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Park Dec09

  4. 4. Publisher MINDI F. RUDAN Associate Publisher HANK RUDAN Associate Editor KRISTAN BOND Assistant to the Publisher CAROLYN LOMBARDO Contributing Editor MARITERE TAVERAS Staff Writer ELIZABETH GIGLIO Contributing Columnists GREG BUDELL; AMY DEMNER; MYRLE HORN; CHRISTINE HUNSCHOFSKY; LORI KENNER; PAMELA OFSTEIN; LISA PONCZEK; RICHARD J. SCHELLBACH Child and Parenting Editor MAGGIE MACAULAY Sports Editor DEBRA PEROVICH Contributing School Writers ELIZABETH BLASI (Stoneman Douglas); NICOLE COOK (Riverglades); ELYSSE DION (Park Trails); GELENA HINKLEY (Coral Park); DOREEN ROBINSON (Westchester Elementary) Contributing Writers JEFF BEEBE; YOSEF BISTON; NANCY BRODZKI; CS MAYOR SCOTT BROOK; LORLE CAMPOS; GREGORY COHN; BILL FEINBERG; SHANNON FERGUSON; YORI GALEL; JASON M. GOLDMAN; BRUCE KALLOR; PENNY KUPFERBERG; LAURA LARSON; DAVID LEVENS; PERLA LICHI; HALLI MOORE; PAUL O’CONNELL; RICHARD POLIRER; DAVE RINEBERG; ED SEGALA; MICHAEL SHUTOWICK; TULLIAN TCHIVIDJIAN; PARKLAND MAYOR MICHAEL UDINE Creative Director DWAYNE ADAMS Cover Designer IGOR MACHADO Graphic Designers CHRIS GILBO; IGOR MACHADO; CYNDI SARRIA; PATRICIA STANSELL Contributing Photographers BARRY GROSSMAN; CHRISTINE HUNSCHOFSKY Accounting Mananger JAN GRIFFIN Advertising Account Managers LINDA CARRY; ARNOLD EISENBERG; SHARI GLATTER; DEBBY GOLD; NANCY KNAUP; KAREN MARANDO; CARYN MARCIANO; RHONDA ROSENOF; CHRISTINA SLOAN Parkland Life Magazine 954.421.9797 • Fax 954.421.9125 E-mail: MEMBER OF: Parkland Life magazine is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ryplin Industries, Inc. & is published monthly & Direct-mailed into EVERY home in Parkland & Heron Bay plus in CS: EVERY HOME in The Hamptons, Hidden Hammocks Estates, Eagle Trace, Maplewood Isle, Mariner’s Cove, Whispering Woods, The Isles, Wynham Lakes, Country Acres, The Hills etc. Over 21 of the most affluent communities in Coral Springs as well. Verified postal receipts — not verbal declarations — ”or so called mail-house certified paperwork” are available for review to guarantee veracity. The entire contents of Parkland Life Magazine is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or part without the express written consent of the publisher. Parkland Life magazine accepts no responsibility for products or services advertised herein. We reserve the right to edit, rewrite or effuse submitted material.6 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  5. 5. CONTENTS December 2008 Volume 8, Issue 12 59 73 68 82UP FRONT 78 HomeLife: 110 The Sporting Life WHEN AND WHERE Green Tips for The Most Comprehensive Info10 Publisher’s Lament: Luxury Bathroom Design on the Local Sports Scene! 141 Datebook/Fun14 Cats & a Dog Named ... Happenings in & AroundKITTY!? 79 Funnybone Town for December Lots O’ Laughs 112 Tennis Tips12 Life Photo Ops When Changing a Grip the BestWho Went Where? + 3 more on Advice is … Be Patientpages 14, 16, 18 82 Garden Spot ON THE COVER Oh Christmas Tree, Oh20 MaleCall Greg Budell: Christmas Tree …10 Species to 113 Golf TipsA Home for the Holidays!!! Choose Your Favorite From Putt Good and You’re 50% There!23 Postmark - We Got Mail! 86 Way to Grow Beautiful, Easy, Classy: 114 Sports FamilyFEATURES Christmas Cactus Yo – Yo – Yo, It’s the Prochilos27 Holiday Happenings 91 Higher Power/TheLocal Events to Make Your 135 LifeSavings God Squad on: After All the Local Pros Offer Sage AdviceHolidays Bright Wrappings are Gone, Don’t on $$$ Matters in 2008 Forget the Greatest Gift of All59 Life’s Annual HolidayCookie Recipes 93 Ponder This COLUMNSLocals Share Their Favorites Yes, Virginia; There Truly ARE 22 Schellbach On: Free Lunches Re-Gifting: It can Happen to You63 “Life”Times PetsPet Stuff + Save a “Life”— Cute 94 Nutrition NewsAdoptables in Need of a Family It’s Ok to celebrate but 56 Message from the You CAN Still Stay Healthy Chief:68 Pets and Their People Don’t Become a Victim! Holiday Safety Tips Ah, the Power of Cheese?? No theA Purr-fectly Happy 96 LifeLineHoliday Cat House warm, wonderful, encompassing power Vitamin D: So Your Grandmother of the holidays! And there are few events Knew Something After All… 57 A View from the TopDEPARTMENTS Parkland Mayor Michael Udine & in SoFla so loved & so anticipated than the Annual Holiday Fantasy of Lights 98 A New You CS Mayor Scott Brook Sound Off35 “Life”Times/Galas, Newest Generation of at Tradewinds Park in Coconut Creek.Openings, Happy Stuff!! Liposuction: VASER Lipo Pack a car full of friends, kids and 58 CityScope Commission Better in Every Way Meetings/News/City Stuff ++ family & bond while you take a leisurely66 Holiday Pet’s Place drive thru this veritable Disney-World-If You Can Open Your Heart 99 LifeLine at-home of twinkling lights. Millions ofand Home, Pets Make a Great Tis the Season 71 Travelwise them! Sponsored in part this year byHoliday Gift!! White Christmas? Winter Life Publications & many other generous 102 Mind Matters is Upon Us — Time to Hit the patrons; this year’s display is spectacular70 Personal Perspective Unwrapping What Your Gift Slopes! and the Alzheimer’s Foundation will reapDoes December SoFla Weather Reveals About Your Relationship the rewards. Check out full details in ourLiberate You or Make You Long 117 Good Eats/Dining Holiday Happenings info starting on pg.for Mittens and Hot Cocoa? 104 Children & Parenting Guide/Restaurants of the 27. We’ve assembled some of the most ‘Tis the season: Nine Powerful Month: THREE Haute, Hot sparkly, fun & fabulous events to help73 The Elegant Voyeur Things Traditions Can Do for and oh, so Hip Spots to Eat, make your season bright! Happy HealthyDecking the Halls in Tall Pines Your Family Drink and Make VERY Merry Holidays to You & Yours from Everyone at This Season! Parkland’s Pete’s Café Bella Sera Life Publications!76 HomeLife: 106 School LifeFoyers and Entry Halls: A PL Writers Offer the PLUS Tossed & PayzinsPrologue to Good Design ABCs on Local Schools in Coral Springs! Cover Design: Igor MachadoPARKLAND LIFE MAGAZINE is published monthly by Ryplin Industries, Inc. 4611 Johnson Road, Suite 3, Coconut Creek, FL 33073-4361. 954.421.9797 fax: 954.421.9125e-mail: and is mailed directly into every home within the city of Parkland, within Heron Bay & Eagle Trace and is bulk dropped to myriad high traffic publiclocations which surround the area. Copyright 2008 Ryplin Industries, Inc/PARKLAND LIFE MAGAZINE. All rights reserved. Reproduction, either in whole or in part is forbiddenwithout written permission from the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to edit submissions and reject any material deemed unsuitable for publication.8 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  6. 