The Conquering of the Israelites


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The Conquering of the Israelites

  1. 1. The Assyrians andEgyptians In (1) 722 BC, the (2) ASSYRIANS conquered the northern Kingdom of Israel. Some Israelites were (3) EXILED, or forced to leave, others were allowed to stay. The southern land of (4) JUDAH was conquered by the (5) EGYPTIANS in 620 BC.
  2. 2. The Chaldeans (Neo-Babylonians) The (6) CHALDEANS defeated the Egyptians and Israelites and took over Judah in (7) 612 BC. The Jews and Egyptians (8) UNITED to try to defeat the Chaldeans but failed. In (9) 597 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar punished the Jews by exiling 10,000 of them to (10) BABYLON.
  3. 3. The Diaspora The Jews of Judah revolted against Nebuchadnezzar again in (11) 586 BC. This time the Chaldeans destroyed the (12) TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM and forced thousands more to go to Babylon. This is the beginning of the (13) DIASPORA, the scattering of Jews throughout the world
  4. 4. The Diaspora
  5. 5. The Jews The Jews lived in Babylon for over (14) 50 YEARS. The Chaldeans called them (15) JUDEANS because they were from Judah. This was later shortened to Jews. During their time in Babylon, Jewish (16) SCRIBES began writing down all the religious stories and history for fear of being annihilated. This became the (16) TORAH.
  6. 6. The Persians and Greeks In (17) 539 BC, Babylon and the Chaldeans were conquered by the (18) PERSIANS led by Cyrus. Cyrus let the Jews go home to (19) JUDAH, but Judah was still under Persian control. In (20) 311 BC, the Persians were conquered by (21) ALEXANDER THE GREAT of Greece. Judah became part of Alexander’s Greek Empire.
  7. 7. Persian and Greek Empires
  8. 8. The Greeks In (21) 168 BC, the Jews rebelled against the ruling Greeks. A Jewish army known as the (22) MACCABEES drove the Greeks from Jerusalem and reclaimed what was left of the Temple. (23) HANUKKAH celebrates the cleansing of their Temple. The Jews lived in freedom for (24) 88 YEARS until…
  9. 9. The Romans In (25) 63 BC, Judah was conquered by the Romans. The Romans killed more than 50,000 Jews. The Romans did let the Jews practice Judaism and in (26) 22 BC, Jewish King (27) HEROD began rebuilding the Temple of Jerusalem. In (28) 66 AD, the Jews tried to overthrow the Romans and managed to kick them out of Jerusalem for almost four years.
  10. 10. The End But the Romans kept fighting back and in (29) 70 AD the Romans retook Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem. It took (30) 60,000 ROMANS to beat the Jews. In (31) 132 AD, the Jews tried revolting again but lost. This time the Romans exiled all Jews out of Jerusalem. For the next (32) 1,800 years the Jews did not have control of their holy city as they were scattered throughout Israel, Mesopotamia and Europe. The Romans renamed the Israelite land and called it (33) “PALESTINE.”