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Presentation from Rich Holdsworth from @didlr - presented at Microsoft want to show you how Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are the perfect platform for you to build your next app! Event At Portsmouth ...

Presentation from Rich Holdsworth from @didlr - presented at Microsoft want to show you how Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are the perfect platform for you to build your next app! Event At Portsmouth University http://blogs.msdn.com/b/uk_faculty_connection/archive/2013/03/21/microsoft-want-to-show-you-how-windows-8-and-windows-phone-8-are-the-perfect-platform-for-you-to-build-your-next-app.aspx



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Rich Holdsworth @Didlr Presentation Rich Holdsworth @Didlr Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Designing Beautiful AppsRich HoldsworthCEO WappleCEO Didlr@richholdsworthrich@lookslikelemonade.com
  • What’s coming up?• Who, what, why?• Defining design• What is mobile anyway?• My design process• The most important design principal you need to know to designanything ever I think• Designing Didlr
  • Who, what, why?Why did you even let me in…?
  • CEO of Wapple• 9 years of creating mobile experiences• Development of original tech• Designed and built hundreds of experiences• Creative consultation
  • Comprehensive mobile publishing• Web-based mobile site builder• Complete device detection and optimisation• Integrated software solutions• Canvas• Architect• Exhibit
  • Before that – Video Games!• Lead designer / producer• SCEE• Psygnosis• Interplay• Silicon Dreams• US Gold• The BEST design training imaginable
  • When we say ‘Design’ what dowe mean?Time to get on the same page
  • Lets not get carried away• Does a job, well• Looks good
  • Great design is very, very hard• The biggest challenge is over thinking and over working it• The easiest part if knowing when its gone wrong• If you’re honest!• Trust your gut
  • fork and knife
  • What is mobile?Or maybe ‘where’
  • The early days of Wapple• It was all mobile web• That was the common ground• It was clunky to begin with• And apps were crap
  • Then apps got good• Software you download and install• Hardly new• But hey, the stars aligned
  • So, mobile evolvesAnd continues to do soAnd we have to keep upGreat.
  • Just kidding, I like a challenge• So we got thinking• Not just about what ‘mobile’ is today but the trajectory it’s on• We came up with a few big ideas
  • The consumeris mobile, notthe device
  • Browsing isgiving way togoal fulfilment
  • Consumerexpectation isshifting fromweb to apps
  • How did we reach those?Fortune cookies?
  • The mobile consumerIts you
  • Wake UpBreakfastCommuteWorkLunchbreakWorkCommuteShoppingLeisureBedtime
  • Wake UpBreakfastCommutee
  • WorkLunchbreakWorkCommuteg
  • BreakfasShoppingLeisureBedtime
  • Wake UpBreakfastCommuteWorkLunchbreakWorkCommuteShoppingLeisureBedtime
  • Apps over browsingIs the browser an endangered species?
  • App use is beating browsing• Most users only ever visited a handful of sites anyway• With very limited requirements• As soon as most of a user’s needs are fulfilled by apps browsingbecomes a cumbersome irrelevance
  • Some numbers• 2hr 38min use per day• 80% apps, 20% browsing• 7.9 different apps a day (rising)• Read up: http://bit.ly/11NJsMZ
  • Consumers look to the app storesfor their favourite brandsPhones are judged on the availability of apps
  • That presents all kinds of problems• Discovery• Promotion• But not problems we have to deal with today• Today we only have to worry about making something good, notpromoting it• Phew
  • How do I do design?And why is all that earlier stuff relevant?
  • Get some things straight• What do users want?• Where and why will they be doing it?• You have to LIVE these
  • I mean LIVE them
  • It’s a brute force approach• I work in cycles• Develop hard and fast with good people who make good decisions• Learn, adapt and change fast• Innovate as fast as possible
  • The wildly anticipated andpossibly oversold design principalthat you need to know(according to me)
  • What are design principals?• They aren’t rules• They are helpful approaches that can help improve the overall designof your app• There’s plenty of them… They all matter or you can choose to ignorethem all
  • Get the book• Universal Principles of Design• William Lidwell, Kritina Holden & Jill Butler• ISBN 1592535879• My go-to, tie-breaking design bible• Hick’s Law, Fitt’s Law, Chunking, 80/20
  • ArchetypesUniversal patterns of theme and form resulting from innate biases or dispositions
  • What willhappen?