6. attheedge by mindi rudanM ary and her husband Jim had a dog named “Lucky.” Lucky was a real character. Whenever Mary and Jim had company come for a weekend visit they’d warn their friends not to leave their luggage open becauseLucky would help himself to whatever struck his fancy. Inevitably, someone wouldforget and something would come up missing; or no one knew at all and Lucky’s The double mastectomy was harder on Mary than her doctors had anticipated and Mary was hospitalized for over two weeks. Jim took Lucky for his evening walk faithfully, but the little dog just drooped, pining for Mary and missing her. Finally the day came for Mary to leave the hospital. When she arrived home, Mary was so exhausted she couldn’t even make it up the steps to her bedroom. Jim“collection” grew. made his wife comfortable on the couch and left her to nap. Lucky stood watching If someone did notice a missing item, Mary or Jim would go to Lucky’s toy box in Mary but he didn’t come to her when she called. It made Mary sad but sleep soonthe basement and lo and behold, there the treasure would be, amid all of Lucky’s overcame her and she dozed.other favorite toys. Lucky always stashed his finds in his toy box and he was very When Mary woke for a second, she couldn’t understand what was wrong. Sheparticular that his toys stay in the box. couldn’t move her head and her body felt heavy and hot. But panic soon gave way Just before one Thanksgiving, Mary found out she had breast cancer. Something to laughter when Mary realized the problem. She was covered, literally blanketed,told her she was going to die of this disease ... in fact, she was just sure it was fatal. with every treasure Lucky owned! While she had slept, the sorrowing dog had She scheduled the double mastectomy, fear gripping her with every breath. made trip after trip to the basement bringing his beloved mistress all his favoriteThe night before she was to go to the hospital she cuddled with Lucky. A thought things in life. He had literally covered her with his love.struck her ... what would happen to Lucky? Although the three-year-old dog liked Mary forgot about dying. Instead she and Lucky began living again, walkingJim, he was really Mary’s dog through and through. further and further together every day. It’s been 12 years now and Mary is still If I die, Lucky will be abandoned, Mary thought. He won’t understand that I cancer-free. Lucky? He still steals treasures and stashes them in his toy box butdidn’t want to leave him. The thought made her sadder than thinking of her own Mary remains his greatest treasure and Lucky hers.death. People often question me (and Hank) on our love for animals. We get a lot of raised eyebrows when we’re the first to leave parties because we run home to make sure our two blind cats are okay, or cut our vacations short. When our now 20 and a half year old Zydeco was 15, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in a not-so-good place. Most people told us to euthanize him because of his age. Our vet did not. He knew us and knew if there was a chance he could live on, he knew we would give it to him. Without the operation he had less than a month, the non-cancerous tumor was fast growing. He hooked us up with a Parkland neurosurgeon, Jim Cook, practicing at the Cooper City Specialty Animal Hospital. They gave him a 20% chance. He will hopefully be celebrating his 21st birthday in April. He is blind, and somewhat deaf and now even has a touch of arthritis in his leg, but that cat gets up every morning (on daylight savings time) and pounds the sliders to go out. Don’t let him out within his allotted 10 minute waiting period, and he wails like an ambulance siren and could wake a cemetery. Out he goes. He follows the sun and when it gets too hot, books it to the shade. He knows every bush and corner of the fenced backyard and goes where he wants and gets back! Open a can or a pouch of his favorite food and you know his sense of smell is super-sonic. He still has tremendous pleasure, he purrs every time you pet him, still loves to be combed and although it is not always easy, he does walk into walls and gets frustrated; but there is not a day that goes by that this animal isn’t happy to be alive. Dr. Payson from Riverside Animal Hospital uses “the Zydeco story” like his own personal fairytale, retelling it over and over to any owner not sure whether to treat a geriatric pet. And when he comes in for periodic check-ups, Zydeco is fussed Hank & Kitty over and loves every second. Smash, our 13-15 year-old (we’re not sure), I found him “smashed” hence the continued on page 13410 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  7. 7. photoops1 ’’ 1 2 3 ’’ Life isn’t measured by how many breaths you take, but rather how many moments take your breath away... 1. Iron Chefs. Heron Bay residents Dena & Keith Blauschild 4 5 of Parkland Chef, pictured at the prestigious Panache Fashion Show charity event for Share our Strength. 2. Daddy’s Little Girl. Jared & Sydney Friedman of Meadow Run love to hang out together and boy does it show on dad’s face. 3. Nose Lickin’ Good! Rudy D. Bulldog, a 5-year-old Victorian Bulldog belonging to the Mamane Family of Banyan Isles in Heron Bay, gave himself a big slobbery kiss. 4. And the Winner is … Cecil Hayes won a $100 gift certificate during To Di For’s 8th Anniversary Customer 6 7 Appreciation Month in September. Have fun shopping! 5. Picture Perfect. Gretchen Hinners aboard her paint horse Sockets Fancy Impressions, at Parkland’s local PHA Dressage Show. Photo taken by Jennifer Marcus, photographer & owner of A Frame To Remember at the Waterways Shoppes of Parkland. 6. Oh Baby! Mimi & Amit Advani of Heron Bay welcomed their new Bundle of Joy on July 8; daughter Maya is pictured with her beautiful big sis Asha. 7. Together Again. Parkland’s 55+ group resumed their regular meetings after a summer hiatus, guest speaker City 8 Manager Caryn Gardner-Young spoke about current city projects & budget. 8. Home Grown. Coral Springs’ City Commissioner Roy & Janet Gold’s home was selected as the “Garden of the Month” in their Maplewood Isle neighborhood for October. 9. Dog’s Best Friend. Furballs & Fleabags, a very cool holistic pet shop in Deerfield Beach, held a recent wellness seminar with guest speakers Sue Gray & Tracy Nick from Barkbusters Home Dog Training, who gave a fabulous presentation, “10 Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know.” (L-R): Janine Cimino, 9 10 Tracy Nick, Jake Glatter (son of Life Pubs’ Acount exec. Shari and recent Bar Mitzvah boy) with Yorkie Joey, Sue Gray, Andrea Terry & Christian Castagna. 10. In the Ring. Near celeb-bone crusher himself, Dr. Neil Scharf (left) of Parkland Chiropractic, pictured going a few rounds with boxing trainer Anthony Hamm who has been the trainer of numerous world champions. Yo, Adrian!12 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  8. 8. photoops2 ’’1 2 3 ’’ Life isn’t measured by how many breaths you take, but rather how many moments take your breath away...1. Beep Beep! The NW Broward Road Runners Club YouthProgram posed for a picture after a morning workout.2. Camelot? Parkland author Linda Corley (center), at aChicago book signing surrounded by her family who helpedher celebrate the success of her first book; The Kennedy FamilyAlbum; Personal Photos of America’s First Family. 4 53. Looking Good! The gang from Le Boe European Day Spawas all smiles at the recent Festival of the Flutes fundraiser.(L-R): Robin & Jeff Cook, owners; Angela Bremser, MarketingCoordinator; Adler Volmar, CS resident & ’08 U.S. Olympian injudo; Annette Liarge, Nail Tech & Meghan Muilman, AssistantManager.4. Oh Baby! Proud grandparents, Diane & George Boothroyd,owners of To Di For in the Shoppes of Parkland, are the proud 6grandparents to first grandchild Harlin Terrance Boothroydborn Oct. 10th at 5 lbs. 9 oz. to Damon & Colleen Boothroyd 8of Higganum, CT.5. 441 4HAIR is Growing. 441 4Hair Salon, located in RegencyLakes Village Center on 441 in CC, proudly welcomed 3fabulous new designers. Each experienced creative stylistbrings their own unique talents & specialties to this dynamicshop. Stop by and say hi to (L-R): Calista Williams, AmyCarellon & Roberta Tarantino.6. Friends Set Sail to Celebrate. PL residents: Lisa & GeorgePonczek, Marty & Freddi Hennessy, Rhonda Moretti, Fran &Scott Sullivan, and Jill & Jaime Supovitz celebrated SeñoraFran Sullivan’s (Spanish teacher at Park Trails) milestonebirthday on her Fabulous 40th B-day cruise.7. Isn’t it Romantic? Rotem Aharon & Jamie Tobol, ownerof Jatem Clothing and Accessories Boutique in CS, recentlygot engaged in front of the holiest place; the Wailing Wall in 7Jerusalem. This romantic couple, who combined their namesto create the store name Jatem which actually means I loveyou in French, is planning a spring wedding.8. Congratulations! Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gross were marriedOct. 