The idea iseverythingDream it. Build it. Live it.
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Imagine Cup Mentor brochure 2012


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Mentors Pack for Imagine Cup 2012

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Imagine Cup Mentor brochure 2012

  1. 1. The idea iseverythingDream it. Build it. Live it.
  2. 2. Technological it off. With Microsoft resources and support, tomorrow’s innovators can bring their ideas to life, and win travel and cash prizes!Innovation Can Since Imagine Cup began in 2003, more than one million students from moreChange The World. than 180 countries have signed up. When you join the Imagine Cup community, you’ll be abe to help inspire creatives from all over the UK to share ideas, have fun, and be there when the ‘Next Big Thing ‘ is unveiled, and even help the people who do it, get there!Game-Changing Ideas Imagine Cup:are Born in Young Minds Can You Mentor the Next Gates Or Zuck?You’ve been there, and you know what it was like. You saw friends coming up Over the decades, the way we live and work has been changed forever bywith great ideas—maybe you even had some yourself. Student startups have student startups. Without the fancy offices, millions in venture capital, orbeen driving innovation in technology for decades: thousands of staff, students have still been able to find their way from the halls• Dell revolutionised the way technology is designed, manufactured, to the board room with nothing but passion, creativity, and that one big idea. and sold• Facebook transformed the way we communicate and share But with your inspiration, you can help these talented student innovators bring• Microsoft eradicated boundaries with software innovation their ideas to life even further. Students bring their ideas and you as sponsors can provide the platform,Imagine Cup: and the reach to help students realise their posibilities The Imagine Cup also provides the opportunity for students to interact with sponsors’ brands andIf They Can Dream it, They Can Build it products in a unique way.Now it’s time to pass the torch to the next generation of innovators. Microsoft’sImagine Cup is the world’s most prestigious student technology competition, As sponsors there is no other opportunity as impactful where you can investbringing together student innovators from all over the world. your brand / time / money.For students with a big idea, Imagine Cup is a fun and rewarding way to show Sign up at
  3. 3. The Competitions The Challenges Azure Challenge- Forrester Research says that the global marketGames Competition- We have students around the country for cloud computing is going to be $241 billion by 2020. Support a studentcreating addictive gaming experiences that transforms the way we play. team using Windows Azure, to build a cloud-based app that can turn theThis is your chance to mentor the next group of students, who could be the market on its ear, and you could be part of the technology industry’s Nextcreators of future gaming phenomenon! Big Thing. The Sky’s the Limit!Innovation Competition- These are the students who are Windows 8 App Challenge- Windows 8 is coming, and withready to help break some new ground! The students who are pioneers of an all-new touch interface, it’s going to take computing to a whole newinnovation and creativity. Using their dev skills, alongside the Microsoft tools dimension. Apps are the center of the Windows 8 experience, and great appsand technologies, they are looking to design a totally new app experience! start with great ideas. When you mentor students in Imagine Cup, you’ll haveSo here is your chance to work with some of the countries most innovative the satisfaction of working with some of the first teams creating apps for thestudents, and inspire them to create something that could change people’s new Windows 8 platform. With your support, students can build an app thatlives! delivers an innovative experience that will blow users away.World Citizenship Competition- We have those studentswho want to make the world a better place. This competition recognises Windows Phone Challenge-Windows Phone gives one-touchsoftware apps that want to improve the world we live in. This is your chance access to the people, entertainment, and information we care work with leading edge students who want to solve real life challenges Windows Phone has become a lifestyle., and talented student innovatorswith their technology! Whether they are looking to reduce world hunger, have those big idea’s that need to get into the hands of millions of usershelp provide better treatment for diseases, raise awareness of environmental worldwide! Through mentoring them in the Imagine Cup, they can deliverissues, this is your chance to help steer them in the right direction! innovative functionality that enables new ways to connect, buy, play, and learn—all wrapped in the outstanding Windows Phone user experience. Sign up at Sign up at
  4. 4. How Can You Help? What’s In It For You? 1. Competition run on a regional scale - This benefits you in every way. Having regional competitions ensuresThey can dream it. that you wont have to be giving up more time and expense than you bargained for. The students you link with, will all be from around theThey can build it. area, which not only allows for regional recruitment oportunities but also allows you to create some great buzz and publicity around yourYou can help. brand in the area! 2. Pool of developers to recruit - This competition will be introducing you to some of the most innovative young minds1. We need your expertise- We only approach people in the country, and this is your oportunity to look to see whetherwho we think will make the best mentors, and will lead our students in the they are possible recruits for your firms. Whether it is placementright direction to victory! We will need your software development, project oportunities or actual full time jobs you have to offer, you will havemanagement and commercial awareness experience and insights, to really lots of amazing candidates to choose from, and all from the local area!help these student teams get the most out of their experience. 3. PR - The competition allows for great publicity of your company2. We need your time- We need those dedicated mentors helping out the budding entrepreneurs and devs in the local area,who are willing to help our students through the process. We require your and will also spread the word amongst all students, faculty, sponsorspresence at your regional information session (2 hours), your regional and families involved. If you are a newer company, this is your perfectweekend hackathon (Although you don’t need to stay the whole 48 hours) oportunity to get your name out there, but for those of you who haveand bi-weekly to monthly calls with your team (at your discretion) been longstanding, its a chance to align yourself to something great and new that helps to find the leaders of tomorrow.3.Give up some space- Once close with your team, it willstart to become necessary to want to meet with them, to dicuss progress, 4. Local software- economy initiative - Wantand impose your wisdom to help them in the right direction! As we will try to be a well known company/brand in the area? Not only will youto match teams and mentors regionally, the closest place for them to visit have the chance to get your name out there supporting a goodmay be in your offices! cause, but also it is your chance to create greater awareness for the IT industry and what prescence it has in our every day lives. Sign up at
  5. 5. The World’s Premier StudentTechnology CompetitionThe FutureStarts