Research Solutions for Education


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Research Management Solutions from Microsoft are smart and affordable platforms as well as tools that can help you create the ultimate community-based research platform. These solutions are very cost-effective and are powered by cutting-edge technology.

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Research Solutions for Education

  1. 1. Microsoft Solutionsfor Research research.Microsoft Corporation simplified.
  2. 2. Research teams today face significant challenges that are unique, considerable, time-consuming and costly: Formidable data management challenges Publishing and disseminating informationchallenges Sharing and collaborating with multiple teams worldwide Tracking and accounting for grants
  3. 3. Microsoft Solutions for Research Management help you create a proven, attractive and affordable research environment for: Better collaboration Greater analysis and developmentchallenges Professional authoring capabilities solved More on-demand computing power and scalability A lower cost of ownership
  4. 4. With Microsoft Solutions for Research Management, you’ll: Reduce costs Make research tasks easier the Publish findings faster to your community or the worldbottom line Improve your bottom line
  5. 5. our visionTo provide highly scalable tools and services that can transform how research is conducted, accelerating scientific exploration, discovery and results.
  6. 6. key customer scenariosexperiments collaboration archive content dissemination administration analytics& simulations & storage & publication + +
  7. 7. Researchers need: Microsoft Research • Access to scientific applications Solutions provide: • Computer power on demand • Technology optimized for scale • Massive data parsing • Ultimate computing and experiments capabilities analytical power& simulations • Enormous analytical computations
  8. 8. CASE STUDY EVIDENCEMIT and the Ragon Institute leverage Microsoft HPC to shortenHIV data analysis from years to just days, generating twenty keyfindings to help scientists move toward a cure. READ MORE
  9. 9. Researchers need: Microsoft Research • Global access to Solutions provide: multidisciplinary scientists • Maximized global • A secure working environment communication capabilities • Secure file sharing andcollaboration collaboration environment
  10. 10. RESOURCE SUPPLEMENTMicrosoft worked with several partners to create Virtual ResearchEnvironment Toolkits for SharePoint that provide complimentaryresearch project collaboration and research data managementcapabilities. READ MORE
  11. 11. Researchers need: Microsoft Research • Simplified compliance Solutions provide: • Controlled user access • Centralized research data • Secure research dataarchiving & storage
  12. 12. CASE STUDY EVIDENCEBritish Library project managers and collaborators built a platformto store and archive project-site data, such as specific content,templates, workflows, and other rich building block tools. READ MORE
  13. 13. Researchers need: Microsoft Research • Uninterrupted access to scientific Solutions provide: applications and data • Professional publication tools • Tools to publish articles (Word add-ins) and findings • Function and construct graphsdissemination document computation& publication • A citation management toolbar
  14. 14. CASE STUDY EVIDENCEItalian Institute uses Microsoft parallel development tools toprocess more genetic data at greater speeds, helping to makesignificant strides toward solving genetic mysteries. READ MORE
  15. 15. CASE STUDY EVIDENCEResearch4Life leverages Microsoft Research Solutions to helpprovide developing countries with free or low-cost access toacademic and professional peer-reviewed content online. READ MORE
  16. 16. Researchers need: Microsoft Research • To prepare, submit and manage Solutions provide: grants • Research accelerators • To manage post-publication data • Grant tracking and post-publication toolsadministration
  17. 17. CASE STUDY EVIDENCENationwide Children’s Hospital uses Microsoft tools to create anew application so cancer pathologists can conduct translationalresearch and quickly identify participants for clinical trials. READ MORE
  18. 18. Researchers need: Microsoft Research • Data mining tools Solutions provide: • Machine learning for pattern • Knowledge extraction tools recognition capabilities • Varied input and data set • Complex data reduction extraction capabilitiesanalytics and visualization tools
  19. 19. scenarios & solutions Microsoft Research Solutions offers aproduct for almost any research scenario
  20. 20. Applications developed for researchers to run on Azure SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS HPC APPLICATIONS BIG DATA ANALYTICS AZURE VM TOOLS BLAST HPC SCHEDULER DAYTONA LINUX ON AZUREapplications Perform analysis of vast Leverage HPC in the cloud from Map Reduce Frameworks Benefit from Linux VM on Azure proteomics and genomic data in on premise cluster the cloud with Basic Local HADOOP TOOLS Perform distributed processing of Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) Leverage productivity-boosting large data sets across clusters of tools such as: computers Academic Search Machine Translation EXCEL DATASCOPE Generic Worker Drive data analytics with Excel plug-in for researchers CLOUD NUMERICS Gain access to a comprehensive .NET library of numerical algorithms ranging from basic mathematics to advanced statistics to linear algebra
  21. 21. Try Windows Azure. No Obligation. Your complimentary 90-day trial includes: • Compute VM: 750 small compute • Storage: 20GB with 50,000 storage hours per month transactionscomplimentary • Relational database: 1GB web edition • Bandwidth: Unlimited inbound / trial SQL Azure database 20GB Outbound SIGN UP NOW
  22. 22. Create your own secure research environment with FREE virtual tools Access over 13 SharePoint 2010 modules and extensions for project management, collaboration and data management scenarios, including:extensions • Cancer Imaging for SharePoint • Collaborator Search Kit • Document Review Workflow Kit • User Administration (FBA) Kit DOWNLOAD NOW
  23. 23. What are Research Management Solutions from Microsoft ? How do these Microsoft solutions help my team Research Management Solutions from Microsoft are smart and publish and benefit from their research? affordable platforms as well as tools that can help you create the Professional authoring tools and administration tools help ultimate community-based research platform. These solutions researchers publish and disseminate their research faster, more are very cost-effective and are powered by cutting-edge efficiently and at less cost. technology. With Research Management Solutions, from Microsoft your team can: • Create documents with specialized Word add-ins to publish What do the Research Management Solutions to professional research standards from Microsoft help researchers do better? • Share articles, proposals and reports with colleagues around These tools allow research units to: the world • Parse large amounts of data quickly • Allow users to amend and comment on documents in a • Perform data analysis and development structured way before submission • Share and collaborate with research teams worldwide • Manage post-publication data and findings • Professionally author and publishfaq • Manage and administer papers and grant submissions • Much, much more How do these Microsoft tools reduce costs? With Microsoft, you can create a very cost-effective and more affordable research platform. Improve the bottom line with tools that help your research units: • Lessen experimentation time • Automate workflows • Shrink computational analysis from years to weeks • Use extra capacity only when you need it for more affordable data analysis