IT Academy WorkShop 14/05/2012


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Microsoft IT Academy - Enhanced Membership event TVP Monday 14th May How to use all your ITA benefits to deliver excellent skills in IT using MS technologies, learning & Certifications

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IT Academy WorkShop 14/05/2012

  1. 1. Microsoft IT Academy WorkShop DayMicrosoft Tools and Resources Lee Stott, Academic Evangelist Developer Platform Evangelism Microsoft @lee_stott
  2. 2. The changing world of technology 1983 PC 1990 Client/Server 2000 2011 Network/Internet NUI/Mobility/Cloud
  3. 3. We all live in thecloud..
  4. 4. A world of opportunityMobile devices usage in context The mobile only Internet population6.9 Billion people to be 788 million by 20155.2 Billion devices1.6 Billion TVs1.2 Billion PCs1.0 Billion CarsThe next decade will see the first People-to-people messaging,true always-on/connected Usage very media and social ingeneration - "99% messaging, nature including Text, MMS, real-timemedia and entertainment, 1% web and social networksvoice" communicationsVoice usage will be very minimalwhen compared to messaging, and Content Consumption Media – photos, video and music,messaging and media go hand-in-hand gaming, Data consumptionwith media usage driven by personal info/search or queries, by 2015messaging 64% Online Spend 2011
  5. 5. Cloud Connected Devices..
  6. 6. How “App First” is impacting IT Roles Less dependence on Implicit control broad of infrastructure infrastructure and skills connectivity Agnostic infrastructure Users care only control single about Apps More admin point for and Internet cloud or on appliance-like Connectivity premise on-premise IT
  7. 7. Cloud services spending willexceed $36 billion, growing at 4x the industry rate IDC Predictions 2012 “Competing for 2020”
  8. 8. Going to the cloud is a business decision - it’s not about technology Robert Youngjohns, President, Microsoft North America
  9. 9. Consumer Cloud Services CLOUD SERVICES
  10. 10. Microsoft On Premise and Cloud Services MICROSOFT SOFTWARE
  11. 11. Skills and Tools.. On Premise and theCloud Traditional IT IaaS PaaS SaaS
  12. 12. Developer Skills and Tools
  13. 13. Mobility + Cloud..= Opportunity
  14. 14. In 2012, about 83% of all net-new software firms coming to market will be operationalised around creating, testing,selling, and provisioning a service versus a packaged product. IDC 2012 Are you teaching the right technologies?
  15. 15. Microsoft - A Unified Ecosystem
  16. 16. Positive Economic Impact by 2015 Source: IDC, Microsoft Economic Impact, 2011
  17. 17. Microsoft UK Academic TeamTools and resources for student technologists & educators to make the most of their learning, teaching andresearch Tools Curriculum Community DreamSpark Free curriculum Professional Platform, materials, from Key On-line and in-person developer and Stage 1 to post communities of designer tools to build graduate, covering students, teachers and real sites, apps, hundreds of Computer researchers games, cloud services Science topics and more
  18. 18. * for Schools, FE and HE Free for students, included with EES or academic pricing for institutionsSchools FE & HE HE STEMVisual Studio Professional, Expression, Windows 7Windows Server, Windows Embedded, SQL Visual Studio Premium Visual Studio Ultimate Visio, Project, OneNoteServer BizTalk Server SharePoint Server • HE STEM departments only• Free to all students for personal use • Students, Educators, labs• Free with EES or from £50/year per institution for • Free for Microsoft IT Academies or from £250/year Schools, FE, HE - classrooms and educators per departmentAlso offers easy access to other free tools, including Kodu Game Lab, Small Basic,Windows Phone tools, Kinect SDK, XNA Game Studio and more * Academic/non-commercial use
  19. 19. Faculty & Student Curricula Resources Game Operating Systems Cloud Computing Development System Phone Dynamics CRM/ERP Engineering Development
  20. 20. Resources and Opportunity “ready to be retrained” 16,734 UK curriculum view commonly expressed among content downloads from the 32,000 Microsoft Partner 427,000 products Microsoft Faculty Connection companies in the UK when downloaded and used by in 2011 recruiting CS graduates over 140,000 students; 43,599 world-wide downloads of Windows Phone Programming 46% of UK Application in 2011 - curriculum written by Development job ads 22,000 tech students “like” our Rob Miles, University of Hull Facebook page and 330 CS specify Microsoft .NET Educators joined our LinkedIn skills group in 2011 Sources:, Microsoft internal reporting systems for DreamSpark, Faculty Connection and Windows Phone Marketplace, and Microsoft Faculty Connection UK on LinkedIn
  22. 22. Employability IT Skills The IT Industry is growing and presents a Yet industry struggles to find significant opportunity for your students to find the right skills employment after graduation +20% of Application Development jobs require 98k new IT business will SharePoint skills**** Global IT jobs will grow be created by 2015** from 35.6 million in 2009 to 92% of IT Leaders indicate it 41.4 million by 2013* UK requires 550,000 is challenging to secure new entrants in to IT necessary IT skills***** Global IT Spend will grow and Telecoms by to $1.7 trillion in 2013* 2015*** * Source: IDC Economic Impact Study, Global, 2009 ** Source: IDC, Microsoft’s Economic Impact, 2011 *** Source: eskills Technology Insights report, 2011 **** Source: ***** Source: TEKSystems Report, October 2011
  23. 23. Resources for Academics Faculty Curriculum Imagine Cup DreamSpark Connection Resources
  24. 24. Resources for Students OpenSource Student to Microsoft Community Experience Business Student Blog & Facebook Start-Up Phone App Support Xbox Game Faculty Clubs & Societies Mentoring Development Connection Blog & Linkedin
  25. 25. Q&ALee Stott,Academic EvangelistDeveloper Platform Evangelism,Microsoft, @lee_stott