Gap year programs in kenya ,gap year volunteering projects ,volunteer programs in kenya


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Volunteer in Kenya Volunteer Work Opportunities Volunteer Working Abroad Kenya

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Gap year programs in kenya ,gap year volunteering projects ,volunteer programs in kenya

  1. 1. Gap Year Programs in Kenya ,Gap Year VolunteeringProjects ,Volunteer Programs in KenyaCompany : lecden-Kenya (Kenya )Activities : Gap year / Career break / Religious Work / Community Projects.Work in Kenya, on a gap year you can find a range of short and long term workplacements. There are a diverse range of gap year jobs in Kenya, if you have an interestin journalism you could work for the national newspaper or take an gap year internshipin Kenya.On a gap year in Kenya you could pursue a new career and train to be a dangeroustrails guide or a tour guide in Africa. Gap year teaching English in Kenya at schools andcolleges in Nairobi and Mombassa can be a good experience and after you could traveland take a gap year tour in Kenya.Travel to Africa and volunteer in Kenya!In 2005 Lecden-Kenya was invited by a group of Kenyan pastors to visit Kiambiu slumamd Kibera slum to discuss possible ways of supporting them as they faced thechallenges of their local communities.Following this visit Lecden-Kenya was born, registered in Kenya as an NGO with localKenyan trustees. Its aim to support orphans & families affected by Aids through personalcapacity enhancement, educational support, agricultural skills development, health &
  2. 2. sanitation focusing on aid that is self-sustaining in order to help shape effective &productive members of Kenyan society.Since that time, with the support & partnership with Lecden-Kenya have been developinga number of projects that deliver real opportunity, education, empowerment & hope.Categories : Volunteer / Seasonal Jobs / Teaching / Travel / Tour / Work.Activities : Ngo / Gap year / Career break / Education Programmes / Travel Tours /Childcare Work / Combo Travel Placements / Safari Tours / Sports Instructor Work /Teaching / Sports – Land Work / Medical, Health, Medicine / Media / JournalismWork Experience / Orphanage Work / Humanitarian Projects / Adventure / ExtremeTravel / Care Work / Animal Volunteer Projects / Community Projects / ConservationProjects / Farm workVolunteer your services in Africa with us to make a brighter future for local communitiesand people and an experience for you to cherish for the rest of your life.Our volunteers work with us on many local and national programs which are aimed atcreating a better environment. We have many placements for volunteers to get involvedwith including teaching English as a foreign language, becoming a conservationist,teaching sports, working with HIV/AIDS Patients and working with orphans amongstmany others. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our volunteers with top classprojects which will not only benefit the local community but will leave a long lastingimpression on the volunteer. We don’t just supply volunteer projects but actually go asfar as participating in adventure travel programs. We offer our volunteers the chance togo on Safari, white water rafting, Gorilla trekking and mountain climbing. We believe fora volunteer to get the most out of a trip to Africa they need to see the country in all itsglory!Duration / Dates:Any Date, All Year RoundCosts / Pay:Your fee includes;• You will receive a welcome and project pack before you travel• Airport pickup and drop off in your host country (unless otherwise stated)• An induction to the city and the area you will be staying as well as a safety briefing• Your accommodation in the host country for the duration of your placement• 2 meals a day(breakfast & an evening meal in Kenya & Malawi) Lunch can berequested for a small fee. 3 meals a day in Tanzania, Uganda & ZimbabweZimbabwe• Your travel by local transport to your project (unless otherwise stated)
  3. 3. At Lecden-Kenya we have only chosen projects we believe will benefit both parties. Ouraim is to provide help to those who truly need it! We offer a diverse project rangecovering vast areas of Sub Saharan Africa, giving you the choice to work in a variety ofdifferent fields aswel well as choosing a country you would like to visit. Our projectsrange from teaching in schools to journalism, conservation, sports and care work…. thelist goes on. Each project has its individual needs and volunteer itineraries are basedaround these needs to be as effective as possible. Once you make the step booking aplacement the only thing you will need to think about is having fun and making adifference in the community.Work At A Hospital In Rural KenyaActivities : Ngo / Gap year / Career break / Working holiday jobs / EducationProgrammes / Work Placements / Childcare Work / Summer Jobs / Medical, Health,Medicine / Orphanage Work / Care Work / Community Projects / Jobs / ProfessionalWorkIf you are a qualified nurse, doctor and even learning medicine this is a great project foryou. Working in a busy hospital in the rural district of Kogelo village located in westernpart of Kenya.
