Volunteer in africa , volunteer kenya,volunteers kenya application


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Volunteer in Africa , Volunteer Kenya,Volunteers Kenya Application
Volunteer in Kenya – International Volunteer Work in Africa.
Volunteer Vacation, Volunteer Travel Overseas & Volunteer Africa.
Volunteer in Africa » Volunteer Kenya » Volunteer Kenya Application.
Volunteer Vacations are more fun than work.

Volunteer in Kenya Volunteer Work Opportunities Volunteer Working Abroad Kenya

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Volunteer in africa , volunteer kenya,volunteers kenya application

  1. 1. Volunteer in Africa , Volunteer Kenya,VolunteersKenya ApplicationVolunteer in Kenya – International Volunteer Work in Africa.Volunteer Vacation, Volunteer Travel Overseas & Volunteer Africa.Volunteer in Africa » Volunteer Kenya » Volunteer Kenya Application.Volunteer Vacations are more fun than work.A volunteer vacation is a rewarding way to make a difference in disadvantagedcommunities while at the same time having fun.While on your volunteer vacation, you will meet new people, explore other cultures,enjoy quiet evenings around a fire and come home refreshed and rejuvenated.You will also build new skills and add balance and variety to your CV.Besides helping out a cause, you will find that it is cheaper to go on a volunteer travelvacation than to pay individual rates for hotels and food.Next time you take a few days to travel, think about using a portion of your time to helpAfrican communities in need and empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty.Advance Africa offers short term volunteer opportunities. There is no minimum durationof service. Working volunteer vacations of a longer duration are also available.Accommodation is with local families or in apartments.Our volunteer projects provide unique travel and work experiences to people of all agesand backgrounds. You could also have a family volunteer vacation while serving in ourprograms.Volunteer Vacations in AfricaCovers all kinds of volunteerism, from medical, orphanages and schools in Africa.Provides volunteer work in Africa, projects, programs & voluntary work in Africa.Volunteer made simple for anyone thinking of volunteering holidays.Work with abandoned babies at a children’s home in Nairobi. Help take care ofabandoned babies in Arusha and Blantyre. The children’s homes we work with take inbabies left by the roadside, or from hospitals where the parents have died from HIV orpoverty related illness. Volunteers help feed, clean, nurture and look after young babyorphans.
  2. 2. Volunteer Vacation Opportunity in KenyaYour volunteer vacation could be teaching in a school in Kenya, volunteering in anorphanage or assisting nurses at a children’s hospital in Kenya. You could also helpbuild a home for a homeless family, or teach hygiene, nutrition, small business skills etcto the Masai people in Kenya.This volunteer opportunity will help you explore the wonders of Kenya while helpingthose less fortunate. It will also give you a wonderful introduction to the famous safaricountry during your volunteer holiday.Advance Africa volunteer in Kenya opportunities are available in orphanages, schools,hospitals and community medical clinics.We work directly with the projects where we send you and where your contribution willmake a real and meaningful difference.You will be offered a personal and customizable placement service. You will besupported throughout the duration of your placement.We use our local knowledge and spend time in the country meeting your requirements.Customized placements that volunteers have asked for in the past include volunteering inmobile clinics, volunteer in mental health clinics, amongst the handicapped, hospicevolunteering, HIV/Aids or doing volunteer work in specific areas like nutrition, dentalservices and working amongst the Masai, Pokot and Samburu.Volunteer in Kenya: Children Orphanage Volunteers ProgramVolunteer orphanages in Kenya: You will work with HIV/AIDS orphans, many of whomare HIV positive. Others have been abandoned after birth.We have orphanage projects in Nairobi, orphanages in Mombasa, Nakuru and othersmall towns. Orphans in Kenya orphanages and Children’s homes are extremelydisadvantaged and encounter a lot of hardships in their life. They are deprived of manyopportunities necessary for their development. The children in our Kenya orphanageprojects have never experienced loving, caring and stable relationships.
