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    Park Dec09 Park Dec09 Document Transcript

    • Publisher MINDI F. RUDAN Associate Publisher HANK RUDAN Associate Editor KRISTAN BOND Assistant to the Publisher CAROLYN LOMBARDO Contributing Editor MARITERE TAVERAS Staff Writer ELIZABETH GIGLIO Contributing Columnists GREG BUDELL; AMY DEMNER; MYRLE HORN; CHRISTINE HUNSCHOFSKY; LORI KENNER; PAMELA OFSTEIN; LISA PONCZEK; RICHARD J. SCHELLBACH Child and Parenting Editor MAGGIE MACAULAY Sports Editor DEBRA PEROVICH Contributing School Writers ELIZABETH BLASI (Stoneman Douglas); NICOLE COOK (Riverglades); ELYSSE DION (Park Trails); GELENA HINKLEY (Coral Park); DOREEN ROBINSON (Westchester Elementary) Contributing Writers JEFF BEEBE; YOSEF BISTON; NANCY BRODZKI; CS MAYOR SCOTT BROOK; LORLE CAMPOS; GREGORY COHN; BILL FEINBERG; SHANNON FERGUSON; YORI GALEL; JASON M. GOLDMAN; BRUCE KALLOR; PENNY KUPFERBERG; LAURA LARSON; DAVID LEVENS; PERLA LICHI; HALLI MOORE; PAUL O’CONNELL; RICHARD POLIRER; DAVE RINEBERG; ED SEGALA; MICHAEL SHUTOWICK; TULLIAN TCHIVIDJIAN; PARKLAND MAYOR MICHAEL UDINE Creative Director DWAYNE ADAMS Cover Designer IGOR MACHADO Graphic Designers CHRIS GILBO; IGOR MACHADO; CYNDI SARRIA; PATRICIA STANSELL Contributing Photographers BARRY GROSSMAN; CHRISTINE HUNSCHOFSKY Accounting Mananger JAN GRIFFIN Advertising Account Managers LINDA CARRY; ARNOLD EISENBERG; SHARI GLATTER; DEBBY GOLD; NANCY KNAUP; KAREN MARANDO; CARYN MARCIANO; RHONDA ROSENOF; CHRISTINA SLOAN Parkland Life Magazine 954.421.9797 • Fax 954.421.9125 E-mail: MEMBER OF: Parkland Life magazine is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ryplin Industries, Inc. & is published monthly & Direct-mailed into EVERY home in Parkland & Heron Bay plus in CS: EVERY HOME in The Hamptons, Hidden Hammocks Estates, Eagle Trace, Maplewood Isle, Mariner’s Cove, Whispering Woods, The Isles, Wynham Lakes, Country Acres, The Hills etc. Over 21 of the most affluent communities in Coral Springs as well. Verified postal receipts — not verbal declarations — ”or so called mail-house certified paperwork” are available for review to guarantee veracity. The entire contents of Parkland Life Magazine is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or part without the express written consent of the publisher. Parkland Life magazine accepts no responsibility for products or services advertised herein. We reserve the right to edit, rewrite or effuse submitted material.6 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • CONTENTS December 2008 Volume 8, Issue 12 59 73 68 82UP FRONT 78 HomeLife: 110 The Sporting Life WHEN AND WHERE Green Tips for The Most Comprehensive Info10 Publisher’s Lament: Luxury Bathroom Design on the Local Sports Scene! 141 Datebook/Fun14 Cats & a Dog Named ... Happenings in & AroundKITTY!? 79 Funnybone Town for December Lots O’ Laughs 112 Tennis Tips12 Life Photo Ops When Changing a Grip the BestWho Went Where? + 3 more on Advice is … Be Patientpages 14, 16, 18 82 Garden Spot ON THE COVER Oh Christmas Tree, Oh20 MaleCall Greg Budell: Christmas Tree …10 Species to 113 Golf TipsA Home for the Holidays!!! Choose Your Favorite From Putt Good and You’re 50% There!23 Postmark - We Got Mail! 86 Way to Grow Beautiful, Easy, Classy: 114 Sports FamilyFEATURES Christmas Cactus Yo – Yo – Yo, It’s the Prochilos27 Holiday Happenings 91 Higher Power/TheLocal Events to Make Your 135 LifeSavings God Squad on: After All the Local Pros Offer Sage AdviceHolidays Bright Wrappings are Gone, Don’t on $$$ Matters in 2008 Forget the Greatest Gift of All59 Life’s Annual HolidayCookie Recipes 93 Ponder This COLUMNSLocals Share Their Favorites Yes, Virginia; There Truly ARE 22 Schellbach On: Free Lunches Re-Gifting: It can Happen to You63 “Life”Times PetsPet Stuff + Save a “Life”— Cute 94 Nutrition NewsAdoptables in Need of a Family It’s Ok to celebrate but 56 Message from the You CAN Still Stay Healthy Chief:68 Pets and Their People Don’t Become a Victim! Holiday Safety Tips Ah, the Power of Cheese?? No theA Purr-fectly Happy 96 LifeLineHoliday Cat House warm, wonderful, encompassing power Vitamin D: So Your Grandmother of the holidays! And there are few events Knew Something After All… 57 A View from the TopDEPARTMENTS Parkland Mayor Michael Udine & in SoFla so loved & so anticipated than the Annual Holiday Fantasy of Lights 98 A New You CS Mayor Scott Brook Sound Off35 “Life”Times/Galas, Newest Generation of at Tradewinds Park in Coconut Creek.Openings, Happy Stuff!! Liposuction: VASER Lipo Pack a car full of friends, kids and 58 CityScope Commission Better in Every Way Meetings/News/City Stuff ++ family & bond while you take a leisurely66 Holiday Pet’s Place drive thru this veritable Disney-World-If You Can Open Your Heart 99 LifeLine at-home of twinkling lights. Millions ofand Home, Pets Make a Great Tis the Season 71 Travelwise them! Sponsored in part this year byHoliday Gift!! White Christmas? Winter Life Publications & many other generous 102 Mind Matters is Upon Us — Time to Hit the patrons; this year’s display is spectacular70 Personal Perspective Unwrapping What Your Gift Slopes! and the Alzheimer’s Foundation will reapDoes December SoFla Weather Reveals About Your Relationship the rewards. Check out full details in ourLiberate You or Make You Long 117 Good Eats/Dining Holiday Happenings info starting on pg.for Mittens and Hot Cocoa? 104 Children & Parenting Guide/Restaurants of the 27. We’ve assembled some of the most ‘Tis the season: Nine Powerful Month: THREE Haute, Hot sparkly, fun & fabulous events to help73 The Elegant Voyeur Things Traditions Can Do for and oh, so Hip Spots to Eat, make your season bright! Happy HealthyDecking the Halls in Tall Pines Your Family Drink and Make VERY Merry Holidays to You & Yours from Everyone at This Season! Parkland’s Pete’s Café Bella Sera Life Publications!76 HomeLife: 106 School LifeFoyers and Entry Halls: A PL Writers Offer the PLUS Tossed & PayzinsPrologue to Good Design ABCs on Local Schools in Coral Springs! Cover Design: Igor MachadoPARKLAND LIFE MAGAZINE is published monthly by Ryplin Industries, Inc. 4611 Johnson Road, Suite 3, Coconut Creek, FL 33073-4361. 954.421.9797 fax: 954.421.9125e-mail: and is mailed directly into every home within the city of Parkland, within Heron Bay & Eagle Trace and is bulk dropped to myriad high traffic publiclocations which surround the area. Copyright 2008 Ryplin Industries, Inc/PARKLAND LIFE MAGAZINE. All rights reserved. Reproduction, either in whole or in part is forbiddenwithout written permission from the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to edit submissions and reject any material deemed unsuitable for publication.8 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • attheedge by mindi rudanM ary and her husband Jim had a dog named “Lucky.” Lucky was a real character. Whenever Mary and Jim had company come for a weekend visit they’d warn their friends not to leave their luggage open becauseLucky would help himself to whatever struck his fancy. Inevitably, someone wouldforget and something would come up missing; or no one knew at all and Lucky’s The double mastectomy was harder on Mary than her doctors had anticipated and Mary was hospitalized for over two weeks. Jim took Lucky for his evening walk faithfully, but the little dog just drooped, pining for Mary and missing her. Finally the day came for Mary to leave the hospital. When she arrived home, Mary was so exhausted she couldn’t even make it up the steps to her bedroom. Jim“collection” grew. made his wife comfortable on the couch and left her to nap. Lucky stood watching If someone did notice a missing item, Mary or Jim would go to Lucky’s toy box in Mary but he didn’t come to her when she called. It made Mary sad but sleep soonthe basement and lo and behold, there the treasure would be, amid all of Lucky’s overcame her and she dozed.other favorite toys. Lucky always stashed his finds in his toy box and he was very When Mary woke for a second, she couldn’t understand what was wrong. Sheparticular that his toys stay in the box. couldn’t move her head and her body felt heavy and hot. But panic soon gave way Just before one Thanksgiving, Mary found out she had breast cancer. Something to laughter when Mary realized the problem. She was covered, literally blanketed,told her she was going to die of this disease ... in fact, she was just sure it was fatal. with every treasure Lucky owned! While she had slept, the sorrowing dog had She scheduled the double mastectomy, fear gripping her with every breath. made trip after trip to the basement bringing his beloved mistress all his favoriteThe night before she was to go to the hospital she cuddled with Lucky. A thought things in life. He had literally covered her with his love.struck her ... what would happen to Lucky? Although the three-year-old dog liked Mary forgot about dying. Instead she and Lucky began living again, walkingJim, he was really Mary’s dog through and through. further and further together every day. It’s been 12 years now and Mary is still If I die, Lucky will be abandoned, Mary thought. He won’t understand that I cancer-free. Lucky? He still steals treasures and stashes them in his toy box butdidn’t want to leave him. The thought made her sadder than thinking of her own Mary remains his greatest treasure and Lucky hers.death. People often question me (and Hank) on our love for animals. We get a lot of raised eyebrows when we’re the first to leave parties because we run home to make sure our two blind cats are okay, or cut our vacations short. When our now 20 and a half year old Zydeco was 15, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in a not-so-good place. Most people told us to euthanize him because of his age. Our vet did not. He knew us and knew if there was a chance he could live on, he knew we would give it to him. Without the operation he had less than a month, the non-cancerous tumor was fast growing. He hooked us up with a Parkland neurosurgeon, Jim Cook, practicing at the Cooper City Specialty Animal Hospital. They gave him a 20% chance. He will hopefully be celebrating his 21st birthday in April. He is blind, and somewhat deaf and now even has a touch of arthritis in his leg, but that cat gets up every morning (on daylight savings time) and pounds the sliders to go out. Don’t let him out within his allotted 10 minute waiting period, and he wails like an ambulance siren and could wake a cemetery. Out he goes. He follows the sun and when it gets too hot, books it to the shade. He knows every bush and corner of the fenced backyard and goes where he wants and gets back! Open a can or a pouch of his favorite food and you know his sense of smell is super-sonic. He still has tremendous pleasure, he purrs every time you pet him, still loves to be combed and although it is not always easy, he does walk into walls and gets frustrated; but there is not a day that goes by that this animal isn’t happy to be alive. Dr. Payson from Riverside Animal Hospital uses “the Zydeco story” like his own personal fairytale, retelling it over and over to any owner not sure whether to treat a geriatric pet. And when he comes in for periodic check-ups, Zydeco is fussed Hank & Kitty over and loves every second. Smash, our 13-15 year-old (we’re not sure), I found him “smashed” hence the continued on page 13410 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • photoops1 ’’ 1 2 3 ’’ Life isn’t measured by how many breaths you take, but rather how many moments take your breath away... 1. Iron Chefs. Heron Bay residents Dena & Keith Blauschild 4 5 of Parkland Chef, pictured at the prestigious Panache Fashion Show charity event for Share our Strength. 2. Daddy’s Little Girl. Jared & Sydney Friedman of Meadow Run love to hang out together and boy does it show on dad’s face. 3. Nose Lickin’ Good! Rudy D. Bulldog, a 5-year-old Victorian Bulldog belonging to the Mamane Family of Banyan Isles in Heron Bay, gave himself a big slobbery kiss. 4. And the Winner is … Cecil Hayes won a $100 gift certificate during To Di For’s 8th Anniversary Customer 6 7 Appreciation Month in September. Have fun shopping! 5. Picture Perfect. Gretchen Hinners aboard her paint horse Sockets Fancy Impressions, at Parkland’s local PHA Dressage Show. Photo taken by Jennifer Marcus, photographer & owner of A Frame To Remember at the Waterways Shoppes of Parkland. 6. Oh Baby! Mimi & Amit Advani of Heron Bay welcomed their new Bundle of Joy on July 8; daughter Maya is pictured with her beautiful big sis Asha. 7. Together Again. Parkland’s 55+ group resumed their regular meetings after a summer hiatus, guest speaker City 8 Manager Caryn Gardner-Young spoke about current city projects & budget. 8. Home Grown. Coral Springs’ City Commissioner Roy & Janet Gold’s home was selected as the “Garden of the Month” in their Maplewood Isle neighborhood for October. 9. Dog’s Best Friend. Furballs & Fleabags, a very cool holistic pet shop in Deerfield Beach, held a recent wellness seminar with guest speakers Sue Gray & Tracy Nick from Barkbusters Home Dog Training, who gave a fabulous presentation, “10 Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know.” (L-R): Janine Cimino, 9 10 Tracy Nick, Jake Glatter (son of Life Pubs’ Acount exec. Shari and recent Bar Mitzvah boy) with Yorkie Joey, Sue Gray, Andrea Terry & Christian Castagna. 10. In the Ring. Near celeb-bone crusher himself, Dr. Neil Scharf (left) of Parkland Chiropractic, pictured going a few rounds with boxing trainer Anthony Hamm who has been the trainer of numerous world champions. Yo, Adrian!12 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • photoops2 ’’1 2 3 ’’ Life isn’t measured by how many breaths you take, but rather how many moments take your breath away...1. Beep Beep! The NW Broward Road Runners Club YouthProgram posed for a picture after a morning workout.2. Camelot? Parkland author Linda Corley (center), at aChicago book signing surrounded by her family who helpedher celebrate the success of her first book; The Kennedy FamilyAlbum; Personal Photos of America’s First Family. 4 53. Looking Good! The gang from Le Boe European Day Spawas all smiles at the recent Festival of the Flutes fundraiser.(L-R): Robin & Jeff Cook, owners; Angela Bremser, MarketingCoordinator; Adler Volmar, CS resident & ’08 U.S. Olympian injudo; Annette Liarge, Nail Tech & Meghan Muilman, AssistantManager.4. Oh Baby! Proud grandparents, Diane & George Boothroyd,owners of To Di For in the Shoppes of Parkland, are the proud 6grandparents to first grandchild Harlin Terrance Boothroydborn Oct. 10th at 5 lbs. 9 oz. to Damon & Colleen Boothroyd 8of Higganum, CT.5. 441 4HAIR is Growing. 441 4Hair Salon, located in RegencyLakes Village Center on 441 in CC, proudly welcomed 3fabulous new designers. Each experienced creative stylistbrings their own unique talents & specialties to this dynamicshop. Stop by and say hi to (L-R): Calista Williams, AmyCarellon & Roberta Tarantino.6. Friends Set Sail to Celebrate. PL residents: Lisa & GeorgePonczek, Marty & Freddi Hennessy, Rhonda Moretti, Fran &Scott Sullivan, and Jill & Jaime Supovitz celebrated SeñoraFran Sullivan’s (Spanish teacher at Park Trails) milestonebirthday on her Fabulous 40th B-day cruise.7. Isn’t it Romantic? Rotem Aharon & Jamie Tobol, ownerof Jatem Clothing and Accessories Boutique in CS, recentlygot engaged in front of the holiest place; the Wailing Wall in 7Jerusalem. This romantic couple, who combined their namesto create the store name Jatem which actually means I loveyou in French, is planning a spring wedding.8. Congratulations! Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gross were marriedOct. 17th at Tradewinds Park in CC. Aubree is the Spa Managerat Woodhouse Day Spa and Frank is one of Woodhouse’sexcellent massage therapists. They will reside in CC.9-10. A Humane Halloween. PetSet, a group of youngprofessionals dedicated to making a difference in the lives 9 10of abandoned animals at the Humane Society of BrowardCounty, recently held their annual Halloween Masquerade.More than 700 people attended the spooktacular eventwhich raised over $20,000 for the HSBC.9. Event Co-Chairs Denise Weitzel of Coral Springs & LoriSmiley of Ft. Lauderdale.10. Danielle and Brad Bargman of Coral Springs with friendLori Carpenter.14 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • photoops3 ’’1 2 ’’ Life isn’t measured by how many breaths you take, but rather how many moments take your breath away... 3 1. Let Them Eat CAKE! The Cake Palace recently Grand 4 5 Opened at 7400 Wiles Rd. in CS, and blew away anyone tasting their treats! Offering fresh baked items & amazing custom designed cakes for any occasion, owners Jeaneth & Dean Tucker are fulfilling Jeaneth’s longtime dream of owning her own bakery. 2. They Bit the Big Apple! The Brodsky Family & the Cole Family, both of Parkland Isles, visited NYC recently and got onto the Today Show plaza with Meredith Vieira. (L-R Front): Tucker Cole, Ryan Brodsky, Adam Brodsky; (Middle): Paul Brodsky, Sandy Brodsky, Meredith Vieira, Morgan Cole. (Back): Lisa & Doug Cole. 3. Let Them Eat Muffins, and Croissants and Pastries AND … CS Mayor Scott Brook cut the ribbon as owner Isabel Gonzalez and members of the Chamber of Commerce helped celebrate the Grand Opening of the incredible 7 8 Crème Brûlée on University Dr. at the Walk. 4. Stylin! Mark Tanner of Adanelle Fine Gifts and Interiors was primped by Aesha of Salon Salon of Parkland. 5. Taking Steps to End Domestic Violence. Over 900 community members recently gathered at the Women in Distress 10th Annual SafeWalk-Run to raise awareness & funds to end domestic violence. (Pictured): The fantabulous (and generous) JM Family Team. 6-7. Welcome Aboard! Hunter Construction Services 6 in Deerfield Beach proudly announced two new key employees have joined their general contracting team which has managed over 120 million dollars of construction 9 10 in the last 10 years. 6. Our own David Rosenof, Parkland City Commissioner, (and hubby to Life Magazines’ Rhonda) is their new Vice President, Chief Operating Officer. 7. Shane Tedder of CS, Vice President, Chief Estimator. 8. Trick or Treat? Parkwood friends & neighbors Gabriel, Austin, Joey, Carly, Madison & “Princess” Sophia had a great time together on Halloween night. 9. Super Family. The Scarano Family of Heron Bay’s Edgewood at the 2nd Annual Halloween Block Party attended by over 300 guests. (L-R): Dad Steven, Steven Jr., Mom Lisa & super cute Angela. 10. Shops are Open! Jody & Harvey Pflanzer of Parkland checked out the Grand Opening of the long awaited 350,000 sq. ft. shopping center Promenade at Coconut Creek with their son Adam & family pooch.16 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • restaurantguide Company, is a premium natural angus beef that surpasses USDA standards and is melt-in-your- mouth good. Another exceptional entrée is the Double Pork Chops stuffed with pancetta and feta cheese and topped with a rosemary cranberry demi glace. The chef’s fresh catch selections include Hazelnut Tilapia that is pan seared and topped with lemon butter. All of PayZins entrées include an exquisite salad bar with an abundance of fresh selections. Save room for a delectable dessert such as wild berry charlotte, giant carrot cake, and chocolate lava cake with a white Godiva liquor center. Dinner served 5-11pm Sun.–Wed. and 5-12pm Thurs.-Sat. (Kid’s menu available.) Bar and lounge and an Early Evening menu is available from 5-6:30pm daily featuring two select entrées for $25 including salad bar. A private banquet room is available for parties or meetings with enough room for 50 guests. From the dining room to the comfortable bar and lounge, PayZins has something for everyone. The full bar, which opens daily at 4pm and closes at 2am Thurs.-Sat., features custom martinis and specialty drinks such as Peartinis, Original Mojitos, and PayZins Margaritas. Daily Happy Hour from 4-6:30pm features half price call liquor and special prices on glasses of wine, bottled beer, and martinis. The comfortable upscale lounge features high top tables and leather chairs surrounded by flat screen TVs. Every Thursday is Ladies and Gents Night with Happy Hour all night long! Enjoy the NEW look, NEW attitude and NEW live music & dancing with DJ Steve Thurs.–Sat. from 9:30pm– 2am. Reservations accepted. AMEX, V, D, MC.Pellegrino’s Ristorante and Lounge, 847 SE 8th Ave. (Palm Plaza), Deerfield Beach. 954.418.0611. If the Rat Pack had a favorite little Italian hideaway, Pellegrino’s would be IT! This charming intimate restaurant (celebrating their 9th anniversary in Florida) serves authentic Italian cuisine the way it was meant to be. You may just know the name too. The Pellegrino family is world renowned for their RAO’s restaurant in East Harlem — everyone from celebrities to sports figures have lined up to devour the family’s original homemade recipes that have made this place a legend! Dishes served in the Deerfield location are the same family recipes with the same homemade flavor that’s won legions of fans worldwide — and spawned a cookbook! Close your eyes & you could be in mama’s kitchen in Italy. Show up Sundays for Traditional Sunday Dinner. Pasta w/Meatball, Sausage, Beef, Braciole, Pork ribs & Contina … in GRAVY. And this gravy is the stuff continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 129
    • restaurantguide continued from previous page dreams are made of; Italian ones. House specialties incl. Pork chop Pellegrino, Lemon Chicken, Seafood & Veal dishes & a variety of amazing pastas. Dress is casual & prices moderate but make no mistake, this is an exquisite dining experience. Rated as #1 in South Florida by Gourmet Magazine, this place is well worth the drive from anywhere. Full liquor bar. Open Tues.-Sun. from 5pm. Closed Mondays. All Credit Cards accepted. Pete’s Café Bella Sera, 7351 N. State Rd. 7, Parkland. 954.346.7373. Pete J. Lombard Jr., Owner & Executive Chef of Pete’s Café Bella Sera, hails from the north end of Boston & is now settled in NW Broward. For the last 4 years Pete has been at this location & he has found the perfect mix of a first rate staff, comfortable surroundings & an impeccable choice of dining fare. Adorning the walls are photos of politicians & athletes who frequent this hidden jewel, along with recognition from the many community groups that Pete is involved or that Bella Sera has played host to. ALWAYS crowded with beautiful folks this place is well, just one of those places where legend is made. The exquisite & extensive menu filled with Pete’s specialties such as Pete’s famous meatballs, Beef Bracciole, Chops or the NY Strip Giambotta. Seafood is amazing here. The salads are large enough for 2 & the preparations of chicken & fish are tantalizing. Besides the regular menu, there are always specials that awe you. What’s fresh is Pete’s playground. There is a full bar (that’s always hopping) while waiting to dine. Friday & Saturday evenings at 10:30pm the bar & restaurant take on the atmosphere of a nightclub lounge with live entertainment from 8pm until 2am. Live entertainment also on Wednesday & Thursday from 6pm until 10pm. A private room for up to 30 plus with a plasma screen for sporting events or a power point presentation. Lunch is served Tuesday through Friday 11:30am-2pm featuring specialty salads & specialty dishes. Lunches start at $9.95. Dinner: Tuesday–Sunday. Reservations suggested. Valet parking on the weekends. And please don’t forget to tell Pete that Parkland Life sent you! Pizza Time Caffé, 6620 Parkside Dr. (Parkland Town Ctr.), 954.345.8665. One of the most beloved Italian restaurants on the local scene, this family owned & run Tuscan, Mediterranean styled restaurant130 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • restaurantguide features an open airy décor & decidedly family $7.50 and up. Dinner from 4pm until closing. atmosphere. People love this place & the food! Happy Hour from 4-7pm. Full liquor bar. Take-out And ALL the best favorites are on this varied available. All major CC accepted. Please tell them menu! The pastas are fresh, the marinara is Parkland Life sent you! superb & the house dressing on the salad is mouth-watering for a simple vinaigrette. Runyon’s, 9810 West Sample Rd., CS. 954.752.2333 Join them for lunch & experience their Lunch / A Coral Springs Madness featuring their Famous Lunch Display landmark, this upscale, clubby, sophisticated of Specialty Gourmet Pizzas & Homemade Panini restaurant opened on Oct. 9, 1984, and still has Sandwiches! Recent additions are new low carb the same owner-operator and much of its original dishes, many more specialty salads, incredible staff. Runyon’s has developed a reputation for hot & cold sandwiches, & don’t forget their great service and consistently impressive food, pizzas! Dine-in, take-out & local delivery. Catering a down home neighborhood restaurant with for any occasion. Lunch & dinner. Happy Hour a chic, understated “big city” vibe. Fresh fish, Mon.-Fri. 12pm-7pm house wine & draft beer giant shrimp cocktails, spectacular bone-in filet 2-for-1. HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Mention Parkland mignon, the finest mouth-watering signature Life and get a FREE $50 gift certificate with the prime rib, along with milk fed veal and lobster purchase of any catering order over $199 (exp. tails are just examples of their outstanding menu. 1/1/09). Open Mon.-Thurs. 11am-9pm, Fri.-Sat. Nightly specials and a superb, sophisticated wine cellar, along with a large selection of top-shelf 11am-10pm, Sun. 12pm-9pm. AMEX, D, V, MC. liquor makes this hot spot a real gem — and no wonder they’re 25 and still going strong! LunchRed Ginger Asian Bistro, 9710 W. Sample Rd., CS is served Monday through Saturday with fresh 954.752.1850. fish, giant salads, hand crafted sandwiches, If you can remember that for almost 30 years homemade soups and daily specials. The lounge this was the location of Spring Garden Chinese has entertainment every night along with lots of Restaurant, and if you’re one of those who do, televisions for great sports viewing. The patio is you’ll be ASTOUNDED by the transformation of open for lunch, dinner or just for cocktails and the exterior and interior of this now gorgeous listening to music. There is a beautiful private eatery and you’ll be wowed by the food. The dining room that seats up to 45 people for Kim family has been in the restaurant business corporate functions, family celebrations, or any for as long as any of them can remember! They special occasion. Stop in and spend some time own Golden Rice Bowl in Lauderdale Lakes and just enjoying the pictures of celebrities who now their sons Steve and John have opened Red have made Runyon’s their favorite place over the Ginger Asian Bistro where Zen meets modern years. Happy hour Mon. through Sat., 11am-7pm. with an Asian flair and is reflected in both the All major credit cards accepted. décor and food. This is not your traditional Chinese restaurant … but it is casual dining with Tavolino Della Nonna, 10181 West Sample Rd., moderate pricing and a very attentive staff. The CS. 954.509.0046. sushi is made with only the freshest ingredients Mealtime is a special time for sharing and and the sauces for the dishes are recipes that making memories and that is what owners have been handed down from the family. The Edward Pozzuoli and Thomas Genduso want appetizers such as Crispy Rangoon, Red Ginger’s diners to experience while at their restaurant. Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Tuna Tataki are all Tavolino Della Nonna, which means “Table of $6 to $8 and awesome. All of their signature my Grandmother,” serves old world cuisine dishes are noted as Red Ginger’s Spicy General’s with an eclectic flair. A unique combination of Chicken, Red Ginger’s Sea Bass or whole fish of Nouvelle cuisine intertwined with traditional the day with a choice of sauce, or the Red Ginger home style Italian cooking makes for an Roll which is Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, Crab, exquisite meal. The décor has the same feel Cream Cheese, Avocado, Cucumber, inside out yet, nostalgic charm fits comfortably with with Masago and Sesame Seeds. The menu is contemporary elegance. The main dining room extensive and there is something for everyone. is a charming mix of crisp linen and warm Open for lunch everyday from 11:30am-4pm. woods while the secluded place of honor Lunch menu entrées with choice of soup are “Nonna’s Room,” houses an original 50’s table continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 131
    • restaurantguidecontinued from previous page & chairs, old fashioned stove, sink, refrigerator or Black Grouper w/ tropical salsa. Wines are The Isle Casino & Racing at Pompano Park, and paraphernalia reminiscent of a bygone era. featured to complement the weekly specials. 777 Isle of Capri Circle, Pompano Beach, The weekly specials depend on availability of All the desserts are homemade including the 954.972.2000 / the finest and freshest ingredients along with Chocolate Volcano, Tower of Cannoli, Nana In addition to the Isle Buffet and Myron’s Rose’s award-winning Ricotta Cheesecake or Delicatessen, The Isle Casino offers two the extensive regular menu. Appetizers such their Signature Amaretto cookies to mention outstanding fine dining options. Inspired as the fresh purses of pasta stuffed with pear just a few. Tavolino Della Nonna is truly lovely by the satisfying aromas and savory tastes and cheese in a blue cheese Alfredo sauce and and special. Open for lunch and dinner Tues.- of regional Italian cuisine prepared in then sprinkled with pear and walnuts is one of Fri. 11am to close, and dinner Sat.-Sun. 4pm till the vintage tradition, Bragozzo is the their specialties. Pastas, veal, fish and chicken close. There is a private room available to host inspiration of celebrity Chef Luke Palladino, can be ordered in traditional and unique parties, corporate events or business seminars. whose passion for Italian food and wine preparations alongside the weekly specials Catering and take-out available and all major consistently draws rave reviews for all of his such as stuffed pork chops, Seafood Risotto credit cards accepted. Reservations suggested. wonderful eateries. Simply put, Bragozzo is about good Italian food prepared in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Family-Style Dining, $29 per person, Sundays 4-8:30pm. Includes antipasti, pasta, entrée and dessert. Sun., Tue., Wed. & Thurs. 5:30-9:30pm. Fri. & Sat. 5:30-11pm. Closed Mon. Farraddays’ Steakhouse, the Isle’s signature steakhouse, is one of a handful of restaurants serving Certified Angus Beef Prime, the finest steaks, prime rib and freshest seafood. Savor specialty cocktails, fine wines by the glass or classic martinis, but more importantly, share the fun ambiance with friends or family. Early Bird Specials, $35 per person, Sun.- Fri. 5:30-7pm. Late Night Live Jazz, Dining & Martini Specials Fri. and Sat. 10pm-1am. Fri. & Sat. 5:30-11pm. Sun., Mon., Wed. & Thurs. 5:30-9:30pm. Themed Buffet Nights available Monday through Thursday from 4:30-9pm with a different flavor each night. Closed Tue. V, MC, AMEX, D. The Whale Raw Bar & Fishhouse, 7619 N. St. Road 7, Parkland. 954.345.9190. www. Now Open in the Waterways Shoppes in Parkland on the west side of 441 just north of Hillsboro Blvd. Open for lunch & dinner seven days a week, the Whale Raw Bar serves outrageous sandwiches, salads, seafood as well as offering an out of this world full raw bar menu! Some of the signature items that customers will return for each time include their fried grouper reuben, tempura tuna salad, Live Maine Lobsters, steamed & fried Ipswich clams & baked stuffed mahi-mahi. The Whale Raw Bar offers a full liquor bar & there is entertainment on the weekends. And their full children’s menu will keep all family members happy, and well fed! V, M, AMEX. Open seven days — 11am to 12 midnight.132 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • restaurantguideTooJay’s Gourmet Deli at the Walk, 2880 N. University Dr., CS 954.346.0006. When it comes to delis, TooJay’s rises to the top! Reminiscent of New York’s finest, TooJay’s specializes in all your traditional favorites, just the way you remember them. Everything from piping hot matzo ball soup to irresistible New York style cheesecake. Lunchtime is famous for “overstuffed” deli sandwiches corned beef, pastrami, roast beef or sliced turkey breast, piled high and served on your choice of thick homemade breads. For the ultimate Sunday Brunch how about Nova Salmon, hand sliced and accompanied by fresh bagels, ripe red tomatoes and cream cheese? In the sweets department, TooJay’s fresh bakery makes it hard to choose. The service is friendly, the atmosphere casual and they’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So Rye not stop in soon for a “little taste of home?” Enjoy! Sun.-Thurs. 8am-9pm. Fri. & Sat. 8am-10pm. AMEX, V, DC, D, MC.Tossed, 9707 W Sample Rd. 954.753.2627. The newest sign on Sample Road tells the story as this place is different, just like the food. The first Tossed opened in Manhattan in the 1990s to rave reviews. Local owners Andy & Maria Ponnock added their own special touches. Start with a huge selection of salads, sandwiches, melts, soups and their specialty crepes/wraps. Add only the freshest ingredients, made fresh every day. Serve it all up in a real restaurant atmosphere complete with real china and silverware, that’s the Tossed experience! If over 35 different menu choices don’t offer exactly what you’re looking for then you can design your own from scratch! Choose your lettuce, multigrain or ciabatta breads or a unique fat-free whole wheat crepe/wrap shell and start building. With five choices of lettuce, over 50 toss-ins including chicken, shrimp, cheeses, nuts, fruits, seeds, raw veggies, roasted veggies, crunchies and 20 homemade dressings, the possibilities are unlimited. If a sandwich is on your mind, try homemade chicken salad prepared with fresh chopped tarragon or their signature Tossed tuna salad made from only white albacore tuna, mixed with a little mayo, dried cranberries and apples. On the hot side try a roasted chicken or pesto chicken sandwich. Their chicken is fresh cooked daily and sliced for your sandwich, then piled high on one of their fresh ciabatta breads topped with roasted peppers, cheese and baked in a special convection oven. For something completely different try their special crepes. They make their fat-free, whole wheat batter from scratch everyday on a crepe machine. Fill it with creative combinations or choose your own filling. Rolled like a wrap and you have a unique delicious meal! Add soup (Friday is Lobster Bisque Day) and finish it with one of their “to die for” chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies or a chocolate chip brownie! Happy Hour everyday after 3pm; 2 for 1 beer and wine. There are 11 different varieties of beer or house wine by the glass. They also offer a selection of wines in spilts. The prices range from $7.45 to $10.95. Open 7 days for lunch and dinner, 11am till closing. Now through 12/31 buy one dinner and get the second for 1/2 price! Tossed also delivers or you can call ahead and they’ll have your meal waiting for pick up. Full catering menu for any function, which can also be delivered or picked up. All major credit cards are accepted.PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 133
    • attheedge aviewfromthetop continued from page 57continued from page 10 was gonna be hectic, so if I could get emails done tonight … so I got back up to get my laptop. The second the 97 emails finished loading, there she was. A tiny 6-month-old Chihuahua, that I was cross-posted on. Her owner had five dogs and was trying to find her a home. Then she broke her front paw falling off a table and they had no money to get her help. A lump formed in my throat, that something was to be in that kind At a recent City Commission meeting we of pain because there was no money to help her. recognized a few outstanding children who I told Hank. Without missing a beat he said, “we’ll wrote why our community should Commit To pay for it.” I sent the email that has been the cause Be Fit. During the next year, you’ll see our City’s of my learning to eat, pee, write, and comb my hair commitment to health and wellness for all of our with one hand as I now have this black and gold families manifested in different ways. As a result of appendage on my chest. brain storming with Cindy Brief and Joann Zollo, Hank went to get “Kitty,” (no lie) the next day our Chamber Leaders, I will now invite you and our and she was at our vet within the hour. Unable to entire community to Walk With The Mayor on in a zillion pieces on Riverside Drive after he December 20 at 10am at Starbuck’s at the Walk! handle such a bad break there, we were Cooperwas hit by a car and left for dead. With two broken Let’s walk the Walk and talk the talk! Let’s start City bound again. $310 worth of x-rays and $3,400paws, two knocked out canine teeth, a jaw broken getting fit together and hit the New Year running, worth of surgery. (Thank you Dr. Spranklin.) Kittyin THREE places, and needing some serious plastic or at least walking. If you are interested in joining now has a last name: Rudan, and a lovely on what is now a gorgeous face. I did not me, please let my assistant, Catia Silva, know at Happy December 8th birthday, Hanky! And Merryhesitate to pick him up, run him to the nearest vet Hanukkah to me. I needed another animal like Iwith my credit card, explaining I did not hit him, he Have a fantastic Holiday Season and I hope to need another HOLE IN MY HEAD. But I’d rather dowas not mine but if they could fix him, or simply see you at our parade and at the Walk. As always, this than have another pair of earrings, or bracelet,make sure he no longer suffers, I would pay for it. feel free to call me at 954.344.5906 or e-mail me at or new-fangled gadget. And I am so lucky to haveSmash, once he came home has never had a day he if there is something I can such a loving, intrinsically decent husband whodid not head-butt us, letting us know, he KNOWS, help you with. feels the same way.just how lucky he is. Losing my mom taught us to live every day to Recently he had a tumor diagnosed as the fullest. To understand each minute is a blessing lifelinelymphoma. Most people said he may not make six continued from page 96 from God. And to never forget ... the people andmonths. If that was all there was, it was six months below 28 ng/ml! pets who make a difference in our lives are not thehe would have tumor-free. A serious surgery Most of us are somewhat aware that vitamin D ones with the most credentials, the most money,and eight-weeks of chemotherapy later, has put is important for bone health and calcium levels. In or the longest pedigrees. They are simply the oneshim into “complete remission,” so says oncologist the past, significant vitamin D deficiency caused who cover us with their greatest treasures in “life;”Stephanie Correa via her Animal Cancer Care Clinic severe skeletal problems known as Rickets and their Deerfield. She thinks he’ll have at least double Osteomalacia (os-tea-o-mal-a-sha), which thankfully I am buying stock in Scott paper these days, andthe original prognosis. He’s doing significantly are not commonly seen today. Vitamin D deficiency have started using industrial strength concealer butmore purring and head-butting these days. We’re I would not trade one chaotic moment. can result from inadequate intake, gastrointestinalnot sure if he knows how sick he was, but he’s Hanky and I and our 14 cats and a dog named absorption, synthesis, or some combination ofGAINED almost two pounds since his Labor Day KITTY, and the entire LIFE Magazines’ staff, wish these. As is clear from the above, many elderly andsurgery (thank you Cooper City’s Dr. Aronsohn) and you and yours a happy, healthy holiday! We chronically ill adults do not get enough sun exposurehe’s smelling every blade of grass, and sticking his sincerely thank you for reading our magazines and to synthesize sufficient vitamin D. Patients withnose in the wind, almost as though HE KNOWS to supporting our advertisers. We KNOW you have chronic kidney disease (such as those on dialysis)savor every moment, just a bit more. many choices these days and we do not take your are also commonly deficient because they have a And since it is somehow apparent that our support and friendship for granted. reduced capacity to produce the physiologicallymagazines try to make a difference not just by Live simply. Love seriously. Care deeply. Speak active form, 1, 25 dihydroxy vitamin D.helping every charity this side of the Mississippi, kindly. Leave the rest to the universe and may Next month, I will discuss some of the excitingbut every homeless animal shelter and foreclosed everyone get to experience their very own Lucky at new research concerning vitamin D.on animal south of Pluto; dozens and dozens of least once in their life.sad, sad stories pass my desk every day. Just after Gregory Cohn, M.D. has a concierge Internal MedicineI came home particularly late one night from work, practice in Boca Raton specializing in Cardiovascularand was nearly crawling towards my bed with the Disease prevention and Hypertension. Dr. Cohn islast vestiges of energy my body could muster, like a board-certified internist and clinical lipidologista runner who can see the finish line and will cross it and has been practicing medicine in Florida sinceno matter what. As soon as I got all my body parts Publisher 1991. Dr. Cohn can be reached at 561.367.7447 orin the laying down position, I thought, ah tomorrow PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • yourmoney“Life Savings” Yori Galel Nancy Brodzki Michael Shutowick Local Professionals Offer Up Some Sage Advice The next installment in a multi-part series: Local professionals from the business & financial world offer some tips on YOUR money — How to save it, Understand It & Spend It in 2008. Laura J. Larson Bruce KallorHow to Save Money and Still professional office, not just a mailing address. corporate address, as well as a beautiful receptionMaintain a Professional Image There are many industries represented by area and state-of-the-art conference rooms forBy Yori Galel virtual office clients. Some typical ones include: occasional meetings with clients; Business brokers Professional service providers (such as attorneys, who receive many telephone calls and like a liveI n difficult economic times, many business financial planners and ad agencies) who want receptionist and the ability to receive voicemails owners and professionals are looking for ways a receptionist to answer the phone and a great continued on next page to cut costs. One of the obvious choices is toget rid of the high overhead of their corporateoffices, and work from home. But the image that acorporate office presents is very different than theone a home office presents. Good news: there is away to provide a professional image, at a fractionof the cost. Enter the virtual office. Virtual offices provide all the services of atraditional office, at a fraction of the cost. Businessowners work from home, and are provided with livetelephone answering by a receptionist, using yourown corporate telephone number; state-of-the-artconference rooms that can be used for meetings; aprestigious corporate address that can be used as amailing address; voice messages and faxes that areautomatically sent to your e-mail address; and callforwarding to all phone numbers (usually availableat an additional charge). Prices for virtual officescan range from $99 to several hundred dollars permonth. Most virtual offices offer month-to-monthor quarterly service agreements. Most business owners who work from homedon’t want to use their home addresses on theircorrespondence, from an image and a securityperspective. Until recently, the only optionsavailable were to use a Post Office Box or anaddress from a mailbox company. Virtual officeswere created to provide all of the services of aPARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 135
    • yourmoney continued from previous page and faxes automatically to their e-mail accounts; Salespeople who are in and out of the office and like the idea of receiving calls on all of their lines simultaneously; Service companies that use the phone answering feature for dispatch; and Hispanic-owned companies that need someone to answer the phone in English. Saving money doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your business’s image. So whether you work from home or spend a lot of time on the road, you have options to ensure your customers and clients get the attention they deserve. Yori Galel is the CEO of Corporate Executive Suites (CES), based in Boca Raton. The company is the leading provider of executive suites and virtual offices in South Florida. Yori can be contacted at 561.988.2500, or visit Easing the Pain of Divorce By Nancy K. Brodzki Divorce is one of the most stressful and emotionally draining times of your life. It can be completely debilitating at times. Yet during this process you will be called upon to make major decisions that will impact the rest of your life. This is the single best reason to hire an attorney to guide you through the process. But in these difficult economic times it is more important than ever to get through a divorce with as little waste of your financial resources as possible. The best way to accomplish that goal is to reach an agreement with your spouse on the terms of your divorce. Leaving this important decision up to a Judge who is a complete stranger to you and only hears part of the story is a huge gamble, and it is very expensive. There are various ways of arriving at a settlement. You and your spouse may choose to go to a neutral mediator who would help the two of you reach an agreement without advocating for one side or the other. This is a viable option if you and your spouse get along well and neither of you believe that there’s any reason not to trust the other to be completely open and honest in the process. Only if you are both completely informed as to your financial picture and have relatively equal bargaining power is unrepresented mediation a wise choice. Another option is to hire attorneys who participate in a process called Collaborative Law. In the Collaborative Law process each party has an attorney. Each party and their attorneys work together in a cooperative manner to achieve a fair and equitable settlement for the parties. This process also has the potential to minimize legal fees and cost. It has the advantage of providing both sides with equal advice in order to assure each party that the settlement really is in their best interest. You can find more information about Collaborative Law at www. If you and your spouse both hire attorneys and one of you files for divorce, your case will also follow a schedule that will lead to mediation. Your attorneys will gather your financial information and provide it to one another. Then they will schedule mediation. At mediation you, your spouse, and your two attorneys will meet with a neutral mediator who will often separate you into different rooms, shuttling back and forth between you negotiating a settlement. An agreement is prepared and signed that same day in most successful mediations. All divorces have certain elements in common. In cases involving children, unless a parent is unfit, both parents will have shared parental responsibility of all major decisions regarding their children. Both parties must complete a parenting class designed for divorcing parents. A parenting plan and timesharing schedule tailored to meet your family’s needs is required. Child136 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • yourmoneySupport is calculated based on the incomes of both holiday season, you are not alone. According to a Consider a Prenuptial Agreement - Once theparties and the guidelines established by State Modern Bride survey, more than 25% of all couples domain of the ultra-wealthy, today more and moreStatute. Alimony may be appropriate depending initiate their plans to tie the knot in November middle-class couples, particularly those who haveon the relative needs of the parties, either short and December. If you’re among the couples who been married before or who have a blended family,or long term. Both parties are obligated to provide soon will begin wedding planning, it’s important include a prenuptial agreement in their weddingone another with complete disclosure of all of their to remember that while your engagement is plans. A “prenup” is a written contract created beforefinances. Assets or liabilities acquired or incurred your first step toward sharing a life together, it’s you say “I do” that addresses a range of legal andduring the marriage have to be equitably divided. also the beginning of sharing your finances with financial objectives. For example, you might useThis includes retirement plans and 401(k)s. someone else. Your first reaction may be that a prenuptial agreement to separate pre-marriage Every divorce case is unique since no one else’s life finances and romance don’t mix, but the fact is assets, protect a family business, define communityis exactly like yours. What happened in one person’s that money issues derail plenty of marriages. To property, specify what happens to assets in the eventdivorce doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen keep your financial house in order, follow these of divorce, or address potential family yours. Get legal advice and find out what you need steps to marital money bliss: While you can draft the document yourselves andto know before you act. Information is power. Practice Full Disclosure - Maybe you’ve have it signed and witnessed by a local notary, you seen the commercial for each might consider hiring a lawyer to review theNancy K. Brodzki, Esq. has been in practice since 1986, where the young guy sings, from the basement agreement to ensure your individual interests arefocusing exclusively in the area of family law. As anactive community volunteer, she served as President of apartment of his in-law’s home, that he wished protected and that the agreement follows state law.Temple Beth Am in Margate from 2005-2007. Nancy’s he’d known about his new wife’s credit problems Note that prenuptial agreements have been struckoffice is located at 2801 University Dr., Suite 203, Coral before marrying her. It’s not romantic, but down in court because each spouse didn’t hire aSprings. Phone: 954.345.1515; Fax: 954.757.9380 each of you should prepare a detailed financial lawyer to review the agreement.Email: statement listing assets and liabilities, annual Draft Your Top 10 Goals - Do you want to buy a gross income, interests in family trusts, even home, pay off student loans, eliminate credit cardEngaged? Time to Talk Money potential inheritances. The more you share debt, save for a vacation, have children, retire early,By Michael C. Shutowick information, the better prepared you will be to or start your own business? Your short and long-term If you’re planning to become engaged this make joint financial decisions. continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 137
