Ancient Egypt: Three Kingdoms Overview


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Ancient Egypt: Three Kingdoms Overview

  1. 1. Ancient Egypt:The Three KingdomsThe Three Kingdoms
  2. 2. Early Egypt Irrigation and farming techniques led to an (1) EXCESS of food, so people had time to weave, sculpt, make pottery, and make weapons and tools This led to trade among Egyptian settlements and eventually other (2) CIVILIZATIONS It also created a need for a (3) CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT.
  3. 3. Governments EmergeVillage chiefs unified areavillages into small (4)KINGDOMSBy (5) 4000 BC, two strongkingdoms remained: (6)LOWER EGYPT INTHE NILE DELTA,AND UPPER EGYPTUP RIVER IN THESOUTH
  4. 4. Unification C. 3100 BC, (7) MENES, also known as Narmer, was king of Upper Egypt He invaded Lower Egypt with his army and ruled from the new capital, (8) MEMPHIS, on the border between Upper and Lower Egypt To symbolize unification, Menes wore a double crown The white helmet-like crown represented (9)UPPER EGYPT The open (10) RED crown represented Lower Egypt
  5. 5. The Narmer Palette The falcon representsNarmer, wearing the crown Horus, the god of kingshipof Upper Egypt, a false beard, and tail, ready to strike the enemy. Reed plants, which grow in A royal sandal bearer the Nile Delta, represent carries Narmer’s shoes Lower Egypt
  6. 6. First DynastyMenes and his family were the first Egyptian(10) DYNASTY, or series of rulers from thesame family or ethnic groupOverall, Egypt had (11) 31 dynasties between3100 BC - 322BC
  7. 7. Old Kingdom: 2686-2125 BC During the Old Kingdom, Egypt was (12) PEACEFUL, which led to growth and prosperity Pharaohs built cities, expanded trade, and strengthened the government (13) TRADE was primarily with Nubia and the east coast of the Mediterranean It came to an end when the dynasties grew weak because (14) GOVERNORS CHALLENGED THE PHAROH’S POWER
  8. 8. Middle Kingdom: 2055-1650 BC A time of (15) PEACE and order Money was spent on (16) PUBLIC WORKS INSTEAD OF WAR Weaker rulers came to power and foreign invaders took over
  9. 9. New Kingdom: 1567-1069 BC Strong princes came to power and drove out foreigners Created huge (17) ARMIES made of foot soldiers, mounted warriors, and charioteers with bronze swords and armor, a major advantage This was the high point in Egyptian history
  10. 10. After the New Kingdom (18) CIVIL WAR weakened the country and ended the New Kingdom In (19) 332 BC, Alexander the Great of Macedonia conquered Egypt The (20) ROMANS conquered Egypt in 31 BC