Windows 8 and MonoGame Presentation at Staffordshire University


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Presentation on 27/02/13 to Staffordshire University Gaming Students on Building Windows 8 Games and using MonoGame to build a portfolio of

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Windows 8 and MonoGame Presentation at Staffordshire University

  1. 1. Lee StottMicrosoft@lee_stottLeeStott@microsoft.com
  2. 2. Agenda  Overview of Windows  Games Opportunity  Porting of Code with MonoGame  Demos of MonoGame + Windows 8  Questions  Portfolios
  3. 3. Source: 1bn
  4. 4. Source: IDC, March 2012 690m
  5. 5. Source: IDC, March 2012 60m
  6. 6. 100m
  7. 7. 400 300 200 100 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Consumer EnterpriseAll-up Windows Annual Sales Volume Worldwide (based on historical trends) – Consumer/Enterprise (millions)Source: IDC Worldwide Windows Client Operating Environment 2011–2015 Forecast
  8. 8. Why Games.... Demand  Most titles in the Windows Phone apps store are entertainment and utility apps  Customers are downloading more games than any other type of app  Customers are willing to spend money for the privilege  There is an opportunity here to give customers what they want
  9. 9. Type of Games....  Freemium games do better than paid games  Action games are the best bet to turn a quick buck  Strategy games dominate long-term  Simulation games account for the second largest share.  Opportunity to carve out a niche ( grow your fan base ) * Taken from
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Microsoft DreamSpark provides no-cost access toMicrosoft designer and development tools for verifiedstudents and educators around the world, to support andadvance their learning and skills through technical design,technology, math, science and engineering activities.
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. You have your greatideas and excitinggame designs…
  15. 15.  Lack of time. Lack of belief. Lack of support. Lack of motivation.
  16. 16. Ideas for Windows 8 Casual Games
  17. 17. great Windows 8 game willmake sure that navigationbetween all experiences is a fast,fluid, and delightful experience
  18. 18.• Makes users first experience a complete one.• Provides a great mechanism for providing users with updates/fresh content
  19. 19.• Semantic Zoom allows a user to get a different view of your data • Navigate between different levels • Quickly show unlocked content, recently released levels, or new achievements
  20. 20.• Great way to keep your game as front-and-centre experience.• Can use the top app bar as navigation home
  21. 21.• Will the control be used very frequently?• Is the control crucial to the playing of the game?
  22. 22.• Users approach tablets and touchscreens in a variety of ways• Windows 8 accommodates a multitude of interaction variations
  23. 23.
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Game gets 5s to handle Game is not notified suspend before termination UserLaunches Game Game notified when resumed Splash screen
  26. 26. Additional Ideas for your game….
  27. 27.• At-a-glance information delivery in a natural, attractive format• Draw the user back into the app with a single tap with fresh, tailored content via Live Tiles• Send tile updates even when your app isn’t running• Secondary tiles provide an entry point into a specific experience within your app• Scenarios: game-play status, latest leaderboard positions, multi-player messages, game news
  28. 28.••••
  29. 29.
  30. 30. users with a familiar andnatural way to search for itemsacross game.Scenarios:• A friend to start a multiplayer game against.• A user name on a leader board.• An achievement.• A specific level in a game with many levels.
  31. 31. a way to connect theplayer of your game to their socialnetworks, friends, or other apps.From your game:• Sharing game levels, high scores, screenshots, custom objects etc.To your game:• Receiving in-game content, images, video etc.
  32. 32. settings charm provides afamiliar and consistent way tomodify an apps settingsMore settings menus can beadded for account managementor game specific menus.Scenarios:User-account info, help content,control mappings, notificationsettings, about app info, supportinfo etc.
  33. 33. allows your game to share it’scontent with other apps seamlessly andconsistently.• The file picker makes it easy to organize content. You can also access content from other appsScenarios:• Exporting images from game to start screen background,• using music from music app for game.
  34. 34. your experience beyondWindows 8 and push yourcontent to devices on your localnetwork.The ‘PlayTo’ feature allows relevantcontrols to be accessed on thefirst device without compromisingthe display on the other.