  • Archetypes bring us:• Expectation fulfilment• Satisfaction• Users KNOW how a component will respond and can anticipate theresult
  • Why use Archetypes?• Increased understanding of your app• Considerably lower learning curve
  • The birth of ArchetypesSometimes they just happen
  • Windows 8 and Windows Phone are radicallynew designs• Change happens #dealwithit
  • Be assured that users WILL get what you areup to• Yes, there are challenges• Charms bar• Hidden app bars• Pull to select• Users WILL get it!
  • Designing DidlrIt came from somewhere
  • Its not just me!• There’s a team of people working on didlr• Graphic artists• Web developers• Server guys• Project people• Etc.• I developed the Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions
  • The initial idea• A little girl• An Xbox• Christmas dinner
  • Getting iterative• Sharing as simply as you would a tweet
  • Keeping things really simple• What seems like a limiting factor is actually an enabling factor
  • The big idea condensed• a social platform where• users draw and share• with simple tools• and follow each other• and rate and share each other’s work
  • Early prototypingNot the worst way to spend a Sunday morning
  • Focus on comfort, touch and style• A little bit of experience playing with Windows Phone• Responsiveness was paramount• Picking the colours and the strokes – create a recognisable aesthetic• What the prototype didn’t do spoke volumes!
  • Developing things further• Adding a server to manage all the content• Putting the drawing in the hands of more people• Setting the colours – adding transparency• Adjusting the smoothing
  • Early brand work
  • Getting the brand values right• Like everything, this is a process• Careful balance of identifiable brand that does not conflict with usercontent• Nor should it influence user content
  • Refining
  • Choosing Windows Phone• Didlr was still very much ‘under the radar’ and ‘off the books’• Knowing C# meant that I could reduce development costs• Beautiful UI aligned with Didlr• Elevating content in an sleek, animated environment
  • Plus, I’m not a fan of Apple’s skeuomorphism
  • And Android is a bag of nuts
  • Of course, those platforms matter• I simply didn’t have time to go that way• Visual Studio rocks, I was set• It’s been said but it’s important to know that all the tools were free• And they are of high quality
  • Remember brute force? It keeps going• Personal preference is to work like crazy, get things as good aspossible, move on and revisit• Windows Phone - V2 (V3 in development)• Windows 8 - V2 (V3 next)• iOS - V1 (V2 in development)• Android - V1 (better than iOS V1!)
  • Using the UIDon’t fight the tide
  • Picking the recognisable controls and workingthem• No need to roll your own!• Listboxes, panoramas, pivots, appbars and more• These are practically built in and users know how to use them
  • And tiles. Obviously.
  • Different platforms, different flavours
  • Gotta make that change• Structure• Iconography• Layout• Space, size• Colour linguistics
  • The transition to Windows 8Gotta love reusablity
  • Initial code transfer• One person, one week• Communications layer straight across• Business logic straight across• Tweaks to areas like storage and animation
  • Designing for Windows 8 was both easy andhard• We were very early – ready for launch• Less to go on• We had lots of help from Microsoft• Finding our way together• Now things are a lot easier• We have already done one UI refresh and there’s another on the way
  • Different platforms, different archetypes
  • Different platforms, different archetypes
  • The back end is common to all• Built around a groovy JSON api• All content is entirely cross platform• But remember – all platforms are uniquely tailored to their user’sexpectations
  • So, why design beautiful apps?• Well, dur…• Good design helps users engage with your app• It helps them use it• It makes them feel better
  • Thank You@didlrhttp://didlr.com