17th at Tradewinds Park in CC. Aubree is the Spa Managerat Woodhouse Day Spa and Frank is one of Woodhouse’sexcellent massage therapists. They will reside in CC.9-10. A Humane Halloween. PetSet, a group of youngprofessionals dedicated to making a difference in the lives 9 10of abandoned animals at the Humane Society of BrowardCounty, recently held their annual Halloween Masquerade.More than 700 people attended the spooktacular eventwhich raised over $20,000 for the HSBC.9. Event Co-Chairs Denise Weitzel of Coral Springs & LoriSmiley of Ft. Lauderdale.10. Danielle and Brad Bargman of Coral Springs with friendLori Carpenter.14 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  9. 9. photoops3 ’’1 2 ’’ Life isn’t measured by how many breaths you take, but rather how many moments take your breath away... 3 1. Let Them Eat CAKE! The Cake Palace recently Grand 4 5 Opened at 7400 Wiles Rd. in CS, and blew away anyone tasting their treats! Offering fresh baked items & amazing custom designed cakes for any occasion, owners Jeaneth & Dean Tucker are fulfilling Jeaneth’s longtime dream of owning her own bakery. 2. They Bit the Big Apple! The Brodsky Family & the Cole Family, both of Parkland Isles, visited NYC recently and got onto the Today Show plaza with Meredith Vieira. (L-R Front): Tucker Cole, Ryan Brodsky, Adam Brodsky; (Middle): Paul Brodsky, Sandy Brodsky, Meredith Vieira, Morgan Cole. (Back): Lisa & Doug Cole. 3. Let Them Eat Muffins, and Croissants and Pastries AND … CS Mayor Scott Brook cut the ribbon as owner Isabel Gonzalez and members of the Chamber of Commerce helped celebrate the Grand Opening of the incredible 7 8 Crème Brûlée on University Dr. at the Walk. 4. Stylin! Mark Tanner of Adanelle Fine Gifts and Interiors was primped by Aesha of Salon Salon of Parkland. 5. Taking Steps to End Domestic Violence. Over 900 community members recently gathered at the Women in Distress 10th Annual SafeWalk-Run to raise awareness & funds to end domestic violence. (Pictured): The fantabulous (and generous) JM Family Team. 6-7. Welcome Aboard! Hunter Construction Services 6 in Deerfield Beach proudly announced two new key employees have joined their general contracting team which has managed over 120 million dollars of construction 9 10 in the last 10 years. 6. Our own David Rosenof, Parkland City Commissioner, (and hubby to Life Magazines’ Rhonda) is their new Vice President, Chief Operating Officer. 7. Shane Tedder of CS, Vice President, Chief Estimator. 8. Trick or Treat? Parkwood friends & neighbors Gabriel, Austin, Joey, Carly, Madison & “Princess” Sophia had a great time together on Halloween night. 9. Super Family. The Scarano Family of Heron Bay’s Edgewood at the 2nd Annual Halloween Block Party attended by over 300 guests. (L-R): Dad Steven, Steven Jr., Mom Lisa & super cute Angela. 10. Shops are Open! Jody & Harvey Pflanzer of Parkland checked out the Grand Opening of the long awaited 350,000 sq. ft. shopping center Promenade at Coconut Creek with their son Adam & family pooch.16 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  10. 10. restaurantguide Company, is a premium natural angus beef that surpasses USDA standards and is melt-in-your- mouth good. Another exceptional entrée is the Double Pork Chops stuffed with pancetta and feta cheese and topped with a rosemary cranberry demi glace. The chef’s fresh catch selections include Hazelnut Tilapia that is pan seared and topped with lemon butter. All of PayZins entrées include an exquisite salad bar with an abundance of fresh selections. Save room for a delectable dessert such as wild berry charlotte, giant carrot cake, and chocolate lava cake with a white Godiva liquor center. Dinner served 5-11pm Sun.–Wed. and 5-12pm Thurs.-Sat. (Kid’s menu available.) Bar and lounge and an Early Evening menu is available from 5-6:30pm daily featuring two select entrées for $25 including salad bar. A private banquet room is available for parties or meetings with enough room for 50 guests. From the dining room to the comfortable bar and lounge, PayZins has something for everyone. The full bar, which opens daily at 4pm and closes at 2am Thurs.-Sat., features custom martinis and specialty drinks such as Peartinis, Original Mojitos, and PayZins Margaritas. Daily Happy Hour from 4-6:30pm features half price call liquor and special prices on glasses of wine, bottled beer, and martinis. The comfortable upscale lounge features high top tables and leather chairs surrounded by flat screen TVs. Every Thursday is Ladies and Gents Night with Happy Hour all night long! Enjoy the NEW look, NEW attitude and NEW live music & dancing with DJ Steve Thurs.–Sat. from 9:30pm– 2am. Reservations accepted. AMEX, V, D, MC.Pellegrino’s Ristorante and Lounge, 847 SE 8th Ave. (Palm Plaza), Deerfield Beach. 954.418.0611. If the Rat Pack had a favorite little Italian hideaway, Pellegrino’s would be IT! This charming intimate restaurant (celebrating their 9th anniversary in Florida) serves authentic Italian cuisine the way it was meant to be. You may just know the name too. The Pellegrino family is world renowned for their RAO’s restaurant in East Harlem — everyone from celebrities to sports figures have lined up to devour the family’s original homemade recipes that have made this place a legend! Dishes served in the Deerfield location are the same family recipes with the same homemade flavor that’s won legions of fans worldwide — and spawned a cookbook! Close your eyes & you could be in mama’s kitchen in Italy. Show up Sundays for Traditional Sunday Dinner. Pasta w/Meatball, Sausage, Beef, Braciole, Pork ribs & Contina … in GRAVY. And this gravy is the stuff continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 129
  11. 11. restaurantguide continued from previous page dreams are made of; Italian ones. House specialties incl. Pork chop Pellegrino, Lemon Chicken, Seafood & Veal dishes & a variety of amazing pastas. Dress is casual & prices moderate but make no mistake, this is an exquisite dining experience. Rated as #1 in South Florida by Gourmet Magazine, this place is well worth the drive from anywhere. Full liquor bar. Open Tues.-Sun. from 5pm. Closed Mondays. All Credit Cards accepted. Pete’s Café Bella Sera, 7351 N. State Rd. 7, Parkland. 954.346.7373. Pete J. Lombard Jr., Owner & Executive Chef of Pete’s Café Bella Sera, hails from the north end of Boston & is now settled in NW Broward. For the last 4 years Pete has been at this location & he has found the perfect mix of a first rate staff, comfortable surroundings & an impeccable choice of dining fare. Adorning the walls are photos of politicians & athletes who frequent this hidden jewel, along with recognition from the many community groups that Pete is involved or that Bella Sera has played host to. ALWAYS crowded with beautiful folks this place is well, just one of those places where legend is made. The exquisite & extensive menu filled with Pete’s specialties such as Pete’s famous meatballs, Beef Bracciole, Chops or the NY Strip Giambotta. Seafood is amazing here. The salads are large enough for 2 & the preparations of chicken & fish are tantalizing. Besides the regular menu, there are always specials that awe you. What’s fresh is Pete’s playground. There is a full bar (that’s always hopping) while waiting to dine. Friday & Saturday evenings at 10:30pm the bar & restaurant take on the atmosphere of a nightclub lounge with live entertainment from 8pm until 2am. Live entertainment also on Wednesday & Thursday from 6pm until 10pm. A private room for up to 30 plus with a plasma screen for sporting events or a power point presentation. Lunch is served Tuesday through Friday 11:30am-2pm featuring specialty salads & specialty dishes. Lunches start at $9.95. Dinner: Tuesday–Sunday. Reservations suggested. Valet parking on the weekends. And please don’t forget to tell Pete that Parkland Life sent you! Pizza Time Caffé, 6620 Parkside Dr. (Parkland Town Ctr.), 954.345.8665. One of the most beloved Italian restaurants on the local scene, this family owned & run Tuscan, Mediterranean styled restaurant130 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  12. 