Hornet Networkshop 36


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Networkshop is an annual event organised by JANET(UK) and hosted by a Higher Education Institution. Aimed at network managers and technical staff from the JANET community, the conference provides a forum for discussion on the latest network technologies and brings together expertise from all the fields of networking see http://www.ja.net/services/events/2008/networkshop-36.html

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Hornet Networkshop 36

  1. 1. Residential Networking in Manchester Lee Stott Head of Information Systems Sports Trading & Residential Services The University of Manchester Lee.Stott@manchester.ac.uk Networkshop 36
  2. 2. Overview of Hornet •15,000 Students •500+ Switches •Over 45 Halls Hornet Portal & Desktop •10 Gbit link to super Janet Applications •Secure •Single point of help •Self Registration •Connection Management •Virus detection and disconnection Networkshop 36
  3. 3. Network Topography Hornet 2006 - Applications
  4. 4. Hornet CD Provided by your Hall • One for Every Resident • Simple Design • 8 pages explain how to “Get Connected” • Includes 5 Quicktime videos Networkshop 36
  5. 5. Hornet Website www.manchester.ac.uk/halls/internet Networkshop 36
  6. 6. Get Connected • Explains Connection Process • Links into Hornet Support via Hornet Portal • Further Resources to supplement CD Networkshop 36
  7. 7. Registration Process University Hall Private Hall •Logon with university username •Logon with university username and password and password •If not a university student, create •If not a university student, create an account and await authorisation an account •Enter computer information •Enter computer information •Agree Contract •Agree Contract •Final Check •Final Check •Once complete they have to •Once complete they have to validate their account with a pin validate their account by selecting sent to them via email payment While they are a pending user they can remove themselves from the system Networkshop 36
  8. 8. Student Portal • Add problems • Open View Conversation • View fees • Connection Status • Change Details – Mac Address – Telephone Number – Computer Type – OS Type – E –Mail Address & Password Networkshop 36
  9. 9. Help and Support • Key information • Interactive media – Google Maps – Google Search • Extra Materials – PDF Infoguides – Information Section Networkshop 36
  10. 10. Public Relations Posters/Flyers/Emails • Explains registration process • Posted next to Hornet terminals & central helpdesks • Explains how to get help and support • Distributed to hall receptions and central helpdesks Networkshop 36
  11. 11. Security • 5 Security Steps • Simple Message – Get Secure – Get Safe • Keep Updated • Keep Connected Networkshop 36
  12. 12. Safety • Remember: – Students Computer – Students Responsibility • Acceptable Usage • File Sharing & P2P • Video Streaming • Social Community Websites & Safety • Raise Awareness Networkshop 36
  13. 13. How do we provide support? • Multinational dedicated support team • Create a enhanced, efficient and effective support structure. • Hornet team of 70+ representatives (UG and PG students) • We currently support 46 Halls of residence. • User base of over 15000 users. The support team are divided into the three campuses namely; -City Campus 30 Reps 5032 Users -Victoria campus 15 Reps 2717 Users -Fallowfield 20 Reps 3227 Users • Within two weeks of start of the Academic year we had over 11 000 students registered and using Hornet. Networkshop 36
  14. 14. Hornet Partners Information also on the CD… • eHub online Store • Games Servers • Freewire TV & VoIP • Apple HE Store Networkshop 36
  15. 15. FREEWIRE AT MANCHESTER • Freewire TV and phone launched over the Hornet network in September 2007 • Currently over 3,000 students using the Freewire service at Manchester • Students for some time have been asking if they can “get Hornet in town?” • Branded off-campus Freewire service as HornetPLUS and market to students as the university-endorsed triple-play service • Market directly to students • Partnered with Manchester Student Homes to reach students but also to provide “landlord- friendly” packaging and service for landlords who wish provide triple-play to their tenants Networkshop 36
  16. 16. STUDENT vs. LANDLORD Student: Landlord: Single order Bulk orders Pre-pay/PAYG Single bill Credit/debit card Direct debit Monthly or 9 month contract 12 month contract (or longer?) Other landlord features: • Account suspension (e.g. for refurbishment) without having to pay activation/cancellation fees? • Splitting actual phone line (landlord) and “over-the-top” services (student)? • Installation services? Cabling? Networkshop 36
  17. 17. MSH “CODE PLUS” STANDARD Properties registered as adhering to The Code of Standards can be advertised as “Code Plus” if… “A broadband line and wireless router is provided in the property in order that tenants may use and pay for this service.” • HornetPLUS now the recommended solution. Networkshop 36
  18. 18. Questions Lee Stott Head of Information Systems STARS IT Services Lee.Stott@manchester.ac.uk Networkshop 36