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Projects tooklit package

  1. 1. AIESEC UL_PROJECT _PACKAGES_kokou.ledi@aiesec.net_kevin.ledi
  2. 2. AIESEC UL_PROJECT _PACKAGES_kokou.ledi@aiesec.net_kevin.ledi SOME DESCRIPTION OF OUR COUNTRY TOGOTOGO is a country of kind people and sharing cultural partin the world and also the only coastal country in the world.So let have some Information of TOGO:Area squared: 56 600 km2Estimated people: 6 000 000 people in TOGOMinimal Temperature: 21°CMaximal Temperature: 35 °C at Septemberto OctoberLife expectancy : 45 years2 main languages: English, French butalso German at high school.Local dialects: Ewe and Mina in the southof TOGO, KABYE, TCHOKOSSI, KOTOKOLIand Moba in the north of TOGO.Some amazing pictures in the mountain withour interns ………….
  3. 3. AIESEC UL_PROJECT _PACKAGES_kokou.ledi@aiesec.net_kevin.ledi
  4. 4. AIESEC UL_PROJECT _PACKAGES_kokou.ledi@aiesec.net_kevin.ledi TOGO REFRESH PROJECT (TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1923) TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1924It is a project based on tourism in AFRICA especially in TOGO. The project is acreation of AIESEC TOGO just at the last summer 2012, at the remark that more ofpeople in TOGO don’t recognize the values of our cultural and touristic places and TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1930the lack of touristic entrepreneurship in TOGO, and most of our students don’t knowin reality the famous touristic place of our country. That is why AIESEC TOGOinitiated this project. TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1931 What are the objectives of this project?For the interns, the aim is to discover the reality of TOGO in his realgeographical ,historical and cultural reality .In the specifics objectives , todiscover TOGO in general in 5 weeks, discover TOGO’s history and makerich Togolese people values. Goals of the project ? Pass to the theory of practice in education realities. Have at least 200 participants at the realization of the project with 50 interns for this project. 75% of participants gained leadership skills. Interns train participants on leadership skills, social issue & more to be more impactful in our society.
  5. 5. AIESEC UL_PROJECT _PACKAGES_kokou.ledi@aiesec.net_kevin.ledi Activities in that project? Doing prospection in many towns in TOGO, have more information about these people with different cultures. In the realization, we are waiting for training in social issues like: environment protection , leadership skills and much training that will be done by interns only It is a funny project based on tourism and resolving of social issue…………….Here are some pictures of the prospection in towns this holiday summer atTogoville Period available to be involved in this project: 1st July 2012 to August 2013 YASE Program (Youth Agricultural and Social Entrepreneur’s) (TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1934) It is a project around youth unemployment and to get wealth to young to be good entrepreneurs. This program was being make at this summer July 2012 in order to allow young to think as leader………..
  6. 6. AIESEC UL_PROJECT _PACKAGES_kokou.ledi@aiesec.net_kevin.ledi Goals of the project? Build a new generation of youth people Train at least 100 people about Agriculture and social entrepreneur’s Awake entrepreneurship mind of this young peopleHelp youth to write their own project and to be involved in any situation. Sensitize people on what is social business?In the training, we are waiting for twenty interns who will be the trainersand will help our participant to be good leader and changing their mind on entrepreneurship. Activities in that project? Forum on social and agriculture entrepreneurship; Visiting people who were undertaken on agriculture area as example and sharingexperience, cultural activities on to give luck to everybody to get involved in entrepreneurship mind………. Training on topics on social business, how to create our own enterprise…………Some picture of trainingthis year (summer 2012) The period available of the project is July 2012 to August 2013.
  7. 7. AIESEC UL_PROJECT _PACKAGES_kokou.ledi@aiesec.net_kevin.ledi TENDANCE AFRICA PROJECT ( TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1780 )It is a project to promote African culture, fashion and design, because of the lack of givingimportance for African people to our values and traditional wears. It is initiated in 2010 atUniversité de Lomé ,to enhance young people to be an entrepreneur’s in the area of art &design. Goals of the project ?Build new generation of young people and make them understanding the importanceof our culture,Permit to 1000 young human to start their own activities in art areaAllow 30 young people to become top model at the end of training of fashionAwake people that art area can help them to create their own company, and toreduce rate of unemployment in TOGO,Help interns to know more about TOGOLESE fashion, wear and to create a favorableenvironment of learning……….. Activities of the project ? 4 trainings in four different areas: Decorate shoes with cloth, Mannequinât, pearl making, artistic paint. And also, at the end of training of mannequinât the real good participant will walk as model in a big fashion show, and also some funny activities as tourism at the end of the project.
  8. 8. AIESEC UL_PROJECT _PACKAGES_kokou.ledi@aiesec.net_kevin.lediSome pictures of the project TENDANCE AFRICA in mannequinâtAVAILABLE TIME OF JOIN THIS PROJECT: July 2012 to August 2013 Education cycle (TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1928)Education cycle is a mixed of our two last project in the past: LAC (LanguageAcademy) and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), initiated since2009. Now, our new perspective enables us to make the project about Informaticsand English teaching together. Goals of the project ?Train young people in informatics and English area to be challenger in theemployment marketSensitize people on well using of internet,Make people easily speaking EnglishWell using of Informatics for young people and recent graduatedTrain at least 200 people on basic software (Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint), andadvanced software’s as Photoshop, Corel Draw…………
  9. 9. AIESEC UL_PROJECT _PACKAGES_kokou.ledi@aiesec.net_kevin.ledi Activities in that project Training in Informatics in two software: Basic and advanced software’s Training in English in comprehension, understanding, speaking, reading and introduction to TOEFL. English club making to allow participants to speak English every day. AVAILABLE TIME TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS PROJECT : July 2012 to April 2013For more information , feel free contact / / assima.tcharie@aiesec.netFacebook: kokou kevin lediSkype: kevin. Ledi ; ushor10 ; hikarie5
  10. 10. AIESEC UL_PROJECT _PACKAGES_kokou.ledi@aiesec.net_kevin.ledi For all TN Ids of Projects : EDUCATION CYCLE TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1928 TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1938 TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1937 YASE TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1947 TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1934 TOGO REFRESH TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1923 TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1930 TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1931 Tendance AFRICA TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1780 TN-In-TG-UB-2012-1781