12. restaurantguide features an open airy décor & decidedly family $7.50 and up. Dinner from 4pm until closing. atmosphere. People love this place & the food! Happy Hour from 4-7pm. Full liquor bar. Take-out And ALL the best favorites are on this varied available. All major CC accepted. Please tell them menu! The pastas are fresh, the marinara is Parkland Life sent you! superb & the house dressing on the salad is mouth-watering for a simple vinaigrette. Runyon’s, 9810 West Sample Rd., CS. 954.752.2333 Join them for lunch & experience their Lunch / A Coral Springs Madness featuring their Famous Lunch Display landmark, this upscale, clubby, sophisticated of Specialty Gourmet Pizzas & Homemade Panini restaurant opened on Oct. 9, 1984, and still has Sandwiches! Recent additions are new low carb the same owner-operator and much of its original dishes, many more specialty salads, incredible staff. Runyon’s has developed a reputation for hot & cold sandwiches, & don’t forget their great service and consistently impressive food, pizzas! Dine-in, take-out & local delivery. Catering a down home neighborhood restaurant with for any occasion. Lunch & dinner. Happy Hour a chic, understated “big city” vibe. Fresh fish, Mon.-Fri. 12pm-7pm house wine & draft beer giant shrimp cocktails, spectacular bone-in filet 2-for-1. HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Mention Parkland mignon, the finest mouth-watering signature Life and get a FREE $50 gift certificate with the prime rib, along with milk fed veal and lobster purchase of any catering order over $199 (exp. tails are just examples of their outstanding menu. 1/1/09). Open Mon.-Thurs. 11am-9pm, Fri.-Sat. Nightly specials and a superb, sophisticated wine cellar, along with a large selection of top-shelf 11am-10pm, Sun. 12pm-9pm. AMEX, D, V, MC. liquor makes this hot spot a real gem — and no wonder they’re 25 and still going strong! LunchRed Ginger Asian Bistro, 9710 W. Sample Rd., CS is served Monday through Saturday with fresh 954.752.1850. fish, giant salads, hand crafted sandwiches, If you can remember that for almost 30 years homemade soups and daily specials. The lounge this was the location of Spring Garden Chinese has entertainment every night along with lots of Restaurant, and if you’re one of those who do, televisions for great sports viewing. The patio is you’ll be ASTOUNDED by the transformation of open for lunch, dinner or just for cocktails and the exterior and interior of this now gorgeous listening to music. There is a beautiful private eatery and you’ll be wowed by the food. The dining room that seats up to 45 people for Kim family has been in the restaurant business corporate functions, family celebrations, or any for as long as any of them can remember! They special occasion. Stop in and spend some time own Golden Rice Bowl in Lauderdale Lakes and just enjoying the pictures of celebrities who now their sons Steve and John have opened Red have made Runyon’s their favorite place over the Ginger Asian Bistro where Zen meets modern years. Happy hour Mon. through Sat., 11am-7pm. with an Asian flair and is reflected in both the All major credit cards accepted. décor and food. This is not your traditional Chinese restaurant … but it is casual dining with Tavolino Della Nonna, 10181 West Sample Rd., moderate pricing and a very attentive staff. The CS. 954.509.0046. sushi is made with only the freshest ingredients Mealtime is a special time for sharing and and the sauces for the dishes are recipes that making memories and that is what owners have been handed down from the family. The Edward Pozzuoli and Thomas Genduso want appetizers such as Crispy Rangoon, Red Ginger’s diners to experience while at their restaurant. Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Tuna Tataki are all Tavolino Della Nonna, which means “Table of $6 to $8 and awesome. All of their signature my Grandmother,” serves old world cuisine dishes are noted as Red Ginger’s Spicy General’s with an eclectic flair. A unique combination of Chicken, Red Ginger’s Sea Bass or whole fish of Nouvelle cuisine intertwined with traditional the day with a choice of sauce, or the Red Ginger home style Italian cooking makes for an Roll which is Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, Crab, exquisite meal. The décor has the same feel Cream Cheese, Avocado, Cucumber, inside out yet, nostalgic charm fits comfortably with with Masago and Sesame Seeds. The menu is contemporary elegance. The main dining room extensive and there is something for everyone. is a charming mix of crisp linen and warm Open for lunch everyday from 11:30am-4pm. woods while the secluded place of honor Lunch menu entrées with choice of soup are “Nonna’s Room,” houses an original 50’s table continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 131
  13. 13. restaurantguidecontinued from previous page & chairs, old fashioned stove, sink, refrigerator or Black Grouper w/ tropical salsa. Wines are The Isle Casino & Racing at Pompano Park, and paraphernalia reminiscent of a bygone era. featured to complement the weekly specials. 777 Isle of Capri Circle, Pompano Beach, The weekly specials depend on availability of All the desserts are homemade including the 954.972.2000 / the finest and freshest ingredients along with Chocolate Volcano, Tower of Cannoli, Nana In addition to the Isle Buffet and Myron’s Rose’s award-winning Ricotta Cheesecake or Delicatessen, The Isle Casino offers two the extensive regular menu. Appetizers such their Signature Amaretto cookies to mention outstanding fine dining options. Inspired as the fresh purses of pasta stuffed with pear just a few. Tavolino Della Nonna is truly lovely by the satisfying aromas and savory tastes and cheese in a blue cheese Alfredo sauce and and special. Open for lunch and dinner Tues.- of regional Italian cuisine prepared in then sprinkled with pear and walnuts is one of Fri. 11am to close, and dinner Sat.-Sun. 4pm till the vintage tradition, Bragozzo is the their specialties. Pastas, veal, fish and chicken close. There is a private room available to host inspiration of celebrity Chef Luke Palladino, can be ordered in traditional and unique parties, corporate events or business seminars. whose passion for Italian food and wine preparations alongside the weekly specials Catering and take-out available and all major consistently draws rave reviews for all of his such as stuffed pork chops, Seafood Risotto credit cards accepted. Reservations suggested. wonderful eateries. Simply put, Bragozzo is about good Italian food prepared in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Family-Style Dining, $29 per person, Sundays 4-8:30pm. Includes antipasti, pasta, entrée and dessert. Sun., Tue., Wed. & Thurs. 5:30-9:30pm. Fri. & Sat. 5:30-11pm. Closed Mon. Farraddays’ Steakhouse, the Isle’s signature steakhouse, is one of a handful of restaurants serving Certified Angus Beef Prime, the finest steaks, prime rib and freshest seafood. Savor specialty cocktails, fine wines by the glass or classic martinis, but more importantly, share the fun ambiance with friends or family. Early Bird Specials, $35 per person, Sun.- Fri. 5:30-7pm. Late Night Live Jazz, Dining & Martini Specials Fri. and Sat. 10pm-1am. Fri. & Sat. 5:30-11pm. Sun., Mon., Wed. & Thurs. 5:30-9:30pm. Themed Buffet Nights available Monday through Thursday from 4:30-9pm with a different flavor each night. Closed Tue. V, MC, AMEX, D. The Whale Raw Bar & Fishhouse, 7619 N. St. Road 7, Parkland. 