Games industry Fair 2013 Accelerate, Incubate or Seek Investment


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Presentation on Microsoft programmes for Start-ups

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Games industry Fair 2013 Accelerate, Incubate or Seek Investment

  1. 1. Microsoft's Accelerator Program: How To Get Investment and Support Lee Stott Technical Evangelist
  2. 2. Why are we entering the indie start-up space? 1.Becoming part of the conversation It is in our DNA. Microsoft’s mission is to enable people and business around the world to realise their full potential. 2.Building trust and long-term relationships 3.Engendering platform adoption – but only if we can do 1 & 2 first 4.Working with indie start- ups makes us a better company
  3. 3. Aspiration: global footprint of 10 accelerators London London is the newest addition to the growing list Currently 4 Microsoft Ventures Accelerators: • Tel Aviv • Beijing • Bangalore • Seattle
  4. 4. Track record so far… Microsoft Ventures 50,000 companies are currently active in BizSpark worldwide (since 2008) 119 companies have gone through our accelerators to-date 85% have received funding on Demo Day or within 6 mos 35% of companies have reached series A to-date 6 participating companies have been acquired to-date >80% of participants said they valued the programme >95% of participants said they valued the MS Ventures team at the accelerator 95% of mentors have been retained by start-ups after the programme
  5. 5. Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London Global Power + Local Flavour
  6. 6. Microsoft Ventures
  7. 7. London Accelerator Microsoft Ventures Main Accelerator • 12-week programme to commence late Nov/early Dec 2013 (pending building works) • Applications open 2nd Sept • Up to 20 start-ups per cycle – 50% tech/50% gaming • 1.5 intakes in FY13 (pilot + initial intake) Pilot Accelerator • 12-week programme to commenced 9th Sept 2013 • 5 companies • Tech and gaming start-ups represented • Located at Central Working’s co-working space on Bonhill St. next to Google Campus
  8. 8. Acceptance criteria • At seed stage (up to $500K in funding) • Have a big vision • Are full timers – have quit their day-job to do what they love • Have a tech person part of the team • Are a balanced team that can carry an idea from inception to launch • Have coachable founders • Be a BizSpark member – Register for FREE here • Our cloud is completely open source and friendly, so no matter what stack you’re building on, you can leverage our cloud. Start-ups accepted into the programme will be expected to test on Windows Azure. Microsoft Ventures
  9. 9. What makes us unique? Microsoft Ventures • Access to global partner ecosystem • Zero equity • Well-funded, fully staffed • Strong curriculum • 1:1 mentoring • Global Alumni Network • Publishing access to Windows 8, Windows Phone & XboxOne • Continuation plans
  10. 10. Microsoft Ventures
  11. 11. Microsoft Ventures
  12. 12. • A three year project, based in Aalto University: a fusion of engineering + business + design • Funded with 18 M€ by Microsoft, Nokia and 3M€ Aalto University. • A new kind of seed accelerator for next generation of mobile experience 18
  13. 13. What is AppCampus? A Unique Accelerator • No Equity Dilution • No Revenue Share required • IPRs remain property of developers Three key facets • Award Platform • AppAcademy Coaching Program • Global Alumni Network Our only demand is 90 days exclusivity to Windows Phone 8 19
  14. 14. Criteria for Apps 21 Innovative Bring Innovation to the Windows Phone Ecosystem Differentiated/Unique Not already published in any mobile app stores Key features/APIs Support key features and APIs of the platform Convincing Overall Proposal Demonstrated design, technical, and business excellence Popularity/Commercial value Potential for mass appeal and/or revenue generation
  15. 15. Microsoft Ventures
  16. 16. Lift Studio In-Residence Studio • “In-Residence” Studio based at Microsoft Lift London Studio, Soho • Advice/guidance/Mentorship from industry experts • Investment • Access to Hardware and Technology 25
  17. 17. In-Residence Program New “In-Residence” Team wanted Start Feb 2014 in Soho Office, London Contact Salvatore Fileccia
  18. 18. Its not an accelerator or incubator Its an investment fund.
  19. 19. Microsoft Ventures
  20. 20. Microsoft Ventures
  21. 21. Microsoft Ventures
  22. 22. Microsoft Ventures
  23. 23. Microsoft Ventures
  24. 24. Microsoft Ventures
  25. 25. Microsoft Ventures
  26. 26. Thank you Please register at AppCampus - GreenShoots - Ventures London Accelerator - Lift London Studion “In-Residence” Lee Stott