    • yourmoney continued from previous page goals will inform how you need to invest and manage your money. In addition to prioritizing your goals, be as specific as possible. That is, “pay for college” is a start, but you likely will make more progress if you attach a timeframe and price tag to your dreams. Think about Implementing Joint and Separate Checking and/or Savings Accounts - Many couples use a joint account, perhaps funded in proportion to each person’s income, to pay for mutual expenses such as food, rent/mortgage, and common goals. In addition, separate accounts, funded after the necessary joint account, grant each spouse the freedom to make relatively minor purchases without consulting the other. Budget and Pay Bills Together - It’s easy to budget for essentials like car payments, but an accurate budget requires that you track all your expenditures. Providing legal services in the areas of... To accurately estimate what you spend on variables such as entertainment, keep 4 Family Law all your receipts in a bowl for three months. When you finally tally the results, you 4 Estate Planning 4 Child Custody, Divorce & Child Support may be surprised how much you spend on lattes. Once your budget is drafted, sit down weekly for 10 minutes to discuss short-term mutual financial decisions, and 4 Wills and Trusts 4 Bankruptcy 4 Workers’ Compensation meet periodically, say once a quarter, to review your overall finances. Although When you need legal counseling or simply need a friend, one person may do much of the actual bill-paying, the other spouse should be consider Scott J. Brook, P.A. involved because managing money together reduces conflict. (954) 757-5551 Keep the Lines of Communication Open - Recently, a Fidelity Investments 1401 N. University Dr. • Suite 500 • Coral Springs study found that only 23% of couples made financial decisions together. In a marriage, disagreement can be difficult, but silence is dangerous, and that’s especially true with finances. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience. Seek Professional Help - Particularly if these exercises illuminate polarized spending and saving habits, a financial advisor could help you to examine your money attitudes, clarify your goals, organize your finances, and establish an investment plan. Working with a professional also can help you to fortify your money management foundation with an emergency fund and proper insurance. Of course, all this advice may feel like it will be more useful down the road a little bit. Currently, you may feel like you need to invest all your energy in planning your dream wedding within your budget. In that regard, a good budgeting rule is: If you can pay for it with cash, then you can afford it. Adhering to that simple rule will give you a terrific head start in beginning your marriage on solid financial footing. Michael C. Shutowick is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and co-founder of Shutowick Wealth Management, a firm specializing in investment and retirement planning. He lives in Parkland Isles with his wife, Melissa, and their two children. Michael can be reached at 954.327.1400 or online at Urgent Estate Planning Considerations While Your Divorce is Pending By Laura J. Larson with assistance from Scott J. Brook, Esquire If you’re a married individual who is considering a separation or divorce you should review your estate plan as soon as possible to determine if it remains appropriate under your change of circumstances. Remember, under the law, you are considered to be legally married until the judge signs the final dissolution order ending the marriage. In the event you were to die or become disabled prior to the legal termination of your marriage, your estranged spouse may have legal control over you and your estate. It is also possible that your spouse may be entitled to most, if not all, of your estate! If you do not have a Last Will and Testament, most likely your spouse, under the intestacy laws of Florida, will be entitled to the control of your estate and138 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • yourmoneyentitled to your estate assets in the event of yourdeath. You should consider executing a Last Willand Testament which clearly appoints thoseindividuals, other than your estranged spouse,who you want to have control over your Estateand to inherit your Estate assets. If you do havea Last Will and Testament or a similar estateplanning document, such as a Revocable LivingTrust, your spouse will typically be designated asthe Personal Representative of your Estate and/or the Trustee of your Revocable Living Trust,and probably is named as the primary or solebeneficiary of your estate. You should evaluatethe necessity of executing a codicil to your LastWill and Testament and/or an amendment toyour Revocable Living Trust which will changethese designations. It is important to rememberthat until the divorce is finalized, you may notbe able to completely disinherit your estrangedspouse. Thus, the timing of your divorce maygreatly affect your estate planning goals. Also, do not forget about your life insurancepolicies, annuities, health or medical savingsaccounts, and payable on death accounts. Theseassets are usually referred to as “non probateassets,” meaning that they will pass outside ofprobate and, therefore, outside of the terms of yourLast Will or Revocable Living Trust. Most likely, youhave designated your spouse as the beneficiary.Therefore, even if you take the time to change yourLast Will or amend your Revocable Living Trust, thesedocuments will have no effect on your non probateassets. Instead, you will need to obtain a changeof beneficiary form for each of your non probateassets and update your beneficiary designationsaccordingly. This is particularly important after thedivorce has been finalized. In the event you become disabled whileyour divorce is pending, such as through anautomobile accident, heart attack or stroke, andyou are no longer capable of handling your affairs,a guardian normally must be appointed for you.Under Florida law, the spouse of the incapacitatedindividual generally has priority of appointmentas guardian. This is why it is important to executea Durable Power of Attorney appointing anindividual to handle your financial affairs, a LivingWill, and a Designation of Health Care Surrogate(also known as a Health Care Power of Attorney)appointing an individual of YOUR choice tohandle your medical affairs and abide by thedirections in your Living Will. continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 139
    • yourmoney continued from previous page If you have previously done an estate plan, Focus on Things You Can Control - During prior to your separation or initiation of a divorce a financial crisis, your success at weathering the proceeding, you have probably given your now storm depends on your ability to stay calm and estranged spouse authority under a Durable concentrate on the things you can control. For Power of Attorney (for financial matters), Living example, you can control your emotions so that Will and a Designation of Health Care (for health you aren’t panicked into making unwise, short-term related decisions, including the decision to end decisions, such as putting all your money under life prolonging procedures in the event of a your mattress. And, to a certain extent, you can terminal illness, end-stage medical condition or even control your portfolio’s ability to withstand persistent vegetative state). If this is indeed the volatility. How? By diversifying your holdings case, it is important to execute a new Designation as broadly as possible. The wider your range of of Power of Attorney, a Designation of Health Care investments, the less you’ll be hurt by downturns and a Living Will. that primarily affect one asset class. (Keep in Your future estate is in YOUR control. At least it mind, though, that diversification, by itself, cannot should be. Remember, through properly drafted guarantee profits or protect against loss.) estate planning documents, you can provide that Review and Rebalance Your Portfolio - During someone other than your estranged spouse will have this market decline, some of your holdings have control over you (in the event of your incapacity) or probably fallen more than others. As a result, you your estate (in the event of your death). Please speak may now own a lower percentage of a specific asset with your divorce attorney and your estate planning class than you had originally intended when you attorney to protect yourself and your estate. built your portfolio. Consequently, you may want to meet with your financial advisor to determine Laura Larson, Esquire is Of Counsel and practices primarily if you should rebalance your portfolio by adding in the area of Estate Planning. Scott J. Brook, P.A. also more money to those asset classes that have fallen does wills, trusts and focuses its tri-county practice on the most. You may also want to rebalance if your family law matters and workers’ compensation issues. risk tolerance or long-term goals have changed. Laura can be reached at the office of Scott J. Brook, P.A., Look for Quality Investments - In this located at 1401 N. University Dr., Suite 500, Coral Springs, economic environment, it’s more important than at 954.757.5551. ever to focus on quality investments. If you buy Surviving a Financial Crisis stocks, look for those companies with strong By Bruce Kallor balance sheets. If you’re purchasing bonds, stick with those that receive high credit ratings. If we Over the past few weeks, the news has been are entering a prolonged economic downturn, almost incomprehensible. It’s hard for many of us these types of investments will, in all likelihood, to make sense of the failure of major Wall Street fare better than lower-quality stocks and bonds. firms and large banks and the $700 billion bailout Be Patient - No one can predict when a of the financial sector. And it’s hard for investors to bear market will end, but history has shown be calm when stocks have fallen almost 30 percent that turnarounds can happen quickly and from their all-time high a year ago. What can you unexpectedly. So be patient. The most successful do to cope? Consider the following “checklist” for investors have the courage to stay the course and surviving a financial crisis: take advantage of opportunities while others are Close Your Ears but Open Your Eyes - These “bailing out” of the financial markets. days, you may hear some so-called “experts” We may still have some rough roads ahead talking about end-of-capitalism scenarios. Try of us. But if you can check off every item on this not to listen to these doomsayers. We still have list, you may be able to smooth out some of the the most powerful economy in the history of the bumps you’ll encounter on your journey toward world and we will recover from these setbacks. achieving your long-term goals. However, even if you close your ears, you should keep your eyes wide open. Specifically, look for Bruce Kallor has been with Edward Jones for six opportunities. Stock prices are down now, but years. Prior to that, he practiced law in NYC. He has they won’t always be — and, all else being equal, lived in SoFla for almost seven years; the last five in investors who buy into the stock market at lower Parkland’s Heron Bay. He can be contacted at: 2137 N. prices are likely to earn higher returns than those University Drive in Coral Springs, 954.796.8837 or via who buy stocks when prices are higher. PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • datebook december2008Thru 12/7 - Exhibition: Visiones: 20th Century Latin 3 - Relay for Life Kick-Off Party Food, raffles, Parkland. Call Giovanni’s at 954.345.9285 or The Art. Boca Museum of Art, 501 Plaza Real. guest speakers, registration & celebration! Whale at 954.345.9190 for details. 561.392.2500 / 6-8pm at the Parkland Golf & Country Club. 4 - Friends of Music Holiday House Wine & FoodThru 12/7 - Exhibition: José Clemente Orozco: The RSVP to The “Rockin Fest 7-10pm at the CS Center for the Arts, 2855 Graphic Work. Boca Museum of Art, 501 Plaza & Strollin’’ Parkland Relay for Life event will be CS Dr. $40 in advance; $50 at the door. Benefits Real. 561.392.2500 / held on 4/24-25 (Parkland location TBD). Friends of Music & local school music programs.Thru 12/12 - Freshness, Joy, Guiltlessness in Art 3 - Annual Holiday Ice Show presented by the Roseann: 954.753.3479 / Linda: 954.752.5620. Paintings & Prints by Dan Christensen. Boca Panthers Figure Skating Club. 7pm at the Bank 5 - Four Chamber Networking Party w/ Coconut Museum’s Art School, 801 W. Palmetto Park Rd. Atlantic Center. $20 tickets avail. at Incredible Creek, CS, Parkland & West Boca Chambers. Hors 561.392.2503. Ice – 954.341.9956. d’oeuvres, live entertainment. Free. Comp. drinkThru 12/15 - Giving Tree Event Drop off donations 3 - 6th Annual Boutique Night w/ The Phylis J. if you bring a new unwrapped toy for the Toys in of nonperishable food, toys & money for less- Green Early Childhood Center. Local vendors the Sun Run. 5:30-7pm in the shared courtyard fortunate families in our community at City w/ clothing, jewelry, handbags++. Open to the of Giovanni’s & The Whale at the Waterways Hall in the Mall, 9293 W. Atlantic Blvd, CS. Call public. 7-9pm at Congregation Kol Tikvah, 6750 Shoppes of Parkland on 441, north of Hillsboro Marie Giacalone at 954.344.1834. University Dr., Parkland. 954.346.4281. Blvd. Email 12/16 - Parkland’s Decked Out Holiday Home 3 - Emmanuel — The Story of Christmas 5 - 19th Annual Client Appreciation Day Live music, Contest Enter your creatively decorated home Performed by Singer/Songwriter Tajci. 7pm at hors d’oeuvres, raffles++. 5-7:30 at Salon Miko Day exterior & win dinner for 4 at The Whale Raw St. Andrew Catholic Church in CS. Email Shelly Spa, 10625 W. Atlantic Blvd., CS. 954.753.4404. Bar & Fish House, 7619 N. State Rd. 7. Winner Nicholl at 5 - 5th Annual ‘Tis the Season at Parkland will be selected on 12/22. Entry forms at www. 4 - Winter Wonderland (thru 12/7). Skating rink Town Center Arts, crafts, face painting, live or call 954.757.4120. w/ DJ, tree lighting, photo ops with Santa or performances, scavenger hunt & photo opsThru 12/25 - Christmas Tree Sale at the corner of the Hanukah Bear, carnival rides++. 6:30pm with Santa & the Hanukah Honey Bear. 6-8pm at Loxahatchee Rd. & State Rd. 441 in Parkland. in the shared courtyard of Giovanni’s Coal Fire the Parkland Town Center. 954.796.4911. Benefits the Stoneman Douglas High School Pizza & The Whale at the Waterways Shoppes in continued on next page Band. Jackie Stein: 954.401.9235.Thru 1/4/09 - Holiday Fantasy of Lights Drive-thru Display Starting at 6–10pm at Tradewinds Park, 3600 Sample Rd., CC. / 954.968.3885.Thru 4/16 - International Film Series 7pm at Sunrise Cinemas in Mizner Park & discussion, presentation & desserts at the Boca Museum of Art. $30. - New Business Networking Group (also 12/16). Meets every other Tues. 11:30am at Edo, 7609 N. St. Rd. 7, Parkland. Only 1 member per category. David Edwards: 561.883.0090.3 - Broward Masonic Square Club Meets 1st Wed. of ea. mo. at 9am at Willow Wood on W. Commercial Blvd., Ft. Laud. All Masonic brethren welcome. Bro. Ben Nazario: 954.970.3768.3 - Nature Explorers (also 12/10 & 17). Hands-on adventure for ages 3-5 exploring our natural environment & the creatures that inhabit it. $8 ($5 for SNC members) per class. 10-11am at the Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife hospital, 3000 Sportsplex Dr. Pre-registration required: 954.752.WILD (9453).3 - Chess Club Ages 8 & up. Beginners can learn to play & players meet your match! Must be a library card holder. 4:15pm at the Parkland Library, 6620 Univ. Dr. Registration required: 954.757.4200.PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 141
    • datebook/december2008 continued from previous page 6 - Spreading the Joy Program (also 12/7 & 13 10 - CS Property Tax Exemption Filing dates from 9am-3pm, & 12/8-12 from 5:30-9:30pm). for Homestead, Senior & other property tax The CS Jaycees will be collecting monetary exemptions. 3-5pm at the NW Regional Library, donations in front of KMART at Wiles Rd. & Univ. 3151 Univ. Dr. Info? Kelly Brown: 954.357.6035. Dr. to take the children from families in need on 10 - Chamudot Chanukah Party Games, food, a holiday shopping spree. 561.367.9281. & gift exchange. Free for those who bring 6 - Orchid Fair (also 12/7). 9am-4pm at the Bonnet a donation for the children of JAFCO; $5 all House Museum & Gardens, 900 North Birch Rd. others. 7pm at the Parkland Library, 6620 Univ. Ft. Laud. Dr. 954.675.9121. 6 - Signing Stories at Your Library Storytelling 10 - 38th Annual Holiday Street Parade: in American Sign Language from 11am-1pm “Dream On.” 7:30pm on Federal Hwy from SE followed by supervised literacy activities for 8th St., north to Mizner Park. Call 561.393.7806 children. Parent Support Group meeting for selection 2 for info. parents of deaf & hard of hearing children from 11 - Holiday Customer Appreciation Event 1-2pm. 1st Sat. ea. mo. W. Regional Library, 8601 Refreshments, free chair massages & 20% W. Broward Blvd., Plantation. Free; all ages. OFF all services & products. Bring a gift for 954.370.1145 / the “Holiday Toy Drive” benefitting Family 7 - Kids In Distress Inlet Challenge Cycling Event Central. All day at Camilla Day Spa in the Ride along A1A from Ft. Lauderdale to West Coral Square Mall in Coral Springs (near the Palm Beach. Registration begins at 5:30am; race Macy’s Men’s Entrance). 954.753.1124 / www. begins at 7am at South Beach Park Picnic Area on A1A in Ft. Laud. $45 by 12/5; $50 thereafter. 11 - CC Chamber Luncheon A variety of caterers will provide food. Businesses are encouraged 7 - Green Market (also 12/21). Fresh vegetables, to sign up for a table top display to help make the room look festive & fun! Noon at the CC fruits, baked goods, candles, soaps++. 9am-1pm Community Center, 1100 Lyons Rd. $15 for at The Equestrian Center. 2 Sundays a month members & 1st time guests with an RSVP by from Nov.-April. 954.757.4120. 5pm on 12/9 to Ann Marie at 954.419.1050 7 - Congregation Kol Tikvah’s The Amazing Race /; $25 with no Contestants will follow clues & travel to various RSVP or non-member. locations & eventually cross the finish line. Field 11 - Maplewood Elementary’s Holiday Bazaar day activities with softball & food will follow. Vendors w/ stained glass/mosaic items, jewelry, 954.346.7878 / gift baskets, floral arrangements, candles, 7 - CS/Parkland Hadassah’s Holiday Boutique quilts, ornaments & more. 5-8pm at Maplewood Extravaganza 11am-3pm in the Ballroom at the Elementary School, 9850 Ramblewood Dr., CS. Township, 2452 Lyons Rd., CC. 954.752.9168 / Doreen McHugh: 954.427.3976. 11 - Gifts for Readers Night Find the perfect 8 - Holiday Stories & Craft Stories, sing-a-longs & gifts for the readers in your family. Children crafts for ages 8 & up. 4pm at the Parkland Library, only shopping area, gift wrapping, snacks & 6620 Univ. Dr. Registration required: 954.757.4200. coffee will be available. 6-9pm at the Parkland 8 - Holiday Hors D’oeuvres with the Kosher Library, 6620 Univ. Dr. 954.579.5880 / www. Cuisine Club 7:30-9pm at a private home in Parkland. $10 donation benefits Chabad of 12 - Sweet Dreams Event (thru 12/28). Dazzling Marie Buchholz Insurance Agency Inc. Parkland’s children library. RSVP to Sharon Phillips dessert creations pastry chef, David Gomez & 10661 Wiles Road at 954.540.1896 or Coral Springs, FL 33076 staff, & book signing session with Celebrity Chef Office: 954-345-5550 9 - Nature Lecture w/ the Sawgrass Nature Ctr. & Ted Allen. Must be 21 or over. Benefits Ronald Hablamos Español Wildlife Hospital. 6:30pm at Sawgrass Springs MacDonald House of Ft. Lauderdale. At Nectar “Mention this ad to receive a free gift” Middle. 2nd Tues. ea/mo. $2/child, $5/adults. lounge at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. 954.752.9453. 954.977.6700. 9 - Knights of Pythias Kings Knights Lodge #221. 12 - Bethlehem Revisited (thru 12/16) A walk A non-sectarian fraternal org. 2nd Tues. ea/mo at through living interactive recreation of the town 7:30pm at Cypress Hammock Park, 1300 CS Dr. of Bethlehem as it appeared over 2000 years Larry Hochfeld: 954.721.4833. ago. 12/12, 15 & 16 from 6-9pm; 12/ 13 & 14 from 9 - CS Lions Club 2nd Tues. ea/mo at Cypress Park, 7-9pm behind the 1st United Methodist Church, 1300 CS Dr. 7:45pm. Bet Dawson, 954.752.0854. 8650 W. Sample Rd., CS. Free. 954.752.0333 /142 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • datebook/december2008 - American Idols in Concert for the Holidays CS Center for the Arts, 2855 CS Dr., CS. 954.344.5990 / - Salon Renu & Spa Grand Opening Celebration Mini scalp treatments, facials, & manicures, & drawings for prizes. 11am to 6pm at the salon, 4400 Sample Rd., Suite 108, Coconut Creek. 954.968.1637.13 - Funtastic Holidays Fest (also 12/14). Rides, music, miniature golf, a rock climbing wall++ the Waterways Shoppes at Heron Bay. Benefits SOS Children’s Village in Coconut Creek. www. waterwaysshoppesheronbay.com13 - Scleroderma Support Group 2nd Sat. ea/mo at NW Medical Ctr., 2960 N. St. Rd. 7, Margate, Room 104. 11am-1pm. Free. Call Berna Falkoff : 954.978.9918 / 954.255.8335.13 - Film Viewing & Discussion: Then She Found Me. 1pm at the Parkland Library, 6620 Univ. Dr. Registration required. 954.757.4200.13 - Family Funday Dale Chihuly Sculptures. 2nd Sat. ea/mo. Ages 3+. Create artwork using current exhibition as inspiration. $4/pp. 3:30pm. CS Museum, 2855 CS Dr., CS. Call 954.340.5000.13 - Downtown Delray Beach Holiday Parade: “A Traditional Holiday.” 6pm beginning at Venetian Dr. & heading west on Atlantic Ave. to the Courthouse in Downtown Delray Beach. Call 561.243.7277.13 - Monthly Concert: Alive. Park Trails Amphitheatre in Parkland. 954.753.5040.13 - The Irish Tenors Holiday Show CS Center for the Arts, 2855 CS Dr., CS. 954.344.5990 / www. – Yappy Holidays Giftathon Give the gift of love to needy pets this holiday season! Furballs and Fleabags, 4056 Hillsboro Blvd., Deerfield Beach. 954.354.0297.14 - 55+ Club Meeting Everyone welcome. No dues. Speakers & social interaction. 7pm. 954.344.1493 / - Shock of the Real: Photorealism Revisited Exhibition (thru 3/11/09). 75 dramatic works by 28 highly acclaimed artists. Boca Raton Museum of Art, 501 Plaza Real, Boca Raton. 561.392.2500 / - Drawing in Space: The Peninsula Project (thru 5/31/09). The works of award-winning sculptor John Henry at the Boca Raton Museum of Art & Mizner Park. 561.392.2500 / - Holiday Concert by the Delray Beach Chorale. 6pm at Old School Square at the 100 Foot Christmas Tree in Delray Beach. 561.865.3354 / continued on page 145PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 143
    • cityscope continued from page 58 Pumpkins and Christmas Trees Sales Benefit Stoneman Douglas - The commission unanimously approved a special events permit to allow ABC Promotions a temporary tent to be set up from Oct.15 through Dec. 28. ABC Promotions will sell pumpkins and Christmas trees at the corner of 441 and Loxahatchee and donate $10,000 to the Stoneman Douglas High School Marching Band. Additionally, Mayor Udine asked that Coach Grad send football players from Stoneman Douglas to help unload pumpkins for the Parkland Pumpkin Patch which they did. Mandatory Background Checks for Sports Volunteers Meet Final Approval - On its second reading of the ordinance, the commission unanimously voted in favor of requiring background checks for adult volunteers involved in Parkland recognized sports. The ordinance passed unanimously on first reading at the August 20 commission meeting. Background checks were reviewed for 12 months by the Parkland Parks and Recreation Board and they recommended that mandatory criminal background screenings follow the National Recreation and Parks Assoc. guidelines. Southeastern Security Consultants Inc. (SSCI) is the company the city will use for the criminal background checks. There is a quick turnaround time for the background checks and the process is highly confidential. SSCI will send the city a report of all the names of coaches or volunteers that have had their background checked. Next to each individual’s name will be a pass or a fail remark. No additional information will be given. Upon receipt of the background screenings, league officials will notify all participants of the coaches that passed the background screening. If an individual has any issue with the report they can contact SSCI directly. The cost of the background checks will be forwarded onto the leagues. Highlights from October 15, 2008 Commission Meeting Commission Approves Window Warranty Settlement - The commission approved in a 4-0 vote, with Mayor Udine abstaining, a warranty settlement in the amount of $137,869.62 with Jeld Wen and Reichhold for the windows in City Hall. Reichhold supplied the faulty resin in the Jeld Wen windows that are located in the city hall and need to be replaced. The cost of labor is not included in the warranty amount. According to the city manager, the cost to replace the windows will be approximately $250,000. Budget Amended to Reflect Grants and Donations - The commission unanimously approved an amendment to the budget to reflect additional grant money and donations the city received. The general fund received $3,285 in donations from the Library and $700 special events donations from the Parks and Recreation Dept. The Capital Projects Fund received a $200,000 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund for Phase 3 of Pine Trails Park and a $35,316 donation from Florida Towers LLC for the purchase of a generator for Pine Trails Park. Christine Hunschofsky is a six-year Parkland resident. Originally from Boston, MA, she resides in Meadow Run with her husband, Hannes, and children, Michael and John. Christine has received Bachelor’s degrees in both philosophy and business from Boston University and her MBA from Babson College. She is also a member of the Parkland EAB. To contact Christine e-mail her at PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • datebook/december2008continued from page 143 Brenda16 - Music for Chanukah Concert 30 minute Township Center for Performing Arts, 2452 Ben-Yoseph, P.A. (954) 501-8115 concert presented by Cantorial Soloist Margaret Lyons Rd., Coconut Creek. 954.537.4195. Schmitt, the Temple Sinai Shabbat Choir & 21 - ArtCamp (Thru 1/2). Ages 5-12 Young at organist Dr. Keith Paulson-Thorpe. Free & all are Art Studio, Parkland YMCA Family Center, The Key to Your welcome. 7pm at Temple Sinai, 2475 W. Atlantic 10559 Trails End. 954.424.0085 x27. www. Real Estate Needs Ave., in Delray Beach. Call 561.276.6161 ext. 15. - Book Bunch Book Group for 3rd & 4th graders. 22 - Winter Camp ArtShops (thru 12/24). The Fish in Room 11 by Heather Dyer. 6:30pm at English•Hebrew•French Ages 6-12. CS Museum of Art, 2855 CS Dr. the Parkland Library, 6620 Univ. Dr. Registration Registration forms are online at or required: 954.757.4200. call 954.430.5000 for info. brenda@ben-yoseph.com16 - CS Mothers of Multiples For moms & families 22 - Holiday Camp (thru 1/5). Ages 4-15. $250 of twins, triplets +! 7:15pm. CS Medical Ctr. per week. The Gard Gallery - The Gard School, cafeteria, Coral Hills Dr. 3rd Tues. ea/mo Melissa: Parkland Town Center, 6658 Parkside Dr. 954.609.2894 / 954.752.0001 / - CS Woman’s Club 3rd Tues. ea/mo Sept.-May, 22 - Wine with the Mayor Meet with CS Mayor 7:30pm at Cypress Hall, Cypress Hammock Park Scott Brook to discuss any concerns with the Heron Bay - The Glen on CS Dr. All area women are welcome. Call city. 6:30-8pm at WineStyles, 1267 N. University HUGE Sage model 5BR/4BA with pool on oversized Sandy at 954.753.4317. Dr., CS. Call 954.344.5906 for an appointment. corner lot. Beautiful kitchen, Granite counter, wood17 - Chess Tournament Ages 8 & up. Must have 23 - Movin’ Out The Billy Joel & Twyla Tharp cabinets, stainless appliances, Italian tile, wrought iron participated in at least one Chess Club meeting staircase, faux paint, tiled balconies & more. Built ’05, musical sensation. CS Center for the Arts, over 4220 A/C SqFt. $699,000 to enter the tournament. 4:15pm at the 2855 CS Dr., CS. 954.344.5990 / www. Parkland Library, 6620 Univ. Dr. Registration required: 954.757.4200. 24 - Parents W/O Partners CS Chapter. 4th Wed. ea/17 - Wine Dinner at Gold Coast Grill 3rd Wed. mo. 7pm at Wings Plus, 9880 W. Sample Rd., CS. ea/mo. Full 5 course wine tasting dinners! 954.346.4932. The Walk, 2752 N. Univ. Dr. (behind fountain). 25 - Merry Christmas!! Reservations req. Call Bruce at 954.255.3474. 25 - 6th Annual Mitzvah Day Volunteers are needed Dania Beach - Short Sale17 - CS Holiday Parade “A Tropical Paradise” (Rain to help make food for shelters, toy assembly EAST OF US1 — Beautiful & spacious 3BR/2BA, 2 date: 12/18 at 7pm). 7pm on Sample Rd. CarGar. Separate Liv.Rm., Fam.Rm. & Din.Rm. Large for Kids in Distress, distribution of collected Kitchen w/Breakfast area. Large BRMs & closets. from CS Dr. to City Hall. Call 954.346.4430 for items to aid the needy++. 8:30-11:30am Wood Lam. Floor in Living area. Huge screened & tiled volunteer info. patio. Fenced Backyard. Close to Beach, shopping at Temple Beth Am, Margate. Call Felice at restaurants & Airport $395,00017 - Republican Business Network 3rd Wed. 954.345.2926, Debbie at 754.368.1878 or Ellen ea/mo. 7pm. Sartory Hall, Mullins Park, at 954.255.1985. 10000 NW 29th St., CS. 954.255.6441 / 25 - Hadassah Family Fun Day & Hanukkah Celebration Snow, petting zoo, bounce18 - Chanukah Celebration Entertainment, house, arts & crafts, music, boutique, games & crafts, music, food & fun for all ages. 5-7pm prizes++. 12-3pm at the David Posnack Jewish at Congregation Kol Tikvah, 6750 University Community Center, 5850 S. Pine Island Rd. in Oldbrook - Heron Bay Dr., Parkland. $15/adult & $10/ child. Advance Davie. $9/individual, $5/seniors, $36/family. Gorgeous 5BR/4BA Home w/Pool & exquisite Lake. reservations are requested. Call Deborah Knox Triple split, approx. 3,500 A/C SqFt, built ’04. Beautiful kitchen w/wood cabinets & granite counter, grand at 954.346.7878 or visit 28 - 11th Annual Chanukah Festival of Music $25 master suite w/Jacuzzi tub & custom closets & more.18 - Parkland Woman’s Club Member Meeting reserved seats, $15 general seating. 2pm at Great Price! — $799,000 3rd Thurs. ea/mo, 7pm at the CypressHead Congregation Beth Shalom, 1447 Lyons Rd., Clubhouse, 7501 S. CypressHead Dr. Cindy: Coconut Creek. 954.975.4666. 954.663.6391 / 29 - Mini-FLOW (Florida Licensing on Wheels).20 - 32nd Annual Holiday Boat Parade 6:30pm on Last Mon. ea. mo. 9am-3pm at CS City Hall the Intracoastal Waterway beginning at C-15 Commission Chamber, 9551 W. Sample Rd. No Canal (Boca-Delray border) to the Hillsboro appt. needed. 954.344.1000 / Blvd. Bridge just south of the Palm Beach 29 - Winter Camp ArtShops (thru 12/31). Ages 6-12. Parkland Isles - Short Sale! Spacious 4BR/3BA home with pool. Approx 2,389 A/C County line in Broward Cnty. Public viewing CS Museum of Art, 2855 CS Dr. Registration SqFt built ’99. Split plan, all bedrooms have wood floor, (bleachers) at Red Reef Park & Silver Palm Park. forms are online at or call living area tiled. Nice size kitchen with breakfast area. Free. Call 561.393.7827. Screened-in patio pool area. Give offer! — $428,900 954.430.5000 for info.20 - The Nutcracker Ballet (7pm & 12/21 at 3pm). 30 - Traveling Pants Party Watch The Sisterhood of Tchaikovsky’s Christmas classic, performed the Traveling Pants 2, eat pizza & help decorate by the Ft. Lauderdale Ballet Classique. $25. continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 145
    • datebook/december2008 homelifecontinued from previous page continued from page 78 the library’s magical traveling pants. Ages 13 & Network Professionals Inc. Breakfast & lunch there is no need to constantly heat it. The supply of up. 11am at the Parkland Library, 6620 Univ. Dr. mtgs. in Parkland, Tamarac, CS & Margate. hot water is also endless as it will not run out like Registration required: 954.757.4200. 954.818.0667 / 1 member your typical water heater either.31- Parkland Mayor Michael Udine’s Office Hours per occupation/per chapter. One of the most important things you can do if 3-5pm at City Hall. 954.753.5040. New Achievers Toastmasters Increase public planning a “green” bath is to do your research and speaking, communication & leadership skills. find a licensed, certified and insured bathroomJanuary Every Wed. at CS Gym, 2501 CS Dr. at 7pm. Call designer. Be sure you feel comfortable that your3 - Las Olas Art Fair (also 1/4). 150 artists & $15 Amit Talati at 954.854.7722. designer understands your environmental and million in artwork available for sale. Free & open design goals for your bath, because this will be a very Parkland/CS JAFCO Chapter Annual contributions to the public. 10am–5pm on Las Olas Blvd. in Ft. important partnership in your remodeling process. help abused & neglected Jewish children in So. Lauderdale. You may even want to ask for references of clients Fla. Call Karen Ritter at 954.344.9406.6 - Grand Opening of Pete’s Tuscan Hibachi Grill who have remodeled to create environmentally- Parkland Premier Networking Alliance, Inc. (PNA) Mention Parkland Life & receive 20% OFF your sound bathrooms. Fast growing networking group designed to entire check from 4:30-6pm. 7341 N. State Rd. 7, receive & give business referrals. 1st & 3rd Mon. Bill Feinberg is a Parkland resident and the President of Parkland. ea/mo 5:30-7:30pm at Essen My Deli, Waterways Allied Kitchen and Bath, at 616 W. Oakland Park Blvd. Shoppes, 441 & Lockahatchee (2 blocks N. of in Ft. Lauderdale. Their new, 2-story, 15,000 squareKids & Teens On-going Hillsboro). Call Sally Seyss 954.253.5236. foot, state-of-the-art showroom features beautiful andChildren’s Cooking Classes $30 for 4-wks. Class held Shari’s Older Mom’s Club Moms 30+ w/child. Weekly luxurious kitchen and bath displays, closet systems, Mondays, 4-5pm. Ages 6-11. CS Rec. Complex on CS Dr. Call Enid Weinraub 954.255.9537. field trips & play groups Wed. AM. 954.242.2271/ home offices, plumbing, hardware, appliances and much more. With over 20 years experience in the industry,Parkland Robotics Engineering Club Robotics control w/ technical lectures, hands-on Single Women’s Club Single, widowed or divorced Feinberg’s company specializes in complete kitchen and experiences +! Boys & girls in HS welcome. females age 40-60 interested in forming bath remodeling as well as whole house renovations. Sat. 11am at 6223 NW 77th Terrace. Call Harvey friendship for fun, social events & get togethers. Allied can be reached at 954.564.1611 or by e-mail at Call Janice Barnett at 954.227.1351. or visit their website at Rudich at 954.346.7393. SoFla Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc. VolunteersOn-going Adults needed to serve on committees. 954.540.7373Adoption Program Ages 60+ may qualify for or email your name, phone number & area of lifeline discounted pet adoption fees at Bwd. Humane interest to: continued from page 99 Society. Pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated Westside Road Runners Club Member of the Road build resistance to the 23 most common types of & tattooed for ID. $35 dogs (reg. $90) & $20 Runner Clubs of America (RRCA). Meets regularly bacteria that lead to pneumonia. As with the flu for cats (reg. $75). 954.989.3977 or visit for fun runs, track workouts, races & social events. vaccine, the side effects are similar but less likely to occur. The common presentation of pneumonia Club For dates, times & locations call Dorothy is fever, cough with productive and discolored Writer’s Café Share poetry, novels, stories, memoirs Waxman at 954.290.8556. phlegm, chest pain and shortness of breath. It can & essays. Every Friday, 11am at the ParklandBusiness Network Int’l. Heron Bay/Parkland Chapter. usually be diagnosed with a chest x-ray and may Library, 6620 Univ. Dr. Registration required. Every Wed. 6:45am at TPC. $12. RSVP to Rick at require antibiotics. However, it is much better to 954.757.4200. 954.968.8424. Chess Tues., 6:30pm at 1703 St. Rd. Yoga for Art Lovers at the CS Museum of Art. Tues. prevent infection in the first place then have to treat 7 (LoneStar Plaza). www.coralspringschessclub. 8:30-10am, Sept.-May. Beginner to advanced! $8 it after the fact. Both of these vaccines are readily com Chris: 954.652.9049 / chris_goldthorpe@ per class or $75 for 10 classes. 2855 CS Dr, CS. Call available and easily obtained by your primary care 954.340.5000. physician. It is important that you as the patientCS Newcomers Social & community minded org. ask for and receive these life saving vaccines. for women in NW Broward. Don’t need to be Please be safe this holiday season and enjoy new to the area. Beth: 954.341.6974 / Carol: 954.796.0836. Got an event you’d like us to publicize? the festivities without a-chooing from the flu!CS/Parkland Road Runners Club Train, compete & Charitable/non-profit items for the January 2009 issue monthly socials. Visit must reach us by December 6. You may e-mail them Dr. Jason M. Goldman is a Board Certified InternistFla. Humane Society needs volunteers, ages 18+ to or fax them to 954.421.9125. and Fellow of the American College of Physicians, to help w/cats & dogs at PetSmart stores in CS Items with photographs may be mailed to: Parkland licensed in Florida and NY. He completed his training (4151 Turtle Creek Dr.) & Boca Raton (20861 SR Life Magazine, 4611 Johnson Road, Suite 3, Coconut at Jackson Memorial and has established a private 7). Donations needed. 954.570.9507. Creek, 33073-4361 (or e-mailed). Sorry, no phone practice in Coral Springs. Dr. Goldman is a nationalGroup Therapy w/ Dr. Amy Demner. Every Tues., info accepted. Need help? Call us 954.421.9797. speaker for genetic testing of breast, ovarian and 7-8pm. CS Professional Campus, Pre-register: Always call a sponsor or venue to verify information colon cancer. He can be contacted at 954.227.1234. 954.346.7066. listed before going.146 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • lifetimescontinued from page 34 December Holiday Happenings Resource GuideThru 12/15 - Giving Tree Event - City Hall in the Mall, 9293 W. Atlantic Blvd., CS.Marie Giacalone: 954.344.1834. See LifeTimes pg. 28 for full details.Thru 12/16 - Parkland’s Decked Out Holiday Home Contest - Entry forms or call 954.757.4120. See pg. 28.Thru 1/4/09 - Holiday Fantasy of Lights Drive-thru Display - 6–10pm atTradewinds Park. / 954.968.3885. See pg. 27.4 - Delray Beach’s Famous 100 ft. Tree Lighting - 5pm at Old School Square, 51N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach. 561.279.1380 x3. See pg. 30.4 - Winter Wonderland (thru 12/7). 6:30pm at the Waterways Shoppes in Parkland.Giovanni’s: 954.345.9285 / The Whale: 954.345.9190. See pg. 30.4 - Friends of Music Holiday House Wine & Food Fest - 7-10pm at the CS Centerfor the Arts, 2855 CS Dr. 954.753.3479 / 954.752.5620. See pg. 30.5 - 5th Annual ‘Tis the Season Event - 6-8pm at the Parkland Town Center.954.796.4911. See pg. 30.6 - Bonnet House Orchid Fair (also 12/7). 9am-4pm at the Bonnet House Museum& Gardens, 900 North Birch Rd. Ft. Laud. See pg. 31.7 - CS/Parkland Hadassah’s Holiday Boutique - 11am-3pm at the Township,2452 Lyons Rd., Coconut Creek. 954.752.9168 / 954.427.3976. See pg. 31.8 - Holiday Hors D’oeuvres w/ the Kosher Cuisine Club - 7:30-9pm at a home inParkland. $10. 954.540.1896 / See pg. 31.10 - Chamudot Chanukah Party - 7pm at the Parkland Library, 6620 UniversityDr., Parkland. 954.675.9121. See pg. 31.10 - 38th Annual Holiday Street Parade - 7:30pm on Fed. Hwy from SE 8th St,north to Mizner Park. Free. 561.393.7806 selection 2. See pg. 31.11 - Gifts for Readers Night - 6-9pm at the Parkland Library. 954.579.5880 / See pg. 32.11 - Camilla Day Spa’s Holiday Customer Appreciation Event - All day at thesalon located at the Coral Square Mall in CS. 954.753.1124. See pg. 32.11 - Maplewood Elementary’s Holiday Bazaar - 5-8pm at Maplewood ElementarySchool, 9850 Ramblewood Dr., CS. See pg. 32.12 - Bethlehem Revisited (thru 12/16). Behind the 1st United Methodist Church ofCS, 8650 W. Sample Rd. See pg. 32.13 - Downtown Delray Beach Holiday Parade - 6pm from Venetian Dr. west onAtlantic Ave. to the Courthouse. Free. 561.243.7277. See pg. 33.13 - Waterways Shoppes Funtastic Holidays Fest (also 12/14) - The WaterwaysShoppes at Heron Bay. See pg. 33.13 - Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade - “Rockin’ the Night Aweigh”begins in Ft. Laud. w/ millions of spectators. For more info and full schedule See pg. 33.16 - Music for Chanukah Concert - 7pm at Temple Sinai, 2475 W. Atlantic Ave.,Delray Beach. Free. 561.276.6161, ext. 15. See pg. 34.17 - Coral Springs Holiday Parade - 7pm on Sample Rd. from CS Dr. to City Hall.(Rain date: 12/18 at 7pm). 954.346.4430. See pg. 34.18 - Chanukah Celebration - 5-7pm at Congregation Kol Tikvah, 6750 UniversityDr., Parkland. $15/ adult & $10/ child. 954.346.7878. See pg. 34.20 - 32nd Annual Holiday Boat Parade - 6:30pm on the Intracoastal from the C-15Canal to the Hillsboro Blvd. Bridge Free. 561.393.7827. See pg. 34.20 - The Nutcracker Ballet - 7pm (also 12/21 at 3pm) at Township Center forPerforming Arts, 2452 Lyons Rd., Coconut Creek. $25. 954.537.4195. See pg. 34.25 - 6th Annual Mitzvah Day - 8:30-11:30am at Temple Beth Am Margate.954.345.2926 / 754.368.1878 / 954.255.1985. See pg. 34.25 - Hadassah Family Fun Day & Hanukkah Celebration - 12-3pm at theDavid Posnack Jewish Community Center, 5850 S. Pine Island Rd., See pg. 34.PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 147
    • Lisa Flickstein All you need to know about Real Estate... come browse our virtual tours Lisa Flickstein Top 1% of ALL Realtors Fine Homes Specialist 954.234.6535 Relocation Certified Prudential Florida Realty D E CE IC D R PE E DU0,000 PR HE SU LU RE $60 AS VA SLPARKLAND / PINE TREE ESTATES $2,195,000 PARKLAND / PINE TREE ESTATES $1,199,000 PARKLAND / CYPRESS HEAD $1,295,000TRUE MASTERPIECE NORTHERN STYLE & GRACE NEWER HOME ON ACREUltimate luxury 5 Br. Plus Media Rm., Office & Exercise Rare Opportunity, Sought after North PineTree. 5 Br. + Fabulous 5 Br. + Game Rm. + Office. Marble & WoodRm. Attention to detail, Marbles, Woods, Granites, Resort Game Room, Warm Wood Flrs. & Cabinets, Granite, Fire- Flrs., Granite, Fireplace, French Doors, Impact Windowsstyle Pool, Impact Glass, 4+ Car Garage, set on 1.5 Acres. place & French Drs. Expansive Patios & Pool on an acre. & Shutters. Scr. Htd. Pool, Huge Backyard, on Cul-de-sac. R ER D W NE ING LL TE NE G OW NC SE IVA OT TIN H IS A T L FIN MOPARKLAND / CYPRESS HEAD $1,250,000 PARKLAND / PARKLAND GOLF & CC $949,000 PARKLAND / PINE TREE ESTATES $925,000MAGNIFICENT ON LAKE PURE LUXURY STUNNING ACRE ESTATEExquisite & Elegantly Redone. 5 Br. 3 Car Gar. Marble & Amazing Expanded 5 Br. + Retreat / Media Rm. + Loft. Sought after North Pine Tree! Beautiful 5 Br. 4 1/2 Ba. PoolWood Flrs. Gourmet Kit., Dark Woods & Granite, Lux. Baths, Gleaming Marble, Wood, & Granite. Wide Water Views & Home. Features Volume Ceilings, Gourmet Kitchen W/Granite,Impact French Drs., Fireplace, Reduced $250,000. 3 Car Garage. Enjoy World Class Country Club. Fireplace, 3 Car Garage, Hurricane Shutters & More. D ED CE W UC DU5,000 NE ING ED RE $17 T R LISPARKLAND / TERNBRIDGE ESTATES $800,000 PARKLAND / CYPRESS HEAD $775,000 PARKLAND / TERNBRIDGE $695,000EXQUISITE QUALITY & DESIGN SOPHISTICATED STYLE WIDE WATER VIEWSBuilt in 2001! Marble Floors, Stone Fireplace, Crown Five Br. European Wood Kit., SS. Appl., Granite, Spa-like Almost a 1/2 Acre. 5 Br. 3 Ba. 3 Car Gar. Marble Flrs.,Moldings, Warm Woods & Granite. Smashing Pool & Spa W/ baths w/ Vessel sinks, Crown Moldings, Fireplace, Marble Outstanding Brand New Kit., Wood, Granite, Stainless Appl.,Waterfall & Fountain. 3 Car Garage & Shutters. Pool Deck. Fabulous Water Views on Acre. Crown Moldings. Scr. Pool & Spa W / Cobblestone Deck. ON ON ST A TI ATI BE ICE LOC L OC PR RE REPARKLAND / FOX RIDGE $595,000 PARKLAND / THE LANDINGS $500,000 PARKLAND / PARKLAND PLACE $400,000MOVE IN PERFECT PRICED TO FLY! HAVE IT ALL!Beautiful 5 Br. 3 Ba. Upgraded W/ Wood, Granite, Crown Spacious 4 Br. 2 1/2 Ba. W / Soaring Ceilings & New Warm Four Bedroom + Big Loft, Screened Htd. Pool, LargeMoldings & Stunning Built-Ins Throughout. Manicured Wood Cabinets & Granite in Kitchen & Baths. Lovely Fenced Backyard, Accordion Shutters & 3 Car Garage. PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008148Landscaping, Heated Pool & Spa, 3 Car Garage & Shutters. Screened Pool In Great Guard Gated Comm. W / Amenities. Great Gated Community w / Private Park.