954.345.9190. www. Now Open in the Waterways Shoppes in Parkland on the west side of 441 just north of Hillsboro Blvd. Open for lunch & dinner seven days a week, the Whale Raw Bar serves outrageous sandwiches, salads, seafood as well as offering an out of this world full raw bar menu! Some of the signature items that customers will return for each time include their fried grouper reuben, tempura tuna salad, Live Maine Lobsters, steamed & fried Ipswich clams & baked stuffed mahi-mahi. The Whale Raw Bar offers a full liquor bar & there is entertainment on the weekends. And their full children’s menu will keep all family members happy, and well fed! V, M, AMEX. Open seven days — 11am to 12 midnight.132 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  14. 14. restaurantguideTooJay’s Gourmet Deli at the Walk, 2880 N. University Dr., CS 954.346.0006. When it comes to delis, TooJay’s rises to the top! Reminiscent of New York’s finest, TooJay’s specializes in all your traditional favorites, just the way you remember them. Everything from piping hot matzo ball soup to irresistible New York style cheesecake. Lunchtime is famous for “overstuffed” deli sandwiches corned beef, pastrami, roast beef or sliced turkey breast, piled high and served on your choice of thick homemade breads. For the ultimate Sunday Brunch how about Nova Salmon, hand sliced and accompanied by fresh bagels, ripe red tomatoes and cream cheese? In the sweets department, TooJay’s fresh bakery makes it hard to choose. The service is friendly, the atmosphere casual and they’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So Rye not stop in soon for a “little taste of home?” Enjoy! Sun.-Thurs. 8am-9pm. Fri. & Sat. 8am-10pm. AMEX, V, DC, D, MC.Tossed, 9707 W Sample Rd. 954.753.2627. The newest sign on Sample Road tells the story as this place is different, just like the food. The first Tossed opened in Manhattan in the 1990s to rave reviews. Local owners Andy & Maria Ponnock added their own special touches. Start with a huge selection of salads, sandwiches, melts, soups and their specialty crepes/wraps. Add only the freshest ingredients, made fresh every day. Serve it all up in a real restaurant atmosphere complete with real china and silverware, that’s the Tossed experience! If over 35 different menu choices don’t offer exactly what you’re looking for then you can design your own from scratch! Choose your lettuce, multigrain or ciabatta breads or a unique fat-free whole wheat crepe/wrap shell and start building. With five choices of lettuce, over 50 toss-ins including chicken, shrimp, cheeses, nuts, fruits, seeds, raw veggies, roasted veggies, crunchies and 20 homemade dressings, the possibilities are unlimited. If a sandwich is on your mind, try homemade chicken salad prepared with fresh chopped tarragon or their signature Tossed tuna salad made from only white albacore tuna, mixed with a little mayo, dried cranberries and apples. On the hot side try a roasted chicken or pesto chicken sandwich. Their chicken is fresh cooked daily and sliced for your sandwich, then piled high on one of their fresh ciabatta breads topped with roasted peppers, cheese and baked in a special convection oven. For something completely different try their special crepes. They make their fat-free, whole wheat batter from scratch everyday on a crepe machine. Fill it with creative combinations or choose your own filling. Rolled like a wrap and you have a unique delicious meal! Add soup (Friday is Lobster Bisque Day) and finish it with one of their “to die for” chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies or a chocolate chip brownie! Happy Hour everyday after 3pm; 2 for 1 beer and wine. There are 11 different varieties of beer or house wine by the glass. They also offer a selection of wines in spilts. The prices range from $7.45 to $10.95. Open 7 days for lunch and dinner, 11am till closing. Now through 12/31 buy one dinner and get the second for 1/2 price! Tossed also delivers or you can call ahead and they’ll have your meal waiting for pick up. Full catering menu for any function, which can also be delivered or picked up. All major credit cards are accepted.PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 133
  15. 15. attheedge aviewfromthetop continued from page 57continued from page 10 was gonna be hectic, so if I could get emails done tonight … so I got back up to get my laptop. The second the 97 emails finished loading, there she was. A tiny 6-month-old Chihuahua, that I was cross-posted on. Her owner had five dogs and was trying to find her a home. Then she broke her front paw falling off a table and they had no money to get her help. A lump formed in my throat, that something was to be in that kind At a recent City Commission meeting we of pain because there was no money to help her. recognized a few outstanding children who I told Hank. Without missing a beat he said, “we’ll wrote why our community should Commit To pay for it.” I sent the email that has been the cause Be Fit. During the next year, you’ll see our City’s of my learning to eat, pee, write, and comb my hair commitment to health and wellness for all of our with one hand as I now have this black and gold families manifested in different ways. As a result of appendage on my chest. brain storming with Cindy Brief and Joann Zollo, Hank went to get “Kitty,” (no lie) the next day our Chamber Leaders, I will now invite you and our and she was at our vet within the hour. Unable to entire community to Walk With The Mayor on in a zillion pieces on Riverside Drive after he December 20 at 10am at Starbuck’s at the Walk! handle such a bad break there, we were Cooperwas hit by a car and left for dead. With two broken Let’s walk the Walk and talk the talk! Let’s start City bound again. $310 worth of x-rays and $3,400paws, two knocked out canine teeth, a jaw broken getting fit together and hit the New Year running, worth of surgery. (Thank you Dr. Spranklin.) Kittyin THREE places, and needing some serious plastic or at least walking. If you are interested in joining now has a last name: Rudan, and a lovely on what is now a gorgeous face. I did not me, please let my assistant, Catia Silva, know at Happy December 8th birthday, Hanky! And Merryhesitate to pick him up, run him to the nearest vet Hanukkah to me. I needed another animal like Iwith my credit card, explaining I did not hit him, he Have a fantastic Holiday Season and I hope to need another HOLE IN MY HEAD. But I’d rather dowas not mine but if they could fix him, or simply see you at our parade and at the Walk. As always, this than have another pair of earrings, or bracelet,make sure he no longer suffers, I would pay for it. feel free to call me at 954.344.5906 or e-mail me at or new-fangled gadget. And I am so lucky to haveSmash, once he came home has never had a day he if there is something I can such a loving, intrinsically decent husband whodid not head-butt us, letting us know, he KNOWS, help you with. feels the same way.just how lucky he is. Losing my mom taught us to live every day to Recently he had a tumor diagnosed as the fullest. To understand each minute is a blessing lifelinelymphoma. Most people said he may not make six continued from page 96 from God. And to never forget ... the people andmonths. If that was all there was, it was six months below 28 ng/ml! pets who make a difference in our lives are not thehe would have tumor-free. A serious surgery Most of us are somewhat aware that vitamin D ones with the most credentials, the most money,and eight-weeks of chemotherapy later, has put is important for bone health and calcium levels. In or the longest pedigrees. They are simply the oneshim into “complete remission,” so says oncologist the past, significant vitamin D deficiency caused who cover us with their greatest treasures in “life;”Stephanie Correa via her Animal Cancer Care Clinic severe skeletal problems known as Rickets and their Deerfield. She thinks he’ll have at least double Osteomalacia (os-tea-o-mal-a-sha), which thankfully I am buying stock in Scott paper these days, andthe original prognosis. He’s doing