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  • The Imagine Cup is the world’s biggest student technology competition and over 358,000 students in 183 countries and regions registered for the Imagine Cup last year.The Imagine Cup 2012 is about solving the world’s toughest problems using technology whether it’s something like battling a disease like malaria or reducing road deaths. The Imagine Cup is a chance for students to showcase their amazing projects and solutions, built using Microsoft technology.At Microsoft we work under the motto that our products create a Microsoft ecosystem, where everything is built to be able to talk and communicate with everything else. In this exciting time of technology you could create a solution that uses Windows Phone, Kinect, PC and the next version of Windows with some really clever back-end stuff to create a project that could change the way the world works.
  • Now for a quick look back at the Imagine Cup 2011.
  • You can participate in any of the 4 categories mentioned above, with some more interesting challenges coming in the near future.You can enter more than one competition, so you might have a an amazing Software Design entry where a Windows Phone app is an obvious inclusion in the project (although if you get to the Worldwide finals for more than one competition stream you have to choose one).The only competition stream that we run locally in the UK is Software Design, everything else is run as an online competition. The UK specific information for the Imagine Cup isn’t available on the website yet but teams must submit a preliminary summary on by the 13th March 2012 and the final deadline for project submissions in the Software Design category is the 15th April 2012. The team that wins the UK final of the Software Design competition gets an all-expenses paid trip (subject to some T&Cs) to Sydney, Australia with the chance to win a top prize of $25,000 in the worldwide final.The deadlines for each of the other competition streams vary and more information can be found on and clicking on the competition.
  • So how do you enter the Imagine Cup then?If you’re entering the Software Design or Game Design competitions then:Register on imaginecup.comForm a team of up to 4 students and choose a cool team nameFind a faculty mentor for your teamRegister all of your team members and sign up to a competition on imaginecup.comI haven’t put this point but think of a great idea and start your project with the goal of winning the worldwide final in Sydney, Australia.If you’re interested in entering the IT Challenge simply register on and sign up to the IT Challenge, with no need to form a team as it’s an individual competition.
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012

    1. 1. IMAGINE CUP 2012
    2. 2. Imagine Cup VideosImagine Cup 2011 Final Cup Winners 2011 – Team Hermes Cup 2012 -
    3. 3. COMPETITIONS • Software Design • Game Design: Xbox/Windows • Game Design: Windows Phone • IT Challenge • Kinect • Phone Apps • Cloud And more to come …
    4. 4. ENTERING THEIMAGINE CUP1. Register at http://www.imaginecup.com2. Form a team max 4 students3. Find a mentor4. Sign up to a competitionThere is more!