    • photoops4 ’’1 2 3 ’’ Life isn’t measured by how many breaths you take, but rather how many moments take your breath away... 1. Oh Baby! Congrats to Life Pubs’ Nutrition Writer Pam 4 5 Ofstein & hubby David, of Whittier Oaks, on new arrival Allison Brooke; born Friday Oct. 24 at 6 lbs. 8 oz. Pictured (L-R) with Big Sis Lauren & Big Bro Blake. 2. Incredible. Skaters from The Panthers skating club of Incredible Ice in CS who range in age from 11-14 recently went to Philadelphia for the So. Atlantic Qualifying Competition, which qualifies skaters to go on to US Figure Skating National Championships. 3. Birthday Boy. Chris & Nancy Boulahanis of Parkland wished their son Christopher a Happy 1st Birthday. “We love you,” said mommy and daddy! 4. Cattitude. Life Pubs’ Account Exec Lynn Goldberg & husband Lenny couldn’t coax 6-year-old Q.P. to participate in their Halloween festivities. Only half his biker costume 6 7 remained after he kicked off his helmet & glasses. 5-6. We Are the Champions. Award-winning Evolution Martial Arts of Parkland had lots to celebrate. 5. Evolution Martial Arts received the ’08 Martial Arts Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year & Silver Lifetime Achievement Awards. (L-R): Norberto Mancera, Tony Braun, Maryam Braun, & Luis Gonzales. 6. Tournament Winners show off their trophies & medals … That’s a Lot of Bling! 7. High Heel Hike. The Lee family of Parkland, pictured in the front row, among their family & friends at the recent ‘08 High Heel Hike in Ft. Laud. in support of Breast Cancer, Lisa & her family. (L-R): Lisa, Zachary, Alison & Jeff Lee. 8. Brainiacs. 5 students from St. Andrew Catholic School 10 along with Middle School Grammar Teacher Sara Graffeo, participated in the Cardinal Gibbons HS Brain Brawl. Students took 1st place competing in subject areas of Math, History, Science, Literature & Current Events. (L-R): Sara Graffeo, Alejandro Serrano, Nicole Claros, Maggie Swerdloff, Emily Wargo & Roger Yee. 8 9-10. Art in the Heart of Parkland. The Coral Springs Artist Guild & the Gard Gallery in Parkland Town Center 9 held a beautiful Art Exhibit recently attended by members of the Guild & invited guests. 9. Founder of CSAG Eleanor Richter, Elizabeth Gard, & Candice Childry, CSAG Vice President. 10. Lauriane MacDonald, CS Artist Guild President with Gard Gallery owner Elizabeth Gard.18 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • A Home For The Holidays!!!malecall by greg budellA ll right. I confess. ethnically diverse community I have ever lived in, a perfect credit score; I had to jump through every Don’t blame Barney Frank or Chris Dodd or and sits adjacent to one of America’s largest (and hoop to get done at 10.375 percent. I might still own ACORN. most beautiful) municipal parks — The Alabama that house had the numbers been different in those This housing crisis is my fault. Shakespeare (I know, I know, oxymoron) Park. I pass days. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t it every morning on my seven minute drive to the Right after I closed, it hit the fan. The news brokebought a house earlier this year. Yes, I — bankrupt and radio station. about America’s mortgage crisis. Don’t believe any offoreclosed on 10 years ago (before it was fashionable) My little piece of heaven is called Bellwood West that stuff about high-risk loans gone bad.— am once again a homeowner. (they are lobbying to change it to Bellvue since my It was me. I am a one man curse on the I owe it all to a Publix cake. presence here became known). I know the names financial markets. Just look at my history of money One Sunday morning, I’d gone to my Publix and of my neighbors. We look out for each other. Since management (mangle-ment!).walked past the bakery where I spotted a stunning Maxwell Air Force Base is located in Montgomery, In the ,80s, during the stock market’s gloriousred velvet cake perched on the refrigerator shelf. My there are lots of military — active and retired — leverage-buying days, I bought 3,200 dollars worthfriend Chris loves red velvet cake. In a chipper mood, living here. of stock in Continental Airlines at $16 a share —I decided to do a red velvet cake drive-by for her. And I am surrounded by some really cool seniors, who 1,200 of that being a loan. Just a few weeks later, Iso I did. I drove to her house and with the stealth of tell spellbinding stories of the south and its difficult received a check for $54 — all that was left when thean accomplished cat burglar placed the RVC on the past. In addition to the AARP contingent, we have a stock dropped and I bailed to pay off the money Idecorative table near her front door. It was a chilly large ARF population too — small dogs everywhere didn’t have to buy the stock to begin with.morning so there were no spoilage dangers. I drove so Hershey has lots of pals. Alabama is a very green In the ,90s, when I was flush, some telemarketeraway feeling good about doing something nice for state, and we’re surrounded by robust trees that date convinced me to buy $5,000 worth of gold stock.someone I like very much. back to the Civil War, creating a verdant “skyline.” It wasn’t leveraged, but the gold market collapsed Then it happened. Back to the “funsies.” In head-spinning time, the anyway. There was a silver lining in my gold disaster As I drove into the cul-de-sac at the end of Chris’s realtor had me closing on a 10-year-old 3/2 in the — I only lost $2,500 on that investment!street to turn around and exit, I saw a FOR SALE sign same cul-de-sac — complete with a fireplace, Roman Things got worse through the ’90s (whenin front of one of the houses. I was curious to see what tub and a nice sized lot. It was a total upgrade from everyone else seemed to be prospering) and soon, Ihomes in her area were selling for so I jotted down the the rental house with fresh paint, Italian tile and new couldn’t put money into a parking’s name and number and went home. carpet to spill on. Even the roof was new! I have again taken the plunge, and sure enough, Later that day, I called the realtor and learned My credit score was just good enough — and almost immediately after closing, home prices tookthe house was on the market for 170,000 dollars. In I became one of those 100% no-money-down the plunge, too. It’s no coincidence, friends. MyMontgomery, Alabama, that’s higher end stuff. 170K homeowners. timing just plain stinks! I swear, even the last fullgets you a sizable 3/2 on a ¼ acre lot. More than I Property taxes? About $830 a year. You 4-digit tank of gas I invested in brought the price of oilneeded, really. South Floridians read that correctly. Complete, full plummeting down. Since two neighbors in my cul-de-sac, where I had coverage insurance? About the same. You read that You can thank me for that one.been happily renting for three years, had just put their correctly too. As a public service, I will let you know if I dohouses up for sale I asked the realtor about them — I did have some remorse at closing. My loan came anything else involving money. That way, if you’rejust for “funsies.” in at 5.38 percent. It struck me how much home invested in the same stock or fund, you can get I do love my neighborhood. It is the most buying had changed. In 1990, earning 200K with yours out before it evaporates under the Greg Budell spell. Meanwhile, at least I have my very own house to decorate this Christmas, complete with a real chimney for Santa! He, like me, will have no trouble getting into this house. It was a piece of cake. Greg Budell is a 25 year veteran of South Florida radio and has currently joined the BBC (Bluewater Broadcasting Corp.) and works for a group of radio stations in Montgomery, Alabama, Monday-Friday. He commutes back to SoFla on weekends to see his daughter, Janelle, and “son,” Zeus. He plans to launch his “Dysfunction Junktion” talk/music show with this company. You can reach him at: PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • The Gift that Keeps On Giftingthewayiseeit Re-Gifting: It CAN Happen to You by richard j. schellbachI t has probably happened to all of us at one time or another. We’ve opened a beautifully wrapped box to find a sweater 12 sizes too small or at-shirt brandishing a slogan that went out duringthe Eisenhower Administration. My friends, these Anyway, after downing enough schnapps to make them smell like air fresheners, Zeke and whatever her name is leave. On the way out, you thank them profusely and tell them that they shouldn’t have. You mean every word of it.were not thoughtful gifts given by well-meaning Two weeks later, you suddenly remember thatloved ones. They were not the results of slight style you’ve got to stop off at your buddy’s house to drinkmiscalculations. No, sadly, the gifts that now lay some nog and toast in the New Year. To your horror,open before you were given to you by ne’er-do-wells you realize that you haven’t been to visit since theywith agendas. Yup, these people are called re-gifters bought the new place and you really should bringand what they participate in is the holiday season’s a housewarming gift. That’s when you rememberdirty little secret. the coffee mugs. With no time to spare, you wrap Re-gifting is the age-old practice of taking a the mugs and fill out a gift tag. All the while, yougift someone has given you, that you didn’t like, try with the whole of your mental mite to come up want to tell the person who gave it to me becauserewrapping it and giving it to someone else. Why on with a reason, any reason, to link your pal to Bob they were so excited to have found it in the firstEarth would anyone ever give away a treasured gift Marley and, therefore, justify the gift. Thinking back, place. A few months later, I gave the book — still into someone else, you ask? They wouldn’t. Far from there was that one karaoke night he got drunk and the shrink-wrap — to a friend who loves old horrortreasured, re-gifted gifts are those gifts that, for belched out a slurred version of “I Shot the Sheriff.” movies; especially Lugosi’s vampire movies. I had nothe life of you, you can’t understand why you got. Close enough, you decide, and race off to your problem with that because everybody wins. It’s aThey include, but are not limited to, the housecoat buddy’s new home. book I would have purchased myself for that friendwith the deer-by-a-lake mural embroidered on the When you arrive, you hand the gift to your buddy of mine and the person who bought it for me neverback in red, the singing flounder fishing trophy, and suggest he opens it later … much later. Not knew he gave me a book I already owned. No harm,anything in the shape of Elvis, the can opener that wanting to insult you, your pal begins to unwrap no foul. But, believe you me, those instances are few“hiccups” each time you open a beer, any necktie the gift in front of you. Your stomach knots up as and far between.with flamingos on it, the leaded crystal butter dish your buddy and his wife realize what you have just Oh, and before you start writing me letters thatthat you assume is leaded because it weighs 48 palmed off on them. They both fake smiles as you contain endless clichés like, “it’s the thought thatpounds, any DVD that contains the “unique comedy explain the drunken attempt at “I Shot the Sheriff.” counts,” don’t bother wasting your time. I’m not thestylings” of Pauly Shore … you get the idea. Stuff you Just about half way through the story, it hits you bad guy here. Talk to me about the “magic of giving,”don’t want. that your buddy’s wife thought he was working when you’re listening to a plastic halibut sing “When Anyway, allow me to give you a completely late that evening and had no idea about karaoke The Saints Come Marching In.” Or tell me if thehypothetical example of how re-gifting can go night. The room takes on an uncomfortable tone, thought counts when you’re forced to put out yourhorribly awry: so thick you could cut it with the razor you should Donny and Marie salt and pepper shakers because Uncle Zeke and his new wife, whatever her name be using on your own wrists right about now. But the aunt who gave them to you is coming for holidayis, decide to stop in to drop off our … uh … I mean nothing compares to the discomfort felt when that dinner. That is, if you haven’t already given them toyour holiday gift and grab a peppermint schnapps small piece of paper falls from the coffee mug box someone else.on the way to her mother’s place for dinner. As they and lands face up, at your buddy’s feet. It’s a gift tag. Happy Holidays to all.arrive, you give Zeke the only gift you know he has One that reads; To Rich and Eileen, Happy Holidays!any use for; a bottle of gin — the good stuff, not Love Uncle Zeke and Bambi. (Oh, that’s her name!) Richard J. Schellbach has been a resident of FL sincethe lower-end gin with the free Bic pen offer on the Mere seconds later, the final nail is pounded into 1988. His TV writing credits include: “Are You Afraidback label. Zeke’s wife, whatever her name is, hands the proverbial coffin when a second piece of paper Of The Dark?” for Nickelodeon, “Chris-Cross” foryou a gift, tastefully wrapped in baby shower paper. falls from the coffee mug box and lands face up, at Showtime, “ALF-Tales” & “SpaceCats” for NBC & theEveryone sits, and after much insisting on their part, your buddy’s feet. It too is a gift tag. This one reads; nationally syndicated children’s series, “The Kid’s Café.”you open the gift in front of Zeke and what’s-her- To Zeke and Bambi, I hope you two will always be as He has had 2 humor books published by Macmillanname. Wow, it’s a set of coffee mugs adorned with happy as you are on this glorious day. Love Cletus. Publishing; has served as Writer for Sci-Fi Entertainmentartist depictions of the life of Reggae legend Bob Now, I readily admit that there are times when re- Magazine, as Head Writer/ Contributing Editor for ALFMarley! You’re in shock. You’re speechless. You’re gifting is acceptable. Because I’m a horror nut, one Magazine and P3 Magazine, and as Managing Editorsecretly wondering what you’ve ever done to deserve year someone gave me a beautiful book on the life for the Ft. Lauderdale-based national video magazine,this tripe and, more importantly, how to get rid of it. of Bela Lugosi. It was a book I already had but I didn’t Entertainment Retailing Industry.22 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • POSTMARKTalking Turkey such high quality. Lisa (Ponczek) did a wonderful job publications’ readership — and more surprisingly,Hi Mindi, on the text and made going through the interview they were men! I really believed your readership was I just read your November article and I am still process a relaxing event. I was pleased to have had heavily female skewed but it seems not so.laughing — I don’t think there is a woman out there the opportunity to showcase my designers’ work. Further, I wanted to express my appreciationwho has not experienced the “Bellagio Fountain” Thank you again. for how Mr. Arnold Eisenberg has become a goodeffect at least once when preparing a turkey. The Regards, business partner to the Club. He brought threerest of the happenings, from the CSI giblet scene Kathleen Marshall potential new golf members to our facility andto Hank’s deadpan expression were priceless. I was Grand Cypress Estates attended our Ribbon Cutting ceremony featuringfeeling a bit blue as the holiday season approaches Congressman Wexler as the Master of Ceremonies,and then I read your article and my spirits definitely Your designer Adobe Interiors truly did such an unveiling the $1.5 million renovations to our facility.lifted. amazing job, Lisa said she was literally transported It is media partnerships like these that we seek and Best regards, to the shore. The great “vibe” your house has makes for which we are very appreciative! Lynne Fenoglio us want to show up and vacation when the stress of Kind Regards, Realtor, Coldwell Banker and Parkland resident publishing makes us nuts. Thank you for giving our Dave Shinnebarger readers such a beautiful peek at your lovely home! Director, Marketing and SalesMy black-and-blues are finally mending! From the — MFR. Boca Lago Country ClubRudan “cat house” to yours, hope we brightenedyour holidays! — MFR. A Great Partnership No matter the trouncing we get from our competitors To the Editor: who give every reason for people not to dare evenHouse Beautiful Our first flight of advertising has just broken in try us, those brave enough to not fear the impliedDear Mindi and Lisa, two of your publications — Boca Delray Life and repercussions find out something amazing! We are Thank you so much for featuring our home in Parkland Life, October editions. We were quite just a wonderful, reliable publication readers loveyour publication this past October (Elegant Voyeur, pleased with the quality of your book and our and patronize! And what is so eye-popping to someSeaside Chic in Grand Cypress Estates). We were advertising’s look and feel. We were more pleased advertisers is that yes indeed, BOTH men AND womenvery pleased with the outcome and found the with the immediate responses we received — I read it. I do so many charitable events, and at everyreproduction of the photographs to be true and of have three new sales leads as a direct effect of your one MEN AND WOMEN come up to me and tell mePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 23
    • POSTMARKhow they love the magazine and each one reads it. prefer a company who has helped businesses through do the count and then present it to us. It’s difficult toWhile others blind you with media-granted canned this before? We so thank you for letting people know know where to begin to thank you for this event. Wecelebrity interviews and cover shot (that by the way are we are not boogy-men, but rather, a company of are all very happily exhausted tonight and so veryidentical to the same interview and shots that appear professionals (but fun ones) who have the creativity grateful to you for all your hundreds of publications across the country and can and marketing savvy to perform in the way you expect Again, thank you and big meows,be had by simply requesting it from the celebrity’s PR them to. No smoke-screens! Thank you for trusting us! Amy, Cindy and Bethfirm) we CHOOSE to focus on our own area’s triumphs. — MFR. Feline FriendsWe prefer to highlight the child that won the spellingbee, the class of students who send goody boxes to Fun Run This year we chose to support your wonderfulour troops, the shelter desperately trying to save the Dear Mindi and Hank, organization, to support the Alzheimer Foundationflood of recently abandoned animals. WE EVEN GOT First let me say that you were very much missed and be the media sponsor of the fabulous HolidayTHE DOG WHO WAS SHOT TWICE A HOME RECENTLY!! today at the run [Patrón & NW Broward Road Fantasy of Lights at Tradewinds Park in CC, TheFamily and our family life is OUR focus and always Runners 5K Run/Walk on Nov. 2 to benefit Feline Leukemia Society’s Moonlight and Martini’s and sohas been. Sure we go to the galas and run the shots Friends]. It was so awesome I don’t know where many others. That’s what makes doing what we do soof the people responsible for raising the funds, but to begin. We met with Alan (the head of the NWB (at the risk of being corny) rewarding! We get to play aour magazines have always also thought our lives are Road Runners) on Thursday at Tradewinds Park to significant role in so many wonderful endeavors! Ourmulti-faceted and we love the voice we have developed get the lay of the land and see where we would be pleasure, and the Patrón Spirit Company; aren’t theyand the relationship we have with our readers. In these setting up. He also gave us the adorable t-shirts from wonderful? Generous and community-minded, theychallenging times most advertisers couldn’t care Patrón. Today, Sunday, we all got there in the dark are THE best! — MFR.less what celebrities are up to, they are much more — around 5:30am. (Thank goodness for the timeconcerned with getting customers through the door, change and that extra hour of sleep.) We set up the More Kind Wordsand no one, NO ONE does that better, more reliably tables with the shirts, photo albums of the kitties Debby (Gold, Advertising Account Manager),AND MORE PROFESSIONALLY THAN WE DO. With 23 and a great portable DVD player with videos of the Just a few words to let you know that thisyears of helping people grow their businesses in good cats at the shelter. There was music, beautiful blue October issue was marvelous, even the front pagetimes and tough times too, as an advertiser would you skies, delicious goodies and great enthusiasm. We art was amazing ... I am very sorry that we could notgo to a surgeon who just got their scalpel or would you don’t know how much was collected as Patrón will advertise in this issue, but things are tight ... but we Discover the Very Best of Alaska with P rincess 7 night Alaska cruise from $699 based on Golden Princess 5/10/09 10 night Alaska Cruisetour from $1,499 based on Sapphire Princess Book your cruise between 12/1 - 12/14 and receive a reduced deposit of only $ 100 per person and receive a coupon book worth $120 per person 3111 University Dr., Suite 103, Coral Springs, FL Phone: 954.752.2430 Toll Free: 800.972.2010 *All itineraries are current at the time of printing and subject to change without notice. Certain restrictions may apply. ©2008 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Ships registered in the Bahamas. All images of Oasis of the SeasSM are artistic renderings and reflect proposed design and layout. Design and layout are subject to change without notice.©2008 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Ships registered in the Bahamas. 08013350 • 11/12/200824 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • need to say great job! Congratulations! staff should be on call to explain this ad to the young are self-conscious that they can no longer function Regards, readers who pick up and flip to this ad. as before or embarrassed by stress incontinence. Gina Torres Disappointed to say the least, LVR empowers women allowing them to feel normal Garden of Beads Cheryl Cleary again. We see young women suffer from pinching or Parkland resident with children discomfort from excess skin. DLV corrects this problem.I hope you do not mind, Deb forwarded this to me. As an OB/GYN physician I found that most womenYou are so kind and so wonderful to take the time to I went to the source to explain the ad. I think if you see were unaware that these procedures even exist. Theysay this. This issue made us cry for 20 of the 25 days the doctor’s sensitive answer, you may feel differently. have made big differences in people’s lives and iswe were putting it together, but judging by how many I always feel everyone has the right to express their therefore relevant and pertinent to the readership ofletters, notes and women who wrote in swearing they opinion, whether it is good or not. However, the only this magazine. — Mark N. Scheinberg, M.D.made their mammo appointment, it was worth the thing I take slight exception to is that we are selling adsdark circles and big, red, Rudolf nose! Be well. — MFR. to fill up the magazine. We could easily be 200 pages Hadassah Thanks You even in this economy if we sold-out like many others Thank you for always supporting our organizationOffensive Material? do. We do not tell our advertisers that “we will beat and placing our articles in your wonderful magazine. Our I am a usual reader of the Parkland Life magazine anyone’s prices,” as one of our competitors do. We do chapter is 7 years old and we have close to 400 membershowever, I will not be so quick to pick up the magazine not belong to any barter organizations the way almost which is mainly due to the exposure we get from youranymore after seeing one of your recent full page all our competitors do. We still believe in integrity, magazine and others that care about our charity work. Iads on page 69 — Cosmetic Laser Gynecology. and do not take every ad offered to us. This one, while also want to thank Shari Glatter who is so pleasant and isWhat were you thinking by putting an ad like this maybe not a subject anyone wants to discuss, is not my contact person for the placing of the articles. We lovein a Parkland magazine that families read? It is too offensive to us . I apologize if you think it is. — MFR. your magazine and read it cover to cover every month.graphic and totally inappropriate for a magazine of Ronit Pollackthis type. Selling an ad is one thing, but selling just Our ad tastefully shows a woman emerging from a PR for Coral Springs/any ad to fill up a magazine is another thing. Is this flower. It offers to women who have one, two or more Parkland Hadassahwhat you think of as “Celebrating the Pleasures of children the opportunity to repair damage resultingToday’s Sophisticated Family Lifestyle?" Perhaps your from childbirth or hereditary defects. Many women Youre most welcome! — MFR.PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 25
    • POSTMARKSuper Savings or Super Hassle? site originally in a national magazine: Allure or Marie thank you for your kind and sensitive nature. You areHi, Claire — one of them had a listing of sites to find free truly an example to us all in your untiring endeavor You had an article in the July issue I believe on merchandise by only paying shipping and handling. to bring our communities together and relevanta deal with a website that sold silver jewelry for I’m sorry that you had problems with it and hope topics to our attention.“free” and you paid shipping only (Super Savings, you’ve been able to resolve the issue but our experience Always,July 2008 issue). We checked it out, sounded great, was not the same. Thanks for letting us know though. With respect and love,kept checking for an item we wanted, and made — Kristan Bond, Associate Editor Ellen Ernest-Jonesour order. Just want you to know, we got an item Coral Springs— not anything like what we ordered, we emailed Hi Kristan,the company numerous times with no response. Thanks for getting back to me. I did finally get thru Ellen, the only difference when you were first lady ofJust so you know, this online seller is a fraud so far. to the company, they said they would be sending out Coral Springs and Rhon was Mayor was that I got toAfter some searching, found a phone number and a the right item. We’ll see what happens. I guess this stuff happens every so often. see you more. You have always been so generous withcouple other email addresses to try. Just a note you should take that article out and Thanks! your words and kindnesses. Thank you, again! — MFR.not recommend them anymore. I realize it was a Shari Markowitz$6.95 chance, it just turned into a headache. What’s on your mind? FYI! Thanks! From the Heart Got something to say? Send your thoughts Shari Markowitz Darling Mindi, & comments about the magazine, Parkland or Boca Raton I love reading your monthly column. As you know, sharing a background in English Literature, we have future stories to: Letters to the Editor, Parkland LifeHi Shari, repeatedly acknowledged our profound respect for Magazine, 4611 Johnson Road, Suite 3, Coconut It was actually my cousin who told me about the eloquence and articulacy. Having said that, I just Creek, FL 33073-4361 fax: 954.421.9125 or e-mailsite and she and three people in the building that she wanted to say how moved I was by your October All items must be signed tolives in all ordered jewelry and received items they love issue and in particular, your words. Sensitive and be published and are subject to editingwith no problems. And she said she read about the inspiring as ever, I salute you for your work and for space and clarity.26 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • lifetimesby maritere taveras Looking for some fun family events this holiday season? Look no further than Life Publications’ handydandy Holiday Happenings Guide! From awesome shopping events to parades, light displays and skatingrinks, your calendar will be packed all month with spectacular events to get you in the spirit! Holiday Fantasy of Lights is Back! — Nov. 20-Jan. 4 By Kristan Bond after taking last year off, it’s back and better than ever! This community favorite has If you are looking to get in the holiday spirit, attracted more than three million visitors in the past decade. It all started in 1994 a short drive to Coconut Creek might just when Bob Harbin, Director of Broward County Parks & Recreation, contacted pint- be what the God of Christmases past had in sized dynamo Joyce Karney, who was then Executive Director of Horses and the mind. It takes the crew more than two months Handicapped, which is housed in Tradewinds Park. Bob wanted to start a holiday and 8,000 hours of manpower to transform event to be held at Tradewinds Park. After much planning, the Holiday Fantasy a green landscape into a twinkling winter of Lights was born, and in just a few years the route doubled in size and a 5K run and wonderland using 160,000 feet of extension family bike ride were added. In 1999, Joyce began working with the Alzheimer’scords and electrical cable and approximately 140 lighted trees and 85 out-of- Family Center and thought she had left her “brainchild” behind. But after Horsesthis-world light displays. Sound like a North Pole fairy tale? Nope, it’s the Holiday and the Handicapped had declined to continue with the event, Broward CountyFantasy of Lights Drive-Thru Light Show at Tradewinds Park in Coconut Creek and continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 27
    • lifetimes continued from previous page Parks & Recreation contacted Karney (more like stalked her) and the Alzheimer’s Family Center has been part of the coordination since that time. But after 2005’s Hurricane Wilma made the beloved event impossible, and a reduced capacity in 2006 due to the damage that was caused the prior year, the County declared an end to the event due to funding cutbacks and personnel layoffs. But a little bump in the road couldn’t stop the people who had been organizing this event since day one. Joyce, along with the Alzheimer’s Family Center, and Brandano Displays, the company that has supplied the light displays for the past 15 years are bringing it back this year! The County participated by coordinating the bike ride and 5K run. And their friends at LIFE PUBLICATIONS who can never say no to helping a great event, were drafted, the show will go on! So through January 4, LET THERE BE LIGHT! You, your friends and family will once again have a chance to drive through this close-by park (3600 Sample Rd. in Coconut Creek) and enjoy the winter wonderland of lights. Held from 6-10pm nightly, the Center is seeking volunteers support to assist with collecting gate admission, greeting guests, traffic control and general help. You may volunteer for one night or every night! An adult must accompany volunteers under the age of 18 years. If you’d like to participate, call the Center’s office at 954.971.7155. Event sponsors are also needed. An illuminated wooden display sign is produced, at no cost to the sponsor. Name and logo is included and it is installed in front of the light display of the sponsor’s choice. For more information on the Holiday Fantasy of Lights, visit or call the hotline at 954.968.3885. Decked Out Parkland Holiday Home Contest If you live in Parkland and you “Deck Out” the exterior of your home for the Holidays, then the Decked Out Home Committee is looking for you! Entry forms and instructions can be printed from the City’s website at www. and must be submitted by Dec. 16 at 5pm. Judges will visit selected homes between 7pm and 9:30pm on Dec. 22. The 2007 Home Decorating Contest winner: the Ray Pagano family. The winner will receive dinner for four at The Whale Raw Bar and Fish House Restaurant located in the Waterways Shoppes, 7619 North State Rd. 7. Call Colleen O’Dea, Special Events Coordinator, at 954.757.4120 or e-mail for more info. Help Animals this Holiday Season! After your mega shot of Thanksgiving tryptiphan, show the animals at the Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital how much you care this holiday season by donating some of the items they so desperately need. Bird seed: all types (wild bird, parrot, cockatiel, finch, etc.); nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts etc.) or peanuts (unsalted in shells); cat or dog food (dry or canned); hay, alfalfa, kitty litter, aspen shavings; ferret, rabbit, turtle, skunk & mouse food; hand feeding formula (Exact, Lafeber, KMR, Esbilac); paper towels, heavy duty large garbage bags, paper plates, bleach, Dawn dish detergent, laundry detergent; gift cards to Home Depot, Lowes, Publix, Wal-Mart, pet stores, etc.; buckets, shovels, rakes, wheel barrow, gardening equipment, mulch, pavers, stepping stones, sand, gravel & clean fill tools (hand & power) saws, hammers, drills, nails, screws; funds to purchase medical supplies & pharmaceuticals. The Center is a private, non-profit organization, which provides environmental education and care for injured, sick and orphaned native wild birds, & animals. The center does not receive any state, county or city funding and must rely on donations to fulfill their mission. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. All gifts can be dropped off at the Center at Sportsplex Park, 3000 Sportsplex Dr., Coral Springs. Call 954.752.WILD (9453) for details. CS Giving Tree Event Through Dec. 15 at City Hall in the Mall, 9293 W. Atlantic Blvd., CS. Drop off donations of nonperishable food, toys and money for less-fortunate families in our community. For info call Marie Giacalone at 954.344.1834.28 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • lifetimes Wrap Up the Holiday for a Foster Child Got Kids? Great Gift IdeasSOS Children’s Village — FL From Learning Expressis partnering with the newPromenade at CC this holiday Looking for the perfect gift for the young ones on your list? Learning Expressseason, with the grand opening neighborhood toy store, sells educational toys that promote learning and theof their first Holiday Gift-Wrap importance of play and offers some of their favorites this holiday season. The worldStation sponsored by the is a big place, but kids can see it all from home with the Smart Globe, an InternetKiwanis Club of Deerfield Beach. ready globe where you can download free weekly updates for one year! IncludedFriends and volunteers of the is a 24-page interactive book, USA rollout map, learning categories, six games andlocal foster care neighborhood will be volunteering to help raise money to a smart pen.continue providing healing, hope, and home to the 70 boys and girls who Kids will have a reason to get outside and get some exercise with the Ezy Roller,live at SOS and the more than 60 young adults who grew up in the Village a riding machine with no pedals, noand are still part of the SOS family. chains and no batteries, but insteadThe gift-wrap station will operate until Christmas Eve offering store patrons uses easy alternating leg movementsgift-wrapping, holiday cards, and the opportunity to adopt SOS Angels, which to propel your child silently along.fulfill the holiday wishes of SOS foster children. Station hours are weekdays from From playhouses and kitchens, to6–9pm and all day Sat. and Sun. For more info, call 954.420.5030. Volunteers battery operated plush pets andregistered with Volunteer Broward can sign up at www.volunteerbroward. personalized CDs where kids will hearorg. To volunteer or make a donation to help an SOS child build a brighter their name 50 times throughout thefuture, call 954.420.5030 or visit entire CD, you’re sure to find a fun and creative gift! And best of all, receive Emmanuel — The Story of Christmas $7 OFF any purchase of $35 or more Dec. 3 at 7pm at St. Andrew Catholic Church in Coral Springs. when you mention Parkland Life Performed by Singer/Songwriter Tajci, a former pop music (exp. 12/31). Happy shopping! superstar in Communist Central Europe who fled to the United Learning Express has two convenient States and now performs in churches across America; backed locations: 6240 Coral Ridge Dr., Coral by electronic instrumentalist Denny Bouchard and cellist Springs (954.345.1745) and 4425 Lyons CS’ Learning Express Manager Larissa Fedoryka. For additional info, email Shelly Nicholl at Rd, Coconut Creek (954.773.8509). Brigette Federighe & Rhonda Perez continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 29
    • lifetimes continued from previous page Delray Beach’s Famous 100 ft. Tree Lighting Dec. 4 at 5pm at Old School Square, 51 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach. Be there or be Bah Hambug! Fun and festive event for the whole family with entertainment, a visit from Santa and the lighting of the most festive tree in our area. Kinda like a tropical Rockerfeller Center. Call 561.279.1380 x3. Friends of Music Holiday House Wine & Food Fest Dec. 4 from 7-10pm at the CS Center for the Arts, 2855 CS Dr. Live music, wines and foods from local restaurants, gift boutique, raffles, silent auction, table top Christmas trees for sale decorated by local civic groups, & handmade crafts by the CS Craft Guild. This is such a warm, lovely evening that will surely get anyone in the holiday spirit! Admission: $40 in advance; $50 at the door; special pricing available for participating civic groups. Benefits Friends of Music and local school music programs. Call Roseann Birch at 954.753.3479; or Linda Hanson at 954.752.5620. Four Chamber Networking Party During “Winter Wonderland Weekend” Giovanni’s Coal Fire Pizza and The Whale Raw Bar and Fish House, located at The Waterways Shoppes of Parkland on 441, are hosting a Four Chamber Networking Party on Friday, Dec. 5 from 5:30-7pm, part of their weekend long “Winter Wonderland” celebration. Join members and guests from the Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Parkland & West Boca Chambers of Commerce in the Courtyard between The Whale Raw Bar & Giovanni’s for hors d’oeuvres provided by both restaurants and live entertainment. Chamber MEMBERS who bring a new unwrapped toy to be donated to the Toys in the Sun Run will receive their first drink FREE! The skating rink will be open for children during this event and a beautiful tree will be lit to get everyone in the spirit! For more info on the event, e-mail Many other great events will take place during the Winter Wonderland Weekend at the Waterways Shoppes. The event kicks off on Dec. 4 at 6:30pm with the ribbon cutting for the skating rink. The fun continues through the night with a tree lighting ceremony and real snow flurries. Ice skating with DJ music continues on Friday from 6-10pm. On Saturday from 12-3pm there’s a photo op for the little ones with Santa or the Hanukah Bear. The skating rink will be open from 12-4pm and the party rolls into the night with more skating from 6–10pm and a spectacular fireworks display at 9pm. The holiday celebration will finish Sunday afternoon with carnival rides and more skating to DJ music from 1–5pm. The cost for skating and DJ entertainment is only $3 per skater which includes skate rental! Sunday’s carnival rides are $10 for unlimited fun. Toys will be collected all weekend to be donated for the Toys in the Sun run. The Waterways Shoppes of Parkland is located north of Hillsboro Blvd., on the west side of 441. For more info contact Giovanni’s at 954.345.9285 or The Whale at 954.345.9190. 5th Annual ‘Tis the Season at Parkland Town Center — Dec. 5 Celebrate the holidays with friends and family at the Parkland Town Center for Parkland’s annual ’Tis the Season event on December 5 from 6-8pm. Enjoy arts, crafts, face painting, and live performances by Evolution Martial Arts, the Parkland Big Band and Parkland elementary school carolers! Bring a toy which will be donated to Toys for Tots and help make the holidays special for those in need. There’ll also be an awesome scavenger hunt and a chance to get a picture taken with Santa and the Hanukah Honey Bear!! This year’s essay topic was “If you could help somebody, who would it be and why?” The winner will be announced at the event Dec. 5 and all essays will be on display. $100 will be donated to a charity based on the winner’s essay. Contact Maryam Braun at 954.796.4911 for more info.30 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • lifetimes Bonnet House Orchid Fair Dec. 6 & 7 from 9am-4pm both days at the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, 900 N. Birch Rd. Ft. Laud. A drop-dead gorgeous display of exotic orchids, companion plants and accessories for sale, plus lectures, a book signing by authorand orchid guru Martin Motes, self-guided house tours(decorated for the holidays) and more. Free parkingand a minimal entry fee (which includes a groundspass). Visit for info. CS/Parkland Hadassah’s Holiday Boutique ExtravaganzaDec. 7 from 11am-3pm in the Ballroom at the Township,2452 Lyons Rd., Coconut Creek. Vendors with all kindsof goods, refreshments, raffle prizes, & a used book salebenefitting Hadassah. A lot of fun! Call Rhonda Salowitzat 954.752.9168 or Cheryl Cotler at 954.427.3976 for info. Holiday Hors D’oeuvres with the Kosher Cuisine ClubDec. 8 sounds delicious especially from 7:30-9pm whenthe Kosher Cuisine Club will be hosting its very ownHoliday Party at a special Parkland home. The creativehostess will be showing unusual ways to decorate thetable, napkin folding and create themes for your dinnerparty. There will also be hors d’oeuvres to taste andthree ladies from the group will show us how they madetheir culinary art! A $10 donation will go to Chabad ofParkland’s children library. RSVP to Sharon Phillips at954.540.1896 or Chamudot Chanukah Party Dec. 10 at 7pm at the Parkland Library, 6620 University Dr., Parkland. Adults are invited to bring a $10 gift for the gift exchange (no gift cards please),join in a fun-filled game of Pictionary, and enjoy pizzawith other Chanukah delights! A vendor will be sellingpurses for your holiday shopping needs. Admission isfree for those who bring a donation for the children ofJAFCO; $5 all others. Call 954.675.9121 for more info. 38th Annual Holiday Street ParadeDec. 10 at 7:30pm on Federal Highway from SE 8thSt., north to Mizner Park. This year’s theme is “DreamOn.” There will be a line-up of local bands and choirs,“musical” entertainers, dancers, cheerleaders, batontwirlers, various drill teams, and a wide array of colorfulfloats all well-lighted for the occasion. Many surprisesare planned for the evening, including some special“musical” treats and an extra large animal balloon (a 20-foot Sun-Sentinel delivery dog!), who will join over onethousand participants to celebrate in true “holiday” style.Leaders of the parade are always a special surprise forthe children … you will not want to miss this free event!Call 561.393.7806 selection 2 for info. continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 31
    • lifetimescontinued from previous page Camilla Day Spa’s Holiday Customer Bethlehem Revisited — Dec. 12-16 Appreciation Event One of the biggest “must see to believe” events of the holiday season. More than 12,200 people experienced Bethlehem Revisited last year and the First United Methodist ChurchDec. 11, all day. Camilla Day Spa, at the Coral Square Mall in Coral Springs, of Coral Springs invites you to step back in time once again for this living interactiveon West Atlantic Blvd. (near the Macy’s Men’s Entrance) is hosting their recreation of the town of Bethlehem as it appeared 2000 years ago during the time oflovely annual “Holiday Customer Appreciation Event” where all guests Christ’s birth. Extensive research was conducted using the Bible and archeological studieswill receive 20% OFF all services and products (see pg. 35 for more of the time period, which enabled them to recreate this event as faithfully as possible. Overgreat offers). Enjoy refreshments and free chair massages. Bring a gift for 150 participants take part in a class, which demonstrates the customs, politics and mannerthe “Holiday Toy Drive” benefitting Family Central. Join in the fun and help of dress of the era, so that they can remain in character during the entire Bethlehema child in need this holiday season! (And get beautiful while you’re there!) Revisited performance. This walk-through event includes a walled city, which uses moreFor info call 954.753.1124 or visit than 30,500 square feet of lumber to build. Authentic shops and their owners are eager to show you their wares and demonstrate how they are made (or were back then). You’ll also Maplewood Elementary’s Holiday Bazaar find livestock roaming the “city,” Roman soldiers, storytellers, musicians, actors, and a LivingDec. 11 from 5-8pm at Maplewood Elementary School, 9850 Nativity that all add to this mind-boggling holiday family event. Watch, listen, and learn asRamblewood Dr., CS. Vendors offering stained glass/mosaic items, storytellers, singers, musicians, and actors make the most important moments of Jesus’ lifejewelry, gift baskets, floral arrangements, candles, handcrafted come alive. No matter what religion you are, this event is a must, you won’t believe yourquilts, holiday ornaments & so much more! Contact Doreen McHugh eyes! And best of all, the event is FREE! See it for yourself from December 12-16 from for info. (except for Dec. 13 & 14 which will be from 7-9pm) behind the First United Methodist Church of Coral Springs, 8650 W. Sample Rd. For more information call 954.752.0333 or visit Gifts for Readers Night Dec. 11 from 6-9pm at the Parkland Library. Find the perfect gifts for the readers in your family. Gift wrapping will be available as well as snacks from Whole Foods Market CS and a Coffee Bar. There’ll be a children-onlyshopping area where the children can buy gifts under $10 and leave withthem wrapped (included in the price of their items). Vendors range frombooksellers and authors to local gift stores and specialty item vendors. AFundraising event sponsored by the Parkland Friends of the Library. CallAlicia Zweig at 954.579.5880 for info or visit PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • lifetimes Downtown Delray Beach Holiday ParadeDec. 13 at 6pm from Venetian Dr. west on Atlantic Ave. to the Courthouse inDowntown Delray Beach. Once again the Greater Delray Beach Chamber ofCommerce and the Delray Beach Parks and Rec. Dept. are organizing this fun-filledholiday parade. This year’s theme is “A Traditional Holiday.” Call 561.243.7277. Waterways Shoppes at Heron Bay Funtastic Holidays Fest By the time Saturday, December 13th andSunday, December 14th roll around, the holidayswill be right around the corner, and you’ll needsome pre-festivities relief. Waterways Shoppes at Heron Bay FuntasticHolidays Fest is all about relief … and that’s why the businesses there have teamedup to produce it for you! Spend an hour … or an afternoon. Bring your kids … and benefit the kids at SOSChildren’s Village. Bungee jump into a weekend of fun and games, complete with rides, music, balloonart, face painting and sports activities the whole family can get into — like nine holesof miniature golf, a rock climbing wall, double lane slide and triple sports cage. While you’re there, get fired up over Scarfone’s Coal Fired Pizza, design your ownsalad at Salad Creations, pamper yourself at Simply Me Day Spa and treasure-huntat Hertz Jewelers. There are over twenty eating, beautifying and shopping selectionsto indulge in. Waterways Shoppes at Heron Bay truly offers something for everyone:games with your grub at Beef O’Brady’s, Tex with your Mex at Moe’s Southwestern Grill,the latest in gadgetry from AT&T, killer designs at Spoiled Boutique, a buzz cut with abuzzer at Sports Clips, the newest ‘do’s at D’Zaracarade Hair Salon, something to smileabout from Heron Bay Dentistry, healthful blends from JuiceBlendz, tasty Thai fromBow Thai, fresh and fast sandwiches from Quizno’s … and in case you find all thosepossibilities a bit overwhelming, I-Med is right there to revive you! Waterways at Heron Bay Holidays Fest is also shopping in a snap: all the participatingmerchants have gift cards in all sizes, for all tastes! And the very best part, at the heart of it all? The weekend benefits the deservingfoster children and caring counselor/families at SOS Children’s Village in CoconutCreek. Danny Scarfone, pizza perfectionist, devoted dad and one of the Waterwaysteam architects has this advice: “Give your kids … and your community … the greatestholiday gift of all … by helping them to discover the lasting joy of helping a greatcause! You’ll be assisting that cul-de-sac of caring that provides real homes for kidswho need them and real-world solutions that work all year round.” Waterways Shoppes at Heron Bay will be busy all month long with the sights andsounds of the holidays, from children’s choirs to photo opps for you and your BFLFF(best four legged friend forever) with Santa. For hours and more information, Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat ParadeDec.13 at 6:30pm, beginning in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale on the New River andtraveling east to the Intracoastal Waterway as it continues North to Lake Santa Barbarain Pompano Beach. The parade’s theme, “Rockin’ the Night Aweigh” will be highlightedon 100 boats expected to be viewed by over one million spectators. Parade highlights:the Glateau vitaminwater Grand Marshal Showboat (Grand Floridian), Led ZeppelinPatron Showboat, Florida Panther’s Ice Skating Rink, Perrier Showboat and StarmarkShowboat. See celebrities, musical groups, beauty queens and many other excitingentries! continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 33