  4. 4. The hospital is always on the look out for people willing to give help and to offer theirexpertise. This hospital also give volunteers the opportunity to work more hands on astheir is not all the equipment there you might be used to. It also give you an opportunityto show your knowledge and skills to the local doctors and nurses and compare whichmethods of treatment seem to be most effective.Why The Need For Volunteers?This hospital is in desperate need of volunteers, only a few years ago the hospital was indanger of being closed as all the buildings were in disrepair and there was no funding tokeep the hospital going. Fortunately through the help of volunteers, donors and wellwishers the hospital then received the funding and man power to rebuild it. There is stilla lot of work to be done but they are well on the way to achieving an excellent & efficienthospital.Volunteers ActivitiesThis placement is suitable for volunteers who wish to develop their career in the medicalprofession. The placement is sure to provide numerous opportunities to work withpatients. All activities at the centre are related to working with patients and supportingdoctors and nurses.The Required SkillsQualified nurses, doctors and medical students need apply. You must have at least someknowledge of the medical profession to be allowed to work with the patients. The morequalified you are the more you will be able to do at the hospital.Local FacilitiesYou will be based in Kogelo village which is an hours drive from Siaya ttown. You willbe able to visit Kisumu City at the weekends and any other free time you have. KisumuCity is the third largest city in Kenya. It has most amenities you need including banks,post offices and supermarkets. There is a good transport network of minivans (Matatu’s)as they are locally known as and plenty of taxis.Trip HighlightsYou are given the opportunity to make a real contribution and change lives of manypeople in the rural communities around Kogelo village . Dive into the local culture andtraditions and explore historicSiaya and This is your chance to discover the real Kenya!Duration:No duration restrictionsStart Dates
  5. 5. Any time throughout the yearCosts / Benefits£629 , $996 – 2 Weeks£929 ,$ 1,472- 4 Weeks£1,229,$1,946 – 8 Weeks£1,529, $2,421- 12 WeeksYou will gain a life changing experience working in one of Africa’s paradises, Kenya!You will be given certification by the placement and company you have participated andcompleted a voluntary placement working within a hospital in Rural Kenya.RequirementsMust be over 18 years of age & have a valid passport which must be valid for at least 6months upon departure from your project country.Booking / Enquiry
  6. 6. What is a gap year?A gap year is a break from study or work which usually lasts three months to one year.People of all ages take gap years, many young people in the UK tend to take a gap yearprior to or following college or university.A gap year can include a period of change from living in your home country, to travelingthe world undertaking work, volunteering or just exploring. In the UK a gap year whenleaving school and before entering higher education is a now a very popular transitionalchoice.Volunteer on a gap year in Kenya, you could participate in a wide range of gap yearvolunteer projects like community programs tackling the issues of poverty HIV/Aids andyouth outreach to street kids.Kenya gap year programs can include volunteering with wildlife, sport coachingprojects, community projects or taking an adventure gap year safari. African NGO’s,charities and development aid organizations offer gap year work in Kenya and a widerange of Africa gap year volunteer programs. Assisting at childcare projects andcommunity gap year teaching in Kenya is very rewarding.After volunteering you could take a gap year tour in Kenya.Please join us in our Charity Work, Volunteer vacations, the ultimate Ethical WildLife Safaris, medical elective placements, corporate company breaks, Outreachmission trips, Educational Student &school trips. Together we can make a differenceto Orphans and other vulnerable Children/widows/ women/People livessee our chip in widget,