Simple Marketing: Exploring the Marketing Capabilities of Hang Tags


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Simple Marketing: Exploring the Marketing Capabilities of Hang Tags

  1. 1. Marketing is a big concept. All business owners knowabout it, but not everyone knows how to do it effectively. In their quest to come up with grand slam marketingcampaigns, they often miss the most important aspects of marketing. Worse, they miss to acknowledge the easy techniques that could have made their marketing campaign so much easier.
  2. 2. As a business owner you have to understand that small efforts do reap huge rewards. Sometimes, you have to start small in order to achieve good results. There are unlimited and untapped techniques out there that will help you with your marketing efforts. You dont have to aim for a massive campaign right away. Start with theindividual customers, and work by eventually adding new customer at a time. The same way with marketing techniques; start with simple materials and eventuallymove to bigger and more elaborate materials. In time, you will see the different a small material will do to your bottom line.
  3. 3. To start your simple campaign with simple materials, one ideal material to invest in is the hang tag. Hang tagprinting is actually a small and simple material that is why business owners often ignored it. Some even think that tags are only appropriate for a clothing or garmentsbusiness. But a clever and creative business owner knows that tags are more than that. They can also be used topromote other products. In fact, some people use them as price tags or business cards to bring people to their store again and again.
  4. 4. If you want to explore the marketing capabilities of hangtags, you need to first know the basics in designing them. Before you start printing, understand first these design techniques.
  5. 5. - Picking the right design elements. This refers to the colors, font, image, and style you will use on your hang tag. Its important that you use the elements that will reflect your business image best. For instance, the colors you use have to convey to people the right image. Understand that each color conveys a different meaning. To pick the right color, you might want to research on the meaning behind each color first. The same goes with the style, image, and font. Everything that you put on yourdesign should be reflective of the kind of business you are.
  6. 6. - Creating the copy. You dont actually have a lot of spaceon your tag to include a lot of details. For this reason, youhave to keep your copy brief, clear, and direct to the point. In one reading, people should already understand your message. Its best if you use a casual and conversational tone to make your message look appealing.
  7. 7. - Opt for a unique shape to grab attention easily. With astand out shape, it will be easy for you to grab peoples attention. They will surely take a second look at yourcustom hang tags and in the process read your message and get familiar with your business. If you arent sure what kind of shape will be perfect for your tag, ask the help of your designer.
  8. 8. Marketing and hang tag printing need not be a difficult undertaking. It simply is common sense. If you fullyunderstand your business and your target market, you will know how to make your tags a successful piece of marketing material.
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