significantly are not commonly seen today. Vitamin D deficiency have started using industrial strength concealer butmore purring and head-butting these days. We’re I would not trade one chaotic moment. can result from inadequate intake, gastrointestinalnot sure if he knows how sick he was, but he’s Hanky and I and our 14 cats and a dog named absorption, synthesis, or some combination ofGAINED almost two pounds since his Labor Day KITTY, and the entire LIFE Magazines’ staff, wish these. As is clear from the above, many elderly andsurgery (thank you Cooper City’s Dr. Aronsohn) and you and yours a happy, healthy holiday! We chronically ill adults do not get enough sun exposurehe’s smelling every blade of grass, and sticking his sincerely thank you for reading our magazines and to synthesize sufficient vitamin D. Patients withnose in the wind, almost as though HE KNOWS to supporting our advertisers. We KNOW you have chronic kidney disease (such as those on dialysis)savor every moment, just a bit more. many choices these days and we do not take your are also commonly deficient because they have a And since it is somehow apparent that our support and friendship for granted. reduced capacity to produce the physiologicallymagazines try to make a difference not just by Live simply. Love seriously. Care deeply. Speak active form, 1, 25 dihydroxy vitamin D.helping every charity this side of the Mississippi, kindly. Leave the rest to the universe and may Next month, I will discuss some of the excitingbut every homeless animal shelter and foreclosed everyone get to experience their very own Lucky at new research concerning vitamin D.on animal south of Pluto; dozens and dozens of least once in their life.sad, sad stories pass my desk every day. Just after Gregory Cohn, M.D. has a concierge Internal MedicineI came home particularly late one night from work, practice in Boca Raton specializing in Cardiovascularand was nearly crawling towards my bed with the Disease prevention and Hypertension. Dr. Cohn islast vestiges of energy my body could muster, like a board-certified internist and clinical lipidologista runner who can see the finish line and will cross it and has been practicing medicine in Florida sinceno matter what. As soon as I got all my body parts Publisher 1991. Dr. Cohn can be reached at 561.367.7447 orin the laying down position, I thought, ah tomorrow PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  16. 16. yourmoney“Life Savings” Yori Galel Nancy Brodzki Michael Shutowick Local Professionals Offer Up Some Sage Advice The next installment in a multi-part series: Local professionals from the business & financial world offer some tips on YOUR money — How to save it, Understand It & Spend It in 2008. Laura J. Larson Bruce KallorHow to Save Money and Still professional office, not just a mailing address. corporate address, as well as a beautiful receptionMaintain a Professional Image There are many industries represented by area and state-of-the-art conference rooms forBy Yori Galel virtual office clients. Some typical ones include: occasional meetings with clients; Business brokers Professional service providers (such as attorneys, who receive many telephone calls and like a liveI n difficult economic times, many business financial planners and ad agencies) who want receptionist and the ability to receive voicemails owners and professionals are looking for ways a receptionist to answer the phone and a great continued on next page to cut costs. One of the obvious choices is toget rid of the high overhead of their corporateoffices, and work from home. But the image that acorporate office presents is very different than theone a home office presents. Good news: there is away to provide a professional image, at a fractionof the cost. Enter the virtual office. Virtual offices provide all the services of atraditional office, at a fraction of the cost. Businessowners work from home, and are provided with livetelephone answering by a receptionist, using yourown corporate telephone number; state-of-the-artconference rooms that can be used for meetings; aprestigious corporate address that can be used as amailing address; voice messages and faxes that areautomatically sent to your e-mail address; and callforwarding to all phone numbers (usually availableat an additional charge). Prices for virtual officescan range from $99 to several hundred dollars permonth. Most virtual offices offer month-to-monthor quarterly service agreements. Most business owners who work from homedon’t want to use their home addresses on theircorrespondence, from an image and a securityperspective. Until recently, the only optionsavailable were to use a Post Office Box or anaddress from a mailbox company. Virtual officeswere created to provide all of the services of aPARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 135
  17. 17. yourmoney continued from previous page and faxes automatically to their e-mail accounts; Salespeople who are in and out of the office and like the idea of receiving calls on all of their lines simultaneously; Service companies that use the phone answering feature for dispatch; and Hispanic-owned companies that need someone to answer the phone in English. Saving money doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your business’s image. So whether you work from home or spend a lot of time on the road, you have options to ensure your customers and clients get the attention they deserve. Yori Galel is the CEO of Corporate Executive Suites (CES), based in Boca Raton. The company is the leading provider of executive suites and virtual offices in South Florida. Yori can be contacted at 561.988.2500, or visit Easing the Pain of Divorce By Nancy K. Brodzki Divorce is one of the most stressful and emotionally draining times of your life. It can be completely debilitating at times. Yet during this process you will be called upon to make major decisions that will impact the rest of your life. This is the single best reason to hire an attorney to guide you through the process. But in these difficult economic times it is more important than ever to get through a divorce with as little waste of your financial resources as possible. The best way to accomplish that goal is to reach an agreement with your spouse on the terms of your divorce. Leaving this important decision up to a Judge who is a complete stranger to you and only hears part of the story is a huge gamble, and it is very expensive. There are various ways of arriving at a settlement. You and your spouse may choose to go to a neutral mediator who would help the two of you reach an agreement without advocating for one side or the other. This is a viable option if you and your spouse get along well and neither of you believe that there’s any reason not to trust the other to be completely open and honest in the process. Only if you are both completely informed as to your financial picture and have relatively equal bargaining power is unrepresented mediation a wise choice. Another option is to hire attorneys who participate in a process called Collaborative Law. In the Collaborative Law process each party has an attorney. Each party and their attorneys work together in a cooperative manner to achieve a fair and equitable settlement for the parties. This process also has the potential to minimize legal fees and cost. It has the advantage of providing both sides with equal advice in order to assure each party that the settlement really is in their best interest. You can find more information about Collaborative Law at www. If you and your spouse both hire attorneys and one of you files for divorce, your case will also follow a schedule that will lead to mediation. Your attorneys will gather your financial information and provide it to one another. Then they will schedule mediation. At mediation you, your spouse, and your two attorneys will meet with a neutral mediator who will often separate you into different rooms, shuttling back and forth between you negotiating a settlement. An agreement is prepared and signed that same day in most successful mediations. All divorces have certain elements in common. In cases involving children, unless a parent is unfit, both parents will have shared parental responsibility of all major decisions regarding their children. Both parties must complete a parenting class designed for divorcing parents. A parenting plan and timesharing schedule tailored to meet your family’s needs is required. Child136 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  18. 