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  • 1. Social Networks such as Twitter,  PROpenMic, WordPress, and Facebook are all important in keeping up with what is going on in the world of PR and making valuable connections for the future.
  • 2. When creating a  magazine cover, I learned how to creatively express my personality to show the class a little bit about myself.
  • 3. I learned that there are many  different factors that help you in an interview, from how you dress to following up with your potential employers.
  • 4. I learned the  importance of knowing the thirteen steps in writing a great news release.
  • 5. I learned the four  basic steps of the PR process. RACE- Research, Action , Communicatio n and Evaluation.
  • 6. It may be hard at  times to determine what is ethical in the world of PR, but that is why many companies and groups such as PRSA have created codes of ethics.
  • 7. I learned that having a crisis planning  team and a crisis communication kit will come in handy if a crisis emerges one day. It’s always better to be prepared!
  • 8. When visited by two Georgia  Southern Alum’s who now work for the PR firm Three in Atlanta, I learned about their experiences in climbing up the PR ladder and got an inside look at their experiences when working with companies like Shaw and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.
  • 9. I learned what to include and what not  to include when creating an ideal resume. Sometimes the resume is the first impression a future employer will get from you, so you want to make it a good one!
  • 10. Practice always  makes perfect and in the Public Relations field experience is key! Gain as much as you can whether it’s volunteer work or internships so you will be prepared for your future in PR.