Presentation to Mobile Monday on Windows 8


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A overview of the opportunities for developers on the Windows 8 platform

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  • Your app can be displayed in any of the following sizes:Snapped: 320x768 (a minimum of 1366x768 is required to support snapped view)Full screen landscape / filled: minimum 1024x768Full screen portrait: minimum 768x1024Although there are an infinite number of supported sizes, it is important to verify your application in the most common application dimensions, namely:1024px by 768px1366px by 768px
  • Be ready for when the user uses the charms!Use the share charm to connect with other gamers, social media, or friends and let them share their latest high score or achievement.You can also use the search charm. Common scenarios in which to use the search charm include: finding a friend that is also playing the game, find a username on a leaderboard, or find a specific level in a game with many levels.Use the settings charms to allow the user to turn on/off music or sound, or to change their resolution, visual quality, etc…The ability to stream video and music to devices also exists with PlayTo. Stream to other Windows 8 devices, XBOX, etc.To access files on the users machine, you will need to setup a contract using what is called FilePicker.We’ll get into these in more detail later (Day 2).
  • Presentation to Mobile Monday on Windows 8

    1. 1. signing great gamesfor Windows 8
    2. 2. Sensors including New, top-level OSlight, gyroscope, functionality makes gamesaccelerometer, more social and lets themand location. make use of nearby devices.Support for user The Windows Store makes itinteraction, easy to offer games underincluding touch, flexible business modelspen, keyboard, andmouse.
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    4. 4. Share contracts and Device contracts New, top-level operating-system functionality makes games more social and lets them makeuse of nearby devices. Contracts
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    8. 8. LAUNCHING 10 SEP 2012Earn your spot by Get recognised Enjoy Elite publishing your for your Advantages, app before 26 commitment benefits & offers Oct 2012 #windows8elite
    9. 9. Access & Exclusive ExclusiveExclusive support app technicalElite with marketing & training &Welcome Windows8 promotional networkingPack Phone 8 & offers events Azure* Selected benefits will be offered based on pre-determined criteria which will be shared viathe Elite programme.