  3. 3. As an orphanage volunteer, you will helpvulnerable children. The children will receive much needed attention, compassion, hope,encouragement, support and love from you. Through the education and compassion theyreceive from you, the children are empowered to challenge life, poverty and exploitation.Kenya volunteer orphanage placements or voluntary work with disadvantaged childrenis very fulfilling. Volunteering in orphanages in Kenya will be one of the mostchallenging positive, life-changing, and rewarding experiences of your life.Kenya volunteer – Medical and Health Volunteer ProgramVolunteers in this area are given responsibilities depending on their medicalqualifications. Qualified doctors and nurses can carry full day to day treatment ofvarious diseases.Medical students work under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. Volunteerswho do not have medical training help in packing of drugs, painting etc.The volunteers can work in the areas of maternal health, mental health, surgery,laboratories, counseling and testing. Volunteers can work in clinics located in the slumsof Nairobi, or in hospitals located elsewhere.Volunteer in Kenya » HIV/Aids Volunteer ProgramThe HIV/Aids epidemic in Africa is unusual in its scope and magnitude. Health workersin Kenya are laboring to cope with an unprecedented surge in the number of HIV/Aids
  4. 4. patients. As a HIV/Aids volunteer, you will help us mount an effective response inmeeting the needs of our target communities.Your HIV/Aids volunteer service will include homecare visits to the slums bringing vitalsupplies of food, medicine, and providing basic medical care. HIV/Aids volunteers helpdecrease the spread of HIV by raising awareness and promoting access to medical care.Volunteers also provide emotional support and foster compassion for people living withHIV/Aids in the community. Volunteers educate and counsel the community, schools andindividuals.AIDS orphans are often neglected in Africa. As a volunteer in this program, you will visitHIV/Aids clinics, and help meet the needs of AIDS orphans.Booking / EnquiryVolunteering in Kenya – Masai Volunteer ProgramVolunteer opportunities are available amongst the Masai tribe of Kenya. The volunteerjobs are close to the Masai Mara Game reserve.Volunteers work in a rescue centre which accommodates Masai women and Masai girlsrescued from forced marriages and those rescued from forced Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) practices.Other volunteer work available includes teaching at both primary and secondary schoolslocated near the Masai Mara. All children at the schools come from the Maasai tribe.Click here for more details on the Maasai Volunteer Program.Booking / EnquiryVolunteer in Kenya Teaching Program
  5. 5. Volunteers on the teaching program in Kenya assist with the teaching of differentsubjects in Kenyan elementary and high schools.Volunteer teachers can teach mathematics, science, geography, social sciences, history,business education, English, art and music. Volunteer teachers are not required to haveteaching experience.Our volunteers work in schools with students who come from very difficult economiccircumstances or are orphans.Please note that Kenyan school holidays are in April, August and November 15 –January 3rd. No school teaching will be available during that period.Volunteer in Kenya Program LocationsKenya volunteer jobs are available in the cities of Nairobi, and Siaya,Kogelo village.We also have volunteer work in Nyeri, Nanyuki, Maji Moto (Masai Mara) andKakamega. More volunteer destinations are available with special arrangements.Kenya Volunteer Program ScheduleYou can volunteer for any duration and stay as long as you wish. You can arrive at anytime during the month and the volunteer work starts the following day.You will typically work between 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday. Your will spend yourspare time shopping, eating out, cinemas, chatting with other volunteers or swimming.You can also go scuba-diving and surfing if at the coast, skate on the ice-skating facilityat the Panari Hotel, or simply take a day out to giraffe centre and ostrich farm inNairobi.Booking / EnquiryKenya Volunteer Program is open to:
  6. 6. We invite individuals, couples, families, students, researchers, and groups (churches,colleges, and student associations).Our programs are flexible and volunteers can arrive and depart on any day all yearround.The volunteer in Kenya program fee covers in-country orientation, training, meals andaccommodation, and supervision.The volunteer in Kenya costs you need to meet are: Your flight to and from the country,visa fees, work permits, vaccinations, and travel insurance, return trip to the airport andairport taxes.You will also need a weekly budget to cover your expenses like bottled water, personalcosts, public transport, beverages and entertainment.Typical Living Arrangements: Advance Africa Volunteers’ house and home-stays.Programs, Events, Materials, Organizations, Affinity Groups, Volunteer Opportunitiesin Nairobi Kenya that were posted to the site in English concerning Children andYouth, Community Development, Community Service and Volunteering, DisasterRelief, Foundations, Fundraising, and Philanthropy, Sports, Recreation, and Leisure,Travel and Transportation.
  7. 7. Orphanage in Kenya, Orphans in Kenya, HIV and Aids orphans in Kenya ,CharityWork in Kenya, Kenya Community Development Projects, Help us Bring Clean, SafeDrinking Water To Millions.This is a story that was never told, about suffering that never happened.This past year, a child you will never meet was spared the pain of malnutrition.Another was saved from a vicious illness. Still more were given safe places to learn andclean water to drink.Lecden-Kenya was there for the world’s neediest children, because of donors like you.Now you have an amazing opportunity to make sure Lecden-kenya is there again nextyearthere are only 24 hours left to take advantage of our match and have every dollar yougive DOUBLED. This means $75 becomes $150, $150 becomes $300, $1,500 becomes$3,000 – up to 1 million dollars! Donate now and support our efforts:http://lecdenkenya.chipin.com/lecden-kenya-a-non-profit-for-the-less-fortunate-kids• Safe drinking water – When children are thirsty, it doesn’t matter if a river isclouded and polluted, they’ll drink from it. Lecden-kenya simple solutions like cleanwater tablets make it easy for children to access clean water anywhere, anytime.• Education – In the aftermath of war or natural disaster, children often feelsafest in a classroom. Lecden-Kenya developed the School-in-a-Box kit so that aclassroom could be set up anywhere to restore a sense of normalcy and help break thecycle of poverty.• Immunizations – Lecden-Kenya provides vaccinations for more than half theworld’s children. Chills, fevers, vomiting, convulsions and death – this is what asimple, inexpensive vaccine can spare a child from suffering.Children don’t get to choose where they live. Millions end up in dire situations. Theseare children just like the children you know – small, vulnerable, and full of hopes anddreams.We owe the world’s children our help.Help change a child’s future. In return, you can be confident that you are giving theworld’s neediest children a brighter tomorrow.With gratitude, Give joy, save a life,In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re excited toshare the perfect gift idea for our loved ones – a Winter Child Survival Pack to bringrelief and hope in the form of immunizations, clean water and micronutrients to asuffering children in Africa.