18. yourmoneySupport is calculated based on the incomes of both holiday season, you are not alone. According to a Consider a Prenuptial Agreement - Once theparties and the guidelines established by State Modern Bride survey, more than 25% of all couples domain of the ultra-wealthy, today more and moreStatute. Alimony may be appropriate depending initiate their plans to tie the knot in November middle-class couples, particularly those who haveon the relative needs of the parties, either short and December. If you’re among the couples who been married before or who have a blended family,or long term. Both parties are obligated to provide soon will begin wedding planning, it’s important include a prenuptial agreement in their weddingone another with complete disclosure of all of their to remember that while your engagement is plans. A “prenup” is a written contract created beforefinances. Assets or liabilities acquired or incurred your first step toward sharing a life together, it’s you say “I do” that addresses a range of legal andduring the marriage have to be equitably divided. also the beginning of sharing your finances with financial objectives. For example, you might useThis includes retirement plans and 401(k)s. someone else. Your first reaction may be that a prenuptial agreement to separate pre-marriage Every divorce case is unique since no one else’s life finances and romance don’t mix, but the fact is assets, protect a family business, define communityis exactly like yours. What happened in one person’s that money issues derail plenty of marriages. To property, specify what happens to assets in the eventdivorce doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen keep your financial house in order, follow these of divorce, or address potential family yours. Get legal advice and find out what you need steps to marital money bliss: While you can draft the document yourselves andto know before you act. Information is power. Practice Full Disclosure - Maybe you’ve have it signed and witnessed by a local notary, you seen the commercial for each might consider hiring a lawyer to review theNancy K. Brodzki, Esq. has been in practice since 1986, where the young guy sings, from the basement agreement to ensure your individual interests arefocusing exclusively in the area of family law. As anactive community volunteer, she served as President of apartment of his in-law’s home, that he wished protected and that the agreement follows state law.Temple Beth Am in Margate from 2005-2007. Nancy’s he’d known about his new wife’s credit problems Note that prenuptial agreements have been struckoffice is located at 2801 University Dr., Suite 203, Coral before marrying her. It’s not romantic, but down in court because each spouse didn’t hire aSprings. Phone: 954.345.1515; Fax: 954.757.9380 each of you should prepare a detailed financial lawyer to review the agreement.Email: statement listing assets and liabilities, annual Draft Your Top 10 Goals - Do you want to buy a gross income, interests in family trusts, even home, pay off student loans, eliminate credit cardEngaged? Time to Talk Money potential inheritances. The more you share debt, save for a vacation, have children, retire early,By Michael C. Shutowick information, the better prepared you will be to or start your own business? Your short and long-term If you’re planning to become engaged this make joint financial decisions. continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 137
  19. 19. yourmoney continued from previous page goals will inform how you need to invest and manage your money. In addition to prioritizing your goals, be as specific as possible. That is, “pay for college” is a start, but you likely will make more progress if you attach a timeframe and price tag to your dreams. Think about Implementing Joint and Separate Checking and/or Savings Accounts - Many couples use a joint account, perhaps funded in proportion to each person’s income, to pay for mutual expenses such as food, rent/mortgage, and common goals. In addition, separate accounts, funded after the necessary joint account, grant each spouse the freedom to make relatively minor purchases without consulting the other. Budget and Pay Bills Together - It’s easy to budget for essentials like car payments, but an accurate budget requires that you track all your expenditures. Providing legal services in the areas of... To accurately estimate what you spend on variables such as entertainment, keep 4 Family Law all your receipts in a bowl for three months. When you finally tally the results, you 4 Estate Planning 4 Child Custody, Divorce & Child Support may be surprised how much you spend on lattes. Once your budget is drafted, sit down weekly for 10 minutes to discuss short-term mutual financial decisions, and 4 Wills and Trusts 4 Bankruptcy 4 Workers’ Compensation meet periodically, say once a quarter, to review your overall finances. Although When you need legal counseling or simply need a friend, one person may do much of the actual bill-paying, the other spouse should be consider Scott J. Brook, P.A. involved because managing money together reduces conflict. (954) 757-5551 Keep the Lines of Communication Open - Recently, a Fidelity Investments 1401 N. University Dr. • Suite 500 • Coral Springs study found that only 23% of couples made financial decisions together. In a marriage, disagreement can be difficult, but silence is dangerous, and that’s especially true with finances. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience. Seek Professional Help - Particularly if these exercises illuminate polarized spending and saving habits, a financial advisor could help you to examine your money attitudes, clarify your goals, organize your finances, and establish an investment plan. Working with a professional also can help you to fortify your money management foundation with an emergency fund and proper insurance. Of course, all this advice may feel like it will be more useful down the road a little bit. Currently, you may feel like you need to invest all your energy in planning your dream wedding within your budget. In that regard, a good budgeting rule is: If you can pay for it with cash, then you can afford it. Adhering to that simple rule will give you a terrific head start in beginning your marriage on solid financial footing. Michael C. Shutowick is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and co-founder of Shutowick Wealth Management, a firm specializing in investment and retirement planning. He lives in Parkland Isles with his wife, Melissa, and their two children. Michael can be reached at 954.327.1400 or online at Urgent Estate Planning Considerations While Your Divorce is Pending By Laura J. Larson with assistance from Scott J. Brook, Esquire If you’re a married individual who is considering a separation or divorce you should review your estate plan as soon as possible to determine if it remains appropriate under your change of circumstances. Remember, under the law, you are considered to be legally married until the judge signs the final dissolution order ending the marriage. In the event you were to die or become disabled prior to the legal termination of your marriage, your estranged spouse may have legal control over you and your estate. It is also possible that your spouse may be entitled to most, if not all, of your estate! If you do not have a Last Will and Testament, most likely your spouse, under the intestacy laws of Florida, will be entitled to the control of your estate and138 PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008