  35. 35.
  36. 36.• Many games may take longer than the expected couple of seconds to load.• If thats true of your game, ensure that you provide some sort of indication to the user that the game is actively loading
  37. 37.• Communicate to users when the game is in a paused state:• removing them from the in- game experience and putting them back in the central hub• or by presenting a pause overlay or pause screen
  38. 38. are a crucialcomponent for game enthusiasts.The competition factor keepsusers engaged in your game andencourages other users in theirnetwork to return and maintaintheir rankings.Utilise location services to accesslocal standings.
  39. 39. engagement beyondstandard gameplay withachievements.Utilize weight, color and size todistinguish between items that areclose to being completed.
  40. 40.• Most people have more than one Windows PC.• Make your game a continuous and consistent user experience across all their Windows 8 PCsRoaming Scenarios:• Game settings and configuration• App licenses and in-app purchases from the Windows Store
  41. 41.• Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it incredibly easy to connect scalable cloud backend to your games.• Easily store structured data in the cloud that can span both devices and users,• Integrate it with user authentication• Send out updates to clients via push notifications
  42. 42. for discovery• Spotlight, Recommend, Browse/Filter, Search• IE10 & Deep linksUnprecedented reach• Global reach: 200+ markets,• 100+ languagesFlexible business models• Free, paid, in-app, trials• 3rd party in-app & advertising supportPricing• Developers control pricing• Up to 80% revenue share
  43. 43. XNA 4.0 Supported Platforms XNA .NET 4.0 DirectX 9/11 Windows Phone 7 Windows Xbox 360
  44. 44. MonoGame is an open source implementation of the XNA framework thatallows developers to port XNA games to platforms that don’t have Microsoft-supported XNA runtime solutions.For instance, MonoGame provides a Windows 8 Store application runtime.SharpDX is an open source project delivering a managed DirectX API forWindows, including Windows 8 Store apps.Microsoft doesn’t endorse MonoGame, SharpDX, Unity or other third partydevelopment solutions in any official way, we fully support a rich and variedarray of runtime libraries and tools that make game development easier.
  45. 45. Write Once, Play Everywhere
  46. 46. Brief History of MonoGame?Project Started in June 2009 as XNATouch by JalfxDec 2009 – v0.7 (2D and iOS only)Oct 2011 - v2.0 ( Added 2 platforms, Renamed to MonoGame)Dec 2011 - v2.1Feb 2012 – (3D codedrop from Flying Dev Studios)March 2012 – 2.5 (Tom and Sickhead Games)June 2012 -2.5.1 (11,000 downloads)
  47. 47. October 2012 – 3.0 BETA(available now!)• MonkeySpace MonoGame Annual Conference• Raspberry Pi Support announced• Windows Phone 8 Support announced including IAP• Presented at Microsoft //BUILD conference• MonoGame content published at MSDN Channel 9,• MonoGame and Windows 8 at Hull University - Three Things GamesNovember 2012 MonoGame presented at State of Play ConferenceDecember 2012 OUYA Support announced
  48. 48. So What is MonoGame?OpenSource implementation of XNA 4 API  2D SpriteBatch  3D (APIs and Model Loading)  Load Existing XNA compiled assets (*.xnb)  Sound and Music  Input (Mouse, Keyboard, Touch, Gamepad)  Effects (Basic Effects & Some Custom Shaders) Write Once, Play Everywhere
  49. 49. Contributing Companies
  50. 50. Contributing individuals Oliver Brown Dean Ellis Tophathacker Koda Turtle Games David Lively Carl Ådahl Tom Spilman NielClancey Marshall Ward Grapes Nezz Randolph Burt Espes Danzel Javier Fernandez Nicolas Coderre Thiago Pastor Adrian Batzill Inverness Edward Rudd Akshay Arora Andre Esteve Raistlinthewiz David Leaver Jeff JohnsonJames Lupiani Christian Zangl Jorge Cantón Ferrero Mgroves Steve Sly Williams Geoff Norton Jordan Phillips Tom Gooding Dominique Louis Jamesford42 Taskbit Tapani Värjölä Deathcradle Jeremy Bell Lukas Jadaml Ádám L. Juhász Ray Batts Renaud Bédard Nicolas LeonardJhllnd Kenneth Pouncey Write Once, Play Everywhere
  51. 51. The Future  Embracing XNA: APIs, Shaders etc  Extend: New platforms, APIs, Features  Enhancements and fixes Content Pipeline Visual Studio Integration MonoDevelop Integration  Better documentation Getting Started Guides  Platform specific best practices  More Video tutorials
  52. 52. Very High Code ReuseSome users report 95% code reuse!!
