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Windows 8 getting started with App development for Students including references and resources

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Dev windows 8_apps_getting_started_guide

  1. 1. Windows 8 launches a world ofopportunity for student developers.It is Windows made faster, morefluid and responsive to touch. Andit puts apps and active live tiles ateveryone’s fingertips.You can be a first mover in thisamazing app revolution, and buildWindows 8 apps that could launchyour career.This guide will point you to theright developer tools, tutorials,and resources. Jump in. The nextgeneration is what you make it.create apps for a new generation. yours.
  2. 2. 2 Get your dev toolsDownload the software and toolsyou need at It’sfree for’s easy to do3 steps to build your Windows 8 app Publish your appYour app will be available tomillions of people at theWindows Store. Build and test your appWe’ll point you to instructivevideos, hands-on labs, samplecode and more.
  3. 3. 3get your development toolsThey’re fast, fluid and perfect for touch.Windows apps are at the center ofeverything you do. Uniquely, they appearas a ‘tile’ on the Windows Start screen.Tap to open a Windows app and thecontent fills the entire computer screen.Content is the focus, while UI controls anddistractions are minimized.Learn moreRead the ”What’s a Windows 8 Style app”to see and understand all the cool designelements and User Experience (UX). by getting Windows 8You must have Windows 8 installedon your computer. Windows 8 appsrequire the Windows 8 API for designand testing.Discover ways to get Windows 8.Choices include: • Free with your school’s DreamSpark subscription • Free 90-day trial • Special student offers and upgradesLearn more at DreamSpark: Visual Studio and allthe toolsAt DreamSpark, we packagedtogether all the software and toolsyou will need to create Windows8 apps – at no charge to students.One click lets you download VisualStudio 2012 Express for Windows 8,including: • Windows 8 Software Development Kit • Blend for Visual Studio to create and edit images • The Windows App Certification Kit (WACK) to test your appsUse this collection of tools to create,code, debug, package, and publishyour Windows 8 modern apps.Get your tools at DreamSpark:’t forget your licenseWhen you install Visual Studio 2012Express for Windows 8, you will beasked to get a developer license.To complete this step, you will needa Microsoft Account ( In order to install the developerlicense, the user must be a LocalAdministrator on the computer.WINDOWSWhat is aWindows 8 app?
  4. 4. 4build and test your appChoose aprogramming languageTo build a Windows 8 app, you canuse a language you already know:• HTML/Javascript• XAML/C#• XAML/Visual Basic• C++/CXGet hands-on helpWe have a lab to help you createyour first Windows 8 app.Try the Lab Exercises fromChapter 1, and feel success rightfrom the start.The lab is available in HTML/JavaScript or XAML/C#. Pick the onewith which you feel most proficient.Download the Lab. Note:Approximately 170MB Hundreds ofCode samplesCheck out this helpful overview( from theWindows Dev Center. It coverseverything from:• Setting up• Learning tools and templates• Downloading hundreds of code samples: a short video on the design principles for Windows 8 apps.Get inspiredBefore submitting your app, you musttest it. You will find the Windows AppCert Kit (WACK) in the Visual Studio2012 Express software you downloadedat the very start. You can run the testfrom the Windows Start screen.Here’s how:- Get to your Windows 8 Start screen- Run the ‘Windows App Cert Kit’ app- Choose ‘Validate a Windows Store app’- Select your custom app and select “next”Testing isa snap