    • lifetimes continued from previous page Music for Chanukah Concert Dec. 16 at 7pm at Temple Sinai, 2475 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach. 30 minute concert presented by Cantorial Soloist Margaret Schmitt, the Temple Sinai Shabbat Choir and organist Dr. Keith Paulson-Thorpe. Free. Call 561.276.6161, ext. 15. City of Coral Springs Holiday Parade Dec. 17 at 7pm on Sample Rd. from CS Dr. to City Hall. (Rain date: 12/18 at 7pm). This year’s “A Tropical Paradise” Holiday Parade will feature floats, bands and more, all with a tropical theme. Fans of this fun, family tradition line up their beach chairs, wave and have a great time! Applications to participate in the parade are due by Dec. 5. Visit for info and application. For sponsorship info or to volunteer call Volunteer Services at 954.346.4430. Chanukah Celebration Dec. 18 from 5-7pm at Congregation Kol Tikvah, 6750 University Dr., Parkland. Entertainment by the Ramat Gan Dance Theatre, crafts, music, food & fun for all ages. Tickets are $15 per adult and $10 per child. Advance reservations are requested. Call Deborah Knox, Program Director, at 954.346.7878 or visit 32nd Annual Holiday Boat Parade Dec. 20 at 6:30pm on the Intracoastal from C-15 Canal (Boca Raton-Delray border) to the Hillsboro Blvd. Bridge just south of the Palm Beach County line. A spectacular traveling fireworks display will lead the boats down the parade route. Enter your boat for FREE! Bleachers at Red Reef Park and Silver Palm Park. Call 561.393.7827. The Nutcracker Ballet Dec. 20 at 7pm & Dec. 21 at 3pm at Township Center for Performing Arts, 2452 Lyons Rd., Coconut Creek. Tchaikovsky’s Christmas classic, performed by the Ft. Lauderdale Ballet Classique. Tickets are just $25 by calling 954.537.4195. 6th Annual Mitzvah Day Dec. 25 from 8:30-11:30am at Temple Beth Am Margate. Volunteers are needed to assist in activities ranging from making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to feed those in shelters, to assisting with toy assembly for Kids in Distress. Collections of canned goods and personal items will be distributed throughout the area to aid the needy. Call Felice at 954.345.2926, Debbie at 754.368.1878 or Ellen at 954.255.1985. Hadassah Family Fun Day Dec. 25 from 12-3pm at the David Posnack Jewish Community Center, 5850 S. Pine Island Rd., Davie. Snow, petting zoo, bounce house, arts & crafts, music, boutique, contests, games, prizes++. $9/ individual, $5/seniors, $36/family. Tickets avail. at continued on page 14734 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMES Humanitarian Commissioner Bruck Honored The FL Association of Realtors recently named CS Commissioner Claudette Bruck Humanitarian of the Year for her many community outreach efforts, especially with local children. This honor marks the first time FAR bestowed the award twice to the same person (Bruck was also named Humanitarian of the Year in 2000). Since 1984, Bruck has volunteered as a Guardian Ad Litem, advocating for and mentoring abandoned and neglected children in Broward County. For her extensive work with this program, the FL Supreme Court and then-Governor Jeb Bush honored her as Child Advocate of the Year. Bruck also donates her time and money to Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Inc., a non-profit org. that has helped more than 12,000 homeless individuals since 1999. “While I am honored to receive this prestigious award, I know there are many others among the 125,000 members of FAR who are equally deserving.” Elected to the City Commission in 2006, Bruck served on the City’s Code Enforcement Board and Board of Adjustment. She is member of the City’s Community Emergency Response Team and a graduate of the Citizens Police Academy. Bruck has been a member of the FL Association of Realtors and the Realtor Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale for the last 34 years. And her baby is our very own Dan Bruck from Kilwins at the Walk! Coral Springs Launches Website to Assist Local Businesses The City has launched as part of its latest initiative to support local businesses and help them address challenges within the current economic environment. The effort was implemented in concert with the Economic Development Foundation, the City’s private, non-profit agent for economic development. Partner orgs including Broward College, Barry University and the CS Chamber of Commerce will offer local businesses instruction in and resources for business planning, marketing, workforce training and education, obtaining financing, customer service training, networking and creating strategic alliances.“ This is a tremendous opportunity for our business community to obtain assistance in difficult economic times, and if we can continue to validate the true needs of our business community and their willingness to participate, there is no limit what we do together,” EDF director Paul Cawley said.36 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMES TOSSED Grand Opening It has been 10 years since the first TOSSED opened up in Manhattan to rave reviews and now CS boasts one of the 4 that have opened in FL recently. Located at 9711 W. Sample Rd. (north side), TOSSED is part of the Downtown redevelopment by long time residents Andy and Maria Ponnock. They have tried to set the tone and envisioned a walking and destination entertainment center which families can enjoy thus encouraging retail and restaurants that would appeal to that market. TOSSED has become a family affair where both Andy and Maria are the owner/operators. Andy is always at TOSSED Haley, Karleigh, Dillion, Andy & Maria Ponnock at the meeting and greeting the customers with suggestions about Grand Opening of Tossed the menu. For new diners he takes the time to go over the menu and the philosophy of TOSSED. Using all of the freshest ingredients available for the salads, wraps that are fat free whole wheat and homemade every day, sandwiches, soups, dressings and more. There are specialty choices that are creative interpretations of familiar favorites on the menu or you can design your own with an array of ingredients displayed behind a glass counter. It’s awesome! TOSSED is open for lunch and dinner, catering, delivery and they even have a happy hour (they serve wine and beer). Open 7 days a week from 11am- closing. 954.753.2627 / fax: 954.753.6750. Check their ad on page 133 for specials. Get Your Golf Game On! Life Publications’ columnist Dave Rineberg has already published books on the topic of tennis and lends his tennis expertise each month to the pages of Parkland Life and BocaDelray Life. But this guy knows more than just what happens on the tennis court. Rineberg teamed up with PGA golf professional Chris Holtrop to bring you a golf instructional book like no other. Play Scratch Golf provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions (with pictures) to ensure you build a swing that is yours that you can trust and the essentials needed for every technical, mental and physical aspect of the game to make certain your success from tee to green. The book includes sections on: the fundamentals, putting, short game skills, course management, sand play, mental toughness techniques, golf fitness, how to hit it longer, how to hit the shots that shave strokes, the essential tips needed for junior players, tournament players, men and women all while tugging at the heartstrings of every golfer with true-life stories of why we all love this game so much. Rineberg has been a guest sports analyst for NBC Sports and appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, ESPN & E! True Hollywood Stories. He has been featured in numerous publications, such as the New York Times, ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated for Women and USA Today an of course, LIFE Magazines. So if you’re looking to improve your golf game, let a local with tons of knowledge on the subject help guide your way! And he’s a really cool guy! “Impressions of Florida” Exhibit Opens Jan. 30 LXR Luxury Resorts and Bonnet House Museum & Gardens will present its annual juried art exhibition and fundraiser to benefit the educational programs of Bonnet House. The newly named“Impressions of Florida” allows artists to create works not only inspired by old South Florida but the South Florida of today as well, and opens on January Peoples Choice Winner — Greg Burns, 30. A private V.I.P. showing begins at 6pm and these guests will be Pompano Beach Casino treated to champagne and hors d’oeuvres, a preview of the exhibition, and a rare viewing of the exclusive private living quarters of Evelyn and Fredric Bartlett, founders of the Bonnet House. The reception opens to the public at 6:30pm. All guests and participating artists are invited to cast their vote for their favorite artist in the exhibition and the artist receiving the highest number of votes will receive the People’s Choice Award, awarded that evening. All of the artwork in the Impressions of Florida competition will be available for sale with 50% of the proceeds benefiting Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. The Impressions of Florida exhibition will be on display from January 31–March 29 during Bonnet House regular tour hours. The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is located at 900 North Birch Rd., Ft. Lauderdale. For info call 954.563.5393 ext. 163 or visit PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMES City of Parkland Seeks Advisory Board Members The City is seeking residents to join its Advisory Boards (Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Planning and Zoning Board, and Education Advisory Board). So if you are interested in serving on a City Advisory Board and volunteering your time to the City, call City Clerk Sandra Couzzo at 954.753.5040 or visit www.cityofparkland. org to download an application. Parkland Launches New Website On Nov. 12 the city launched a new user-friendly website created by a team of staff offering considerably more functionality, with additional features to come, to ably serve Parkland residents and businesses now and in the future. Caryn Gardner-Young, City Manager stated that “I am very excited about the outcome of this major effort, which entailed converting thousands and thousands of files. I am confident that you, too, will be pleased as you use the new website and discover its capabilities.” At first, inevitably, there may be bugs, but the City expects they will be few and far in between and asks that you be patient as staff corrects them. Please take some time to explore and enjoy the all-new website at Growing Together Coral Springs wants to join residents in celebrating a child’s birth by planting a tree in their honor. The City’s new program, “Growing Together,” will allow families to watch their child and tree grow together. Anyone interested may purchase one of the following trees from the City at current market value: Pink Tabebuia - $288; Live Oak - $272; Royal Poinciana - $264.50; Bald Cypress - $236; Mahogany - $207.50; Gumbo Limbo - $210; Red Maple - $185.50; Golden Shower Tree -$275. Make out checks to City of Coral Springs. City staff will then plant and maintain the tree. Parents are also welcome to provide a 5" by 7" plaque to identify the tree. The plaque must be metal, bronze in color with a black background. The City will install the plaque, but residents are responsible for the maintenance. All trees will be planted along the pathway at Oakwood Park, 10284 SW 1st Court. Trees will be planted quarterly throughout the year. For more info or to take advantage of this program, call 954.345.2200. Parkland Ombudsman Program Implemented In Aug. the City implemented a new Ombudsman program in the Building Dept. to assist contractors and/or residents with any problems they may be experiencing with the building permit process. The Ombudsman acts as a conduit between the Building Dept. and the development community. He investigates issues and resolves them with no repercussions from the City. The City is pleased its program has been extremely successful and it encourages those who need assistance to utilize it. Contact the Ombudsman, Paul Wise, at 954.757.4150 or with any questions, concerns or problems. Speedy Gonzales Beware! The City Commission approved the 3rd amendment to the Broward County Sheriff ’s Office contract. The Amendment agrees to provide additional law enforcement services within the City of Parkland. App. $11,000 will be spent monthly on speed enforcement and closing cases. So if you’re puttin’ the pedal to the medal booking up Holmberg, back-it off. The Amendment also authorizes the hiring of a School Resource Deputy for assignment to the new Elementary School Z scheduled to open in Aug. 2009. CS Named Local Government of the Year The City of CS was named Local Government of the Year Oct. 24 at Kids Voting Broward’s 7th Annual Community Recognition Luncheon. The City of Coral Springs has been a strong supporter of Kids Voting Broward for over 10 years and has provided volunteers to work at precincts on Election Day, specifically for Kids Voting ballot boxes. In addition, the adult volunteers partnered with students from the high schools in the area to provide children with the opportunity to vote alongside their parents. “Coral Springs was the only municipality to provide volunteers through the City’s volunteer program, saving us a great deal of time and effort,” Kids Voting Broward Chair Latha Krishnaiyer said. “Coral Springs has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to educate, inform and motivate children (K-12) by actively engaging them and their families in voting and other forms of civic engagement.”40 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMES Alzheimer’s Family Center’s 20th Annual AutumnFest Luncheon By Halli Moore Over 350 people helped celebrate the 20th Annual AutumnFest Luncheon presented by the Alzheimer’s Family Center. Diamante’s of Tamarac was host to a very heartwarming and well planned Oct. 30 event. This year’s honorees were Congressman Robert Wexler, Philip Jack Tobin, Congressman Robert Wexler, Lesley Tobin, Keith Sims Solomon, L.M.H.C., president of the Visiting Mental Health Organization servicing more than 500 clients living in assisted living facilities, independent living facilities and skilled nursing facilities throughout Florida, and the Memory Disorder Center at North Broward Medical Center who have made significant contributions to the Alzheimer’s Family Center’s mission: “Dedicated to improving the lives of families affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory disorders.” Before entering the banquet room for lunch, the shopping Judge Peter Weinstein, Joyce Karney, Jack Tobin boutique, overflowing with unusual gift items was very busy selling up-to-the-minute fashions, jewelry, garden specialties and much more benefiting the A.F.C. At the opening ceremonies, State Representative and Honorary Chairman, Jack Tobin, introduced his (boss) wife and president of the Alzheimer’s Family Center Lesley Tobin who welcomed and thanked everyone for their support. There were tributes paid to the three honorees, an opening prayer by Rabbi Paul Plotkin and checks presented to the organization from the rd Philip Solomon (3 from right, rear) and visiting Kiwanis Club of Margate and Coconut Creek and the Sunrise mental health staff Auxiliary Chapter of Alzheimer’s Family Center. Raffles sold brought in much needed monies in support of this very worthwhile organization. There were many elected officials and celebrities in attendance; Mayor Becky Tooley, Judge Philip Weinstein, Commissioner Joseph Varsallone, Senator Jeremy Ring — to name just a few, AND Mr. personality, Keith Sims who played with the Miami Dolphins for 11 seasons and will be the honoree at the March Alzheimer’s Family Center’s gala. Joyce Karney, Executive Director, did an outstanding job as always seeing to it that everything ran smoothly. The statistics on this disease are staggering. As many as 5.2 million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer’s and 10 million baby boomers will develop the disease in their lifetime. By the year 2050 this number will grow to 14 million. Every year “The direct and indirect costs of Alzheimer’s and other dementias to Medicare, Medicaid and businesses amount to more than $148 billion,” and is the sixth-leading cause of death surpassing diabetes. “Alzheimer’s destroys brain cells, causing problems with memory, thinking and behavior severe enough to affect work, lifelong hobbies or social life.” This disease gets worse over time and is always fatal. Please give generously to this organization. Make a difference in someone else’s life and play a part in helping to stamp out this dreaded disease. Call the Alzheimer’s Family Center at 954.971.7155 to volunteer your services or visit them at 6280 W. Atlantic Blvd., in Margate. Website:, E-mail: Tennis Center Costume Winners The Tennis Center of CS hosted its popular Halloween costumed women’s doubles round robin event. Best costume prizes went to Stacey Peer, who dressed up as a tennis-ball-machine-gone-crazy victim, and Ann Schwartz, who came as the devil. Tennis director Kevin McCarthy appeared as the Cat in the Hat. Round robin winners were Sue Shapiro (1st place), Kristie Cole (2nd place) and Ann Schwartz (3rd place). Many participants played the seven rounds in costume and switched partners after each round. You gotta LOVE those free-spirited tennis players! For more info on tennis Stacey Peer, Kevin McCarthy, & Ann Schwartz programs in CS, visit or call 954.344.1840.42 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMES Red Wagon Toy Store Gives Back The Red Wagon Toy Store has launched a fundraising program to give hundreds of dollars back to local schools. Through this program, they collaborate with schools, scouting troops and other community orgs and provide these not-for-profit entities the opportunity to purchase and/or sell discount cards to the store. The net profits are donated back to the school, along with gift cards for toys, parties and more. “We are committed to giving back to the community in which we live and do business,” said Bruce Hofert, the store’s owner. “We want to do more than offer just a coupon — we want that coupon to support the children and families that support us. The Red Wagon Toy Store is all about creativity, and this program is an extension of that.” The Red Wagon Discount Card is good for 10% off all purchases — even birthday parties and special events — for one year. Schools and groups can sell the card to friends and family members, and keep the profits. There is no minimum number of cards that must be sold, and any unsold card can be returned, so there’s no risk or initial outlay of funds. Many local groups have already begun to benefit from this program, including Abi’s Place, Temple Beth Orr, and the Phylis J. Green Early Childhood Center. The fun Red Wagon Toy Store, located at 9715 Sample Rd. in Coral Springs (in the Promenade Plaza, just west of University Dr.) offers an amazing array of creative and educational toys and games and is also an interactive play place where children are encouraged to explore and play. At any time, children can come by and make a craft or project in a safe environment. The Red Wagon hosts birthday parties, offers gift registries, and has a weekly calendar of events that includes face painting, balloon art, special crafts, and classes. Stop by and let the kids explore this great store and please tell them you saw them in Parkland Life Magazine! For more info, call 954.575.7878. A Reality Show at the Boca Raton Museum of Art First in the nation to assemble a retrospective exhibition of this magnitude, the Boca Raton Museum of Art invites you to be mesmerized by the exhibition, Shock of the Real: Photorealism Revisited, which opens Dec. 16 and runs through March 11, One of the 75 dramatic works on display at the 2009. This exhibition will allow you Boca Raton Museum of Art’s newest exhibition, Shock of the Real: Photorealism Revisited, which to see something you thought was opens December 16 everyday, suddenly transform. Escape to the world of 5-foot pastries and 6-foot steaks. It’ll have you second guessing yourself at every turn, as the works challenge and refresh your vision of reality. This major exhibition surveys photorealism over several decades, demonstrating the unique style, varied individual approaches, technical finesse, and expanse of subject matter through 75 dramatic works by 28 highly acclaimed artists. “The artists are interested in the visual challenges posed by realistic interpretation of the subject,” said Dr. Valerie Ann Leeds, a noted specialist in American art and guest- curator of Shock of the Real. “Their final results are painterly creations that employ elimination, modification of the subject and artistic choices.” The Boca Raton Museum of Art is located at 501 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, In Mizner Park. For info call 561.392.2500 or visit PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMES The Healthy Teens Act The NCJW Northwest Broward Teen section has dedicated their advocacy project for this year to helping pass the Healthy Teens Act (HTA) in the state of Florida. The HTA is a program that supports age-appropriate, medically accurate sex education. This program enforces that abstinence is the only sure way to avoid pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, yet it does not ignore that there are adolescents who have had or who are having sexual intercourse and should have information on how to protect themselves. This program provides information about the health benefits and side effects of all contraceptives and barrier methods to reduce the risk of STD’s, HIV, AIDS, and other diseases. The group will be doing various projects throughout the year to help raise awareness on this bill. In addition, the group will be going to Tallahassee in March to meet with state representatives and senators to help make the case that this bill is important for the health of today’s teenagers. For more info on the HTA check out The NCJW Teens group is a group of Teenagers (grades 9-12) that come together to advocate for issues that impact Women, Children and Families. Visit www.ncjw. org or call 954.415.6374. Oh Seuss! Off To Great Places Through May 10, celebrate the magic of Dr. Seuss and free your imagination to take you to new places! Join Horton and the Cat in the Hat in a world where you can fly while standing still, catch falling words in your hands, teeter on a circus tightrope, unslump a mighty Borfin, navigate a hot air balloon, and play with rhyme in the Green Eggs and Ham train. And it’s all at the Young at Art Children’s Museum. Permanent hands-on, interactive exhibition galleries include The Global Village, Earthworks and Kenny Scharf’s Closet. Each gallery includes hands-on art activities, plus additional special programs planned for the coming months throughout every week, from performances to unique art adventures that expand visitors’ creative horizons. The museum is open Mon.-Sat. 10–5pm, Sun. 12– 5pm except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Easter. Admission is $8 per person; members and children under 2 are free. For a museum membership, it’s $65 Family Level and includes unlimited admission every day, discounts, preview parties and more. Located at 11584 W. St. Rd. 84 in Davie (in The Plaza shops on the south side of 595, between Hiatus and Flamingo Roads), call 954.424.0085 or visit for more info.46 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMES Woman Turns Personal Tragedy into Heartfelt Tradition Amy Sottile passed on a gift to Derica Johnson in honor of her unborn child It’s a rare and special moment when one can take a personal loss and transform it into a positive action to help others. After Amy Sottile of Coral Springs suddenly lost her baby when she was six months pregnant, she gradually made the decision to accept the loss of her child as a way to help other women who are expecting. Commemorate Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day on Oct. 15 — a national day to promote, support, educate and bring awareness for grieving parents nationwide — Sottile has found peace in making it an annual tradition to donate a new baby item to honor the child she lost — calling her contribution, “A Gift from an Angel.” Marking the first year of this tradition and what would have been her child’s first birthday, Sottile donated a beautiful bassinet to Derica Johnson of Pompano Beach, a young expectant mom who delivered at Broward Health Coral Springs Medical Center. “I am so pleased that I am able help someone in a way that honors my baby,” said Sottile. “Year after year, I will be able to touch someone through the memory of my child and that is a great healing gift in itself for me. In addition, my heart is full knowing that my gift will benefit a needy woman and her child and that my loss has transformed to something positive.” For more info on Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day, log on to MS Gala & Fashion Show — Jan. 22 The National Multiple Sclerosis Society — SoFla Chapter is having its marvelous 26th Annual MS Gala and Fashion Show presented by DBS Financial on Jan. 22 at 10am. More than 1,500 women are expected making it the largest women’s luncheon in the country! Held at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale (1950 Eisenhower Blvd.), this event will raise money for programs and services that help people with MS. Join the movement at or 1.800.FIGHT.MS (344.4867). To purchase tickets or for more info call Monica Whiting at 954.731.4224; tickets are $150.48 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMES Dining Outdoors in Deerfield Beach — Del Vecchio’s Garden Area Now Open While northerners are bundlingup and preparing for a long, cold winter, SouthFloridians are happy to get out of the house as theweather cools down! And what better way to enjoy themild winter weather than to dine outside at a great localrestaurant with friends and family this holiday season!Lou and BeLinda Del Vecchio, Boca Raton residents andowners of Del Vecchio’s Italian Fishery, have remodeledtheir garden area which now offers a covered, outdoorsitting area for their customers’ enjoyment. And oh,what a cool place this is! Live entertainment is offeredin the garden area on most Friday & Saturday nights.Stop by for half priced drinks during happy hour (4-7pmeveryday), three course sunset dinners for $21.75 (4-6pm), or to try Executive Chef Luciano Balzano’s Italiandelicacies, but whatever the reason, be sure to stopby and tell them Parkland Life sent you! Del Vecchio’sItalian Fishery (so good!) is located at 246 S. PowerlineRd., Deerfield Beach. Call 954.571.9700 for reservationsor to have them host and/or cater your next event. Under the Sea … and Under New Ownership!Although the store has been in the Ft. Lauderdale areafor a while, Coral Seas Pets was recently purchasedby Yoel Marti and is now under his ownership. Goodthing too, Marti has more than 15 years of experienceworking with salt water tanks. He began as a hobbyistand his passion blossomed into a business. Committedto helping his customers avoid the pitfalls that are socommon when working with many shops that aremore interested in selling product than truly helping tocreate a healthy aquarium that clients can really enjoy.The shop offers an amazing selection of fish includingmany rare varieties, but clearly the focus is on theirincredible selection of live coral and invertebrates. Theydirectly import from around the world, allowing themto offer the lowest prices. Full service maintenance isavailable and, assuming they service your tank, they’lleven guarantee the livestock — a promise virtuallyunheard of in this business! Whether you are startinga new tank, wanting to add corals or invertebrates, orsimply looking for some cool stuff to add to enhancean existing reef tank, Coral Seas can help. According toMarti, “It isn’t too late to have a beautiful tank in timefor the holidays.” To make it even easier, he’s offering 25%off all fish and coral for new customers when you mentionParkland Life Magazine. Coral Seas is located at 5460North State Road 7 (SE corner of 441 and Prospect Rd.)in Ft. Lauderdale and is well worth exploring if you loveyour fish tank. Open Mon. from 10:30am-6pm, Tue.-Sat.from 10:30am-8pm and Sun. 11am-5pm. For info call954.733.5302.PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 49
    • “LIFE”TIMES An Angel in Whispering Woods An Angel among us: Nicole Peterson While many teenagers fill their holiday gift wish lists with gadgets, electronics and video games, 14-year- old Nicole Peterson of Whispering Woods asked for items, not for herself, but for the many soldiers overseas who’ll be away from their families during the holidays. Nicole became inspired to show her support for our troops overseas after she met someone from The Soldiers’ Angels Network and has since become an Angel herself. Last year, she collected items to send to the troops and also had her fellow students at Coral Springs Christian Academy write thank-you letters that were sent for Thanksgiving. She also adopted a female soldier and writes weekly letters and sends special biweekly packages to her. Nicole is now a freshman at St. Thomas Aquinas and has been helping with a Christmas Stocking Drive to supply 120 US soldiers in Iraq with stockings filled with gifts. Although the deadline has passed to donate items, Nicole will continue collecting items to send to the troops to let them know we care. Items that may be donated include non-perishable food items (granola bars, crackers, trail mix, etc.), gum, mints, crossword or word circle books, magazines, microwave popcorn, individual packets of hot chocolate, coffee and cappuccino, individual powder lemonade, Kool-Aid, etc., toiletries (deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) hard candy, small handheld games, cards and letters. Monetary donations are also needed to help with the expense of shipping. Nicole’s great spirit and huge heart is an inspiration to us all, and no doubt makes a huge difference to the many brave men and women who are overseas. Donations may be dropped off at her house or can be picked up. Call 954.255.9419 to make arrangements.50 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMESA True Patriot & Loyal SonWill Never Be ForgottenAt 25, Daniel Agami died serving our country when aroadside bomb in Baghdad ripped through his Humvee,taking his life as well as the lives of several other bravesoldiers. Through US Representative Ron Klein, theSenate may rename the Coconut Creek Post Office inhis honor, a fitting tribute in his hometown. The PurpleHeart, Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal, Global Waron Terrorism Service Medal, Iraqui Campaign Medal,and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge were amongthe dozens of medals Agami received for heroism andleadership during his almost two year military service.“Specialist Agami was a patriot and a proud JewishAmerican who educated his fellow soldiers aboutJudaism and tolerance,” Klein said. “His values led himto work as a mentor for orphaned children in Iraq alongwith his combat duties, demonstrating an extraordinarydesire to help the most vulnerable and bring peace andgoodwill to a country at war.”Agami’s parents visited Washington D.C. where theymet with Ron Klein and toured the White House andCapitol Hill. His parents, who live in Parkland, weredeeply touched and honored by the renaming of thepost office. “Our family would like everyone who passesthrough the doors of the Coconut Creek Post Office, notonly to remember the ultimate sacrifice of our belovedson and brother SPC Daniel Agami, but to remember allthe other fallen soldiers that have sacrificed their livesfor this great Nation as well,” said his mom Beth Agami.Beth owns A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppeand Bra’s Galore & More in Margate.Orchid Classes at Bonnet HouseBonnet House Museum & Gardens is once again offeringOrchid Classes with the first class beginning Jan. 3 from10am-12pm. The classes will be taught by various orchidexperts, including the Bonnet House curators, SandiJones and Tom Wells, and will be offered individually.Classes will take place in the Island Theater from Jan.3-March 21, the cost per class is $20 for membersand $25 for non-members. Forregistration, class schedules, andmore info, contact Susan Parkerat 954.563.5393 ext. 122 LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 51
    • “LIFE”TIMES SOS Children’s Village CEO Announces Her Retirement CEO Margie Bruszer For the past nine years, the care and future of the children who call SOS Children’s Villages — FL home has been directed by the warmth and compassion of CEO Marjory Bruszer. Retiring this month, she is stepping down after serving 40 rewarding years in child welfare in FL. She also introduced her successor at SOS, Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey Zirulnick, to the community. SOS is a neighborhood that provides homes for brothers and sisters who are in the foster care system. The unique Village provides for families of children to reunite in typical single-family homes, while benefiting from comprehensive services like on- site health care, therapy, life skills, and tutoring. During her tenure at SOS, Margie has guided the relatively young organization thru a significant evolution, which featured added services and a growing donor support base, assuring continued safety and stability for its children. Helping the children deal with past traumas, learn appropriate values, believe in themselves and choose paths that will help them reach their potential, has been a focus in the care and nurturing for every SOS child during her time as CEO. “These children are so full of promise,” remarked Margie, whose office is adorned with photographs and memories of the boys and girls who have called the Village home over the years. Since she came to SOS, Margie has followed the progress of the children who have been “raised” there since it first opened 15 years ago. Over 60 SOS kids have turned 18 and left the SOS nest. To provide these young adults with needed resources, as well as a continuing sense of family, SOS developed the first After Care program in Broward County. The Florida Village is part of a worldwide network of over 450 villages caring for disadvantaged children. To volunteer or make a donation to help an SOS child build a brighter future, call 954.420.5030 or visit PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMES Eco Dog … Welcome to the ‘Hood! Bow WOW! Henryand Nicole De La Cruz, new owners of Eco Dog haveopened their doors in the Waterways Shoppes ofParkland (7517 N. State Rd. 7). Their love of dogs andthe loss of loved ones, both family members andbeloved pets over the years (they have known eachother since they were 11 yrs. old), made them researchholistic alternatives in order to take preventativemeasures for themselves and their pets. They learnedby eating organic and feeding their pets all natural andorganic foods that you could prevent illness. Havingalways wanting their own business ... they decided toopen a store with all the knowledge they gained overthe years. Eco Dog features a mind-boggling array ofnatural, organic, and holistic dog foods and treats! Notonly do they carry incredible all-organic foods andbaked treats that are wheat free, corn free and soy freewhich are major causes of allergies and illness in dogs,they also carry a line of Earth Friendly boutique itemsthat are made of sustainable hemp, organic cottonand recycled materials. “We are dedicated to providingwhat’s best for you and your dog and the environment,”said Nicole.The couple has two two-legged children, Sophia, 2 andSantana who is 6-months-old along with two beautifulfour-legged mixed breed dogs, Honey and Janis.Stop in Mon. - Sat. from 10-8 or Sun. 12-5 and mentionthat you saw their ad in Parkland Life to receive 20% offyour first purchase! They understand how much ourpets mean to us. See their ad page 66.For more info visit or call954.753.1166. Farmer’s Market Season Has Begun Looking for fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, crafts, goat cheese and fresh pasta? If so, the City of Parkland is in the midst of their 2nd Annual Parkland Farmer’s Market season. Come one, come all for some hometown fun from 9am- 1pm at the Equestrian Center, 8350 Ranch Rd. Vendors sell everything from green peppers to sweet cupcakes! Live performances entertain folks from the stageand plenty of children’s activities make each Sunday afamily-friendly FUNday! Mark the calendar for: Dec. 7,Dec. 21, Jan. 4, Jan. 18, Feb. 1, Feb. 15, March 1, March15, April 5 and April 19. For more info contact ColleenO’Dea, Special Events Coordinator, at 954.757.4120 LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 53
    • “LIFE”TIMESPete’s Tuscan Hibachi Grill Grand 6th Annual ATC Students Receive a “RollingOpening — Dec. 10 Boutique Night Automotive Looking for that special Laboratory” from BMW gift? The Phylis J. Green Early Childhood Center PTO is holding their 6th Annual BoutiqueFor the past five years, Pete’s Café Bella Sera has been Night” on Dec. 3 from 7-9pm at Congregation Kola hit in the Riverstone Shoppes where legions of loyal Tikvah, 6750 University Dr., Parkland. Local vendorsfans, local dignitaries and whichever celeb is in town, will showcase their clothing, jewelry, handbags, andcome back over and over for the great food, a full bar other fine items during this fundraising event that is Photo Credit: Ralph Notarothat’s always hopping, live entertainment and the open to the public. Vendor spaces are still available. For Seniors Gustavo Rozo & Ricardo Ellis (ATC Automotiveexpectation, of the unexpected! And now owner and information and reservations, or to become a vendor, Students),KenBergmann (AutomotiveProgramDirector/Executive Chef Pete Lombard announced the grand please call 954.346.7878. AYES Director for ATC), Terry Butler (AYES Instructor),opening of his newest creation, Pete’s Tuscan Hibachi Marcelo Sanchez-Casasco (Retail & Wholesale Parts The PTO is a valuable support organization for theGrill which is conveniently located next door to Pete’s Promotion Manager for BMW North America), school, which creates fundraisers and holds specialCafé Bella Sera! Be one of the first to experience Robert Crawford (ATC Director) and Senior Chris events for the students and their families.this brand new creation and concept on Tuesday, O’Hara (Atlantic Tech Automotive Student &January 6 beginning at 4:30pm. Mention Parkland The Phylis J. Green ECC offers a “Mommy and Me” Vista BMW Tech in Training).Life and you’ll receive 20% OFF your entire check program as well as two, three and five day preschool High school students from Atlantic Technicalfrom 4:30-6pm. Like everything he does, this place will for ages 2 to 5. It is also a Florida VPK Provider. Center recently received the keys to a BMWblow you away. Pete’s Tuscan Hibachi Grill is located at For more information about this or other upcoming X5 Sports Activity Vehicle, which will be used7341 N. State Rd. 7, Parkland. Hours are Tues.-Thurs. & Phylis J. Green Early Childhood Center PTO events, as a state-of-the-art automotive teaching tool,Sunday from 4:30-9:30pm; Fri. & Sat. from 4:30-10:30pm; please call 954.346.4281. donated by BMW of North America. (Nice!)closed Mondays. Visit for The students are members of Automotiveall the details. Florida Artists’ Book Prize Youth Educational Systems (AYES), a Pete & Patti Lombard Broward County Library’s Bienes Museum of the nationwide partnership among automotive Modern Book, The Dianne and Michael Bienes Special manufacturers, participating dealers and Collections and Rare Book Library, and the Florida Center selected high/prep schools. for the Book, are pleased to announce the continuing With this donation, BMW seeks to help sponsorship of the annual Florida Artists’ Book Prize. develop the next generations of automotive The 12th annual prize of $2,000 will be awarded in 2009. technicians. The acute shortage of qualified An exhibition of a selection of the entries and an award service technicians is a growing challenge ceremony will be held March 19 in the Bienes Museum for all automakers and dealers nationwide — of the Modern Book in Ft. Lauderdale. the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that Criteria for entry: The entry must be created or published 35,000 new automotive technician jobs are in an edition (i.e., more than one copy), but cannot expected each year through 2015. be a trade edition (i.e., produced commercially by a Relay for Life Kick-Off publishing house for sale nationally or internationally) “Through this donation and our involvement Party & More! nor can it be a one-of-a-kind. The artist’s primary with AYES, we hope to inform and exciteDec. 3 from 6-8pm at the Parkland Golf & Country Club. students about the many opportunities residence must be the State of Florida. The bookThe Relay for Life Kick-off Party will feature food, raffles, available to them in the automotive industry entered in the competition must have been created orregistration & celebration! Guest speakers include as skilled technicians. We understand that published in the calendar year 2008. Completed entrythe honorable FL State Senator Jeremy Ring, Broward these students represent the future of the forms and a copy of each book must be received byCounty Vice Mayor Stacy Ritter, and Parkland Mayor industry, and we want to give them the tools Jan. 12. The prize-winning artists’ book becomes theMichael Udine. RSVP to they need to succeed,” said Marcelo Sanchez- property of the Bienes Museum. All other books entered Casasco, Retail & Wholesale Parts PromotionsThe “Rockin & Strollin’’ Parkland Relay For Life event will will be returned after the judging, except those titles Manager for BMW of North America, whobe held on April 24 through April 25 (Parkland location selected for inclusion in the Florida presented the BMW X5 to the school.TBD). If you’re interested in becoming a team captain, Artists’ Book Prize Exhibition andteam member, sponsor or committee volunteer contact Award Ceremony. The retained books “We are very thankful to BMW for its generousEvent Chair Lynn Curry at 954.554.7355, lanncurry@aol. will be returned after the end of the donation,” said Ken Bergmann, Automotivecom or Event Vice Chair Wendy Hunter at 954.815.2712, exhibition run. For entry form apply to: Program Director and AYES Director, Purchase and design 2008 Florida Artists’ Book Prize Bienes formally accepted the vehicle on the school’syour own Luminarias for a $5 donation. For more details Museum of the Modern Book, Broward behalf. “This will enable our students to learncontact Luminaria Chair Linda Kowal at 954.501.8343, County Main Library, 6th Floor 100 S. about the latest automotive For more info and updates visit Andrews Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301. and be able to take advantage of the For cancer info all day 954.357.8692 (phone); 954.357.6762 job opportunities that exist for them in theevery day call 1.800.ACS.2345. (fax); automotive industry.”54 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • “LIFE”TIMESPuppy Love at Palm BeachPuppies and BoutiqueThey say you can’t buy love ... but you can! Love is forsale at a unique one of a kind pet store and boutiquein Boca Raton in The Reserve Shopping Plaza wherepint sized Yorkies, Maltese, Shih-tzu, Lhasa Apso, andCockapoo “babies” are stealing hearts daily! Palm BeachPuppies & Boutique carries extensive lines of Europeandoggie designer couture clothing, jeweled accessories,designer feeding bowls, beds, blankets, and handbagsfor carting your pampered pooch in style. Groomingservices are also available for all breeds.“We specialize in tea cup and toy breeds for fashionconscious individuals who want to travel with theirdogs carried in a designer bag and dressed in designerclothes,” said store owner Alan Garson. Now man’s bestfriend has become a take along companion for menand women of all ages and walks of life. “People arenever too old to have a new puppy to enjoy dressing itup and showing it off,” said owner Heidi Garson.In the back of the store is a “meet and greet” Puppy Parksetting where prospective owners can bond with theirnew bundles of joy. A tiki hut is complete with rattanchaise lounges and a tropically painted mural and aceiling featuring sky lights with painted clouds andanimal images peeking down.If a client wishes to choose a puppy in the privacy of hisown home environment, the Palm Beach Puppies willschedule private showings. Each new owner receivesa complimentary visit from a certified trainer whogives advice on how to care for the puppy. The minuteyou walk in the door you’ll likely fall in puppy loveand want to leave with a new addition to the family!Hours are: Mon. 11am-6pm, Tues.-Thurs. 11am-8pm,Fri. & Sat. 11am-9pm and Sun. 12-5pm. Located at theReserve Shopping Plaza, 9858 Clint Moore Rd. in BocaRaton. Call 561.488.5757 or check out their website for more information.PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 55
