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Higher order thinking questions
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Higher order thinking questions


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  • 1. Higher Order Thinking Questions Level Keywords Question StemsLevel 1: Knowledge who, what, why, when, where, which, What is…? Can you recall…?Exhibits previously learned material by choose, find, how, define, label, show, How is…? How would you show…?recalling facts, terms, basic concepts and spell, list, match, name, relate, tell, Where is…? Can you select…?answers. recall, select When did _____ happen? Who were the main…?Retention of terminology, facts, How did _____ happen? Can you list three…?conventions, methodologies, How would you explain Which one…?structures, principles, etc. _____? Who was…? Why did…? When did…? How would you describe…?Level 2: Comprehension compare, contrast, demonstrate, How would you classify the type of…?Demonstrating understanding of facts and interpret, explain, extend, illustrate, How would you compare…? contrast…?ideas by organizing, comparing, translating, infer,outline, relate, rephrase, What facts or ideas show…?interpreting, giving descriptions and stating translate, summarize, show, classify What is the main idea of…?main ideas. Which statements support…?Grasping of meaning, translation, What is meant…?extrapolation, interpretation of facts, Can you explain what is happening…?making comparisons, etc. Which is the best answer…? What can you say about…? How would you summarize…? Will you state in your own words…? How would you rephrase the meaning…?Level 3: Application apply, build, choose, construct, How would you organize ____ to show…?Solving problems by applying acquired develop, interview, make use of, What would result if…? How would you show your understanding of…?knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a organize,experiment with, plan, What approach would you use to…?different way. select, solve, utilize, model, identify What facts would you select to show…?Problem solving, usage of information in a How would you use…?new way. What elements would you choose to change…? What examples can you find to…? What other way would you plan to…? Can you make use of the facts to…? What questions would you ask in an interview with…? How would you apply what you learned to develop…? How would you solve ____ using what you have learned?
  • 2. Level Keywords Question StemsLevel 4: Analysis analyze, categorize, classify, compare, What are the parts or features of…?Examining and breaking information into contrast, discover, dissect, divide, How is _____ related to…?parts by identifying motivesor causes; examine, inspect, simplify, survey, Why do you think…?making inferences and finding evidence to take part in, test for, distinguish, list, What is the theme…?support generalizations. distinction, theme, relationships, What motive is there…?Making inferences and supporting them function, motive, inference, Can you list the parts…?with evidence, identification of patterns. assumption, conclusion What inference can you make…? What conclusions can you draw…? How would you classify…? How would you categorize…? Can you identify the different parts…? What evidence can you find…? What is the relationship between…? What is the function of…? Can you make a distinction between…? What ideas justify…?Level 5: Synthesis build, choose, combine, compile, What changes would you make to solve…? How would youCompiling information together in a compose, construct, create, design, improve…?different way by combining elements in a develop,estimate, formulate, imagine, What would happen if…?new pattern or proposing alternative invent, make up, originate, plan, Can you elaborate on the reason…?solutions. predict, propose, solve, Can you propose an alternative…?Derivation of abstract relations, prediction, solution, suppose, discuss, modify, Can you invent…?generalization, creation of new ideas. change, improve, adapt, minimize, How could you change the plot…? maximize, delete,elaborate, test, How would you design…? improve, happen, change Can you predict the outcome if…? How would you test…? Suppose you could ___; what would you do? What facts can you gather…? How would you adapt ___ to create a different…? How would you estimate the results for…?
  • 3. Level Keywords Question StemsLevel 6: Evaluation award, choose, conclude, criticize, Do you agree with the actions…?Presenting and defending opinions by decide, defend, determine, dispute, Do you agree with the outcomes…?making judgments about information, evaluate,judge, justify, measure, What is your opinion of…?validity of ideas or quality of work based on compare, mark, rate, recommend, Would it be better if…?a set of criteria. rule on, select, agree, interpret, What did the character choose…?Judgment of validity, usage of a set of explain, appraise, prioritize, opinion, How would you evaluate…?criteria to make conclusions, discrimination support, importance, criteria, prove, How would you prove…? disprove…? disprove, assess, How would you prioritize…? influence, perceive, value, estimate, What choice would you have made…? influence, deduct How could you determine…? How would you justify…? What would you select…? What judgment would you make about…? Why was it better that…? How would you compare the ideas…? Based on what you know, how would you explain…? What information would you use to support the view…?