  53. 53. MonoGame and Windows MonoGame .NET 4.5 .NET 4.0 SharpDX Direct X
  54. 54. Games
  55. 55. Commercial games we know of iOS*  30+ Android* *Xamarin compilers makes it possible for MonoGame titles to reach iOS and Android users Additional licenses are required for other platforms Windows is FREE.  15+ MacOS, Linux  10+ Windows 8 • 20+ Chrome  Bastion Write Once, Play Everywhere
  56. 56. Games Infinite Flight
  57. 57. Games ARMED!
  58. 58. Games
  59. 59. Games Draw a Stickman – EPIC Adventure
  60. 60. Games Tin Man Can (first Chillingo game)
  61. 61. GamesSkulls of the Shogon (our first Microsoft Studios game)
  62. 62. Things to think about Its Being used in AAA games Its Extendable Its Growing(games, developers, platforms)Its Now supported by Microsoft Its Currently the only way to take XNA Windows 8 for FREE Its OpenSource Its Active Lots of examples Write Once, Play Everywhere
  63. 63. More details on MonoGame References Follow Twitter @MonoGameTeam irc Channel : #monogame Server : YouTube Channel Site : Copyright 2012 © Xamarin Inc. All rights reserved
  64. 64. Porting to MonoGame Project Setup  From scratch : ~30-60 minutes  With Templates : ~15 minutes Platform Specific  Resolutions  Sound/Video Write Once, Play Everywhere
  65. 65. Demo of XNA Tank Asset
  66. 66. Snap, Filled and Full
  67. 67. Demo of Catapult
  68. 68. Summary  Games are the #1 download and #1 money making app category  Pick your niche, grow from there  XNA and MonoGame provides a solution to get your existing XNA assets and games running as a Windows 8 Store App  MonoGame provides a cross platform solution so that you can leverage your existing XNA development effort, across multiple marketplaces to develop a portfolio of games across platforms  Follow the certification guidelines (WACK) to make your app Windows 8 Store ready
  69. 69. Develop a great portfolio, publish apps to store :• Register for a Windows 8 Developer Store account DreamSpark members have FREE Windows Store subscription!• Attend a free training camp and training
  70. 70. Getting students to develop portfolio
  71. 71. 1.Build & publish your original & unique app.2.Register yourself on the UK App Builder Reward Programme website which will be coming verysoon.3.Claim points by telling us about the app you’ve published and we’ll award points to youaccordingly.4.Redeem your points for a range of fantastic prizes and gadgets.Build & publish an app between Monday 4th Feb 2013 and Tuesday30th Apr 2013 to be eligible for points you can redeem for rewards.
  72. 72.
  73. 73. 1. Develop and publish your Windows Store and/or Windows Phone app.2. register and sign in to the UK App Builder Reward Programme3. Submit your app in the ‘claim points’ section.Be sure to include the name, URL of your app. In order to claim bonus points, be sure to include your WindowsAzure details and/or existing Windows Phone or Windows Store app details if ported.
  74. 74. Windows 8 Games 8 UK Camps and Training Events 8 developer resourceshttp://dev.windowsphone.comWindows Phone 8 developer resourceshttp:// www.imaginecup.comImagine Cup
  75. 75. http://www.monogame.netMonoGamehttp://monogame.codeplex.comMonoGame Installer for Windows Resource