, including title pages such as one with the Cheadle address. Thenindividually we each created a mood board, my mood board featured different images of theCheadle College as well as the official Cheadle and marple sixth form logo. I also added on to themood board the colours I would be using throughout the video and these were the colours thatrepresent both Cheadle and marple campus’s which are blue and green. I then researched differentvideo assets and made a document about these specifically, explaining different angles and shotsthat I could use throughout the filming and video.Work flow and time managementI maintained my deadlines very well and did not have to worry about or rush any part of the filmingor editing of the video. When it came to technical demands we as a group coped very well, therewas three in our group and each of us had a go at filming a scene. Throughout the project weworked very well together and made sure that each of us was doing something specifically thatwould help towards the filming of the video, whether this was planning or filming. One of the mainreasons why I think that everything ran smoothly was the fact that we had all planned in so muchdetail what we was going to do that we straight away just got on with it without any fuss.FeedbackTo receive feedback I made a questionnaire which had questions all to do with my final promotionalvideo such as ” what did you like about it?” or “what do you think could be improved?” etc. I thengave this questionnaire out to a few people who I then let watch my promotional video so theyknew what they was giving me feedback on. The quotes below are some feedback that I gained fromthese questionnaires.1. “There is a good use of effects& transitions; this makes your video more entertaining to theaudience”2. “I like your song choice I think it suites what you are advertising, although the music seems tobe going really fast and sometimes doesn’t really fit with where and what part the video is up to”
  5. 5. Leeanne Hibbert3. “I like the fact you have used the Cheadle and marple logo within your video, this makes it lookmore like it was created by the college themselves”4. “ There is one title page within your video that is like a rolling credits them but the writing goesup quite fast so you can’t really see what it says that well. This isn’t too bad as all you would needto do to improve this is slower the time down on that particular scene.As you can see I have chosen 4 comments of feedback that people had given me. I have chosen twopositives and two negatives. I am happy with these comments and I have taken to consideration theimprovements that have been given to me to make my promotional video even better.My client Roger also viewed my final promotional video and he also gave me back feedback. AfterRoger viewed my video he did say that the video overall was very good and he like the way that I hadput it together. He did mention how that the images I have used of around the college didn’t reallyshow students ‘hanging out’ as I had included an image of both the Hub and the refectory but I tookthese images when no students were around so Roger said it would have looked more appropriate ifI was showing students relaxing and having dinner as I did comment under one of these imagessaying “the Hub is a place for students to chill out” so It would have made more sense to showstudents in there. Another thing was he did notice a few capital letters that wasn’t needed within myvideo such as the last slide I had put ‘RD’ where as I should have put ‘Rd’. I also put the words aswelltogether when they should be two single words ‘as well’. I am glad Roger was honest with me andhad given me possible improvements to make to the video, I do also agree with what he said as Ithen noticed all the above comments myself.Constraints ExperiencedAs part of a production team we had to take into consideration the legal and ethnic considerations,this was to make sure that we did not upset or anger anybody when it came to them as the audienceviewing each of our final promotional videos. Another thing that I alone also had to take intoconsideration was the major point that is copyright. Copyright was one of the main issues that Ineeded look into and understand when it came to putting together the final video for college.This meant that I needed to reassure the college that all of the work which is produced for the videois one hundred per cent all of my very own original work. I did use the Cheadle logo within my videobut I have said this in the shot log document and I am in no way using this as if it is my own work sothere for it is not an issue.
  6. 6. Leeanne HibbertManagementNobody had leadership at first in the creation of producing the promotional video because as saidbefore we was working in a small group and helping each other to produce the filming andstoryboards etc. so we was all responsible for all of this. It was only when it came to using thesoftware premiere elements that we all became individually responsible for our own footage asnone of our final videos are the same. We each used this software to produce our own editedversion of this meaning we all made different decisions on what effects we would use within thefinal video. However we did keep in regular communication with our team just for advice and helpon sometimes working premiere elements. I think all of us as a group also kept in communicationwith client as we had two meetings with him before even starting to film and this was so that heknew specifically are ideas and as a group we felt we could easily speak to the client openly aboutour ideas.I feel that I achieved the goal of promoting the college and specifically the Creative media coursethat Cheadle campus offers. I also think I kept specifically within my original intensions all though Idid make some slight changes such as adding more title pages which had information on about thecreative media course, plus another title page which explained the different places where studentscan hang out and study around the Cheadle campus.If I had to do this project again I do think that my video may be a lot better but this is only because Inow know the software premiere elements very well where as when I started this project I didn’t sothe first few days of editing the video was more getting use to the software and finding out what Icould do on it.ConclusionI am actually very pleased with my final promotional video and how that it has turned out.Considering that when I first started to edit and create the video in the software Premiere Elementswhich I wasn’t really skilled in. However I now feel confident with this programme and feel I couldcreate another video again but perhaps at a shorter amount of time. I do feel that If I was to do thisparticular video again then It would be a lot better as I now know what I am doing in this software socould just crack straight on with it, but other than that I think my promotional video is successful anddoes look quite professional.