Fire Chiefs' Association of B.C. Conference May 28th 2013
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Fire Chiefs' Association of B.C. Conference May 28th 2013



A presentation on Social Media at the 2013 Fire Chiefs' Association of B.C. Conference using some of the Fire Chiefs' own examples.

A presentation on Social Media at the 2013 Fire Chiefs' Association of B.C. Conference using some of the Fire Chiefs' own examples.



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  • PM Owner of Lebens Media – Strategic Plans and Branding for Social Media Business and non-Profit sites. Frank Byl, Owner PowerConcepts Computer Training specializing in ______________________Disclaimer – Since Frank’s company, PowerConcepts Computer training” specializes in teaching program such as PowerPoint production I would like to point out that this PowerPoint in no way reflects Frank’s business courses. Taking a course is overdue – meanwhile let’s get started with this topic o Social Media. How many of you are currently using Facebook for Fires Services? How many of you (this group) posts the updates to facebook? How many onT witter? Post tweets? Anyone using YouTube or Linkedin? Good --
  • What could be added to this is the fact that people move the communication through the Social Media networks and when people decide to use this form of communication it is set up and ready to go, cost effective and often includes all forms of media easily accessible in one place plus most online platforms are set up to share between the entire network.
  • Social platforms are growing in use and outperforming many traditional means of communication. People and organizations that use Social Media Platforms as a primary way of connecting, engaging and communicating have seen results that are more effective. Example:
  • The hashtag #BCFIREExpo streams all twitter mentions including this hashtags so people can follow all conversations surrounding this topic. The hashtag #PTCC refers to the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre where the Expo takes place. The PTCC will also be communicating information about hosting the Expo at their location and all mentions from them or people who use their hashtag will show up in sequence on the twitter page – excluding any other posts not related to this conversation. Hashtags – sort information. Hashtag - #AllAboard
  • Facebook and twitter are 2 platforms in a very large network of online communications platforms many of which interact with each other. This interaction is facilitated via the users and there are thousands of apps and tools to help these users streamline the activity, save time, measure and engage with users. These networks and their needs are changing continuously – many are growing some are merging and others become obsolete.
  • VinceMacKenzie shows great examples of engaging and listening to his audience. Hashtags, twitter handles and replie have all been used here.
  • Gord Schreiner posted this on the Comox Fire Departments twitter site and included this photo. When you include a photo in a message is shows up on the site in a thumbnail size.
  • The Best Practice of Being Respectful is something I discovered Fire Departments already do really well so instead of talking about how to message and post in a respectful way I would like to see you do more of what you already do when posting on Facebook or twitter. When I looked at your Social Sites I found examples of respecting:spouses on special days like the slide we just saw, children learning everything from how to use a Fire hoses and gear, to children’s camps, to children sitting on fire trucks to family shots – there was a Facebook photo of a fireman showing his son how to use a fire hose on a tree house in the back yard – it was not ablaze of course, but the photo was great! Animal – some trained dogs some mascots – one of which is in a later slideI also witnessed Deep respect in honoring those lost in the line of duty --and other close members, friends and family who left too soonRespect for fire and teaching the public what to do to stay safe and prevent firesRespect for burn victims through many fundraising activities for care and camps etc.In general I witnessed a deep respect for life and I feel deeply humbled that you and all firefighters choose to dedicate your lives helping others and protecting our communities. Thank you. When doing this research I understood clearly that I and many others could learn from you about what it means to respect- As Fire Departments I would encourage you to show us more of these activities and engage our young population in learning more - These photos are from the London Fire Brigade Facebook page and I would say fall under the headings – Engage and Be Real too
  • I know it’s a bit early but I thought this might wake you up - This is a London Fire Brigade Facebook post and advertisement –Have Fun with messaging to reach an audience – Messages that are fun get posted more often and I can say first hand – they catch your attention!