    • messagefromthechief Don’t Become a Victim! Holiday Safety Tips by bso chief paul o’connellT he Holidays ARE Here! As we approach the peak of the holiday shopping season, please take heed of the following safety tips so youdo not become a victim at what is supposed to bethe most “joyous” time of the year. Hands Free - As you do your shopping, try to limit the items you carry. A shopper loaded with bags is another target for thieves. If it means multiple trips to and from the mall, that’s preferable to becoming a victim. Ask the store to hold your purchase until you added distraction makes you a more likely target for attack. If you must bring the kids, bring an adult partner to assist you. Your Car - Never, never leave items of value in your car in plain view. This bad habit places a target Plan Ahead - You know you’re gonna shop, so complete your shopping. Thus, you limit the time on your car and invites the “bad guy” to break in andwhen you park your car, parking close to the store is you have to carry these items with you around the steal your possessions. Don’t make their criminalgood but not always best. When you can, park UNDER mall. Better yet, shop online. However, be sure you work any easier by leaving your car doors unlockedA LIGHT so your car’s exterior and interior are clearly deal with reputable companies to ensure you do not or your windows open.visible as you return to the car after completing become an online victim. ATM - Avoid using the ATM at night or in a remoteyour shopping. As you do approach your car, have Worry Free - I strongly recommend that you area. Such locations make it easy for criminals to preyyour key in hand, ready to enter the car as quickly leave the kids at home with a family member or a on cash-laden bank customers without fear of beingas you can. Taking too much time fumbling for the baby-sitter. Shopping is tough enough by itself, but seen. In addition, avoid using “independent” ATMs,key or loading the car with your shopping bags when you combine shopping stress with the stress as these sometimes are used to gain your identifyingmakes you an attractive target to a thief. Be aware of watching or controlling your kids, it can make it information from your ATM card. Whenever possible,of your surroundings as you approach your car. Do difficult to pay attention to your surroundings. You use a bank ATM to avoid having your identity see strangers in the area? Trust your instincts. If become so busy watching the kids you have less time Speaking of cash, limit the amount you get that “bad feeling,” turn around and return to to watch your back. Or worse, you pay attention to Carrying too much cash also invites attack.the store. the shopping and your child becomes a target. The Returning Home - As you get closer to your home, make it a habit to check your rearview mirror. Is there someone following you? Sometimes you are targeted while you are shopping. It could be based on what you bought or how much cash you pulled out of your wallet at the register or the jewelry you wear. Whatever the reason behind his ominous selection, the bad guy wants what you’ve got. You’re most vulnerable as you enter your driveway or garage because your guard is down. You are distracted, already thinking of what you have to do when you get inside. Avoid becoming a victim by keeping an eye out for suspicious people or vehicles. If someone is following you, drive to the nearest open store or gas station, call your local law enforcement and ask officers to meet you there. Final Advice - Be like a wolf and travel in a pack. As the wolf pack has taught us, there is strength in numbers. Employee of the Month - The BSO Parkland District is honored to nominate Deputy Mark Davis as recipient of the Employee of the Month Award for October 2008. Deputy Davis is being recognized for the exemplary investigation he conducted on a lengthy narcotics case that led to a search warrant and the arrest of two subjects who were selling narcotics from their business in Parkland. Congratulations for a job well done!56 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • aviewfromthetop Coral Springs Mayor Parkland Mayor Scott Brook Michael Udine Buy Coral Springs Campaign, Moving Forward, Together Holiday Parade & More! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with family and friends. As we close out 2008, I want to extend my best wishes for a happy holiday What a historic election! Now, it’s time to come together and move our season and a healthy and prosperous New Year. As I write this article the mostcountry forward. No matter whom you supported (hopefully, you were not in historic election our Country has ever seen has just concluded. No matterthe minority that shamefully did not vote), I suggest we all heed the common what side you supported in this election, you were voting for a “first.” Havinginvitation given by both Senators to unite, contribute and not to look back. the choice of either the first African American President or the First Female I am thankful that I did not have an opponent and I appreciate your Vice President truly moves our Country forward. The number of citizensconfidence in me. As I approach my final two years on the City Commission I casting their ballots this election was massive. Unlike past elections, evenhave some bittersweet emotions. I never imagined that being the Mayor would with the historic huge turnout, the mechanics of this election went prettybe quite this rewarding. We have an incredible community. We have so many smoothly. This election proved to be a great night for America and the world.volunteers and employees that give their all, it is awesome! I am so grateful for Regardless of who you voted for, elections happen, a winner is chosen andthe great feedback so often shared with me and our Commission. we try to move forward as a unified Country. Hopefully, that can happen I never expected the overwhelming gratitude displayed by our community now. I agree that checks and balances provides us with spirited debate, butnor the relative ease of such a demanding job that has been the best I have ever the extreme partisan bickering that we have seen in the past brings us downhad. I am blessed to work with an excellent Commission and a high performing and limits our ability to get things done. Our Country faces many challengesmanagement team. We move through all of our differences with respect and a and collectively, we will overcome them and move forward.bottom line commitment to the citizens. I am excited to work with Tom Powers. On the local level, I am happy to report that the City of Parkland, again,I remain grateful to Commissioner Mena for his service and look forward to his received its certificate of achievement for financial reporting by thecontinued commitment to Diversity in our community. Government Finance Officers Association. The certificate of achievement is Overall, I am excited about addressing our local economic challenges and the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting andmaking these last two years as your Mayor (due to term limits, which I support!) financial reporting and its attainment represents a significant achievementgreat for all of us. by the City Staff and Government. Even though the City is collecting less One of the City’s major initiatives in 2009 is called Buy Coral Springs. This revenue from both ad valorem taxes and building department fees, we areis a community-wide effort to keep local dollars in local businesses. I urge continuing with our ambitious capital improvements. The first syntheticyou during this holiday season to frequent as many Coral Springs vendors as turf field will be open at Pine Trails Park soon. This new field will add to ouryou can instead of looking in other cities to make your purchases. This BUY inventory of sports fields which are in constant demand. Construction onCORAL SPRINGS campaign is part of our City’s commitment to all of our local the Eastern Fire Station/Public works facility is well under way. Additionally,businesses. Our City, along with your Chamber of Commerce, will utilize various the Holmberg Road construction project is nearing completion. The Citypromotional tools to encourage residents to spend locally while strengthening is continuing to provide superior services that our residents expect andthe City’s economic base. For more information about the City’s business demand.outreach efforts, call Robyn O’Donnell at 954.796.9922. One of the areas that the City has been leading the way on is that of This year’s holiday parade is set to roll down Sample Road starting at 7pm on “bullying.” The week of November 8-15 has been designated as Anti BullyingWednesday, December 17. A rain date has been scheduled in case of inclement Week in the City of Parkland. There were many programs that took placeweather for Thursday, December 18 at the same time. The theme, “A Tropical throughout the City to bring home the causes and issues surrounding thisParadise,” will feature bands, floats and other entries all with a tropical theme. societal issue and how to best cope with it. I extend my thanks on behalf ofMayor’s Cup and Band sponsorships are available. We have invited all of our the City to our City Staff, Educational Advisory Board and our volunteers forlocal Olympic heroes, including Dara Torres, Misty May Treanor and Walter Dix to their help in making the Anti-Bullying Week a success.ride with us and be recognized for their extraordinary efforts. The parade travels Again this year, if you are looking for fresh fruit, vegetables, homemadealong Sample Road from Coral Springs Drive to City Hall. Entries from local cookies etc., the Parkland Farmer’s Market is back in full swing. If you haven’tchildren’s groups, civic groups, and businesses are encouraged to participate been out to one of the farmer’s markets, I encourage you to come check itin the parade. Entry and sponsorship details are available at out. Great stuff from local area vendors!holidayparade, or call 954.345.2112 for more information. Volunteer parade Our sports programs and leagues continue to grow and providemarshals are always needed. Adults and high school students are welcome. outstanding recreational opportunities for our residents. As always, ifStudents will earn service hours for their efforts. To sign up, call 954.346.4430. you’d like to discuss this or any other issue, please contact me at MUdine@ continued on page 134 LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 57
    • cityscope Highlights from Oct.1&15, 2008 Commission Meetings by christine hunschofsky State Senator Jeremy Ring Updates the the cuts, I don’t think the cities can take more of the Sable Pass Beautification Project - TheCommission - on some of the issues that will be cuts.” Ring believes solutions can be found through commission unanimously approved a Maintenancefacing legislators in Tallahassee in the upcoming investment in the universities and by investing Agreement with the Florida Dept. of Transportationsession. One of the major issues he emphasized was in venture capitalism to fund new innovations (FDOT) stating that the City of Parkland willthe budget and the cuts that were going to have to coming out of the universities. He said, “We need be responsible for the maintenance of thebe made. Ring stated, “The budget is awful … We to focus our attention and invest in innovation … improvements that were made in the FDOTcut $5 billion last year and I’m hearing as a much as focus on bringing new economy to the state … right of way along 441 in front of Sable Pass. The$3 billion this year. We are at a really difficult time focus on future economic development growth and improvements will be made along 441 in front ofand what do you do? Are we at the point now where insurance.” Sable Pass as part of a 50/50 matching grant thatwe cut all the nice to have services and now we’re on Street Named in Honor of Parkland’s Dara the city received from FDOT and Broward the need to have services? Or do you look for new Torres - In honor of her remarkable accomplishment The total project cost is $92,500. $46,250 will besources of revenue?” The budget cuts will providea serious strain on services. Ring is also concerned at the Beijing Olympic Games this past summer, the reimbursed to the city once the project is completed.about additional property tax legislation coming up commission unanimously approved a resolution to Initially the commission wanted FDOT to share theduring session, “I’ve always supported property tax amend the name of Trails End by adding the subtitle maintenance responsibility, but was not able toreform legislation … but now. I think we’ve cut to “Dara Torres Blvd.” The formal naming ceremony was reach such an agreement with FDOT.the bone. Just like the state can’t take any more of scheduled for November 22. continued on page 14458 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • what’scookin’/cookierecipes aah, cookies. Homemade Cookies! Just the thought of that ooey gooey, home-made, fresh from the oven goodness screams the holidays are here! Store bought? Forget-a-bout-it! Not this time of year. Even the most rushed, over-scheduled and stressed-out among us secretly long for the time to bake your own. And few things are as universally enjoyed as munching on homemade cookies. Even the best of the best in store bought, still leaves something to be desired. And what brings family and friends together better than mixing up a batch of your favorites? Only sharing them! No holiday party is complete without them, and they make great gifts too! So once again, we dug up some of our area residents’ favorite holiday cookie recipes and asked them to share them with you! Dust off your mixer, break out the flour, throw on an apron (or NOT) and get ready to bake! continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 59
    • what’scookin’/cookierecipescontinued from previous page Palmiers “This is a very simple but elegant cookie and when you have one, you’ll want more! These are simply addictive and everyone ends up asking for the recipe! (Which is from Jacques Torres, world famous pastry chef and chocolatier.) Enjoy!” Myrle Horn, Life Publication’s Food Editor Makes about 60 Palmiers 7 ounces puff pastry — sold at all grocery markets in the freezer case 1 cup granulated sugar On a work surface covered with ½ cup of the dough into ¼ inch thick slices the sugar, roll out the dough into a 10x30 inch, and place them cut side down on Marty and Myrle Horn with 1/8 - 1/6 th inch thick rectangle, with the long a parchment paper covered baking grandchildren, Blake Horn, side facing you. Generously sprinkle the top sheet. Space the slices 1 inch apart Brooke Lazar us, and with the remaining ½ cup sugar (add more if and the rows 1 inch apart to allow Amanda & Bria Horn needed). Fold each long side 1 ½ inches toward for expansion. the center. The dough is now about 7 inches Bake the Palmiers until they start to take on wide. Repeat the folding process one more color — 10-15 minutes. Remove from the oven time so the dough is about 4 inches wide. The and use a fork or tongs to turn each one over. folds should meet in the center. Then fold the Bake until they are completely caramelized, top over the bottom so that you are left with about another 10-15 minutes. Remove the a strip 2 inches wide. Refrigerate the dough at cookie sheet from the oven and place on a wire least 3 hours. It must be cold or it will not slice rack. Do not remove the Palmiers until they are well. completely cool or the caramelized sugar will Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Palmiers burn your fingers. Store in an airtight container must be baked at a high temperature to at room temperature for up to 3 days. They are caramelize the sugar. Using a sharp knife, slice best eaten quickly. (And they will be!) Raspberry Cookies “My daughter Chloe, who loves to help me in the kitchen, chose this recipe. It’s a tasty, flavorful recipe that is fun and easy to do with the family and is perfect for every season. This was given to me from my mother who loved to cook when I was younger. I like to change the preserves and utilize different fruits, such as banana, pineapples, and passion fruit. From my family to yours … enjoy!” Raul Hernandez, Executive Sous Chef, the Isle Casino Pompano Park, 777 Isle of Capri Circle, Pompano Beach. 954.972.2000. Chef Raul with his daughter Chloe, 2 cups powdered sugar 1 cup unsalted butter, softened 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract Raspberry Cookies 3 eggs wife Diana, and Santa Claus 2 ¾ cups all-purpose flour ½ teaspoon salt Raspberry preserves (or other flavors such as mango, guava, banana or apple preserves) Preheat oven to 300° F. Beat powdered sugar and butter with an electric mixer, until light and fluffy. Add vanilla and eggs. Blend well. Stir in flour and salt until thoroughly combined. Chill until firm. Using a teaspoon, as a guide, roll dough into a ball. Make an indentation in the center of each cookie. Bake 20-25 minutes until golden brown. Fill the indent in each cookie with preserves of choice, and then let them sit in a warm oven for a few minutes to set. (YUM!)60 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 200860
    • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies “As a child I fondly remember eating delicious oatmeal raisin cookies made by my mom. They perplexed and delighted me with their crispy exterior leading to a chewy moist interior. Cravings for my childhood cookies returned during pregnancy with my first daughter but I couldn’t tolerate the dark raisins which I obsessively removed from each cookie until I discovered golden raisins! The modified oatmeal golden raisin cookies have become our favorite family snack with many why’s from the kids about the contradictory texture. They too now only eat golden raisins with these cookies forming part of their childhood memories.” Isabel Gonzalez,Rozy, Arianne, Michael McKiernan & owner/baker of Crème Brûlée Bakeshop Café, 1263 N. University Dr., CS. (Ramblewood Square). 954.752.5323 / Isabel Gonzalez-McKiernan Oatmeal Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. In a large bowl, combine the flour, cinnamon, Makes two dozen cookies salt, baking soda and oats. Reserve. In a Raisin ¾ cup al-purpose flour large bowl of an electric mixer, beat the 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon butter and sugars until light and fluffy. 1 teaspoon kosher salt Beat in the egg and vanilla. At low speed, ½ teaspoon baking soda stir in the flour mixture until combined. 1 2⁄3 cups old-fashioned oats Cookies Fold in the raisins. Drop the dough by two 1 ½ sticks unsalted butter, softened tablespoon portions, two inches apart on 2 1⁄3 cups firmly packed dark brown sugar baking sheet. Bake 15-20 minutes rotating ½ cup granulated sugar the baking sheets between the upper and 1 large egg lower oven racks halfway through baking, 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract until golden brown. Transfer the cookies 1 ¼ cups golden raisins to wire racks to cool completely. Mrs. Craw’s Cookies “Although my roots are Northern (I was born and raised in PA, lived in NYC and Vermont and currently hail from the NY/NJ metro area (Jersey City)), this Florida cookie recipe was one of my family’s holiday traditions. The recipe was given to us by my aunt’s dear friend Mrs. Craw who lived in Florida. It is an easy to make refrigerator cookie ... very kid friendly and so tasty!” Susan Richards, owner, Woodhouse Day Spa, 6991 N. State Rd. 7, Parkland (Shoppes of Parkland). 954.753.2300 Mrs. Craw’s 1 stick margarine 1 cup sugar 1 egg, beaten Cookies 1 ½ cups flour Susan Richards with her mom 1 teaspoon baking soda Eleanor Richards, and sisters Lynn 1 teaspoon vanilla White and Judee Cathrall ¾ cup shredded coconut Mix all ingredient together. Put dough in refrigerator for 1 hour. After chilled, roll into logs and wrap in plastic or wax paper and refrigerate overnight. Cut into ¼ inch slices and place on ungreased cookie sheet. Leave room between as they will spread. Sprinkle with colored sprinkles and bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 61 61
    • what’scookin’/cookierecipescontinued from previous page Grandma’s Lemon Cookies AKA “Simply Me” cookies “My traditional holiday cookie recipe — the lemon drop — originated with my maternal grandmother in Italy. Grandma Josephine was European all the way and lived in an Italian enclave in Chicago known as Polk Street. A strict homemaker and mother to six kids, Josephine taught her family Old World values like hard work, dedication, discipline and appreciation, so despite the pleadings of her children she made their favorite Lemon Drops only once a year, for Christmas, which made the treats all the more special and anticipated, reminding the family of the sweet rewards that patience brought! When we moved to Florida in June of 2000, we brought the cherished recipe with us. We also brought Kyle, now 17 and a 12th grader at North Broward Prep, and Alyssa, a 15-year-old 10th grader at the same school. And the lemon drop holiday cookies play an integral, daily role in life at the spa, serving as a constant reminder of Grandma Josephine’s core Connie, Kyle, Alyssa values upon which the business is founded: hard work, dedication, discipline and appreciation. The latter of which comes & Dan Fischer in the form of a delicious spread I treat our visitors daily — and by popular demand Grandma Josephine’s Lemon Drop has become the official cookie of Simply Me. So thanks to the example Grandma Josephine set — and the diligent efforts that we continue — the traditional cookie makes every day a holiday at Simply Me Day Spa!” Connie Fischer, owner of Simply Me Day Spa, 6240 Coral Ridge Dr., Suite 103, Coral Springs. 954.757.1111 Mix the following with a wooden spoon: Bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes or LESS do Grandma’s 1 cup vegetable oil not over bake 1 cup sugar 6 eggs Frosting: 1⁄3 cup milk 1 ½ cups powdered sugar Lemon Cookies 4 tsp baking powder 2-3 drops lemon flavoring 1 tsp pure anise oil A few drops water 4 to 4 ½ cups flour (mix to desired consistency, Mix to nice consistency and spread on cookies. smooth, not too sticky). Drop teaspoonfuls on greased cooking sheet. Coconut Joys! Coconut Joys! “My mother and I both had this over-the-top love of anything coconut. As a child she turned me on to Baracini Coconut haystacks! As a treat we’d take a ride “into town” meaning nearby Bergenfield, New Jersey; the closest town near ours with any kind of main street shopping. We’d head straight for the candy store and get a half pound of these melt-in-your-mouth treats, sit on a nearby bus bench and we bonded (and widened) during those times of no talk but sheer, unadulterated joy at savoring something so good. Years later, I stumbled on this recipe and even though I made it WITHOUT THE EGGS, since mom had an allergy.(They just come out much harder like biscotti without the addition of the eggs.)With the eggs Mindi, Mindi’s Mom Lynne, they’re slightly chewy and heaven on earth enjoyed with a good cup of coffee. Easy to make, I sometimes double the recipe to Hank, and Goddaughters have extras for drop-ins during the holidays. But there is no bite I take, where I don’t miss the incredible closeness I had when able Mindi & Leslie to share them with the ‘best-friend’ mom I have never gotten over losing and miss even more during the holidays.” Mindi Rudan, Publisher, Parkland Life, Coconut Creek Life & BocaDelray Life Magazines Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Spread the coconut on a large rimmed baking Makes 3 dozen cookies sheet. Bake 7 minutes until golden brown and fragrant. Set aside to cool. If you are ¾ - 1 cup fine-shredded unsweetened dried going to bake the cookies immediately, increase oven to 325 degrees. In a medium coconut bowl, sift together the flour and baking powder. Set aside. In a large bowl, combine 2 cups all-purpose flour the butter, both sugars, salt and cooled coconut. Use an electric mixer on medium 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder speed to beat 3 minutes until light and fluffy. With the mixer running, add the eggs 1 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature one at a time, then the vanilla. Turn the mixer to low and add half the flour mixture. 1 cup plus 1 Tablespoon packed dark brown When incorporated, add the remaining flour and mix until no traces of flour remain. sugar Stir in the chocolate chips. If you have time, tightly cover the dough and refrigerate at ¾ cup plus 2 Tablespoons sugar least 2 hours, up to three days, before baking. When ready to bake, preheat the oven ½ teaspoon salt to 325 degrees. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. Scoop the dough into 2 large eggs 1-inch balls and place 2 inches apart on the prepared baking sheets. Bake 12 minutes 2 teaspoons good vanilla extract until brown and crisp. Transfer to a wire rack to cool. The cookies can be stored in an 2 ½ cups bittersweet chocolate chips airtight contained for up to three days and can be made half-sized for parties.62 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 200862 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • lifetimes/pets by kristan bondOwning a pet is a big responsibility. But if someone on your list is ready preventing her from running and playing like most pups her age should.for a new pet, please consider one of the following amazing animals Her leg has gotten worse over the last few weeks, and she is desperate for surgery. ANY DONATION to Candy would be welcomed, with no obligationthat are available for adoption. Some have tragic stories and really to adopt or foster her. She is the sweetest, kindest, most optimistic dogneed a chance. Others just happy and healthy but desperate for a who is in dire straits right now. This surgery can help her become a healthy,forever home. Help make a difference in the lives of these beautiful happy dog that would make an amazing and loving friend for life to a newcreatures this holiday season! family. Help Candy have a chance at a happy healthy life! To make a donation for Candy’s surgery, visit K94U’s website at www.Bruno was discovered living chained in a yard in Ft. Lauderdale. or call 954.344.5298. continued on next pageHis elderly owner was unable to care for him properly butrather than look for a home, or even take him to a shelter, sherelegated Bruno to the yard where he lived on the chain fortwo years. She admitted that she did not feed him on a regularbasis. When the owner was approached about giving Bruno upshe did so without a second thought.It took hours for two volunteers to remove all the ticks coveringhis body. He was severely underweight and his ears werechewed from flies. Since then he has been vetted, neutered,and boarded at a vet’s office. He has gained weight, getsregular walks by volunteers, and has regular sessions with a trainer and is so forgivingof his bad treatment, he just wants to be loved for real. Bruno walks well on a leash,is a perfect gentleman and follows basic commands. But after eight months Bruno isstill without a forever home. His caretakers have decided that if Bruno is not adopted,rather than have him live his life in a cage, they want to send him to a sanctuary onmany acres of land in upstate New York. Here he will have access to heat in the winter,A.C. in the summer, and finally get to run to his heart’s desire. The entrance fee is$3,000 for a pet to live at Spirit Sanctuary, but this loving dog so deserves a chance, either at the sanctuary or with someone local who would like to adopt him. Make him yours, you won’t be sorry. If you are interested in Bruno, or wish to contribute to helping raise the funds needed to get him to Spirit Sanctuary, please contact Bob at 561.445.9222. More pictures of Bruno can be seen at Candy is our sweetheart Dutch Shepherd Mix, and is just about seven months old. She was attacked when she was just four months old and her leg was severely damaged,PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 63
    • lifetimes/petscontinued from previous page Troy is a purrrfect angel! He’s just a baby at Camelot is a gorgeous 4-year-old non-allergenic 7 weeks and even has a twin brother named poodle who is fit for royalty. The perfect lap dog Jack. The duo are beyond adorable and love at 10 lbs., Camelot is friendly with children and each other so if you can handle two, you’ll get other animals so he’d make a great addition to twice the love! They could not be sweeter. Bring any family. You want amazing, this smart, gentle, both (or either) home and you’re guaranteed a playful little prince is your boy! loving friend for life! Bono is a 10-month-old pug, and just like U2 sings,Opie is a 10-month-old Dobie mix. You he’s definitely “the sweetest thing!” Wherever you go,don’t have to travel to Mayberry to meet he will follow, and shower you with lots of love! Andthis happy little guy. He’s a complete mush this kind of animal, at this young age rarely comes upwho loves to be loved and gives plenty for adoption like this. He is a winner thru and thru!in return! He is like sugar he has such agreat disposition. This is one of the best, These four pets are available at Chesed Rescue. All petssmartest pups we’ve seen in ages. Luck out are vaccinated, de-wormed, blood-tested, microchipped,this holiday and take a one-in-a-million pet and fixed. To apply, please fill out an application athome to love. or call 561.445.9222.64 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • lifetimes/petsElvis ain’t nothin’ but a Hounddog … actually a 2-year-oldBasset Hound dog mix to beexact. He’s an exceptionallygood dog that is so lovableand friendly with everyoneincluding kids. He weighsabout 60-65 pounds andwalks well on a leash. Hestill thinks he is a pup and attimes will sit on your lap ifyou allow it while watchingTV or just hanging around.What a love! Bring him home today so the friendly folksat Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue can say, “Elvis has leftthe building!”For more information call Robbie at 305.799.1567 or Alex is a corgi-chihuahua mix and is approximately 3 years old and weighs in at only 20-25 lbs. He is a perfect little gentleman that would be great in a family with older children. He gets along with cats & other dogs, too. He is housebroken, neutered and up to date on his shots. What more could you ask for? Adorable, sweet, loving, gentle++.For more information, contact Marcy at 561.655.9537 is a single mom whowas found in a park with herpups. She is a 2-year-old femaleShepherd mix. This beautifulgolden girl weighs about 35lbs. and is up to date on shots.She’s a complete angel who’sgreat with other nice dogs, allchildren, and perfect with cats,too. You cannot imagine howsweet she is. Do you have roomin your heart and home for amellow, sweet, gentle-souledbeauty who so deserves afamily to love her and be loved by her?For more information or to meet Felicity, contact Tri CountyHumane Society, located at 21287 Boca Rio Rd., Boca Raton,at 561.482.8110 or visit LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 65
    • pet’splace If You Can Open Your Heart and Home, Pets Make a Great Holiday Gift!! by dr. penny kupferberg J ust like the Obama girls, your kids may be asking for a new pet. So, you or your children want a new puppy? Kitten? Bird? Iguana? Awesome! Just make sure you are prepared. Puppies and kittens are a lot of work, so before you start looking, ask yourself some important questions: First, do we have enough space? If it’s a dog, will it have enough space to run and play? Or if it’s a lizard, do I have room for a large enough cage? Can I afford a new pet and cover costs such as food, vet bills, spaying or neutering, training or unexpected things like surgery? Do I have time? Training a new puppy is hard work and takes lots of time and patience and every pet deserves time, love and attention, not just at the cute baby stage but for their entire lives. If you feel you can answer all of these questions positively, you are probably ready for a new addition to your family. There are several places to get a new pet — breeders, pet stores, newspaper ads, shelters or friends. Some good points to buying from a breeder are that pets come with66 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • pet’splacepapers; this makes them more valuable (on paper) andyou can enter them into the show rings for competitions.They are 100% guaranteed to be a thoroughbred and thepuppies stay with their mothers until they go home withtheir new owners. You usually get to meet the baby’s momand see what your pet will look like. Usually this is a safe,clean and “satisfaction guaranteed” way to purchase a pet.Some of the things to watch out for when buying froma breeder are that these new pets can be expensive andsome breeders can be picky to whom they will sell theiranimals. The advantages of buying a pet from a pet store are thatyou get to take your new pet home that day. You can alsopurchase everything you’ll need at the same store. Pricesare usually lower than buying from a breeder and you andyour kids can have a really special time seeing your choicesand “meeting” your new friend. Be aware that the pet storemay not know where the pet came from or their history. Getting a new pet from a shelter can be less expensivethan some places. They’ll do tests on the animals to makesure they are not aggressive or sick. You get to help with overpopulation of abandoned pets, and you save a deservinglife! A lot of the time the dogs are older, so it will usuallybe house trained and not so hyper, like a puppy. Cats areusually gentle and having lived in a cage, so grateful for ahome of their own. These pets understand what it meansto have a home and lose it and are so grateful when theyget a new chance at life and a family to call their own. Your decision to bring a new pet into your house is agreat one! Make sure you do your research and put a lotof thought into the amount of time and money you willneed to spend on your new addition to your family. Finally,remember to bring your new family member to yourveterinarian for its initial wellness check-up! Then sit backand feel the love!Dr. Penny Kupferberg, DVM has been practicing medicinesince 1988. She is the Chief of Staff and partner at CoralSprings Pet Resort and Medical Center, 11555 West SampleRoad, Coral Springs. Dr. Penny was voted “Best Vet inCoral Springs” and believes that healthy pets live longer,happier lives. She can be reached at 954.341.4123 or for info.PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 67
    • feature/pets by kristan bond68 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 DECEMBER C
    • feature/petsM any people remodel their homes to reflect their changing tastes, to welcome a new baby, or to match lifestyles if anewly married couple. But for Beth Caron of BocaRaton, her remodel was simply to help her cats live ugly house and could use his artistic skills. Two weeks later the work began.” The artist, Cesar Arturo Rey, worked on Caron’s home for five months straight, went back to Colombia for a year and then returned to work for six more Shea chillintogether in harmony! months. “I explained that I was having a territorial It all started in 1994 when she bought a fixer-upper problem with my cats,” she said. “I had recently begunwith lots of potential in a nice neighborhood in Boca volunteering at Feline Friends Cat Shelter and hadRaton. She moved in with her two cats, Tarzana and done what I’d promised I wouldn’t ever do ... I’d takenJane, sisters who were rescued from the streets of home two very sick, dying kittens. I later found outBrooklyn. that they, Angelica and Purricane, were scamming Caron, who works as a flight attendant, was working me big time because they proceeded to get verya flight home from Rome on New Year’s Eve 1999 that healthy, very fast. My other two cats, Tarzana andwould lead to changing the look of her home forever! Jane, were devastated. They were 11 years old at theShe was helping a Spanish speaking passenger fill out time and even after a long, proper introduction theyhis customs and immigration forms (Caron speaks just couldn’t adjust to the newcomers. They hatedEnglish, Spanish and Italian!) and learned that he the kittens and were so upset, they even ended upwas a Colombian sculptor/decorator on his way to Ft. hating each other. I had spent hundreds of dollarsLauderdale to visit relatives after having decorated with a pet behaviorist and even tried tranquilizersa disco in Italy. “He showed me pictures of his work, to no avail. I told Cesar that I wanted to expand mywhich took my breath away,” recalls Caron. “It was territory upward since I couldn’t do it outward. Ivery modern and imaginative and had an ocean and wanted perches with hiding places for the kitties. Ilight theme. I jokingly mentioned that I had a very never imagined the end result!” Angelica "Jelly" Caron, the first kitty Beth adopted from Feline Friends Cesar created free-form geometrical perches on the wall and tunnels that light up for the kitties to race through. Pillars between the kitchen and living Shea comes out of his room were wrapped with intricately braided and secret hiding spot to play Hunter under the wave knotted sisal rope and now serve as huge scratching posts that can be scaled to reach catwalks near the ceiling. He also installed silhouettes of shells drilled Shea starring in Pirates of the CATibbean into the walls that light up as well as waves, starfish and portholes. “To continue the pet friendly environment I replaced my old brown carpet with washable white pine Pergo floors. My sofas were covered with perfectly fitting, custom–made denim slipcovers. What could be more pet friendly than jeans?” said Caron. She also bought sturdy cat trees to accommodate nine kitties worth of claws (yes, she did end up taking in a few more cats after she lost the original two girls at the age of 17 who had started it all). A pet door leads out to a large screened-in patio where the litter boxes are kept. “I could have spent a lot of time yelling, ‘No!’, ‘Stop!’, or ‘Don’t!’ but instead I set everyone up to win,” said this amazing pet lover. “My cats are part of my family so I decorated my house in a manner respectful of their needs but still pleasing to my eyes. Now, on Halloween, most of the trick or treaters are looking for tours of my house instead of candy! And during the holidays everyone wants to come to my house.”PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 69
    • personalperspective by shannon ferguson with introduction by halli moore N ortherners claim that only in cold climates can Christmas really be fully appreciated. But many “southerners” (transplanted or otherwise) say Bah Humbug! Southerners in warm climates don’t have to think about all the difficulties associated with shopping and carrying packages in freezing rain. Parking, then having it snow making YOUR car unrecognizable. Cars that won’t start when you’re all dressed up on your way to a party or freezing your pa-tutties off due to a malfunction in the heating system just before a family gathering! But, of course, here we have to be concerned that our A/C doesn’t die if it’s 80 during the holidays. When you’re freezing day in and day out, you long to see Santa in a speedo. When you’re the one feeling like you’re roasting by an open fire (just standing still in your yard) in December, you pine for snow-covered pines and fresh, cool mountain air. My, my, the grass is always greener. There are so many opinions, we posed the following question to several “seasoned locals” and newbies: “ Does the weather here in December liberate you or make you long for mittens and hot cocoa? ” “The essence of Christmas is best experienced “I love a white Christmas, but when you live up when surrounded by snow. The white glow north you want to be in Florida. Basically you seems to bathe us with peaceful serenity and want what you can’t have.” love.” Melissa Prochilo, Coral Springs Lilia Bazo, Parkland “The only way that I was able to get through “I am from Ft. Lauderdale and would love to the warm weather here after leaving Long have a white Christmas. I have only experienced Island was to remember that Jesus was born it once and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas in a warm place with palm trees, so perhaps here. But hey, we never have to shovel our cars Florida is the better climate in which to out either.” celebrate!” Chelsea Beautieu, Coral Springs Barbara Kennedy, Coral Springs “I prefer palm trees and sunshine for Christmas. I “It doesn’t feel like the holidays until I can go was born and raised in the tropics and still enjoy snow tubing.” the feeling of summer all year long.” Gabby Prochilo, Coral Springs Pedro Bazo, Parkland “I have never longed for palm trees and hot weather; it was not my choice to move to South Florida. Summer was my least favorite time of “Having grown up in South Florida it seems the year. I have always missed the cold weather so odd to me to NOT see Christmas lights on during the holidays. Then again, I have lived palm trees.” here since 1970; I would probably drop dead in Terry Rounsavall, Coral Springs a true New York winter.” Joanne Johnson, Coral Springs PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE asks a pertinent monthly question to readers-at-large. Have a response to this one, or want to pose one of your own? Then write, fax or e-mail us.(No phone responses or questions, please.) Write to Personal Perspective: 4611 Johnson Road, Suite 3, Coconut Creek, FL 33073-4361 / Fax: 954.421.9125 e-mail: info@lifepubs.com70 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • travelwise by lori kenner D on’t get left behind this winter. Now is the time to get above sea level and hit the mountains. This year, more than ever, there are great deals in travel everywhere. With the economy still volatile, and travel a bit off, this could be the winter to find a “great and a half. There are connecting flights into Gunnison or Hayden to take you to Crested Butte or Steamboat Springs. Steamboat Springs is famous for their “Kids Ski Free” program. Kids 12 and under are able to ski free with one paying adult per child for a five day lift ticket or deal” at a fabulous ski resort. Gas prices have dropped longer. Additionally, Kids Rent Free with an adult renting and it is not impossible to find good airfares. Ski apparel equipment for five days or longer as well. Steamboat stores such as Peter Glenn of Vermont have been having is known for having five kids-only lifts as well as a kid’s sales just as most retailers have. Couple this with great terrain park called Beehive. There are great deals on specials at ski resorts all over, so a ski vacation (at even the hotel rooms as well as fabulous condominiums with formerly super-pricey resorts) may be more affordable fireplaces and great features such as Jacuzzis, swimming than ever before! And the best news is, December and pools, and other wonderful amenities at all of these January are the best times to find great deals (with the great Colorado Ski Resorts. exception of Christmas/New Years week) as the snow is A lesser known ski resort in Telluride, Colorado is falling and ski season is just kicking into high gear. actually well known for spa fanatics. The Peaks Resort We all know there are great family ski resort areas in is home to the four-level Golden Door Spa. This spa is Colorado such as Steamboat Springs, Crested Butte and decorated along the lines of the ancient Honjin Inns Breckenridge. You can fly nonstop into Denver and be of Japan. Its extensive facilities include saunas, Roman in Breckenridge, Winter Park or Keystone within an hour pools and Turkish baths. They have a rock-climbing wall, continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFPARKLAND LIFE DECEMBER 2008PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 ARKLAND LIF L LA I DECEMBER 2008 M E ER 71 71
    • travelwise Telluridecontinued from previous pagewhirpools, a lap pool and a 15 ft. spiraling water slide!They offer myriad spa and wellness treatments andis a great way to unwind after a day or more on theslopes. And never forget Aspen and Vail, the ultra-chicresort towns of upscale resorts, shops, restaurants andworld class skiing. Utah became very popular after the 2002 WinterOlympics. There are condominiums and hotels inabundance in Park City and Deer Valley. You can stayvery moderately in the town of Park City or go highend and stay at a fabulous resort like the Stein EriksonLodge at Deer Valley. If you stay in Deer Valley, youare within a few minutes’ drive to Park City MountainResort which is the training headquarters for theU.S. Ski Team. You are also within minutes from theCanyons. This is Utah’s largest ski resort and the 5thlargest in the United States. The Canyons offers greatopen bowl and steep terrain and offers snowboardingas well as downhill skiing. There are other wonderful ski resort areas out westsuch as Taos, New Mexico where you can ski and take Lake Tahoe The Canyons Deer Valley a short drive to the incredible Santa Fe to experience unparalleled history, arts and culture. January does The Canyons get extremely cold in Santa Fe, however, so plan Park City, Utah Through Dec. 24 — Buy 3 or more accordingly, but sitting by the fire there is almost nights lodging and get one night intoxicating! free. Buy 2 or more days lifts, get one Lake Tahoe is another great ski destination. You can day free. Jan. 5, 2009-Feb. 12, 2009 experience skiing during the day and great restaurants — Buy 4 or more nights lodging, get and gambling at night if you stay on the Nevada side one night free. Buy 3 or more days of the Lake. Or you can venture to the California side, lifts, get one day free. Kids ski free is which is definitely more low key. Either way, Lake combinable! Tahoe is one of the most scenic areas in the country *Rates are subject to availability and and with great skiing at one of their seven ski resorts, may change without notice. you can’t be disappointed. You can ski for a few days Breckenridge and drive four hours away and enjoy the highlights Ski and Spa Getaway of one of the most famous cities in our country, San The Peaks Resort in Francisco. Telluride, Colorado Now is the time to go west, and experience the mountains like never before. Through 04/04/2009. Luxurious accommodations; daily lift tickets per adult; $150 daily massage credit at Lori Kenner is a 20 year veteran in the travel industry. the Golden Door Spa per paying adult She is the owner of Woodmont Travel located at 6716 N. University Drive, Tamarac and can be reached (may not be applied toward gratuity at: 954.721.9590 phone or via e-mail at: lori@ or services other than massage); daily continental breakfast per adult.72 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 R
    • elegantvoyeur by lisa ponczek continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 73