  5. 5. 5publish your app to the storeGet your registration codeHere’s how:• Go to• Follow the prompts to enroll. Youcan verify as a student using yourschool-issued email, DreamSparkregistration code, or Internationalstudent ID card.• Once enrolled, get the WindowsStore registration code. It’s free forverified students.• Enroll in the Windows Store.• Instead of payment, simply enterthe Registration Code you gotfrom DreamSpark.Note: a credit card is required forregistration, but will not be charged ifyou have a registration code.Submit your appTo create and submit your apppackage to the store, follow thedirections after you select “CreateApp Packages ...” from the StoreMenu in Visual Studio 2012 Expressfor Windows 8. You will be requiredto register your Microsoft Account tosubmit apps to the Windows Store.Note: If you are running a differentversion of Visual Studio 2012(Professional, Premium or Ultimate),open the Project menu, and thenchoose Store. The Store menuappears only if you’re working ona Microsoft design style project orsolution.When you submit your app to thestore, be ready with:• A name for your app• A price for your app (or free)• An age rating• A selling description, compelling screen images and a feature list for shoppers to read in the Storeyour app is certifiedAs you proceed through the appcertification process, you willreceive emails to keep you awareof your app’s progress.Learn more in the sidebar to the right.Your app must meet high standards ofquality to earn its way into the WindowsStore. But once it’s in, millions worldwidewill see your app. That said, thecertification process can take a numberof days.The process includes:- Pre-processing- Security tests- Technical compliance- Content compliance- Release of your app- Signing and publishingYou might be asked to revisit someaspect of your code to improve itsquality and performance. It’s part of thelearning process.Allow time forcertification
  6. 6. 6build apps that build your careerFirst in, first winWindows 8 represents a hugeworldwide opportunity. Think aboutit. More than 450 million peoplecurrently use Windows 7, and willbe given a simple, affordable wayto move up to Windows 8. And,with the Windows Store built intoevery Windows 8 device, your appswill be available to every user. Youcan tap into a PC audience eagerlylooking to open the apps you havepublished to the Windows Store.Imagine, build,revolutionizeStudents are always the ones totransform music, fashion, and popculture. Now, you can reimagineapps and all they can do. You’re notbehind. You’re creating what’s next.Gain professional skillsright nowWindows 8 is so new you can learnthe same skills at the same time asprofessional developers who createapps for a living. The best jobs aregiven to technology students withthe best skills. You can be certainWindows 8 development will be ingreat demand.Let us Make it EasierWe can guide you to Windows 8 apptemplates and samples to help youcode your first app faster and easier.You’ll find hundreds of Windows SDKsamples, and instructions on how toincorporate them.Among the examples are UX bestpractices for Windows 8 apps, givingyou a jump on making an app thatdarts, dances and delights. can download hundreds ofWindows code samples, watchinstructive videos, and much more. Windows 8 development skillsyou gain will give you an edge whenyou graduate and venture into thereal world.App samples include:- User Interface - Audio & Video - Devices & Sensors - Networking - Controls - ANDTRAINING
  7. 7. Don’t wait for a class on appbuilding. Windows 8 comes withincredible support to help you buildyour first app fast. Get started now.Windows Azure -the perfect companionto your Windows 8 orWindows Phone AppWindows Azure is Microsoft’s openand flexible cloud platform that letsyou deploy and manage your appsacross a network of reliable globaldatacenters. What’s more, Azurelets you build an application usingany operating system, developerlanguage or tool.Also Windows Azure introducedMobile Services, a set of turnkeybackend solutions to poweryour mobile app. Accelerateyour mobile app development,incorporate structured storage,user authentication and pushnotifications in minutes.Learn more about Windows AzureMobile. 1Get Windows 8 and free developer tools- resources:Where to get your developer’s license - this video on creating greatWindows 8 Apps - and testingStep 2Get a helpful overview about Windows 8 appdevelopment - how to test your Windows 8 app - resources:What’s a Windows 8 Style app? principles of Windows 8 apps (video)- 8 hands-on lab building a cookbookapp - building for Windows 8 apps - 3Get Registration code for Windows Store.The code is free for students. blogs direct from the engineersresponsible for Windows 8 -Building Windows 8 - Store - 8 App Dev - Experience support and guidance - on building Windows 8 Apps- level courses onWindows 8Designing for Modern UI - Development for Modern UI - Development for Modern Devices - THE WAYhelpful resources for students