  20. 20. yourmoneyentitled to your estate assets in the event of yourdeath. You should consider executing a Last Willand Testament which clearly appoints thoseindividuals, other than your estranged spouse,who you want to have control over your Estateand to inherit your Estate assets. If you do havea Last Will and Testament or a similar estateplanning document, such as a Revocable LivingTrust, your spouse will typically be designated asthe Personal Representative of your Estate and/or the Trustee of your Revocable Living Trust,and probably is named as the primary or solebeneficiary of your estate. You should evaluatethe necessity of executing a codicil to your LastWill and Testament and/or an amendment toyour Revocable Living Trust which will changethese designations. It is important to rememberthat until the divorce is finalized, you may notbe able to completely disinherit your estrangedspouse. Thus, the timing of your divorce maygreatly affect your estate planning goals. Also, do not forget about your life insurancepolicies, annuities, health or medical savingsaccounts, and payable on death accounts. Theseassets are usually referred to as “non probateassets,” meaning that they will pass outside ofprobate and, therefore, outside of the terms of yourLast Will or Revocable Living Trust. Most likely, youhave designated your spouse as the beneficiary.Therefore, even if you take the time to change yourLast Will or amend your Revocable Living Trust, thesedocuments will have no effect on your non probateassets. Instead, you will need to obtain a changeof beneficiary form for each of your non probateassets and update your beneficiary designationsaccordingly. This is particularly important after thedivorce has been finalized. In the event you become disabled whileyour divorce is pending, such as through anautomobile accident, heart attack or stroke, andyou are no longer capable of handling your affairs,a guardian normally must be appointed for you.Under Florida law, the spouse of the incapacitatedindividual generally has priority of appointmentas guardian. This is why it is important to executea Durable Power of Attorney appointing anindividual to handle your financial affairs, a LivingWill, and a Designation of Health Care Surrogate(also known as a Health Care Power of Attorney)appointing an individual of YOUR choice tohandle your medical affairs and abide by thedirections in your Living Will. continued on next pagePARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008 139
  21. 21. yourmoney continued from previous page If you have previously done an estate plan, Focus on Things You Can Control - During prior to your separation or initiation of a divorce a financial crisis, your success at weathering the proceeding, you have probably given your now storm depends on your ability to stay calm and estranged spouse authority under a Durable concentrate on the things you can control. For Power of Attorney (for financial matters), Living example, you can control your emotions so that Will and a Designation of Health Care (for health you aren’t panicked into making unwise, short-term related decisions, including the decision to end decisions, such as putting all your money under life prolonging procedures in the event of a your mattress. And, to a certain extent, you can terminal illness, end-stage medical condition or even control your portfolio’s ability to withstand persistent vegetative state). If this is indeed the volatility. How? By diversifying your holdings case, it is important to execute a new Designation as broadly as possible. The wider your range of of Power of Attorney, a Designation of Health Care investments, the less you’ll be hurt by downturns and a Living Will. that primarily affect one asset class. (Keep in Your future estate is in YOUR control. At least it mind, though, that diversification, by itself, cannot should be. Remember, through properly drafted guarantee profits or protect against loss.) estate planning documents, you can provide that Review and Rebalance Your Portfolio - During someone other than your estranged spouse will have this market decline, some of your holdings have control over you (in the event of your incapacity) or probably fallen more than others. As a result, you your estate (in the event of your death). Please speak may now own a lower percentage of a specific asset with your divorce attorney and your estate planning class than you had originally intended when you attorney to protect yourself and your estate. built your portfolio. Consequently, you may want to meet with your financial advisor to determine Laura Larson, Esquire is Of Counsel and practices primarily if you should rebalance your portfolio by adding in the area of Estate Planning. Scott J. Brook, P.A. also more money to those asset classes that have fallen does wills, trusts and focuses its tri-county practice on the most. You may also want to rebalance if your family law matters and workers’ compensation issues. risk tolerance or long-term goals have changed. Laura can be reached at the office of Scott J. Brook, P.A., Look for Quality Investments - In this located at 1401 N. University Dr., Suite 500, Coral Springs, economic environment, it’s more important than at 954.757.5551. ever to focus on quality investments. If you buy Surviving a Financial Crisis stocks, look for those companies with strong By Bruce Kallor balance sheets. If you’re purchasing bonds, stick with those that receive high credit ratings. If we Over the past few weeks, the news has been are entering a prolonged economic downturn, almost incomprehensible. It’s hard for many of us these types of investments will, in all likelihood, to make sense of the failure of major Wall Street fare better than lower-quality stocks and bonds. firms and large banks and the $700 billion bailout Be Patient - No one can predict when a of the financial sector. And it’s hard for investors to bear market will end, but history has shown be calm when stocks have fallen almost 30 percent that turnarounds can happen quickly and from their all-time high a year ago. What can you unexpectedly. So be patient. The most successful do to cope? Consider the following “checklist” for investors have the courage to stay the course and surviving a financial crisis: take advantage of opportunities while others are Close Your Ears but Open Your Eyes - These “bailing out” of the financial markets. days, you may hear some so-called “experts” We may still have some rough roads ahead talking about end-of-capitalism scenarios. Try of us. But if you can check off every item on this not to listen to these doomsayers. We still have list, you may be able to smooth out some of the the most powerful economy in the history of the bumps you’ll encounter on your journey toward world and we will recover from these setbacks. achieving your long-term goals. However, even if you close your ears, you should keep your eyes wide open. Specifically, look for Bruce Kallor has been with Edward Jones for six opportunities. Stock prices are down now, but years. Prior to that, he practiced law in NYC. He has they won’t always be — and, all else being equal, lived in SoFla for almost seven years; the last five in investors who buy into the stock market at lower Parkland’s Heron Bay. He can be contacted at: 2137 N. prices are likely to earn higher returns than those University Drive in Coral Springs, 954.796.8837 or via who buy stocks when prices are higher. PARKLAND LIFE • DECEMBER 2008