    • elegantvoyeur Entry continued from previous page J Aquarium Bar ulie Peter loves the holidays and her beautiful Tall soldier ushers you in. A display of presents, garland Pines home certainly shows it. While Santa is busy and twinkle lights frame the grand, mahogany wood getting ready for his long journey, Julie is not only front doors giving the home a fabulous holiday aura. decking the halls with boughs of holly; she decks out Once inside, the living room is absolutely exquisite. the entire house. Of course being a busy mom of three Golden silk window panels create a soft and neutral kids, 12-year-old Casey, and eight-year-old twin boys, backdrop, leading your eye upward to the soaring 24’ Cameron and Christian, with a super-busy life; Julie coffered ceilings. Already a magnificent room, Angela usually enlists some help from a little elf, aka — talented has created a dazzling and elegant space that exudes designer Angela Dipasqua of Insignia Interiors. You see, true holiday spirit. The gorgeous 10 foot Christmas tree Angela is not just a talented interior designer, she’s a is the focal point of the room, sparkling with golden holiday fanatic herself and in the last few years has been ornaments and twinkling white lights. The double sided designing and coordinating the holiday decorations fireplace mantle displays a collection of Santa Claus for busy clients. Incorporating items that homeowners figurines, while a friendly snowman offers you some already own, she turns them into holiday treasures. A donuts! Julie’s gorgeous and unique bar with incredible glass bowl usually filled with harvest fruits becomes detailed woodworking and an unbelievable salt water a stunning holiday display when the fruit is replaced aquarium, this time of year also showcases a wonderful with sparkling golden orbs to give the home some collection of crystal snow globes, combining a winter holiday bling. Ordinary candlesticks are transformed wonderland with a bit of the tropics. Glittering white with the addition of red organza ribbon and a touch of candles and glass vases filled with golden globes are garland. “I try to use as much of what my client already scattered throughout this stunning and joyous room. has,” Angela said of her work designing holiday homes. The celebratory atmosphere continues into the “People are really surprised when they see what can be dining room. Red and green floral arrangements done with typical household décor.” Knowing Angela’s and a simple table runner was all it took to get this design creativity and talent, the transformation of majestic dining room ready for the holiday season. Julie’s home into a spectacular and elegant holiday With a chunky, faux wood coffered ceiling, enormous showcase is no surprise at all. wood table, and the “other” side of a stately double The festive ambiance starts as soon as you stone fireplace, the dining room lends a northern feel. approach the front walk. A statuesque toy Another plus in the dining room, as well as the rest of74 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 200874
    • elegantvoyeur Family Roomthe house, is that despite its extraordinary style and bedrooms are also on the secondelegance, everything is designed to be kid friendly. floor. Casey’s room is fun with aqua walls, polka dotThe kids can sit at the dining room table with buckles, bedding and a touch of girly girl in the crystal toppedor other hazardous accessories, and not worry about bedposts. Cameron and Christian share a room,scratching the durable furniture. “I really wanted the showing their love of surf and sand, done in blues andkids to feel comfortable in their own home and not browns with a surfboard motif. An incredibly life likehave to worry they might damage something,” Julie safari room, complete with a cave and tree lined ceiling,said. “Angela really helped me make all the right give the kids an extra place to play or hang out.decisions for our life while keeping the look and style Back on the first floor is the soothing and simplisticI wanted.” master bedroom. Bright floral bedding contrasts the Touches of the season are carried through to the neutral, taupe tones of the walls and tweed and family room. A breakfast table is ready for A northern feature found in this magnificent home isChristmas morning with a crimson tablecloth, holiday the abundance of fireplaces. Aside from the enormoustable ware and a miniature Christmas tree centerpiece. double sided fireplace in the living room, both theDecorative reindeer and sleighs as well as a Christmas master bedroom, as well as the master bathroom,cookie jar dress the kitchen counters without being feature full wood burning fireplaces, each with aoverkill. The kitchen itself is wonderful and spacious beautiful wood surround and mantle.with a bi-level butcher-block island, honey glazed Though the expansive backyard wasn’t yetwood and glass cabinetry, ample granite counter decorated for the holidays at the time of our photospace and stainless steel appliances. The family room, shoot, Chief elf Angela was hard at work transformingequally dramatic with a gorgeous built-in wall unit it. How beautiful it will be once lights are up on the fourrising from the floor to the 24’ ceiling. Holly plants towering palm trees framing the tranquil pool and spaand holiday candles dress the glass coffee table while with its gentle water spouts dancing across the water.snowmen and Santas playfully peek out from the It’s the perfect spot for a lively holiday soiree and weshelves of the wall unit. know Julie and her family enjoy every part of their An incredible home library features wall-to-wall happy, holiday home. We sincerely thank them forwalnut bookshelves and a magnificent spiral staircase sharing their holiday spirit with Parkland Life readers.leading to a loft on the second floor. The children’s Happy Holidays to everyone! Living Room Breakfast NookPARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 75 75
    • homelife Welcome!! Foyers and Entry Halls: Prologue to Good Design by perla lichi | photographs by barry grossmanT he design of a home could be compared to writing a great stage play! There is first the prologue and setting the scene or location.Once the setting has been established then a good Upstairs Hallway Contemporary Foyerplay writer introduces the characters and carefullycrafts the sequence of scenes so the story unfolds ina harmonious way. In home design, the overall goal is to tell “thedesign story” in complete balance and harmony, justlike sculpting a play. Think of each area as a differentscene of the play, where we are always workingto create rooms that flow visually from one to theother. The foyer or entrance hall is the prologue. To “tellthe design story correctly,” it is essential that thedetails and furnishings in the entryway reflect theoverall design of the entire home. In other words, if the residence is designed in a This upstairs hallway is distinguished by architectural detailing – If the residence is designed in a modern style, the scope and tone of the Corinthian columns and stone balusters. Note floor inlay and the entryway should communicate this genre. Note the dramatic lightingmodern style, the scope and tone of the entryway custom, hand painted ceiling detail that add to the overall splendor. that enhances the contemporary pieces in this well-designed entryway. Beautiful Homes Deserve Beautiful Windows windows to walls A HUNTER DOUGLAS SHOWCASE PRIORITY DEALER • Blinds • Shutters • Duettes • Silhouettes • Solar Shades • Drapery • Bedding Valances • Pillows • Cornices • Wallpaper • Extensive Line of Fabrics & Trims Enhancing Parkland & Coral Springs Homes for over 21 years. COMPLIMENTARY WINDOW DESIGN SERVICE. EXPERT INSTALL AT COMPETITIVE PRICES Riverside Square • 8204 Wiles Rd • Coral Springs (954) 344-4557 • Fax (954) 344-121876 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • homelife Tuscan Mural Hallway Mosaic WallsMosaic walls and a series of original framed art Hand painted murals of the Tuscan countrysidemontages adorn the walls of this contemporary adorn this long hallway, bringing it to lifeentryway. Foliage surrounds a fountain that serves as and extending a warm sense of welcome. a focal point.should communicate this genre. Lighting is also an importantWhen the goal is Art Nouveau, the consideration! In the lobby orentryway should showcase one of the entrance area, day lighting should beclient’s most magnificent pieces of bright enough to allow a reasonableArt Nouveau artwork and the design transition from bright outdoors toshould introduce Art Nouveau motifs the darker interior. Illumination needsthat will be repeated throughout the to be at a lower level at night to aidmain living areas. eyes in focusing, but strong enough In a residential setting the entryway to enable visitors to see and be seen.serves as a passageway and like all The entrance is an ideal place to trygood design should not be cluttered. a dramatic lighting effect such as anIn general, an easy flow of traffic is accented art object. A magnificentessential. chandelier, in scale and proportion, Furnishings that we often use in enhances any foyer. And dimmersan entry include a console or narrow on hall lighting enable you to set anytable, a mirror and accessories. Mirrors mood.add sparkle, create the illusion of more If the area is spacious enough, thenspace, and can be framed in a style an entry table, in appropriate scale,that suite any décor. They REFLECT adds a magnificent design statement.LIGHT too, so they gloriously open Beautifully detailed foyer tables withdark spaces. Choose accessories ornate hand-carving or intricatewisely. Personalize the space with marquetry (decorative wood inlay) arefamily photos, a portrait or a personal often seen in the lobbies of grand hotelscollection that says something about and public buildings. Those whoseyou. residences can accommodate such Many people also like to introduce grandeur should take full advantage ofsome type of seating in the foyer — this opportunity. Foyers and entrywaysa bench or a chair. Arriving guests set the stage for the home and shouldcan wait there, existing guests canlean a purse while they retrieve keys. showcase the most magnificent piecesNo matter what pieces you select, of all!everything should be proportionate to Follow these guidelines and yourthe space and should never get in the foyer and entryway will certainly earnway of traffic through the door. No one a “standing ovation” from those exitingwants to suck their belly in getting thru or entering!a tight space! And remember, look down! The A graduate of the Art Institute of Fortfloor is the first place you look when Lauderdale and recently named aentering a room. In the entryway we member of its Board of Trustees, Perla Lichioften suggest adding a special design has headed the design firm that bears hertouch such as a medallion or crest or a name for more than 20 years. You maymotif that fits with the selected theme. contact Perla Lichi Design at: 7127 N.This adds class, and strength to the Pine Island Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33321,entry and often sets the “feel” a guest call 954.726.0899 or visit her website athas for the whole home. LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 77
    • Green Tips homelife for Luxury Bathroom Design by bill feinbergI t may be hard to believe but even a luxury bathroom can be designed or remodeled to save water. Bathroom showers, toilets, and sinksaccount for approximately 75% of the water used ineach American home. It’s important for all of us to an older bathroom, consider a modern bathroom remodeling project. Most modern toilets use about 1.6 gallons per flush. On the other hand, a dual-flush, ultra low flow toilet can use as little as .9 gallons per flush for liquid waste and 1.6 gallons for solid waste, steam portion of a steam bath or steam shower is relatively low compared to the amount that runs down the drain while a shower is being used. A whirlpool bathtub with an in-line heater allows you to heat the water rather than refilling the tubdo more to save water, both to protect our world’s an excellent water saver. With an adjustable flow with warmer water as the tub cools down. This cannatural resources and to lower the economic impact showerhead, you should set it to use the lowest be a significant water savings.of wasteful water usage. If you’re committed to the amount of water pressure that still allows you to Another luxury bathroom “green” idea that willenvironment (or just feel like you should be) there have a relaxing and enjoyable shower. avoid the use of steam is an infrared sauna. Unlike aare many things you can do to use less water and stove or steam sauna, infrared saunas do not requireless energy. Other Tips for Saving Water in the Bathroom: any water to generate heat. Remodeling a bathroom? The most important Standard bathroom faucets use 2.5 gallons of water Finally, one of the most popular and best wayspurchases are dual-flush toilets, faucet aerator and per minute. Installing a faucet aerator is the easiest to save water is by replacing your traditional wateradjustable or low flow showerheads. The expense way to reduce bathroom faucet water use. heater and installing an Insta Hot water heater. Thisof replacing a toilet should pay for itself over time Placing your water heater as close as possible to only uses electricity when supplying hot water andbecause it could lower your water bill by as much your kitchen and master bathroom will lower the can save as much as 50% less energy than your oldas $75 per year. Older bathroom toilets generally amount of time you must run a faucet before the water heater. Also, since water is not stored in a tank,use about 3.5 gallons of water per flush. If you have water gets hot. The amount of water used in the continued on page 14678 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • Laugh funnyboneThings That Make YouThe Four Stages of Life it, and then you puked in the hallway, and got that Hot Breakfast: $4.201.) You believe in Santa Claus. black eye when you ran into the door.” Two Aspirins: $.382.) You don’t believe in Santa Claus. Confused, he asked his son, “So, why is everything Saying the right thing, at the right time: PRICELESS!3.) You are Santa Claus. in such perfect order and so clean? I have a rose, and breakfast is on the table waiting for me??” His Those Lovely Farmer’s Daughters4.) You look like Santa Claus. son replies, “Oh THAT ... Mom dragged you to the A farmer had 3 beautiful daughters who wereHoliday Cuppa Tea bedroom, and when she tried to take your pants off, getting ready to go out on dates. The first beau came One day my mother was out and my dad was in you screamed, ‘Leave me alone, I’m married!!’ ” to the door and said, ‘’I’m Eddie, I’m here to pick upcharge of me. I was maybe 2 ½ years old and it was Broken Coffee Table: $239.99 continued on next pagejust after the holidays. Someone had given me alittle “tea set” as a gift and it was one of my favoritetoys. Daddy was in the living room engrossed in theevening news when I brought Daddy a little cupof “tea,” which was just water. After several cups oftea and lots of praise for such yummy tea from mydaddy, my Mom came home. My Dad made her wait in the living room to watchme bring him a cup of tea, because it was “just thecutest thing!” he told her. My Mom waited, and sureenough, here I come down the hall with a cup of teafor Daddy and she watches him drink it all up. Thenshe says to daddy (as only a mother would know),“Did it ever occur to you that the only place she canreach to get water is the toilet?”The Good Husband Jack wakes up with a huge hangover afterattending his company’s Christmas Party. Jack is notnormally a drinker, but the drinks didn’t taste likealcohol at all. He didn’t even remember how he gothome from the party. As bad as he was feeling, hewondered if he did something wrong. Jack had toforce himself to open his eyes, and the first thing hesees is a couple of aspirins next to a glass of water onthe side table. And, next to them, a single red rose!!Jack sits up and sees his clothing in front of him, allclean and pressed. He looks around the room andsees that it is in perfect order, spotlessly clean. So isthe rest of the house. He takes the aspirins, cringeswhen he sees a huge black eye staring back at him inthe bathroom mirror. Then he notices a note hanging on the corner of themirror written in red with little hearts on it and a kissmark from his wife in lipstick: “Honey, breakfast is onthe stove, I left early to get groceries to make you yourfavorite dinner tonight. I love you, darling! Love, Jillian” He stumbles to the kitchen and sure enough, thereis hot breakfast, steaming hot coffee and the morningnewspaper. His 16-year-old son is also at the tableeating. Jack asks, “Son ... what happened last night?” “Well, you came home after 3am, drunk and outof your mind. You fell over the coffee table and brokePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 79
    • funnybone continued from previous page Betty. We’re going for spaghetti, is she ready?’’ “No,” the farmer said. The second beau came to the door and said, ‘’I’m Joe, I’m here to pick up Flo to take her to the show. Is she ready to go?’’ “No.” The third beau showed up a few minutes later and said to the farmer. ‘’Hello, my name is Chuck…” The farmer shot Chuck. The Blonde & The Blinker Two blondes were driving down the road. The blonde driving looks at her friend in the passenger seat and asks her to see if her blinker is working. So the blonde looks out the window and says, ‘’Yes. No. Yes. No.’’ Christmas Party Tom had been in the liquor business for 25 years. Finally sick of the stress he quits his job and buys 50 acres of land in Alaska as far from humanity as possible. He sees the postman once a week and gets groceries once a month. Otherwise it’s total peace and quiet. After six months or so of almost total isolation, someone knocks on his door. He opens it and a huge, bearded man is standing there. “Name’s Lars, your neighbor from forty miles up the road. Having a Christmas party Friday night. Thought you might like to come. About 5pm.” “Great,” says Tom, “After six months out here I’m ready to meet some local folks. Thank you.” As Lars is leaving, he stops. “Gotta warn you, be some drinkin’.” “Not a problem,” says Tom. “After 25 years in the business, I can drink with the best of ‘em.” Again, the big man starts to leave and stops. “More’n’ likely gonna be some fightin’ too.” “Well, I get along with people, I’ll be all right. I’ll be there. Thanks again.” “More’n likely be some wild sex, too,” “Now that’s really not a problem,” says Tom, warming to the idea. “I’ve been all alone for six months! I’ll definitely be there.” “By the way, what should I wear?” “Don’t much matter. Just gonna be the two of us.” New Stock Market Terms CEO — Chief Embezzlement Officer CFO — Corporate Fraud Officer BULL MARKET — A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius. BEAR MARKET — A 6 to 18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewelry, and the husband gets no sex. VALUE INVESTING — The art of buying low and selling lower. P/E RATIO — The percentage of investors wetting their pants as the market keeps crashing. BROKER — What my broker has made me. STANDARD & POOR —Your life in a nutshell.80 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • funnyboneSTOCK ANALYST — Idiot who just downgraded your stock.STOCK SPLIT — When your ex-wife and her lawyer splityour assets equally between themselves.FINANCIAL PLANNER — A person whose phone hasbeen disconnected.MARKET CORRECTION — What happens the day afteryou buy stocks.CASH FLOW — The movement your money makes as itdisappears down the toilet.YAHOO — What you yell after selling it to some poorsucker for $240 per share.WINDOWS — What you jump out of when you’re thesucker who bought Yahoo @ $240 per share.INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR — Past year investor who’snow locked up in a nuthouse.PROFIT — An archaic word no longer in use.Kids Say the Darndest Things One Sunday morning, the pastor noticed little Alexstanding in the foyer of the church staring up at a largeplaque. It was covered with names and small American flagsmounted on either side of it. The six-year-old had been staringat the plaque for some time, so the pastor walked up, stoodbeside the little boy, and said quietly,“Good morning Alex.” “Good morning Pastor,” he replied, still focused on theplaque. “Pastor, what is this?” The pastor said, “Well son, it’s a memorial to all theyoung men and women who died in the service.” Soberly,they just stood together, staring at the large plaque. Finally, little Alex’s voice, barely audible and tremblingwith fear asked, “Which service did they go to, the 8:30 orthe 10:45?”Single in Florida ... A lady was sitting on a park bench in Century Village,a Florida adult community. A man walked over andsits down on the other end of the bench. After a fewmoments, the woman asks, “Are you a stranger here?” Hereplies, “I lived here years ago.” “So, where were you all these years?” “In prison,” he says. “Why did they put you in prison?” He looked at her, and very quietly said, “I killed my wife.” “Oh!” said the woman. “So you’re single?”The Tee Shot John stood over his tee shot on the 350-yard 18th hole forwhat seemed an eternity. He waggled, looked up, lookeddown, waggled again, but didn’t start his back swing. Finally, his exasperated partner, Joe, asked, “What inthe world is taking so long?” “My wife is watching me from the clubhouse balcony,”Jim explained. “ I want to make a perfect shot.” Joe exclaimed, “Oh come on, you don’t have a chancein hell of hitting her from here!”PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 81
    • gardenspot by elizabeth giglio D on’t ask us where the year went, but it’s already December again, which means it’s time to start “decking the halls” for the holiday season. Many families will be throwing parties or having some friends and family drop in and (fly in) hence, we go all out with lights and decorations to fill our homes with joyous holiday cheer. For some of us, this includes menorahs and dreidels for others it’s the yearly tradition of decorating a Christmas tree. We know people who could live without a couch during the holidays, but could never imagine NOT having a tree. Some folks head to the garage or attic and haul out the one they love year after year, others live for the real tree. Picking it out, hauling it home, filling the water basin (devising ways to keep Fido from draining it daily), and decorating anew each year. If you’re “one-a-doze” who cruises the Christmas tree lot like a moth drawn to a flame each December, you might think all Christmas trees are the same, but actually, there are quite a few varieties to choose from, each with their own appeal and usefulness. More than likely, you’ll search through your local tree lot to find just the right tree for your family, but what you might not have known was that you were probably looking through at least ten different species of evergreens. Let’s take a look at some of the more common kinds.82 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • gardenspot continued from page 82 Fraser Fir - Often called the perfect Christmas tree, the Fraser Fir has attractive silvery-green needles that are soft to the touch. The firm, upturned branches are strong enough to hold heavier ornaments and spaced enough apart for longer ornaments to hang properly. Often growing in almost the perfect shape, these firs also have good needle retention if watered properly, and is truly one of the holiday favorites and most reliably beautiful. Fraser Fir Noble Fir - Similar to the Fraser Fir, the Noble Fir has sturdy, stiff branches. Often used to make wreaths, door swags, and garland, the Noble Fir features a sort of bluish-green tint to its needles with a slight silvery appearance. The branches are unusually lovely in shape and perfectly spaced for decorating. Many people just love the majestic look of this shimmery tree and could not imagine another kind in their holiday home. Colorado Blue Spruce - True to its name, this evergreen sports blue foliage which can also appear silvery. You might want to take this striking color into consideration when planning your decoration’s color scheme. This tree also sports strong limbs, a nice pyramidal shape and very stiff needles. Not your grandmother’s Christmas green. Grand Fir - In contrast to the other trees discussed thus far, the Grand Fir’s needles are longer (1 to 1.5 inches long) and soft to the touch. While these glossy dark green needles are more popular because they don’t stick you during decorating, they are often not able to hold up heavier ornaments. On a side note, when the needles of a Grand Fir are crushed or rubbed, they give off a pleasant citrusy smell. Balsam Fir - This fragrant tree has a beautiful dark-green color with flexible branches that may not be suitable for heavy ornaments. However, it has an attractive, airy form and excellent needle retention. White Fir (or Concolor Fir) - Contrary to its name, the White Fir’s foliage is actually a silvery bluish-green in hue. This color then fades to a dull green with age. This Fir also features a pleasing citrus-like scent which some people are intoxicated with a natural “Christmas tree” shape, and good needle retention. But don’t go buying this one if you have a heap of heavy stuff or you’ll be picking up more than errant pine needles from your floor! Eastern White Pine - Another evergreen with long, feathery-soft needles, the Eastern White Pine is another tree used for wreaths or centerpieces. Again, the flexible limbs are ill-fitted for supporting large, heavy ornaments but make amazing tabletop displays. This tree is very full and lush, with little or no fragrance (which is definitely a plus for those prone to allergic reactions) and can Balsam Fir be adorned with lights and garlands for a perfect holiday patio look.84 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • gardenspot Douglas Fir - Now if it’s that Christmas tree smell when decorating these stiff, dark green needlesthat you’re going for, this might be THE tree for you. and keep your face away from the branches or likeThe Douglas Fir is known for its pleasing (but strong) momma said, “it could POKE YOUR EYE OUT!”aroma. Dis be da tree people think Christmas when Norway Spruce - Not the best for needlethey smell its perfume in the air. This undeniably retention, the Norway Spruce needs to be boughtfresh, outdoorsy, woodsy fragrance has launched just before the holiday, freshly cut, and kept wella million artificial sprays that try to (but rarely do), watered! Still, a beauty with a strong fragrance andcapture it. This “smell” is why so many go through a nice shape, the Norway Spruce boasts long, shiny,the time-sucking, stress-creating, back-breaking, dark green needles and has found many a fan inknee-hurting, gotta-get-a-real-tree ritual each Europe. If you like to put your tree up the day afteryear: it fills the house with the aroma we associate Halloween, the NS is not your tree. But if you wantwith Christmas. (That and simmering cinnamon a gorgeous, chestnuts roasting on the open fire,and cloves.) This tree includes soft, short, shiny decorating with a glass of wine and someone fun ongreen needles. A potential problem is having too Christmas Eve, give this one a go. Grand Firlittle space between branches if the tree has been While these 10 are the most commonly solddrastically sheared into a perfect cone shape but species of evergreen, there are quite a few others refills should be fine.mostly it works. Choose a Douglas Fir that is freshly that might end up in your home this holiday season. After the holiday season is over, remember tocut, preferably with little to no shearing, keep it well These include a variety of Pines such as Afghan Pine, recycle your tree. (Or better yet, buy a Florida-readywatered and you’ll have a great specimen. Australian Pine, Austrian Pine, Red Pine, Ponderosa Norfolk pine in the pot and plant her after the Scotch Pine - Are you the worst at Pine, and Virginia Pine. Cedars, such as Deodara holiday.) Check to see if your city offers tree removalremembering to water your tree? Then you might Cedar and Eastern Red Cedar, are also popular. As and recycling of non-planting ones. And to make thewant to go for the Scotch Pine. This beautifully and are the Leland Cypress, the Nordmann Fir, as well as ritual somewhat “green” (pun intended) all Christmasalmost naturally shaped tree is known for its excellent the Black Hills and White Spruces. trees should be used for garden mulch after all theneedle retention (even when allowed to dry out!) Whichever tree you decide to choose for your decorations have been removed.Those petrified brown things with full needs at the holiday decoration, don’t forget to keep a close eye So gather up the kids and head down to youredge of people’s driveways each year with every on its water level. A dry and brittle tree is nothing local tree lot to pick out just the right Christmasneedle still intact? Scotch Pine! The down side? The but a HUGE fire hazard! During the first few days tree for your family to enjoy throughout the holidaysomewhat fragrant Scotch Pine’s needles can be as after bringing the tree home, it might require more season. And from all of us at Life Pubs, be safe andsharp as pins! Break out the heavy gardening gloves water every few hours! After about a week, daily have a happy holiday!PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 85
    • waytogrow by elizabeth giglio Y our grandmother probably had one tucked away for most of the year, but it would always appear during the holiday season, bursting with bright red and pink blooms. The Holiday Cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) or Christmas Cactus is known for its beautiful display of blooms once a year around the holidays. It’s so beautiful during the holidays it has become a somewhat seasonal plant, bursting on the scene in late November. But the truth is, it is a beautiful year-round, easy-to-care-for plant that is robust, hardy and makes a beautiful specimen solely for its lush green stems. continued on page 8886 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • waytogrowcontinued from page 86 The Holiday Cactus is a member of the Zygo- with little care needed during most of the year. Itcactus family and while it is botanically a cactus, the does prefer well-drained soil with plenty of organicHoliday Cactus should not be treated like the spiny material (try a potting mix for succulents) and acacti found in the desert. Native to the warm, humid snug pot, but other than that, light and lots of waterrainforests of Central and South America, this cactus (when dry) are the most important requirementsfeels right at home in our Zone 10 climate and does for this unique plant. Getting it to bloom at thewell if given plenty of filtered sunlight and regular right time does require just a bit more work, but thewaterings (but don’t overdue) during the growing results are always worth it!seasons of spring and summer. While most of the As the summer winds down, gradually reducecountry must keep this cactus indoors year round, the amount and frequency of watering and movewe in SoFla are fortunate enough to be able to the plant out of direct sunlight around the middlekeep it as an outdoor plant as well. However, if kept of September. Ideally, the Holiday Cactus should beindoors during the summer, place in a water tray or kept in a cool room or area where temperatures willmist with a spray bottle frequently to recreate the remain around 60 to 65 degrees and where it willhumidity that it enjoys so much and keep it away receive indirect bright light during the daytime butfrom AC vents, as this warm weather cactus will total darkness at night. Some growers of the Holidaysurely not appreciate the cold air blowing on it. Cactus will claim that even the slightest bit of But if you put her in a hanging basket, hang it artificial light during the plant’s nighttime dormancyoutside and water it here and there, come holiday phase will throw off its entire cycle and result inseason next year, she will reward you with a burst of poor blooming. However, it’s been my experiencecolor so amazing, you’ll be a fan for life! that this isn’t necessarily true, so don’t freak out if Hybridization over the past century has resulted you happen to turn on a lamp near the plant everyin many new varieties of the Holiday Cactus, once in a while or even follow those rules. Publisherincluding ones that bloom closer to Thanksgiving Mindi Rudan has a monster Holiday Cactus in theand Easter. Other species feature various bloom corner of her patio in a hanging basket, and all shecolors, from red to white with every shade of peach, does to inspire it to burst into glorious bloom is startpink, fuchsia and even yellow in between! feeding it in late October with a half strength of The Holiday Cactus is definitely easy to grow, continued on page 90 Southern Pump & Sprinkler Repair • Serving South Florida Since 1983 • Specializing In Repair & Service • Change Over To Pop Ups • Heads Added • Pumps • Service Contracts • Residential & Commercial LET A PRO INSTALL IT. FREE ESTIMATES Licensed & Insured References Upon Request 954-340-870088 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • waytogrow continued from page 88 water soluble bloom fertilizer. Then somewhere in late December it’s bloom city!! And it goes on well into early February. So Fall is also when you should give the plant an application of a low nitrogen liquid fertilizer if you want blooms around Christmastime. After the blooming period, the Holiday Cactus will need a rest. Place the plant back in indirect light and water extremely infrequently for 30 days. Don’t worry if the plant looks weak or loses some leaves or joints during this period. However, refrain from pruning at this time. Wait until the new growth begins in the early spring to do any pruning! March or April is also the best time for repotting, if necessary. Since this plant does prefer to be slightly root-bound, don’t get too eager to switch out the pot. Another application of low nitrogen fertilizer should be given at this time as well. A common (and frustrating) problem with the Holiday Cactus is bud dropping. Causes are usually overwatering, exposure to cold or hot drafts, or insufficient organic material in the soil. Avoid this by watering once a week or less during the blooming period (only when the soil is dry one inch below the surface), work some organics into the soil, and move the plant away from any drafts or doorways. Given the right conditions, the Holiday Cactus will begin to bloom around the middle of December and continue throughout the holiday season. Even the buds are interesting, swelling everyday until they literally pop with color. With long, dark green, jointed stems and bright red, uniquely shaped blooms, this plant is sure to be an attention grabber at all of your holiday parties. It is a handsome plant, and if it breaks, the joints are easily rooted in water! So pick one up for yourself or give one away to a friend or family member who needs a little color in their life this holiday season and stand back!90 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • higherpowerThe Greatest Gift of All pastor jeff beebeDuring the holidays, some people are lavished with expensive gifts and buy “stuff ” with wild abandon.Sometimes, just after the holiday, when all the fabulous gifts have been put away, and all the wrappingsand bows have been discarded, and all the joyous chaos fades right back to reality, some people still feel“empty.” This year buying huge amounts of stuff might be a bit more challenging. Many people are sayingthey will bake for friends, make more hand-crafted items. As necessity commands more thought into giftbuying, and we go back to gifts of the heart, do you think it will “fill” people up with the real joy of theholidays and make them more connected and less commercial? As men of the clergy, what do you considerto be the greatest gift of all and how can that be reconciled with the excitement of the holidays? — MFR Where Our Treasure wit about your custom landscaping. He doesn’t even care rabbi richard polirer Is, Your Heart Will Be if you sit on the City Council and pass ridiculous laws and Also resolutions. What he does care about is how you, in your By Jeff Beebe, former Pastor of heart of hearts, care about those around you. How you treat Meadow Park Church of Parkland your wife, husband, friends, teachers, coaches, police, bums (954.753.8665) collecting money on street corners. There’s an old saying about Jesus teaches us that where our treasure is, your heart Chinese food … that after one eats it they’re will be also. This corrupted world tells us to build up treasurehungry for power. I was never sure what that meant — other that will rust and corrode. That treasure will mostly rust andthan being a play on not getting filled up sufficiently. Do corrode those who prize it. No one gets out of here alive … setyou remember the TV commercial for Taco Bell — where your treasure in heaven. Avoid that empty feeling. Christiansthe young man emerges from the restaurant and yells, “I’m should get this. Jews should get this. pastor w. tullian tchividjianfull!” You see, in that demographic, being able to get filled Christmas comes but once a year — and when it comesup on a small amount of money is key. Don’t disparage this it brings good cheer. This is great. All the trappings of theidea — we were all there once. Hopefully we won’t be there season are great. But please remember, God came to shareagain. Maybe the Obama administration will nationalize Taco himself with you. God adores you. Yes, you! This is the holidayBell. “W” has nationalized almost everything else. And why we celebrate. In Jesus we see the God of the Hebrew peoplenot? After the private ballot is done away with, Taco Bell will coming to give his people a glimpse of the Kingdom. Thisprobably be a union shop anyway. Then we can bail out the Kingdom is not filled with stuff that leaves us wanting more. Itunion — just like Detroit. is filled with living water — the unending love of God — and I Anyway, I digress. But the above does give us something to hope some fast cars, too. I pray that Enzo Ferrari is there doingconsider. All these interventions by the government will only his thing in heaven’s automotive department as we speak.delay the recovery and prolong the pain. A few politically Now gentlemen of the ‘Squad … start yourfavored groups will experience some relief, but the economy engines!will further suffer due to the meddling of inept, corrupt andfavor-granting politicians. ‘Twas ever thus. We, as taxpayers Is That All There Is? rabbi yosef biston By Rabbi Richard Polirer ofwill pay and pay and pay — supposedly in the name of Congregation Beth Hillel inrecovery — and we will feel empty. Government consumes Margate (954.255.6406)one third of GDP and produces nothing. Did you ever feel that having all As individuals, all the stuff we buy, consume, use and you wanted was not enough, thatown — in the end — offers us nothing. Our God is a God the desire for acquisition was a bottomless pit, a hole in one’sof relationships. He cares not what kind of car you drive. Hecares not about your wife’s breast implants. He cares not a continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 91
    • higherpower continued from previous page life that could never be filled? If so, rejoice! You are in this season and in any season — is to be found totally human! in purposeful living and in the understanding “Having it all” is one of those great existentialist that the only thing that is real and worthwhile questions. In the late 1960s, Lieber and Stoller is that which transcends the transitory, i.e., our wrote a song entitled “Is That All There Is?” Based relationships with others, with people who love on “Disillusionment,” a short story by Thomas and choose to be together — to be a family. All Mann in 1896, and sung by Peggy Lee in 1969, in the rest is window dressing. a German Cabaret style eerily reminiscent of the The greatest gift you can give to someone is 1930s, it topped the pop charts — imagine that! your companionship and love. And if that’s all — and eventually entered the Grammy Hall of there is, then I would say that that is the finest gift Fame. Its unmistakable ennui fairly oozes — nay, of all. gushes forth — from its chorus: “Is that all there is, is that all there is? The Gift That If that’s all there is, my friends, then let’s keep Came Down By W. Tullian dancing. Tchividjian of New City Let’s break out the booze and have a ball. Presbyterian, Margate If that’s all there is.” (954.935.5915) Oscar Wilde put it simply: “There are two Christmas answers the tragedies in life: not getting what you want, and largest question human beings are capable of getting what you want.” How can we mitigate this asking and, in fact, have been asking since the two-headed tragedy of the human condition? dawn of human history: Is God knowable? Simple. The Bible’s answer is heartening, because we The problem lies in the fact that we strive after encounter a God who both wants to be known transitory things — stuff. It may be a violation of and chooses to reveal himself to all. As the title of the sacred and sacrosanct to say that the retail a Francis Schaeffer book so memorably put it, He Is Christmas/Chanukah spending orgy, a mainstay There and He Is Not Silent. Of course, we can’t know of the later 20th Century economic bubble in everything about God, but what we must know, America, has literally seduced and bought us all we can know. As theologian R. C. Sproul wrote: into the notion that conspicuous consumption The incomprehensibility of God does not mean is a positive good — somewhat like Gordon that we know nothing about God. Rather, it means Gekko’s character in the movie “Wall Street” once that our knowledge is partial and limited, falling maintained that “greed is good.” Therefore, let me short of a total or comprehensive knowledge. say it — in spades! In just a short month’s time The knowledge that God gives of himself through before those year-end festive days, people spend revelation is both real and useful. We can know God themselves into what later turns into the January to the degree that he chooses to reveal himself. blue funk. They literally baptize themselves with The first revealing of God is nature itself. Ancient things, stuff. They lavish stuff on loved ones, Jews saw the physical world as the garment of acquaintances, and even themselves in some God: a shining, sometimes terrifying skin that both maddened, lunatic dance to enhance the festivity covers and partially reveals the Divine Infinite. and chase the blues away. And when the music’s David the psalmist wrote: over, well, it’s simply over. Nothing. Nada. Ничего. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky What is called for here is a bit of perspective. above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours Ecclesiastes said it so well: “To everything there is a out speech, And night to night reveals knowledge. season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven.” (Psalm 19:1–2) Beating the blues at year’s end has more to do with God’s fingerprints are on everything — black our hashkafa, our outlook, than on our American holes, nebulas, pink salamanders, ice crystals, “Excess” Card expenditures. You cannot spend a leaf bud unfurling in spring, mold, an atomic your way into happiness. But you can achieve particle, a baby’s cry, a grandfather’s face, you, well-being through proper perspective, which in me. As C.S. Lewis said, “We may ignore, but we can this case means understanding the real “reason nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is for the season.” Through this understanding of the crowded with Him.” Everything in nature points to an exultant, reasons why we celebrate our special times of the good, and glorious God. Paul described what year, we come to understand that a person is more every pagan in the Roman Empire had already than his/her stuff. Ultimately, happiness is not found in stuff. Rather, the gift of true happiness — continued on page 10092 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • ponderthis Yes, Virginia. There Truly ARE Free Lunches. I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. “I’m glad I have a good book to read. Perhaps I will get a short nap,” I thought. “Chicken,” I replied, wondering why she asked. She turned and went to the front of the plane, returning a minute later with a dinner tray from first class. “This is your thanks.” After we finished eating, I went again to the you some time to reach the base. It will be about time for a sandwich then. God Bless You.” Ten young men left that flight feeling the love and respect of their fellow Americans. As I walked briskly to my car, I whispered a Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came back of the plane, heading for the rest room. A prayer for their safe return. These soldiers were down the aisle and filled all the vacant seats, man stopped me. “I saw what you did. I want to giving their all for our country. I could only give totally surrounding me. I decided to start a be part of it. Here, take this.” He handed me $25. them a couple of meals. conversation. “Where are you headed?” I asked Soon after I returned to my seat, I saw the Flight It seemed so little ... the soldier seated nearest to me. “Chicago — to Captain coming down the aisle, looking at the A veteran is someone who, at one point in his the Great Lakes Base,” a handsome young man aisle numbers as he walked, I hoped he was not life wrote a blank check made payable to “The said. “We’ll be there for two weeks for special looking for me, but noticed he was looking at United States of America” for an amount of “up training, and then we’re being deployed to Iraq.” the numbers only on my side of the plane. When to and including my LIFE.” That is Honor, and After flying for about an hour, an he got to my row he stopped, smiled, held out there are way too many people in this country announcement was made that sack lunches were his hand, and said, “I want to shake your hand.” who no longer understand it. When you gather available for $5. It’d be several hours before we Quickly unfastening my seatbelt I stood and with those you love this holiday, remember the reached Chicago, and I quickly decided a lunch took the Captain’s hand. With a booming voice soldiers, OUR soldiers, stationed around the would help pass the time. As I reached for my he said, “I was a soldier and I was a military pilot. world who are not home with the people they wallet, I overheard the soldier ask his buddy if he Once, someone bought me a lunch. It was an act love, so we can be. planned to buy lunch. “No, that seems like a lot of kindness I never forgot.” I was embarrassed At Life Publications we honor our soldiers, we of money for just a sack lunch. Probably wouldn’t when applause was heard from all of the salute a wonderful country that even with some be worth $5. I’ll wait till we get to Chicago.” His passengers. economic issues this year; was, IS and will always friend agreed. Later I walked to the front of the plane so I remain the greatest country on earth. I looked around at the other soldiers. None could stretch my legs. A man who was seated May God Bless our soldiers, may you and your were buying lunch. I walked to the back of the about six rows in front of me reached out his family enjoy the happiness, love and laughter plane and handed the flight attendant a $50 bill. hand, wanting to shake mine. He stuck another of the season and may the New Year bring us “Take a lunch to all those soldiers.” She grabbed $25 in my palm. When we landed in Chicago I all peace, love … and a little hint of prosperity my arms and squeezed tightly. Her eyes welling gathered my belongings and started to deplane. wouldn’t hurt. with tears, and thanked me. Waiting just inside the airplane door was a man “My son was a soldier in Iraq; it’s almost like who stopped me, put something in my shirt Above a soldier locked in an emotional embrace at the you are doing it for him.” pocket, turned, and walked away without saying homecoming of the 2nd Combined Arms Battalion, 136th Picking up 10 sacks, she headed up the aisle a word. Another $25! Infantry of the 34th “Red Bull” Infantry Division of the Army to where the soldiers were seated. She stopped Upon entering the terminal, I saw the soldiers National Guard in Anoka, MN. After having their tour extended by the troop surge, the“Red Bulls”were the longest at my seat and asked, “Which do you like best gathering for their trip to the base. I walked over serving guard unit, having been in Iraq since late 2005. beef or chicken?” to them and handed them the $75. “It will takePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 93