  8. 8. This holiday do something amazing…Don’t buy sweaters or perfume.Buy safe, clean water for families in need.Give a gift. Save a child.Give a loved one something different this holiday season – send a Winter ChildSurvival Pack in their honor. Your loved one gets a personalized card from you, and adesperate child receives the following lifesaving supplies:> Immunizations that will save a child from measles and polio – two of the mostcommon and painful diseases.> Micronutrient powders that will help a child suffering from malnutrition get thevitamins and minerals essential for them to grow up healthy.> Water purification tablets to filter out dirt and bacteria so that children can drinkwithout fear of getting sick. Your pack contains enough tablets to clean 50,000 liters ofwater!Order your gift before December 17 to have a card mailed to your loved one in time forthe holidays!Donation Amount: Suggested donation: $ $25,$30,$50,$100,$200,$500 even more tomeet our fundraising goals of $ 60,000 by December 2010, for more information,see our chip in widget,http://lecdenkenya.chipin.com/lecden-kenya-a-non-profit-for-the-less-fortunate-kidsGive water, give life ,But, there are still so many others who live without clean water.Every day, 4,000 children under the age of five die due to diseases that could beprevented by safe water, sanitation and improved hygiene.Please make a tax-deductible gift today to bring clean water and sanitation to more ofthe world’s poorest communities.Lecden-kenya transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene andsanitation in the world’s poorest communities. We work with partners and influencedecision makers to maximize our impact.Your 100% tax-deductible gift will support the best child survival and protection teamon the planet:
  9. 9. * Education – In the aftermath of war or natural disaster, children often feel safest ina classroom.Lecden-kenya developed the School-in-a-Box kit so that a classroom couldbe set up anywhere to restore a sense of normalcy and help break the cycle of poverty.* Emergency relief – Children are often separated from their families in the chaosafter a disaster. Lecden-kenya sets up child protection centers to provide these kidswith a safe environment, clean water, shelter and help in finding their lost loved ones.* Safe drinking water – When children are thirsty, it doesn’t matter if a river isclouded and polluted, they’ll drink from it. Lecden-kenya’s simple solutions like cleanwater tablets make it safe for children to drink when they are thirsty – anywhere,anytime.Every day of every year, Lecden-kenya uses these proven, low-cost methods to savekids living on the brink. And it’s working. The annual number of under-five deathsdropped from 13 million in 1990 to 8 million in 2010.Still, 22,000 children die each day from preventable causes. We believe that numbershould be zero.There is no reason why a child should die from a cause that has long been solved inthe developed world.Help Lecden-kenya save kids – donate to the U.S. Fund for Lecden-kenya now andhelp us reach our goal of raising $2 million by December 31.No other organization has saved more children’s lives than Lecden-Kenya.join us as we save even more lives. Together we are getting to zero.Don’t miss this chance to save twice as many livesIt’s not too late to double your gift and help save twice as many lives.A generous Lecden –kenya board member has offered to match, dollar for dollar,every dollar you give by December 31 – up to $50,000!Donation Amount: Suggested donation: $ $25,$30,$50,$100,$200,$500 even more tomeet our fundraising goals of $ 60,000 by December 2010, for more information,see our chip in widget, http://lecdenkenya.chipin.com/lecden-kenya-a-non-profit-for-the-less-fortunate-kidsIt’s so important for us to make the most of this opportunity to double your gift! That’sbecause the slow economic recovery, the recent catastrophic floods in Pakistan and the
  10. 10. devastating earthquake in Haiti earlier this year have stretched our resources to thebreaking point.Just think how many lives you can help save by making your dollars go twice as far toprovide desperately needed medicines to sick and suffering people in the world’spoorest countries. Your gift will be doubled to provide healthcare and help preventpeople-especially little children-from dying of treatable diseases.I promise you, your gift will make a real difference to so many people who wouldotherwise have no access to even the most basic medical care. Please give now. Godbless you!Please join us Together we can make a difference to Orphans and other vulnerableChildren/widows/ women/People lives.For more information,visit,http://www.lecdenkenya.comIn His ServiceLecden-Kenya Team