3 Fiery Hot Car Racing Games


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3 Fiery Hot Car Racing Games

  1. 1. Online arcade car games are sizzling hot! Think about it. Theyre just simple to create, flash based games with crappy graphics. Yeah thats right, theyre downright uglygames. But, take a look at any flash website. Every last one of them will have 3 or 4 different racing games. And a huge number of them get a few thousand, if not over 10, 000, plays a day. Youd have thought only sleazy websites get such spicy ratings.
  2. 2. Today Ill show you some of these shockingly ugly, yet insanely popular games. Bloody ironic, isnt it?
  3. 3. Mad Monday? More like insane.
  4. 4. First up is Mad Monday. First time I came across it, I ended up chuckling non-stop. Mad Monday? Not the best namein the world eh? Well tell that to the 96,000 whove played this car racing game. Yeah thats right. 96 Grand! The concepts pretty simple. Drive to win. And while youre at it, knock every other driver off the road. Mercilessly. I sense a tinge of GTA influence. But then again, which racing game isnt?
  5. 5. Youve got 3 different weapons to choose from. You canleap over bridges, crash into anything and everything and spill some blood as well. Oh, and when you do die, you can just click continue. Excellent way to kill time on mournfully boring day.
  6. 6. Crackin Ball Z
  7. 7. Whod have thought someone would make a racing game, (a really, really stupid looking one) out of DragonBall Z? And whats the name of this stupendous creation? DragonBall Kart. First impression? Worst carracing game ever. Well that was before I started playing it anyway. Yes, the graphics suck. Yes, game play is slow. Yes, everything looks completely spastic.
  8. 8. But I was laughing my ass off all the way to the finish line. As far as I can tell, there are about 6 races for you tocompete in (not confirmed though). You can choose from 4 characters.
  9. 9. Get this. You can actually jump up and friggin down! Andshoot some sort of weird, freezing laser beam out of your mouth once the meters full. Actually winning the race is quite tough though. Or maybe I just suck.
  10. 10. Mario?
  11. 11. Yeah, Mario! Who didnt grow up with him? Theres a kind soul out there who almost loves Mario as much as me. And he had the heart to create the Mario RacingTournament car game. Its actually very similar to Crackin Ball Z. 4 characters, 6 maps or so. Very similar game play as well.
  12. 12. But, the difference is this. Mario kicks ass! The gameactually incorporates all its classic elements that made it famous in the first place. The mushrooms, the randompipes, the stars. You name it, theyve got it. Rating? 4/5. The graphics do suck after all.
  13. 13. On the whole? Id definitely choose Mad Monday as "LeNumero Uno" in the car racing games department. Youd have to see it yourself to believe it.
  14. 14. http://www.facebook.com/pages/GBDeo/1078635193356 34/