    • nutritionnews Tis the Season to be Healthy by pamela ofstein ms, rd, ldnI t’s the holiday season already and time for the December, January … what does your month these trying times. It isn’t hard with all that food festivities to begin. This year they seem to be look like? Take a typical week: Friday — school around to overeat. Then we promise ourselves that starting a little earlier, giving us more time to holiday party with sweet treats and cake (800 we will go on a diet after the New Year (one of theprepare and spend money — even though this may calories); Saturday night — office holiday party or most popular resolutions). Sound familiar?be a bit more difficult for some this year. And with party at your friends with a buffet dinner and dessert So what can we do to help us during this festiveany celebration, food is often the center attraction. table (1500 calories); Sunday — neighborhood time without throwing in the towel when it comes toWhether it is a sit down dinner, going out with a gathering with hot chocolate, egg nog and cookies a healthy lifestyle? There are plenty of ways to savefew friends or family members, office gatherings or (500 calories); and Monday — the yearly fruitcake some calories here and there but keeping active toholiday parties with the children, there sure is a lot or chocolate gift basket is delivered from mom or burn off those extra calories is the “secret.”of temptation this time of year. We can continue to the boss (600 calories). Luckily, we aren’t counting Burn baby burn! Whatever you do, don’t stoppreach avoiding those guilty pleasures and staying calories that closely but they’re still there. Sometimes exercising! I know you’re busy and schedules areon the straight and narrow but for most of us, it isn’t the truth is not always what you want to hear but tight, but don’t push back on your normal routine.easy. And to others it feels downright punitive. It is for many Americans during the holidays, we gain If you’ve been consistently doing something, it’s notsupposed to be a joyful time and there are many extra weight. We are lucky (and I think it should be the time to stop. It’ll help you maintain your currentways to keep it light and still enjoy it all! the goal) if we can just maintain our weight during weight and keep your metabolism from slowing94 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • nutritionnewsdown; continuing to burn those extra calories and store less fat. Especially now,if you can increase your physical activity. I’ll even admit, this is a good way tooverindulge a little and not gain those excess pounds. It balances it out! Remember,the less you put on now, the less you struggle with later. Stick with what worksfor you or even opt for something fun like walking the neighborhood to look at allthe lights and decorations or shopping for presents. Shopping for about three hourscan burn over 400 calories (based on 150 pound person). Cleaning your house(2 hours) can burn off that piece of pie you had for dessert. Even putting up theChristmas tree (up and down on that ladder) or wrapping presents can burn offthat extra cup of hot cocoa and cookie! Think outside the box! Keep your bodymoving. Besides not eating it, think of a few easy ways to cut back on some of thosecalories. Do a lot of substituting and picking and choosing. Whether it is for meals,treats, recipes, etc. … simple little tricks can decrease those calories in many ofyour treats. Remember, it isn’t your last supper. Try these for starters: Turkey - Opt for white meat turkey. Dark meat has more fat and calories, andavoid the skin! Recipes - Substitute as much as you can for recipes and desserts. Use two eggwhites for one whole egg; instead of sour cream, use low fat plain yogurt or low fatsour cream; skim or 1% milk for whole; frozen yogurt instead of ice cream; low fatwhipped cream instead of heavy whipped cream; low fat cheese (works better formelting than non-fat) for regular cheese. Just a few little things can make a heftydifference. Gravy - Limit the gravy. Gravies can have about 60-70 calories per tablespoon.When was the last time you only had that quantity?! Using a powdered gravy mixcan cut the calories over half. Stuffing - Keep your stuffing outside the bird! Stuffing baked outside the turkeyhas half the calories of stuffing cooked inside. Plus, it’s cleaner in terms of bacteriaand cooking. Use dried fruit or nuts to add some extra fiber, antioxidants andhealthy fat. Potatoes - Forget the mashed potatoes and serve yummy, baked ones. Bakedpotatoes have fewer calories than mashed and much less than candied sweetpotatoes. Plus you get the fiber from the skin of the potato and can fill it up withfresh broccoli and add a little low fat cheese or sour cream. Fiber - Fill up on fiber foods like fruits and vegetables. They’ll help you feel fulland decrease the tendency to overindulge. Plate - Think of your plate as a piece of art. It should be presented beautifullywith lots of color (veggies/fruits) and spread out — not piled on. Take smallerportions and you will tend to eat less. Desserts - Save your calories for the holiday treats. Don’t waste it on normal,everyday foods like breads, crackers or dips. Save those calories for a littlesomething sweet at the end of the meal and you’ll feel less deprived. Enjoy the holidays and spend more time with family and friends. You’ll feelbetter and the memories are what you want lasting — not those resolutions!Pamela Ofstein, a resident of Parkland’s Whittier Oaks, is a registered and licenseddietitian. In addition to being Director of Nutrition Services for in FortLaud., she contributes health related information to different media venues includingmagazines, radio, web videos, and television; and to local physicians and associationspromoting health and well-being to the public sector. She can be reached LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 95
    • lifeline Vitamin D: So Your Grandmother Knew Something After All... by gregory cohn, mdB eing a strong proponent of the many benefits of omega-3 fish oil, many people have told me how they had to drink cod liver oil whenthey were young. While a decent source of omega-3fatty acids, another benefit of cod liver oil is that it is for the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin. Hence the possible connection between lower vitamin D levels and greater risk for certain medical conditions. In general, the sources of vitamin D in our diet are quite limited, and include fatty (oily) fish, eggs, been considered to be “normal” has been called in to question. The criticism relates to the fact that the data on which the historical reference range is based originated from human populations with suboptimal sun exposure and vitamin D intake. Moreover, ita rich source of vitamin D. In this article, I will review butter, and fortified foods, such as cereals and milk. has become apparent that vitamin D plays a muchsome of the basic facts about vitamin D, which has Therefore, the major source of vitamin D for most bigger physiologic role than had formerly beenbeen a topic of great interest lately. Some large of us comes from its synthesis in the skin after appreciated. In fact, vitamin D receptors have beenpopulation studies have suggested that several exposure to UV-B radiation. The form of vitamin D found in most organs and organ systems. The abovesignificant chronic medical conditions occur more found primarily in the blood is 25-hydroxy vitamin facts have led to a revision in these guidelines, whichfrequently with people residing increasingly distant D, which is produced in the liver. This form then recognizes the need for higher levels of vitaminfrom the equator. Other studies have shown greater undergoes a second alteration, primarily in the D. A normal level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D is nowsurvival of patients with cardiovascular disease and kidneys, to produce 1, 25 dihydroxy vitamin D, which considered to be at least 30 ng/ml; there is currentlycertain types of cancer when the diagnosis was made is the active form of the vitamin, and is responsible no consensus as to what optimal levels are. What isin the summer versus the winter. Living further from for its physiologic actions. It is the 25-hydroxy form clear is that many Americans are vitamin D deficient.the equator means shorter days in the winter, and that has traditionally been measured to determine One study from 2005 suggested that approximatelydecreased exposure to sunlight. In particular, there one’s vitamin D “status.” 41% of men and 53% of women in the US have levelsis less exposure to UV-B radiation that is necessary Recently, the level of vitamin D that has previously continued on page 13496 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • Newest Generation of Liposuction:anewyou VASER Lipo Better in Every Way by david j. levens, md, pa, facsI f you read the beauty magazines, it seems a new cosmetic surgery “breakthrough” is announced just about every week. Often thenew product or technique is more hype thanscience and patients may be disappointed when large volumes of fat are being removed. Less blood loss also speeds recovery. The procedure can be used to remove excess fat on arms, hips, chest, breasts, knees, ankles, waist, stomach, chin, back, buttocks, neck order to enhance the visibility of the underlying musculature, creating more of a “6 pack” look. The technique goes beyond traditional body sculpting because it follows the muscle groups closer to more selectively improve contour. Afterpromised results do not occur. and thighs. It has already been performed on the procedure, patients typically wait about 2-3 That’s not the case with VASER Liposelection® thousands of patients with excellent results.and VASER HiDef™, proven techniques for Here’s how the technique works: The fatty weeks before returning to their full exerciseliposuction. VASER technology uses ultrasonic layer beneath the skin is infused with tumescent routines. The first evidence of improved muscleenergy delivered into the fatty tissue through a fluid. Then the VASER ultrasonic probe delivers definition can be seen in about four weeks, withthin probe to target and emulsify the fat. high frequency vibrations which cause the fat final results at three months. The VASER Liposelection® procedure is a cells to break apart and emulsify. Through the When something new sounds too good to bepatented system which allows the surgeon same small incision, a small thin tube (cannula) true, it usually is. But if you do your homework,to work with greater precision, selectively is used to remove the emulsified fat. During the some techniques deliver on their promises.emulsifying fat cells while preserving other healing process, the skin will retract to create asurrounding tissues, such as nerves, blood vessels smooth, natural-looking result. David J. Levens, MD, PA, FACS is a Columbia Universityand connective tissue. Since the treatment can For patients who want a more highly sculpted, Medical School graduate, a Board-certified plasticbe more controlled and less traumatic to the athletic look even though they already exercise surgeon, and former Chief of Surgery at Coralsurrounding tissues, the result is a smoother regularly and are at an ideal weight, the VASERskin contour with less pain, less bruising and less HiDef™ procedure can do the job. This technique Springs Medical Center. In practice in Coral Springsdowntime. There is also less blood loss, a safety involves very careful removal of both superficial since 1989, he can be reached at 954.752.1020 orissue that is especially important in cases where and deep fat overlying the abdominal muscles in PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • Tis The lifeline Season by dr. jason m. goldman s we approach December, it’s important syndromes. Consequently, not all runny noses are effects include pain at the site of the injection, fever, to remember that flu season is upon us. the flu. A simple swab of the nose can reveal the chills and body ache. The vaccine does not cause The good news is that influenza can be presence of infection. The most common treatment the flu, even though the side effects can mimic flu-prevented if the proper steps are taken. Most for the flu is a medication called Tamiflu, which will like symptoms. It is also not safe to assume that ifpeople think of the flu as a bad cold that causes a decrease the duration of illness but will only be you have never gotten the virus before, you are notminor inconvenience, while in actuality the flu can effective if given within the first 48 hours of onset of at risk for getting it in the future. Anyone can get thebe quite serious. Approximately 226,000 people are symptoms. flu unless they have been properly vaccinated. Thehospitalized and 36,000 die from the flu. It is the 8th vaccine is an effective and preventative measure. The best defense against the flu is to beleading cause of death in the United States. vaccinated. This will allow the body to make Another important vaccine available to the The typical presentation of the flu is fever, defensive antibodies against actual infection. All adult population is the pneumonia vaccine.chills, headache, cough, sore throat, runny nose, vaccines work under the same basic principle, the Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that canbody aches, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Since it introduction of a trigger for the body to create a lead to hospitalization and death if not treatedhas such a common presentation, it can easily be defense to the infection. The side effects are similar early. The pneumonia vaccine helps the body toconfused for any number of cold and viral for most vaccines and are very common. These side continued on page 146PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 99
    • higherpower continued from page 92 witnessed of this revelation: “What can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made” (Romans 1:19–20). Since every created thing reveals the Creator in some way, we can say with confidence that God has made himself known — certainly. But the most indispensable and precise revealing of God is in his Word, the Bible. While God unveils himself generally in nature and in everything good and true, God does so specifically in Scripture. Creation displays the greatness of God; the Bible goes beyond displaying his greatness and reveals how you and I can know this great God. The Bible is God’s story. In its pages we learn about God’s unfolding plan to restore a broken world. The Bible reveals God “as more than a distant cosmic architect … or an impersonal life force. He is the living God, present and active everywhere.” As we read the Bible, we come to find that the central figure in God’s plan, the hero of God’s story, is God’s own Son, Jesus. According to Hebrews 1:3, “[Jesus] is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature.” He is the Savior sent by God to right all wrongs, mend all that is broken, and reconcile separated, fallen human beings like you and me to God. In nature we learn that we are creatures who depend on a Creator. In Scripture we learn that we are sinners who depend on a Savior. In the person of Jesus, we learn something vital about God: he deeply desires to be in a relationship with people. He desires this so much, in fact, that he paid the ultimate price so that genuine, unbroken relationship to him could be ours — forever. This fact sets Christianity apart from every other world religion. The foundational notion behind every world religion except Christianity is humanity’s ascent to God. They are all, to one degree or another, bottom- up religions; they require believers to work their way up into a relationship with the divine, however that idea is understood. Believers can attain salvation only by trying harder. Everything depends on individual effort. In contrast, the foundation of Christianity is God’s gracious descent to humanity. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14, emphasis added). Christianity is not a bottom-up religion but a top- down relationship: “God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16, emphasis added). God descended to us in the person of Jesus Christ because we could not ascend to him. In Jesus, God physically came into our world to rescue us from100 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • higherpowerthe penalty, power, and eventually the presence of sin. This, as millions can testify, is the only gift that truly satisfies. The “Day-After” Months: Cheshvan and January By Rabbi Yosef Biston of Chabad of Parkland (954.970.9551) I’m penning this article on the day after the election, and already the news outlets are beating the drums, with predictions for how thenew president-elect will deal with the “hard” times ahead. Euphoria doesn’t last long, whether it’s after an election or after theHolidays. The excitement of the gifts and the food and even the camaraderieof friends and family fades and we ask our selves, is this all there is? In pondering this question, I can’t help but draw an analogy to theprevious Jewish month of Cheshvan, which is known as “mar” Cheshvan, thebitter month, because it immediately follows the High Holidays and is devoidof any Jewish holiday of its own. The High Holidays, Sukkot and Shmini Atzeres, are a time of great joy andenhanced spirituality for the Jewish people. We spend a lot of time nourishingour souls and our relationship with our Creator. We pray and fast and pray some more. We enumerate all the ways we havesinned, asking for forgiveness and penitence. And then on Sukkot, we beginthe joyous aspect of the holidays, seven days of “rejoicing with our festivals,”it’s party time. And then, on Shmini Atzeret, on the eighth day, we pray for rain. G-danswers us with procreative drops from Heaven that produce “botanical”children in the form of grass, flowers and trees that bring us delight. Ourrelationship is blooming and has even borne fruit. G-d has heard our prayersand we have been promised a sweet year ahead. And then … what comes next? It is the month of Mar Cheshvan, the bitter,no holidays month. What lesson are we supposed to glean from it? May I suggest that the month of Cheshvan is perhaps the most importantof months. It is precisely in Cheshvan that the spirituality and fervor of theHigh Holidays finds its permanent abode. Cheshvan is real life. Back to work,back to the dishes, back to raising our families. The days get shorter and thenights get darker and the heady glow of the previous month has alreadyabated. It is the day AFTER Yom Kippur that will determine how strong arelationship with G-d we have forged. It is the month AFTER the HighHolidays that will determine whether our relationship with our Maker willthrive — in both good times and bad. Indeed, the month and days of Cheshvan is the best gift; it is the permanentone, the one that we get to keep. It is the tie that binds, the cement thatkeeps our Godly relationship alive. And so it is with the month of January, the month after the holiday season.That empty feeling can be alleviated if we take the spiritual strength we havegained and carry it through with us into the month and year ahead. And that will be the greatest gift of all! Whatever building you feel most comfortable worshipping in, whateverreligion counts you among their ranks, may you feel happiness and peace in thisjoyous season, and all the days that follow. From the Life Magazines’ “house”to yours, thank you for reading us, for interacting with us the way you do, forsupporting our advertisers and for being such a part of our life!PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 101
    • Unwrapping What Your Giftmindmatters Reveals About Your Relationship by dr. amy demner, ph.d., lmhcH alloween costumes had not yet left the stores when advertisers were already promoting the Holiday Season: Nointerest until 2010, Buy one; Get one, Lay-a-Way …No wonder holiday gift buying wrecks havoc on important part of human interaction; a non verbal form of communication that helps to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. When we love, we give. A tangible gift can also lead to some reflection those neatly wrapped packages. We romanticize the exchange of presents as a simple, loving gesture, but in reality, what we give may reveal more than we realize; particularly in more intimate relationships where they take on a more personal — and powerfulboth the psyche and wallet! about what our relationship to the person really — meaning. This year, concerns about rising prices and means to us. Have you ever tried buying a gift for One of the ways a partner can show interest,spending in general have caused many people someone you are at odds with? Trying to put current strengthen a bond or even signal that a relationshipto be more calculating when preparing their gift differences aside and viewing the totality of the should end can be measured by the present welist. Time to trim off the fat: like your sister’s five relationship requires evaluating how foolish or chose to bestow upon them. Take for example thekids who never thanked you for previous gifts or significant the spat might be. One of the wonderful man who historically bought gifts for his partnerreciprocated with presents for your two offspring; benefits of the holidays is learning to put pettiness that were constantly rejected because they wereor the neighbor you gave a gift to last year who aside in lieu of the importance this person holds in not expensive enough, suited to her taste, orscrambled to find an unopened present under their your life. We also can come face-to-face with our own reflective of enough time spent choosing the perfecttree to give you in return. Could we tell our kids that stubbornness in forgiving someone we love deeply. gift. I once saw a patient whose gifts were alwaysSanta has a weight limit of 30 pounds per household Resolving differences through a gift shows that we a holiday buster and he had become angry andthis year, or that Chanukah was shortened to only care enough to make peace and move forward. embittered with his inability to satisfy his wife andfive nights? Naah. Perhaps it’s just time to put more So, how does a ritual we believe to be relaxing her vision of what she deserved. He decided insteadthought into the whole process. and joyful turn into a source of torment? The answer to give her six couple counseling sessions — a gift Giving gifts is a surprisingly complex and is that we pack a lot of psychological baggage into they both could use. Eureka! She was delighted with102 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • mindmattersthis present because she saw it as a sign that he caredenough to make their marriage better. Or the woman who was upset about the 50 poundsher husband had gained since they got married. ForChristmas, she gave him a tailored shirt, an eightmonth supply of Quick Weight Loss meals, and a gymmembership. To her surprise, her mate was highlyoffended by these gifts. Her mistake? She gave himgifts that were important to her; not him. New relationships are loaded with trepidationand anticipation of choosing the appropriate gift.Is a piece of jewelry moving too fast? Are theatertickets too impersonal? Does a book signify therelationship is over? As if new love isn’t difficultenough to figure out! Children with brothers and sisters often are moreconcerned with the gifts their sibs get, than their own.It’s amazing how kids who can’t do their homeworkwithout calculators become mathematical geniuseswhen adding the worth of the other child’s gifts. See,I knew you loved him more than me! Treating yourchildren the same while recognizing their differencesis an ongoing struggle for parents making the giftchoosing process a difficult one. Some families avoidthis problem by planning a special family vacation inplace of individual gifts. If you thought giving a gift is fraught with tension,how about getting them? Receiving a gift that seemsfar more expensive than the one you gave — or far less— is more than embarrassing. It can stir resentmenton both ends. We have an expectation that peoplewho love us know exactly what we want and will giveit to us. The inevitable hurt of not really being knownby our loved ones is made real; how could they notknow our favorite color and size? Some of this canbe avoided by asking the person to give you a wishlist of items (including specifics). Those who insist onsurprising the recipient may be setting themselves upfor disappointment; so be prepared. While it’s reasonable to cut back on spendingduring the holidays, banning the gift exchangeentirely is not the best solution. People who stopgiving gifts may be missing out on an importantconnection with family and friends. Learning how tobe gracious and appreciative when on the receivingend as well as putting some extra thought into thegifts you buy this year will hopefully help you unwrapthe true joy of this season.Dr. Amy Demner has more than 20 years of experience asa psychotherapist and board certified clinical sexologist.She works with individuals, couples, and families needingsupport in child/teen problems, parenting, intimacy, stress,anger management, grief, divorce adjustment, anxiety,and depression. Her practice is located at 5461 UniversityDr. Suite 104, Coral Springs. 954.346.7066. You can visit herwebsite at LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 103
    • children&parenting ‘Tis the season: Nine Powerful Things Traditions Can Do for Your Family by maggie macaulay with lorle camposP lease welcome guest writer Lorle Campos, author of The Little Things Are The Big Things and The Happy Home Book and the founder of Once Upon A Family. For more info visit — Maggie Macaulay Nothing could be more timely as we enter the holiday season than traditions.With the hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating, and endless get-togethers, about our Mother’s apple pie, or Grandpa’s favorite fishing trip, it’s the emotions and good feelings connected to those things that we really miss. Traditions help us stay close to family and friends far away because traditions usually involve celebrations, and celebrations usually require more people. They provide a structure that prevents people from drifting apart. Theit’s important to take the time to find what brings your family together that will more occasions and events a family celebrates, the more opportunities theycarry on throughout their lives. Here are nine powerful things that tradition can each have to for your family: Traditions help us build a family identity by establishing how we Traditions make us spend time together without the normal daily communicate, how we make decisions and solve problems, as well as how wedistractions because they are scheduled and planned. Since we are often celebrate holidays, milestones, and other family events. Traditions say, “this isrushed, rituals and traditions make sure we stop and take the time to do the how we do things as a family ... this is how we decorate our Christmas tree, this isthings we really value. how we celebrate birthdays, this is the ice cream shop where we stop on the way Traditions provide opportunities to show how much we care with gifts, to Sequoia National Park every Labor Day Weekend ... this is who we are.” Thosepreparations, and spontaneous displays of emotion. They set the mood for a things ground you and your family through … a lifetime.more relaxed and focused state, and make us feel comfortable enough to openly Traditions make it possible to create a family history as they are passedexpress our love and appreciation for each other. When we talk with longing on through the generations. Memorabilia and photos that show the family104 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • children&parentingdoing the same thing year after year make us feelconnected to those who came before us. Traditions provide optimal settings forteaching family values through the sheerstrength of repetition. We learn much morepowerful lessons from activities that we participatein year after year, than from an occasional lecture.Since many rituals and traditions create a relaxedand happy atmosphere, learning is more likely totake place. Our family values become part of whowe are. Traditions give us many reasons tocelebrate life together, and they make it easybecause you know what to do and how to do it.On Friday nights we walk to the ice cream shopafter dinner, on Saturday afternoons we makecaramel-almond-popcorn and watch a video,and Sunday mornings we have Mom’s deliciousblueberry waffles and go for a bike ride to thebeach. Since we are not rushing around worryingabout what to do next, we can actually enjoyourselves and the people around us. Traditions bring together the generations,which can add such richness to our family life.The older members of the family bring patience,wisdom, and wonderful stories of the past. Theyoung ones bring that youthful wonder andexcitement about life that brings joy to the restof us. Traditions help us organize our busy, hecticlives. Planning rituals on specific days of the yearmeans that those projects will get done (such asthe family album on New Year’s Day, or the letterto your child on his/her birthday). This holiday season, revisit some of your oldfamily traditions, and even start new ones withthe help of your children. After all, unlike all thewrapped gifts under your tree, the relationshipyou and your family share is what is truly priceless.Happy Holidays!Maggie Macaulay, MS Ed, is the owner of WholeHearted Parenting,,a parent educator and coach, a public speakerand the co-founder of Whole Hearted Adoptionseminars. She can be reached at 954.483.8021 LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 105
    • schoollifeMarjory Stoneman Douglas shown excellence in both Math and Science and will represent StonemanBy Elizabeth Blasi Douglas High School in the State Competition. In the month of November several events have occurred here at Douglas. We Here at MSD, we’re honored to announce all of our outstanding academic and held the annual Harvest Drive for those less fortunate in our community. Juniorathletic accomplishments. Alexis Jablon stated, “It was so rewarding knowing that our school was helping Both our Swim & Dive team, along with the Lady Eagle Volleyball team won those less fortunate by bringing in canned food items.”their district titles! The Douglas Football team made our school proud, especially On Nov. 15 Douglas held their annual Homecoming Dance at the WestinPrincipal Anne Kowalski, after defeating our archrivals, the Coral Springs Colts at Diplomat. The theme was “Douglas Gone Wild,” and everyone had a remarkablethe annual Pig Bowl. At the end of the game, Douglas watched as CSHS Principal time dancing the night away. “It was so amazing, the decorations, the food,Susan Leon-Leigh kissed the pig after a terrible defeat of 34-17. Douglas played DJ, everything; it was probably the best Homecoming I’ve ever attended,” saidtheir hearts out at our Homecoming game against Coconut Creek High School Junior Taylor our very own Cumber Field Stadium. Our football team played an amazing It is that time of the year again, to announce Douglas’ Teacher and Employeeseason and hope for an even better one next year! of the Year. Congratulations to the 2008-2009 Teacher of the Year, Alicia Blonde One of the most exciting parts of our football games is watching the world and our School-Related Employee of the Year, Brendon Shaub.renowned Eagle Regiment during half time. At the 20th annual Lancer Jamboree From the yearbook staff : senior and friendship ads for the yearbook are dueMarching Band competition at John I. Leonard High School, our Eagle Regiment by Wednesday, December 3 to room 231.finished first in class 3A. The Regiment was led by Drum Majors Dale Tuason Winter break is approaching, but don’t let the break plans distract you fromand Mark Stein and won best in class for woodwind, brass, percussion, color performing well on your midterms. Break begins Dec. 22 and we wish everyoneguard, drum major, music, visual, general effect, and was crowned the 2008 luck on their midterms, and hope everyone has a wonderful winter break. SeeGrand Champions. They performed at the 2008 Florida Bandmasters Association you all January 2!District 15 Music Performance Assessment on Nov. 1st at CSHS. Our school is also proud to recognize some exceptional students. Senior Ryan Coral Park ElementaryMahannah was acknowledged for all his accomplishments by being nominated Submitted by Gelena Hinkleyas the October Senior of the month. Congratulations Ryan! Students Monica and Eugene Milshteyn were chosen as Douglas’ 2008 CPE was honored to host a community conversation recently led by esteemednominees for the Sunshine State Scholars Program. Monica and Eugene have child and family advocate Jack Levine from Four Generations Institute in Tallahassee. The evening was an opportunity to discuss how to raise our children today, in a positive manner, while facing a harsher world. Over 60 people from children’s agencies in the Broward Community, Commissioner Bruck and other representatives from the City of Coral Springs and many parents and teachers were in attendance. The conversation provided participants with ideas and information that will help our children and families without costing a lot of money. We could connect by growing a community garden, reading with grandparents, cleaning up our beaches, schools and parks together and exercising inside and outdoors. We learned valuable skills during this discussion and look forward to strengthening our families throughout Coral Springs and Broward County. CPE made history with its Ice Cream Election Night 2008, Nov. 3 by setting up an ice cream voting booth outside Planet Yogurt, and had students of all schools, ages and sizes come vote for their top five Planet Yogurt ice cream flavors. Students ate their ice cream and then went to the voting booth. Planet Yogurt donated 25% of the night’s profits to CPE to help with the school’s fundraising drive for technology. After each child, or in many cases adults, voted, he/she received an “I Voted” sticker. Students felt part of the election and voting process and parents were encouraged to take their turn to vote on Election Day. A great time was had by all and the winning flavor? Superman! Thanks to Planet Yogurt for a great event! Mark your calendars for our Mardi Gras festival Fri., Jan. 23 from 6:30-8:30pm. The event will feature a cake walk, games, lots of beads and fun! Park Trails Elementary By Elysse Dion As we head toward the holidays, it’s a good time to think about children that are not as fortunate as our children. The Holiday Giving Tree is set up in the main hallway at PTE. Families may take a snowflake off the tree then purchase the item106 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • schoollife Park Trails students participated in the Presidential Physical Fitness Testand bring it back to the school before December 12.All items will be distributed to Cresthaven Elementary,Larkdale Elementary, Sunland Elementary and theFamily Resource Center. This is a nice way to teach ourkids about giving during the holiday season. Thank you to all that made the Fall Book Fair andBingo night a great success. We could not have doneit without all our volunteers and contributions forraffle prizes. Thanks to Wendy Friedman for doingsuch a great job chairing Membership and getting100% membership in record time!! Sally Foster was a great fundraiser for ourschool. Thanks to all who participated. We’d like tocongratulate our top five sellers: 1st place — AlexaAbolofia from Mrs. Howles class; 2nd place — PricePayton from Mrs. Pennachio’s class; 3rd place —Chazz Bird from Mrs. LaBranche’s class; 4th place —Hagen Brown from Ms. Youngs’s class and 5th place— Ryan Deitsch from Mrs. Mandell’s class. Congratsalso to Mrs. Bourdeau and Mrs. Supovitz’s classes forhaving 100% participation. Both classes have beenawarded treasure boxes and pizza parties. Way togo! Congratulations go out to these classes for thehighest participation in their grade; Mrs. Honig, Mrs.Pennachio, Mrs. Myman, Mrs. Ziegler, Mrs. Howles andMrs. Valancy. All of these classes have been awardedtreasure boxes. We had a tremendous success with Walk to SchoolDay. Children walked over 1 ½ miles with their parentsor rode their bikes. Children were excited to Go Greenand wear their green Park Trails t-shirts. Kids who ridethe bus were encouraged to walk to the bus stop andcar pool kids parked across the street at the YMCAand walked to school from there. It was so motivatingthat parents and kids have asked if they can do it fora week in the spring! The children in 3rd through 5th grade haveaccomplished so much with the Presidential PhysicalFitness Test. Most classes have completed all fivecomponents (push ups, sit ups, sit and reach, shuttlerun and the run). The 1st and 2nd grades have startedlearning the different components and will begin their continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 107
    • schoollife continued from previous page Riverglades students participated in National Walk to School Day. Riverglades students spent Halloween at the Beach (L-R): (L-R): Brody Speno, Justin Bofshever, Kindergarteners Alexa Palen, Falynn Kiernan & Eden Hebron. Julian Araujo, & Angelise Manchur-Vainio. testing in January. This is a great accomplishment for prestigious honor. all the kids and every student will receive a certificate Mrs. Lettman knew she wanted to be a teacher since signed by the “new” president of the United States. All she was in high school, and she still loves it after 30 children will have a chance to participate between years “on the job!” A 10 year veteran of RE, Mrs. Lettman now and January. The Presidential award winners will is passionate about reading, math, science, geography be honored at Field Day in the spring. and robotics, which she coached at Riverglades with The PTA After School Club Program is off and her sons for seven years. When asked about her favorite running for Session #1! It has been very successful part of teaching Mrs. Lettman shared, “I love to inspire and everyone seems to be pleased with their club children to try their personal best. I’m thrilled when I placements. We hope to offer many more exciting see a student’s inner spark and I hope that I give my new club options for students and parents to choose students a love of learning that continues throughout from in Session #2, which will begin at the end of their lives.” Mrs. Canales joined the Riverglades staff nine years January and run through March 6. Watch for more info ago, but was involved even before that as a volunteer coming home around Dec. 5 in your child’s back pack. in her son’s class. Aside from her job as a media clerk, All enrollment forms for Session #2 will be due back Mrs. Canales chaperones on overnight field trips and to the school’s PTA box by Dec. 19. Remember, all club uses her bilingual Spanish skills to help Riverglades confirmations will be on a first come, first serve basis! staff communicate with Spanish speaking students Thank you for your interest and continued support of and parents. She said, “I love the feeling of family at our club program! Riverglades. We are all here with a common goal and that’s to educate and enrich the lives of students. I love Riverglades Review coming to work knowing that I have the opportunity By Nicole Cook to make a difference in someone’s day.” RE is pleased to announce the 2008 Teacher of the Our PTA is doing their part to help as much as Year and the 2008 School Related Employee of the possible during these difficult economic times. In October, the Outreach Committee collected a full truck Year. Many congratulations to second grade teacher load of clothing to distribute to families in need. They Suzanne Lettman and Media Clerk Betsy Canales also collected boxes of new and gently used books that who were nominated by the faculty and staff for this were distributed, along with beautiful Thanksgiving food baskets, to families in need at sister school Park Ridge Elementary as part of the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Always ready to lend a helping hand, the RE PTA gift wrapping crew is back once again this holiday season. Throughout December, volunteers will be busy helping staff and teachers get ready for the season by festively wrapping their holiday gifts. Regardless of whether students jet off for some exotic location this holiday season, they’ll become international travelers at Riverglades PTA’s Geography night, the first 2008 Riverglades Teacher and School Related Employee of the Year big PTA event of 2009. On January 28, we’re hosting a (L-R): 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Lettman & Media Clerk Mrs. Canales. “World of Geography Evening.” The school campus will108 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • schoollife WE teacher Miriam Miniet (bottom, right) with her 3rd & 4th grade students during the Wax Museum. Some of the famous biographiesthat were represented include Princess Diana (Courtney Sherbal), Elvis (Justin Sherbal), Dr. Seuss (Adam Sokoloff ) & Dan Marino (Matt Molk).be transformed into an international airport and studentswill have the opportunity to experience cultures fromdifferent countries and participate in activities based ondifferent states in the US. Remember to check the Riverglades website for more info onall of our scheduled events.Westchester ElementarySubmitted by Doreen Robinson It may not be the famous Madame Tussaud’s WaxMuseum in New York, but two classrooms at WestchesterElementary School in Coral Springs made history comealive during their Wax Museum book reports. Approximately 30 third and fourth grade studentsin Miriam Miniet and Robert Petrunak’s gifted classestook a hands-on approach to learning with this favorite Join Us... OPENproject. Through biography books and the internet,students studied and learned about a biography of theirchoice. The project had multiple elements, includingcreating a Diamonte Poem, a timeline, a scrapbookpage, a portrait, and a one-minute speech, written in HOUSEfirst person. The students became their “biography Thursday,person,” dressing up as them and reciting their speechduring the wax museum, which was held Oct. 31 at the January 22ndschool. 7:00 P.M. This is Ms. Miniet’s fourth year doing the Wax Museum In the Churchat WE. “It is one of my favorite projects because the • Newly constructed campus, computers in each Mary Help ofkids learn so much by creating all the elements of the classroom, latest science & technology labsproject,” said Miniet. Some of the biographies chosen • Low student-teacher ratios • Dynamic secularby students this year included: Elvis, Princess Diana,Houdini, Anne Frank, Dan Marino, Gen. Patton, Dr. Christians & religious curriculum plus Spanish, Art, Music, PE, Field Trips, Sports Days • After-schoolSeuss, Benazir Bhutto, and Michaelangelo. During thewax museum, other classes, faculty and staff stopped Catholic School enrichment programs including sports, music, crafts and academics • Junior High extra- curricular intramural sports • Accredited by thein to take a tour. The students posed, perfectly still, Parkland’s Only Private Florida Catholic Conference • Support & servicesuntil someone pressed a “button” (a sticker on theirhand) which made the wax figure come to life. That’s Elementary School for special needs students • Parish Pre-school available • Welcoming to families of all faithswhen they were given the opportunity to speak abouttheir life and share information about why they are an Convenient Location: 6000 University Dr., Parklandimportant part of history. “The students learned a lot (Corner of Sawgrass Expressway & University Dr.)while having fun,” said Miniet. • 954-323-8006PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 109
    • sportinglife by debbie perovich Happy Holidays….Tis’ the season for many rec. sports completed. Ages 4-18 (must turn 4 prior to 9/1/08). Call to start gearing up! Parkland Life provides the area’s 954.410.5172, 536.6364, most comprehensive listings for all sports; however, Parkland Predators Traveling Soccer Team – if you have questions please call the contacts listed or Competes in tri-county & statewide tourneys. check the available websites. And keep in mind that it’s Personal tryouts welcomed year-round. Call Debbie, our pleasure to acknowledge your child’s sport, team or 954.240.8929 or Dave, 954.868.5697 or visit www. any individual player. So if you have news or pictures, contact us at Parkland Adult Soccer Club – Year-round soccer club for men over 25. Every Sun. 6pm at Pine Trails Parkland Park. Regist. ongoing. Baseball Little League – Minor, Major, Jr. & Senior Email, or call Alex, 954.255.7098 Leagues for Ages 5-18. $135/residents & non- or 954.675.9715. residents. Online registration underway for Spring Parkland Girls Softball - Check next month’s issue 2009 season. Register in person on Sat., Dec. 13 from for 2009 season info. 9am–3pm at Terramar Park concession stand. $135/ Parkland Shockers Travel Softball – For ‘09 info, player. All players must bring a birth certificate & 3 call 954.345.6585 or visit Year- proofs of residency. Non-residents must obtain a round girls travel program. The Parkland Shockers U8, City of Parkland family sports card for $155. Parkland U10, U12, U14 & U16 travel teams. Seeking players Little League sponsors always needed. $350/team. for all levels! Call Shastine Russo at 954.551.1856. 954.604.2442 / Parkland Lacrosse League – Registration for Parkland Travel Baseball – Year-round. Ages 8-18. Parkland Redhawks ’09 season underway. Practices Compete in tournaments & Summer American begin on 1/30/08. Games begin on 2/28/09. Games Amateur Baseball Congress League. Reg. is ongoing. played Mar.-May. Boys & girls (separate div.) grades Call Pete, 954.752.0710 or Les, 954.255.8740. K-8. Sponsorship info: dennis@parklandlacrosse. Parkland Tackle Football & Cheerleading – com. Asst. coaches & volunteers needed. www. Ages 5-15. Parkland Rangers Youth Football & or call Vicki, 954.227.5904. Cheerleading. Season completed. 954.753.8619 / Lacrosse Buddies – The Redhawks are trying to put together a program called “Lacrosse Buddies,” similar Flag Football – Parkland’s official NFL-sponsored to the buddy programs in place for rec. soccer and league. Ages 5-16. Also all girls division ages 9-14. flag football. Lacrosse buddies is a program which Season completed. More info, / pairs special needs children with volunteers called 954.341.1544. “Buddies.” Each player is matched with their own NEW! Football Buddies – Pairs special needs children buddy for the entire season, which runs from Mar.- with volunteer “Buddies.” Season completed. Each May. Full lacrosse gear for each player is needed. If Sat. (Buddies at 2pm, players at 2:30pm), there’ll be interested in playing or volunteering, please email stretch & run activities, training stations, 1-on-1 work Barbara Crowley at Be a & then a game. Activities end by 3:30pm. Trophies & Lacrosse Buddy. Make a difference in a child’s life. plaque will be given. Volunteers needed! Shannon Your volunteer help is needed. Ferguson: / 954.536.6364. CS/Parkland Road Runners Club – Weekly “Fun Cheerleading – K-5th grade. American Leaders offers Runs” every Sat., 6am. (Cock-a doodle-do!), marathon after school instruction for a nominal fee at Park Trails training, track workouts, access to local races, youth Elem. on Tues., 2:15-4:15pm & Riverglades Elem. on programs, family & social get-togethers. Many varied Wed., 2-4pm. Call Valerie at 954.748.5977. committees to join. Parkland Basketball – 2009 season online Tennis at Terramar – Lessons avail. everyday except registration available. Skills assessment make-ups Sun. Tennis pros: Nick Hall & Ken Collins. Private on 12/2. Season begins 1/11/09 and runs thru Mar. instruction, mixed double leagues, adult & kid’s Two games/week, 1 Sun., 1 weekday. 14 games, programs, camps, men’s challenge & social events. double elimination playoffs. Ages 7-16. Coaches, 954.757.1910. sponsors & volunteers always needed! 954.227.0989 Club Florida Volleyball – Beginning its 6th year in / the Parkland area. Girls & boys ages 6-18. All training Parkland Horsemen’s Assoc. – The Equestrian Ctr. at the Parkland YMCA & in the North Broward area. at Temple Park holds shows the 2nd Sun. of ea/mo, The coaching staff includes college & varsity HS Sept.-April. Come watch some of the area’s finest coaches. A total of 8 tournaments will be held in strut their stuff! Call Maria Kokinakos, 954.346.1412. Broward County. Contact Rick Reyes at 954.647.0702 Parkland “Soccer Buddies” – Program for special / needs children. Call Jeb at Club Florida Volleyball, Inc. & the Parkland Parkland Soccer Club – Registration completed. YMCA – Beginning to high level for girls & boys ages Season runs Nov.-Feb. Coed & all girls’ teams ages 6-16. Ongoing clinics available. Volleyball ’08/’09 4-25. Sponsors & coaches always needed. Refs can season begins in Dec. Tryouts in Nov. Contact Rick at register at or 954.647.0702 / call 954.410.5172. Adult Volleyball League – Run by Club Florida Parkland Predators Soccer Club – Registration Volleyball & the Parkland YMCA. Coed. Weds. 7-9pm.110 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • sportinglife954.384.9622. Contact Rick at 954.647.0702 / rick@ Cheerleading – Use football contacts YMCA Adventure Guides & Adventure PrincessSoFla Lacrosse League – MSD HS offers a boys Program – Have fun with your child exploring the& girls lacrosse club competing on a varsity level. world & discovering nature. Guides: For dad & 5MSD students from grades 9-12 compete & join to 9-year-old son. Adventure Princess: For dad &over 20 other high schools. Season runs mid-Jan. 5-9-year-old daughter. Both offer trips, camp-outs,thru mid-May. Contact Mike, 954.346.0001 or visit group activities & more! 954.752. Parents Night Out with YMCA – One Fri. night per/mo., the YMCA entertains your kids while you Coral Springs enjoy a night out. Drop kids off (ages 6 wks-12 yrs.)For more info on all leagues, visit from 6pm-midnight. Evening incl. pizza, movie,Baseball Little League – CS National Little League. lots of fun & games for just $25! Call 954.752.YMCAFor more info on 2009 season, call 954.345.8700 or or e-mail: YMCA Tiny Tots Sports Skills – InstructionalNorth Springs Little League – For info on the Sports & Phys. Ed. for kids ages 2-5! Wed. 5-6pm at2009 season, call 954.753.5230. Sawgrass Springs Middle. 4-wk sessions thru-outWinter Baseball – (Amateur Athletic Union) – yr. $35/session. Reg. ongoing. Call 954.752.YMCA.Ages 5-15. 2008 season completed. Residents YMCA Adult Kickball League – Sat. afternoons.given 1st priority. All games played at N. Register as a team or individual. 954.752.YMCA.Community & Cypress Parks. 954.341.0702 / *All YMCA Programs inclusive for special children.So. Fla. Thunder Travel Baseball – Talented 10 Ice Skating at Incredible Ice – The Sportsplex.& 11-year-old players needed. Weekly practices, All ages can skate w/ Panther’s mascot Stanley C.year-round tournaments & fall league. Call Coach Panther. Variety of skating programs, Ice Hockey for youth & “Junior Lady Panthers.” Call 954.341.9956.Tom at 954.254.0544. Youth Ice Hockey League – For info call Jeff GrierMen’s OVER 30 Baseball – Season runs Feb.-Aug. at 954.341.9956.with playoffs in Sept. Games on Sun. mornings. Skate Park – At Betti Stradling Park. Operated byContact Ron Luzim, 954.755.1500. the CS Skateboard Club. 4-foot half pipe, variousSoftball – Youth Softball Assoc. of CS for boys & height ramps & grinding equipment. 954.345.2200.girls ages 5-18. Season completed, runs Feb.-May. Visit them at at Betty Stradling Park. 954.344.0171 / Coral Springs Travel Soccer – CS Storm Mike Shepard, 954.325.1342. CS Renegade contactBasketball – Slam Dunk - Grades 1-8 & 9-12. Rich Taylor, 954.360.9092.Winter season runs thru Jan. ‘09. Games played Group Tennis Lessons – For kids & adultsat Mullins Park & CS Gym. Men’s league (over 40) at Cypress Park Tennis Center. Classes heldplays year-round at CS Gym. Visit 11/17/08-12/15/08 and 1/5/09-1/31/09. Studentsor call Pat Finney, 954.970.4474. are placed according to ability levels except forCS Soccer – Ages 5-19. Registration completed. the USPTA Little Tennis Program which is for agesSeason runs Nov.-Feb. Visit or call 4-6. Call 954.344.1840 or visit the Cypress ParkMimi Milton, 954.341.6391 for info. Men over 30, Tennis Center, 1300 CS Dr. Rami Toueg, 954.341.4500. Adult Beginner Tennis & Cardio TennisBMX – Not for the wimpy! Come to Mullins Park Drills – Classes at the Tennis Center of CS heldtrack & show your stuff. Year-round. Call Ian 11/17/08-12/15/08 and 1/5/09-1/31/09. BeginnersChinloy 954.341.6495. are on Fri. from 9-10am, 10-11am for advancedRoller Hockey – For kids 5-17 & adults 18+ at the beginners. $50 for a 4-week session. Cardio TennisRiverside Roller Hockey Rink. Call 954.755.4636. is offered 2x a week for $10/class. Call 954.344.1840Cricket Anyone? – Every Sun. at Lions Park, or visit the Tennis Center of CS, 2575 Sportsplex Dr.12-3pm. E-mail for info. Junior Tennis Camp – At the Tennis Center of CSCS Defenders – Travel Basketball team needs boys for advanced boys & girls. Meets on Mon., Wed.,ages 14-15. Call Jeff Kitrosser at 954.255.9230. & Fri. from 5-7pm. Competitive training availableFootball – For tackle info call 943.390.7369 from 6-8pm. $140 for 2 days a week for the entireor Don Grushka 954.753.3862. For flag (ages 4-week session, or $200 for 3 days a week. New7-15) info, call Jim Garrity 954.753.7461 or visit students must be evaluated. Call 954.344.1840 visit the Tennis Center of CS, 2575 Sportsplex Dr.Flag Football – NEW! Spring flag football. Ultimate Swimming America Program – Group lessons:Flag Football League for ages 6-15. Season runs 8 classes, 30 min. Ages 3-4, $100; Ages 5+ $80.March-May. Registration dates are 12/7/08 from Annual reg. $25/pp, $40/family. Lessons at the3-7pm, 1/10/09 from 9am-3pm and 1/24/09 from Aquatic Complex. A great, low stress program.9am-3pm at Cypress Hall, across Cypress Park. Kids learn to swim without trauma or fear. CallCost is $130 per player. Games played at Mullins Biggi at 954.345.5441.Park. Call 954.753.4377 or continued on page 115PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 111
    • When Changing a Griptennistips the Best Advice is … Be Patient. by dave rinebergH as this ever happened to you? You feel that you have a pretty good tennis game but recently in your matches you’ve beenmissing a few more forehands than you are making.So after trying to work things out for yourself with change no matter if it’s on the forehand, backhand, serve or volley, you must give it time to take hold before going back out into competition. Even the slightest change will feel different in your hand and change the muscle memory that your fingers, hand The best advice I can give you on grips and grip changes is first check to make sure you are using the proper grips for every shot and if you do need to make a grip change then be patient. Give the change at least two weeks to take hold, longer ifno luck you decide to schedule a lesson with and arms have become accustomed to; as well as you only play a couple of times a week. The endyour local pro who quickly tells you that the main how your feet and body need to adjust in order to result of changing a bad grip will be well worth it.problem is that you are using the wrong grip. After set up and hit the shot. It takes a minimum of two Good Luck! And have a “ball” this holiday season!learning the right grip to use, you anxiously go to weeks for a grip change to take effect and that’s ifthe courts to play a match with a friend. However, you are practicing everyday and depends on your Dave Rineberg is the Director of Tennis at The Royalin your match you are now missing every forehand level and the years of playing layers that are packed Palm Yacht & C.C. in Boca Raton. He has been coachingthat comes at you and you’ve even sent a few on your old grip. Junior players make grip changes ATP, WTA and top-level juniors in South Florida sinceshots flying over the back fence. You immediately the easiest and fastest because they haven’t beenabandon the new grip and go back to the old grip playing that long to have major muscle memory or 1989 and was the hitting coach for Venus and Serenathat has worked for you in the past, wondering why any mental commitment to their grips so change Williams from 1992-1999. Dave is the author of threethe new grip isn’t working. is not a big deal. Older players with some success published books: Venus & Serena, My Seven Years as The first thing is never schedule a competitive behind a bad grip have much more trouble mentally Hitting Coach; Recipe for the Tennis Player’s Soul and Inmatch so soon. Anytime you are making a grip as well as physically in letting go of a grip. Search of Dorothy.112 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • Putt Good and golftips You’re 50% There! by ed segala s you’ve noticed while watching golf on TV, a opposed grip; light grip pressure; eyes directly over important it is to stay still over the ball when putting. Professional (on a par 4) will hit a drive, hit the ball; shoulders square to target line; weight Place eight balls two-feet from the hole in a circle his iron on the green, and then he is on front foot (weight on left side for right handed around the cup, and while putting “listen” for theallotted two putts for his par. As you can see, putting golfer, etc.). ball to go in the cup. If you try and “watch” if theaccounts for 50% of his shots on that hole. Multiply Fundamentals During Stroke - Take putter back ball goes in the cup your body and your eyes havethat by 18 holes and you are allotted 36 putts for an with shoulders, with the grip end of the club and moved and the putt will usually be missed to theeven par round of 72. Putting is 50% of the game. the putter head coming back in one piece. Stay still right (for a right-handed golfer).THAT’S HOW IMPORTANT PUTTING IS! during stroke. Your weight should stay on your front Good luck with your putting! Next month we Putting comes down to visualization — visualizing side, your body and head must stay still through will be covering chipping. Happy Golfing. Happythe line that the ball will take to get into the hole. It’s impact, and your eyes stay focused on the spot Holidays!almost like drawing a picture of the ball going into where the ball is and was during the entire puttingthe hole. Then it is a matter of aiming your putter stroke.— much like firing a gun, or shooting pool — to Ed Segala is the Head Golf Professional at Boca Final thoughts: For right handed golfersget the ball rolling on the line chosen. Also, just (opposite for lefties) - Short putts that miss to the Lago Country Club. He has over 20 years of teachingas important is finessing the ball with the proper right are usually due to movement (body, head, experience, is an accomplished tournament player,speed. Speed and line are the two most important or eyes). Short putts missed to the left, are usually winning the Southeast Florida Chapter Championshipfactors in putting. due to tight grip pressure, and not finishing the in 2000. A graduate of the University of Miami with a Besides visualization and feel, you also must have backstroke hence the putter head is rushed through Bachelor’s and MBA, Ed has been at Boca Lago 14 years,good fundamentals. The following are some key the ball and this causes the putter face to shut. is married to his wife Melanie since 1990 and residesfundamentals to putting. In closing, a good putting drill is the “circle drill.” in Coral Springs. Boca Lago Country Club is located at Pre-Stroke Fundamentals - A neutral or palms This drill, if done properly, will really teach you how 8665 Juego Way, Boca Raton. Call 561.482.5000.PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 113
    • sportsfamily by shannon ferguson Yo, Yo, Yo!It’s The ProchilosMeet the Prochilos: Melissa, Vinny, Gabby, Vincent, Francesca & OliviaM elissa was born in Michigan and never left until college. The blonde bombshell played the clarinet in fourth grade; buther passion was basketball. Melissa spent everysummer at basketball camp until she was in high Tight jeans, five gold chains around his neck, it was like nothing we had ever seen before,” said Melissa. He showed up with a date, but was with Melissa by the end of the night. According to Melissa “HE fell in love at first sight.” After her junior year she wasschool, then she ran track, played and cheered for done playing basketball. As a member of Sigmaher basketball team and loved water sports. Melissa Sigma, Melissa was in charge of incoming rush school but loved stickball and street hockey. Threeplayed varsity basketball all four years and won All events and pledges. Melissa spent every break with months before graduating, Vinny’s father movedState honors her junior and senior years. Her team Vinny. Their relationship grew, but got further apart the family to North Miami Beach and for threewon district titles twice. She would also water ski when Melissa studied abroad in Austria & Europe to months he played baseball. In high school Vinnywith friends as often as possible. After graduation, earn her European History degree. It was all letters was the pitcher for the Chargers, and he also playedMelissa attended Hope College to earn her teaching and phone calls for the next three years. Melissa ice hockey (still does today), laid tile for his father’sdegree and play basketball. During Spring Break of graduated with Vinny by her side and they returned company, was a body builder and played the drumsher freshman year Melissa and her friends headed to Ft. Lauderdale where she started teaching at night for a band appropriately called “The Familyto Ft. Lauderdale. Her brother wanted to show kindergarten. Affair.” The band consisted of his cousin, brother-in-her a good time and introduced her to his “good Hubby Vinny hails from Brooklyn. His mother and law and sister. After graduation Vinny attended BCClooking” friend Vinny. Melissa and her friends were father came here from Italy and he could not speak for two years and still played in The Family Affair,at a party and in walked Vinny, “It was like OMG!! English until kindergarten. He too played baseball in entertaining at weddings and clubs. But Vinny’s Give The Gift OfHAPPY Thi H lid This Holiday Season! S ! Helping People Get The Most Out of Living Psychotherapy/ Counseling Services: Child • Teen • Adult Parenting • Grief/Loss Relationships • Couples Anxiety • Depression Specialties: Life Coaching Divorce Adjustment Clinical Sexology Adolescent Issues Work Stress Anger Management Interactive Website: 954.346.7066 5461 University Dr, Ste. 104 CS 33067114 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • goodeats Pete’s Famous Meatballs Shrimp Mediterranean Zuppi De Pesce by mindi rudanT here are industry pinnacles in the restaurant business. Some eateries reach them because their food is simply superb. Some, because theyattract the glitterati and then others flock to be warmedby the same embers. Many ascend the ladder of legend at the venerable Runway 84 and the reason Pete never knew his neighbors is they ALL worked crazy hours at the restaurant, and never crossed paths. Not knowing what he could do to repay Pete’s kindness, he taught Pete everything he knew about wine from a well-designed list; a hunk of the hot crusty- on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside bread placed on every table, and life is good. Pete’s famous Meatballs: ($19), two orbs molded at 8 oz, flash seared down to 7oz and then slow-simmered in a heavenly marinara,on ambiance: the way the place makes them feel being a chef. And Pete soaked it all in like a sponge. swelling back to 10 oz, served with fresh, cold ricottawhile there. Instead of just dining, you become part of Lifelong friends, and best man at Pete’s wedding, Pete are beyond articulation.something; a party, an experience, a slice of the good found family at Runway 84 and fulfilled his destiny The special Shrimp Mediterranean. FOUR U-2 (that’slife. Restaurants are happy to reach any of those; just honing considerable natural skills and wicked culinary the 2 to a lb. kind) are sitting atop spinach sautéed inone can transform them from ordinary to extraordinary talent. When the Executive Chef had heart trouble, Pete garlic and oil, capers, olives, diced tomatoes and freshand bestow the coveted prize: passionate, devout was offered the position and the legend at Runway 84 basil over filo dough which soaks up the heavenlycustomers and longevity. soared. After 17 years, he took a year off and pondered sauce and makes you want to scream: I BELIEVE! Cooking on all burners (lucky pun), is rare. Like what most mid-lifers do at that point, his future. Five Enough for two (+) the freshness and homemadea perfect mouthful of a well-prepared dish, washed years ago, that future brought Pete’s Café Bella Sera to dressings on ANY of the salads are superb. Six vealdown by a masterfully matched wine, Pete’s Café Bella Parkland, and no one has looked back since. Not the dishes, ample fish, outrageous pasta, four chickenSera pretty much hits ALL the marks. And for five years city where the restaurant is most assuredly one of the dishes including a signature Chicken Bella Sera ($29),has created the bar to which most are measured. crown jewels, not the devout patrons who willing to a pan-seared cutlet, fresh mozzarella, cold ricotta, long- And owner Pete Lombard knows it. A scrappy, self- pay for perfection; flock there still. Not the legions of hot peppers (say not hot if you don’t care to be a fire-taught chef with a definite stroke of genius, this ex- sports figures and celebs who can snuff out THE places breathing dragon) and spinach, swim in a delectableMarine was destined for this road. Waking up in the to see and be seen in when they come to town, and plum tomato sauce. A dozen or so chef specialsmiddle of the night in his Ft. Lauderdale apartment surely not Pete, wife Patti and their family who put their including NY Strip, Pork Chops, Eggplant Marinara ($22)in a quad-plex in 1984, a fire raged in the unit next to whole hearts, souls and sweat equity into a place that and a Pasta Bolognese ($31) that has to be hands-him. “I worked days, and never noticed anyone living continues to raise an already impossibly high bar. down, one of the best anywhere; round out amazingthere, or any of the other units for that matter,” he said. The food? Exquisite. Perfectly presented, perfectly dishes cooked to order in the open kitchen.His military training engaged, he pounded on the door combined flavors and ingredients that make simple While the gorgeous desserts, food, amazing barto no answer, and broke it down to find a heavyset sensational. Not frou frou, off-the-wall ingredients meets where you can belly up and eat; live music that morphsman already engulfed in flames. Pulling him to safety, new age vibrations. This is old-world, best-money-can- into dancing, all collide to give this place a vibe like fewhe used a garden hose to put out the fire, got help and buy, no expense-spared-ingredients, combined in a others, the real vibe comes from the sometimes rough,kinda-Pete-like, just went back to his own life. Days later, way only talent and an affinity for food can, bringing tough, ex-marine who inside, is a kind, generous toa young guy pulls up in a Maserati and starts pounding out the best in every dish. It’s Momma’s kitchen if anyone in need mush. A warm-hearted, family man,on another unit. Pete tells the guy no one lives there, but Momma married Donald Trump. Here tomatoes taste he’s old-school where a hand-shake is the bond, whereout comes a guy who apparently did. The guy tells the like tomatoes, sauces are revered, and nightly specials honor and respectability and doing what’s right gokid, he quits. Long story shortened, the kid offers Pete light up diner’s faces like they discovered the cure for the without question; things his father taught him. He hasthat job at his restaurant. Pete said he had a job; two in common cold. A simple two-page menu offers some made his Dad (and mom) and family proud. Like Sinatra,fact; installing cable and training dogs. The kid basically of the best fare, anywhere. Eleven appetizers ($11-26) he did it his way; and along the way, racked up his ownsaid, “So?” and made Pete an offer. “I cleaned lettuce, are huge. Serving family style, adds to the wonderful formidable fan club.peeled tomatoes and did pretty much whatever.” One party feel experienced by so many. The Cold Antipasto 7351 N. State Rd. 7, Parkland. Call for Reservations,night turned to two, two turned to more and pretty ($13 pp) is fantastic! Auricchio Provolone, Sopressatta, 954.346.7373. Happy Hour In The Lounge: Tues. to Fri.soon they offered this hardworking new-comer full- Kalamata olives, slow-roasted red peppers and stuffed 5 - 6:30pm. Ladies Night In The Lounge: Wed. 8pm - 12am.time plus. After a few weeks, who walks in the door? The Cubanella peppers that are simply outrageous set the See listing on pg. whose life Pete saved. Turns out, he was the Chef tone for any meal. Add a drink from the full liquor bar or Cold Antipasto Hayley, Pete, Patti, & Ashley Chicken Bella Sera118 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • goodeats by mindi rudan“T oss” any pre-conceived notion you have about “salad” places. The new Tossed on the north side of Sample Road is full-on casual dining. Okay, a little on the green side, the freshness and fun of DOZENS of times in a day. Our chicken is cooked fresh every single day, not frozen for the week.” “And it’s NOT do-it-yourself,” he said. “You order your choices at the counter but we bring the order and Cheddar and a Roast Beef with Roasted onions and Cheddar were spectacular. Soup fanatics will not be disappointed. Be sure to try the Roasted Red Pepper and Gouda, there are no words to articulate how good this place hits a home run on all levels. An instant hit to you and clean up after you. We want to exceed this was. Ditto for the Portobello Mushroom, and we when they opened on Park Avenue in New York, they expectations every time.” hear the Friday night Lobster Bisque rivals the finest won over the tough, seen-it-all, not-easily-impressed “I’ve been here THREE times a week,” said a CS mom found anywhere. Signature salads are awesome. Try Manhattanites with their innovative approach to who stopped to mention to me how she not only the Apple Walnut with crumbled bleu cheese ($8.95), made-to-order salads and more. Then the NY Times loves the food but the generous spirit of this man. “I it’s absolutely fantastic! and NY Magazine got wind of this place and the asked him if he could spare the throw away leftovers Did we mention crepes? Fresh-made daily whole power crowd and glitterati flocking there daily for to help feed the animals at Joan Kohl’s Sawgrass wheat, light-as-a-feather ones they’ll wrap any a dose of delicious, and lines formed giving this Nature Center. Not only did he immediately say SURE, combo you can think of. Brain overload? Choose a franchise nary a look back since. Now with our very he delivers it!” signature creation. A Chicken Portobello with roasted own Tossed in the heart of Coral Springs, it looks like Four people I knew were on their second visit onions, baby spinach and balsamic was BEYOND déjà vu. At noon on an ordinary Wednesday, tables raving about the selection and quality of food. “I love good!! Mostly $6.95-$7.95, there’s even a Tofu crepe, full of ladies who lunch, moms with kids, suits power- my community and I saw this concept and was wild Smoked Turkey with Smoked Bacon, and a Chicken lunching, couple nursing wine and words and a local about it,” he said with his signature energy. with Goat Cheese. networking group. “The CEOs met here the other If the proof is in the pudding, I’m in. OH MAN, the For $6.95 design your own crepe or salad from day,” said the disarmingly charming Andy Ponnock, food is amazing! Not a cheerleader for “just salad” the eye-popping selection of choices. Four toss-ins who along with wife Maria brought the concept places? Tossed throws fresh crepes (made daily), are included, so are 20 made-fresh daily dressings. home. Smart guy this Andy. A real estate attorney by sandwiches, melts, outrageous soups, beer and a For proteins like roasted chicken for waist-watchers, profession, when business slumped, this guy seized lovely selection of wines by the glass or splits, desserts or the tuna and chicken salads, shrimp, smoked an opportunity. He bought the building he’s in and and a truly innovative approach to catering into the turkey, cheeses and gourmet items add $1-$1.95 set about developing the entire property. “I see this mix. Even if they put nothing inside the hand-made each for most. The entire menu available as boxed as part of the revitalization of this whole area as a artisan ciabatta or multi-grain bread, die-hard bread lunches, or catering of the office lunch to one or true shopping, eating, entertaining destination.” His connoisseurs will be sated. The bread is outrageous, more courses of your party. Platters too. Delivery devotion to CS is admirable and well-documented. soft, but not doughy, with a wonderful crust and also, even to Parkland. Eat in the spacious 100-seat Coaching, PTA/PTO, and just being a great hands- flavor. Ranging from $7.45 to $8.95, sandwiches restaurant, have a glass of wine or beer and partake on dad to five (25, 22, 15, 12 and yes, one), he ran for are overstuffed with enough of everything in every of their Wi-Fi. Happy Hour after 3PM (2 FOR 1). Just school board, and has loved and watched this city bite. The Chicken Tarragon is an all-white meat mention Parkland Life and Andy has a great gift for grow from the get-go. Now he greets diners every chunk chicken salad, light on the mayo, topped with you: 1/2 price dinner. Buy 1 dinner at reg. price; get day in a sincerely warm and welcoming way. He Romaine hearts, tomato and dressed with a Dijon 2nd half price. OR with any catering order over $100 wants everyone to love this place and come back. vinaigrette. (HEAVEN!) Their Tossed Tuna is one of receive a free lunch or dinner, OR purchase a $50 gift “This is a really, really different concept from those THE BEST ANYWHERE. Even purists will get off on card get a free lunch or dinner! 9711 W. Sample Rd., assembly-line salad places.” This guy couldn’t do the combo of high quality, all-white albacore mixed CS. 954.753.2627. anything he wasn’t passionate about. “The food isn’t with the perfect combo of apples, dried cranberries just good here,” he says snapping a perfectly cold and mayo. Topped with rocket (baby arugula) and piece of Romaine right in front of me. “Every single thinly sliced tomato; the taste sensation against the bite of salad here does that,” he emphasized, “or we bread is holy-good-god! Caprese, Smoked Turkey toss it.” (No pun intended.) “And every bite of salad and Avocado, and a fresh Roast Beef, round out the is victory-washed in an organic anti-bacterial bath cold selections. The melts, melt in your mouth. Oven and then perfectly dried. If it even looks remotely Roasted Chicken, a Pesto Chicken, Smoked Turkey and wilted, it’s gone. Ingredients are cut and replenished Cheddar, a Roasted Veggie, Veggie Burger, Tuna salad 120 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 120
    • goodeats/payzins Payzins May Just Hit “Pay” Dirt at the “Darth Vader” Building by mindi rudanP robably THE sexiest location in the area, the “black building” on University Drive has been home to many a restaurant fromtime to time, but few with real longevity. DougPazin may just be the one who prevails. If pedigree Executive Chef at the Downtown Chicago Palms.” He can do chi chi and simple good eats and Payzins settles snugly in the middle. “Harris Ranch, the all organic natural Angus Beef Company, supplies all our meats. I butcher and age it all on the premises atop a plateful of pasta. What is nice is that there are two trios, a seafood combo ($22.95) of salmon, crab cake and garlic panko coated scallops, and a chicken combo ($17.95) with Chicken Francese, Milanese and Scallopine. Served with pasta. And if youcounts, he’s got it. In the industry practically since and there are no preservatives, no additives.” If the want more sauce, just ask. “If you want somethingbirth, he’s managed everything from the venerable prime rib is indicative, (16 oz. $25.95/10 oz. $19.95) different and we have it to make, we’re happy toChart House to Charley’s Crab. Mid-range chains like it was exceptional. The meat, slow-roasted for 6 do it. It might take a few extra minutes, but it’s myOlive Garden and Macaroni Grill and more. Working hours, was butter soft and the au jus was one of pleasure,” said Jason who watched us eat like a chefevery position from Executive Chef to chief bottle the best ever. Ever-so slightly sweet, the flavor was who really cares about what you think. His nightlywasher, he understands the financial end to the perfection. Also served with horseradish sauce, and specials reflect what’s fresh and what’s in, honing impressive skills. And he’s a redskin smashed potatoes, which were absolutely With the salad bar, many are too full for dessert,hometown boy, born and raised in Coral Springs. “I mouth-watering. but that might be a mistake: their cheesecake wasremember when the charter school next door was This is not a 14 page menu, 10 appetizers exceptional as was a white Godiva centered lavaan open field and then a mall,” he said. When the including an inventive Crab and Brie Spring rolls (4 cake. Good enough to take home and eat an houreconomy slumped and others were moaning, this later when you’ll really want it. pieces so you can share $9.95) and a plate of Crispyguy simply seized an opportunity for what he knew Calamari ($8.95) served with basil aioli and a tangy The menu has a nice mix due in part to Doug’swas a landmark property. “If the economy was great, chili sauce were great. There’s Fried Provolone seafood bent and Jason’s steakhouse penchant.I never would have been able to do this; certainly ($6.95), Spinach & Artichoke Dip ($8.95) and a “We wanted everyone to be able to find somethingnot here. This venue has one of the greatest and fabulous buttery sourdough Bruschetta ($8.95) with to satisfy them,” Doug added. “The ingredients aremost comfortable local bars, a dance floor and club a honey balsamic drizzle and a huge pile of garlicky not out there, listed to impress. They’re tried andatmosphere in one area, a private party room and tomatoes we couldn’t get enough of. true, utilized to keep people coming back becausea quiet, spacious dining area. It’s a gorgeous spot.” the food is good, the prices are fair and the dining French onion soup ($5.95) and a soup of the dayThat it is, and Doug Pazin may just be the visionary atmosphere and entertainment if they choose to plus two salads start the meal. All entrees include thewho finally knows how to synchronize all the parts. stay and dance, is great. Pretty simple stuff.” salad bar or it can be an entrée for $9.95. “People aren’t Three visits and counting, each night, including always in the mood for over-the-top super-gourmet Holding some fun events, like a huge Halloweenweekdays, found a mostly filled restaurant with a food,” added Jason. “Sometimes they just want a great party, Doug said, “There had to be 300 people here.wonderful mix of diners. Families, couples, a party drink, a salad, potato and a steak.” Payzins offers two; We’ve changed the music to reflect today and whatfor young girls in the private room, and a lively bar of an 8 oz. Filet ($28.95) and a 14 oz. Ribeye ($22.95) both people like, the drinks are good, the design wasmixed ages, an awesome 2-piece band, all seemed come with the smashed potatoes. They offer a Turkey modernized and we hope people like it enoughto be really having their vision of a great evening. Meatloaf ($15.95), Double Pork Chops ($19.95) that to try it and then come back. They’ve contractedPeople like the new concept and are coming back. seem to have emerged as a house favorite. Topped for a Dancing with the Stars event that will include with pancetta and feta cheese, they sit in a cranberry/ dancing lessons for all and other fun stuff. There’s a“We wanted a place where people could eat several rosemary demi glaze. gorgeous private party room, and room in the party-times a week and not get bored or go bankrupt,” side of the dining area for large groups for holidayhe said. He increased portion size, installed a There are eight fresh catches including a heavenly parties.wonderfully fresh and varied salad bar, and seriously pan-seared Hazelnut encrusted Tilapia ($19.95)changed the vibe. Part of that vibe is Executive topped with a light lemon butter, served with fresh People have told Doug he’s crazy to open aChef Jason Mastropietro, who honed his skills in veggies and rice pilaf. The Shrimp Kiki ($19.95) restaurant in this economy. Crazy maybe, like a fox.Detroit, Denver and many places in between. From filled a platter. Marinated jumbo shrimp sautéed Reservations clubs to fine dining establishments, this with Portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, 3111 University Dr., CS (formerly Onyx). Callaffable single guy says, “My claim to fame was being pancetta and spinach, tossed in lemon butter, sits 954.510.7400 or visit PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • restaurantguide continued from previous page reserve early because this one-of-a-kind brunch at only $21.95/pp (which incl. a Bloody Mary, Mimosa or a Glass of Champagne), is one of NW Broward’s best. Reservations always suggested for brunch or dinner. Dinner served nightly at 6pm, Tues.- Sun. Receive 2 for 1 lunches with purchase of a beverage. Chow Thai Cuisine, 23034 Sandalfoot Plaza Dr., Boca Raton. 561.487.8414. Now open in Sandalfoot Square, on the NE corner of St. Rd. 7 & Marina Blvd. Featuring lovely traditional Thai décor, this little hidden jewel of a restaurant is owned & operated by Artie Gebngern who is showcasing her 20 plus years of restaurant & hospitality experience! Her family owned and operated restaurants in Thailand and she understands how to please customers! Her diverse and extensive menu will please even the most discriminating palate. She uses only the freshest ingredients & authentic Thai herbs & spices. And her cuisine has won the little place (opened since June) rave reviews from her many addicted customers. A beautifully decorated dining room, soothing Thai music, plus the meticulously prepared dishes will keep you, your friends & family coming back! VERY moderately priced, the food is awesome & Artie is very happy to accommodate her guests’ special dietary needs or preferences. Try any of her curry dishes, they are simply outstanding and so is the amazing, incredible (oh my GOD) Coconut Soup! Favorites are: Pad Thai, Pad See-ew, or Tom Yum served in generous proportions with beautifully orchestrated presentations! Vegetarian and kid’s menu also available. Lunch: Mon.-Fri. 11:30am-2:30pm. Dinner: Sun.-Thurs. 5-10pm, Fri.-Sat. 5-10:30pm. V, MC, Amex. Del Vecchio’s Italian Fishery, 246 South Powerline Rd., Deerfield Beach. 954.571.9700; fax 954.571.2380; Del Vecchio’s Italian Fishery is the latest creation from Lou and BeLinda Del Vecchio and what a place this is! Located ¼ mile south of Hillsboro Blvd., Del Vecchio’s Italian Fishery is quickly becoming a local favorite for the finest Italian seafood, meats, pastas and homemade desserts. Every dish is created using only the freshest, finest ingredients by Executive Chef Luciano Balzano. Born and raised in Torre Del Greco, Italy, Luciano is truly a gourmet chef who serves only the choicest meats and seafood, freshest vegetables, breads and pastries that are baked fresh daily. Luciano also brings Italian delicacies found at few other Italian restaurants in the area — Ossu Buco, Sage Sorbeto, just to name a few. Their signature dish is Lou Del Vecchio’s 200-year-old Sunday Sauce — an Italian specialty which takes over 12 hours to prepare and could make you cry it’s so good. Market specials are offered each night of the week and the best $8.95 lunch specials in Broward. The daily Fishery menu offers each guest to choose a fish & have it prepared in a classic Italian preparation of their choice. Generous portions with dinners starting at $18.50 and a 3-course sunset dinner from 4-6pm for $21.75. Extensive wine list, specialty martinis, and full liquor bar. Visit the bar for happy hour with half priced drinks from 4-7pm everyday! Gourmet catering and full event planning services for on & off premise events, weddings+. Their award winning menus and attention to detail create a truly enjoyable dining experience. Lunch, dinner or a light snack. Reservations accepted 7 days. Lunch: Mon.-Fri. 11:30am-3pm. Dinner: Mon.-Sun. 4pm-close. After Hours Bar Fri.-Sat. 10pm-2am. V, MC and Amex. Essen My Deli, 7525 N. State Rd. 7, Parkland. 954.227.3354. Grab your Yiddish-a momma. If you’ve been waiting for a traditional New York Style deli, your wait is over. Essen My Deli, located in the Waterways Shoppes, is the real deal. Everything is homemade, starting with table size portions of coleslaw124 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • restaurantguide continued from previous page and daily specials include Moroccan Vegetarian Couscous on Tuesdays and Moroccan Style Tilapia on Thurs. and Fri. Homemade soups change daily. Beer & wine available. Hookah Nights — call for more info. This place will both surprise & delight you! Come by for some great home cooking; take some hummus home for your holiday party too, this food is good for the heart & made with love. Call ahead 20 minutes for pick up orders. Now open 7 days a week, 11am till closing (late evenings). All major credit cards accepted. Flavors of Italy, 3111 University Dr., CS. 954.345.7770. This upscale fine dining Northern Italian Restaurant features daily “blackboard specials” as well as a variety of traditional favorites. Owner Guido Barisone proudly celebrates 16 years in this location which features a full liquor bar and piano bar on Wed., Fri. and Sat. nights. Lunch served Mon.-Fri. & all entrées include a house salad! Select from a variety of hot & cold appetizers incl. mozzarella caprese ($6) or the mouthwatering grilled portobello mushrooms over sautéed spinach ($7). For dinner, try traditional favorites like the homemade Fettuccine Alfredo, the Capelli D’Angelo (angel hair w/fresh tomatoes and basil), and inventive daily specials like Sea Bass Oreganata served w/fresh broccoli rabe! The rack of lamb for 1 or 2, or the Costoletta Modenese (an amazing 14oz. veal chop grilled in white wine, garlic and rosemary!) are Superb! ALL desserts are made fresh daily on premise. Save room for the heavenly Godiva Chocolate or the Grand Marnier Soufflés served for 2 ($14). Specialty coffees, cognacs, ports, cordials & an endless list of domestic & imported wines available. Try the lunch special Mon.-Fri., 2 for $18 (choice of entrée, soup or house salad). For an unforgettable party or special occasion, they offer a complete catering package. Open Mon.-Fri. (Lunch) 11:30am-2:30pm; Dinner 7 days a week, Sun.-Thurs. 4:30-10pm; Fri. & Sat. 4:30-11pm. V, MC, AMEX, D, DC. Gold Coast Grill, 2752 N. University Dr., Coral Springs, 954.255.3474. At “The Walk” directly behind the fountain between Sample & Royal Palm. Locally owned & operated, this sophisticated, trendy yet friendly NON-chain eatery opened their doors five years ago in CS & never looked back. Now they recreate the fun, upbeat atmosphere & ambiance that has made Gold Coast a favorite dining spot — and the place to get happy during their seven day happy hour (4-7pm) featuring 2 for 1 house wine & 2 for 1 well hi-balls. Beautifully decorated, the cornerstone of the restaurant is its beautiful sleek & contemporary full liquor bar. The restaurant is elegant, yet friendly & the food is very well-priced & consistently excellent but not frou frou. Outdoor patio seating is reminiscent of European piazzas: people filled & fun! Entrees ($16-$23) showcase signature dishes like Almond-Crusted Mahi, Mango Plum Salmon, Glazed Sea Bass, a fabulous 14oz. marinated Rib Eye & a simply delectable 12oz. double bone-in pork chop finished to perfection. Entrees come w/a side AND salad! Appetizers are fabulous! Great kid’s menu. All food prepared fresh in-house, cooked to order. Over 35 wines served by the glass. Martini MENU! Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm; Dinner 7 nights 4pm (to 10:30pm Mon.-Thurs.; to 11:30pm Fri. & Sat.; to 10pm Sun.) Bar closes 1 hr. after dinner. Take-out avail. AMEX, MC, V, D. Hurricane Grill and Wings, 6370 N. State Rd. 7, north of the Sawgrass and south of Hillsboro Rd. on the east side of SR7 in Regency Lakes Plaza. Phone: 954.574.6878. Fax: 954.574.6879. Watch out! Hurricane Grill and Wings is blowing into town with their “Award Winning Wing Sauces.” Over 35 fabulous and mouth-watering sauces, glazes and rubs, there is a little bit of “live life with flavor” for everyone. All of Hurricane’s wings are 100% natural, all the126 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
    • restaurantguide continued from previous page Parkland Town Center. As manager and hostess, the charming Aida is also the wife of this famous Chef, Saint Omer Horn who arrives in Parkland with a long list of trés fabulous credentials. After studying in Paris and a career spanning over 30 years he has worked around Boca in other restaurants such as Le Rivage, Bistro Provence, St. Tropez and Chez Marcel. Chef Saint Omer Horn has also been honored as one of the best chefs in the world with EL GRAN COLLAR GASTRONOMICO which he won in Spain in 1983. The award, which was designed by Salvador Dali, adorns the bar of this new establishment. In the tradition of French cooking, many of the dishes have sauces, but instead of cream, they use substitutions whenever possible to cut out calories but not the taste. Aida claims that every dish on the menu is a “specialty” such as Duck Pate Foie Gras Mousse, Frog Legs Sautéed a la Pesillades, Dover Sole Meuniere or Grilled, Sweet Bread Marco Polo and Calf Liver Sautee Lyonnaise and that is only a handful of choices for the sophisticated diner! Each dinner includes a salad, vegetable and a starch starting at $24. And if you’re craving dessert, try the Profiteroles, Crème Brûlée or Crepes. Lunch can include a bowl of soup for $7.95 and a Caesar salad for $8 while the entrées start at $13. Beer and wine available. Hours: Lunch: 11:30am-2pm Tues.-Sat. Dinner: 5-9:30pm Tues.-Sun. Closed Mondays. All major credit cards accepted. Mio Restaurants, (2 locations): Bistro Mio (Heron Bay Publix Plaza), 5920 Coral Ridge Dr., CS, 954.753.1001. Cucina Mio (The Shoppes at Addison Place), 16950 Jog Rd. just N. of Clint Moore in Delray Beach, 561.499.9419; Great Italian food in South Florida has slowly become synonymous with the name Wendy Rosano. With humble beginnings in New York, Wendy Rosano has creatively forged great food with an old world atmosphere to create two amazing restaurants. Cucina Mio in Delray Beach and Bistro Mio in Coral Springs are places with service and food so good, patrons return and return again and again — and feel like family. The marinara sauce is to die for and complements a three page menu (and a nightly blackboard filled with fresh from the market specials) chock full of all-time favorites including exquisite veal chops, fresh caught (never frozen) fish, gourmet pasta with homemade sauces, New York style pizzeria pizza, & original salads. You MUST try the ZIO — huge and with a blend of such perfect ingredients it addicts diners who seem never to be able to order anything else. Their Chicken Francese is superb. Sides of fresh vegetables, appetizers that invite you to order a bottle of wine from their extensive wine list (or bar at Cucina) and share with friends and family like “in the old days.” Plus, plus! Bistro was voted the Best Italian Restaurant and Best Pizza in Coral Springs! Cucina won the Boca Reader Choice Award two years running. Come eat, drink and be treated like family! The Mio restaurants also offer exquisite & affordable off-premise catering. Private parties accommodated. Open for lunch and dinner. Cucina Mio open Mon.-Sat. 11:30am-10pm, Sun. 5-10pm. Bistro Mio open Mon.-Sat. 11:30am- 10pm, Sun. 4-10pm. AMEX, V, D, MC. PayZins Restaurant and Bar, 3111 University Dr., CS (formerly Onyx). 954.510.7400. Visit the newly opened PayZins Restaurant and Bar located just one block south of Sample Rd. in the black glass tower building. Executive Chef Jason Mastropietro, formerly from the Chicago Palm Restaurant, has created a mouthwatering menu of appetizers, entrées, and desserts. Selecting which appetizer to begin with is not easy with creative choices like Crab and Brie Spring Rolls served with a sweet chili sauce or Mini Lobster Crab Cakes served with a whole grain mustard cream sauce. The succulent slow roasted Prime Rib, exclusively from Harris Ranch Beef128 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008