  • There are many – I’ll start with 3 >>> - One of the reasons Facebook and twitter are so effective at Social Media is because the numbers of active users are so highThe Top 2 - In a recent 2013 survey Facebook and twitter were the top 2 platforms used to reach markets with Linkedin and YouTube gaining the most interest for growth this year. Numbers = Reach - Facebook Reach in Numbers: 1.1 Billion Facebook users665 Million Daily active Facebook Users751 Million “Mobile” Facebook UsersTwitter Reach in Numbers: 500 Million twitter users 400 Million tweets per day60% are “Mobile” twitter usersInteractivity – Social Sites versus Websites:If given priority and used constructively as a means of communication, Facebook and twitter can access community and public engagement far more effectively than a website because of the:-Continuous stream of information-Direct link to followers’ own Facebook and twitter sites with every post or tweet made. People don’t have to search for you once they have followed or liked your site, every piece of communication goes to their sites on their “Home” Feed.
  • Online communication and media is here for the long haul. Some of the platforms will change which adds to why it is a good idea to focus on the ones that are growing and doing well. According to Google’s Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen who just wrote a book on this prediction, growth is expected to continue. They were challenged on the fact that many of the world’s population lives in abject poverty and replied that even in nation where people have very little income they are managing to get online and because of the higher cost of computers cellphones are being used as the main method of accessing and communicating online. Why is this important to know? Next slide ---
  • This last point is why I am here. I was not using Social Media for work without permission – but for the past 6 years, I was using Social Media in all work as a necessity to get projects in touch with the people who would be looking for them. I did this mostly as a volunteer because very few organizations consider the role of a Social Media Communications or Marketing person as a paid position yet even though their markets are now moving there. Millennials: 75% have a Social Network Profile41% Only have a Mobile Phone-no landlineFor Millennials, Facebook is the dominant digital communication channel. McKinsey Quarterly28% access Social Media at work for work related activities – without permission Accenture
  • This is significant because there are 3 x more mobile phones in circulation than computers and they are increasingly being used to access and communicate on the internet. This transition also means that people can access the internet any time and anywhere and that all communication can happen in one place. The millennial generation is leading this trend but globally some people are not able to afford both a phone and computer and the phone is the product of choice. PC Users Switching To Tablets, Smartphones 'At Warp Speed' For Internet, Facebook.More than a third of PC users — 37 percent — are now turning to smartphones and tablets to surf the Internet and access Facebook, according to a new consumer survey by The NPD Group.
  • The Comment about last year’s Fire Expo and the acronym as a twitter hashtag to follow : #FCABC (Fire Chiefs’ Association BC) with a link to the twitter site works great. Having an app made and asking people to follow works well
  • Franks Story - Recently a fire was started in a public high school. Before the first fire truck got to the high school hundreds of tweets were sent to other schools, parents and friends about the fire. People were quickly able to get all kinds of information about the fire, but what was true or accurate? It became a ferocious rumor mill and by looking at many tweets it was maybe possible to gauge some kind of picture of what actually went on. Turned out to be someone set fire to a toilet paper dispenser and the plastic container created a lot of smoke in a concrete bathroom. The reality is that many people look to twitter or instant “tweets” on what is going on. Almost half of all tweets come from people’s phones. If the fire department develops a following of people then when there is an emergency the fire department can tweet accurate information about the event that will instantly be received by many people, who in turn will “re-tweet” information.
  • Cats are very popular on Social Media – Apparently they attract a lot of attention and cross promotion. Because of this statistic I see many people post cats wanting to have a piece of that traffic but as someone who is online a lot I can tell you that seeing another cat looks like desperation for attention and it is quickly wearing off. The biggest reason I do not want to see Fire Services posting about cats is – you have plenty of great content to post about and incredible meaning and learning to share with your communities. Keep in mind the values you want to stick with when posting and do use lots of FUN in getting those across.
  • First of all I am ecstatic to see that Emergency Vehicles Technicians of BC is on Facebook and actively posting information so please don’t get me wrong on this one. This is the same site that had the funny cover photo with a guy buried in a vehicle likely “repairing” it as the title states. This site has great presence and there are obviously proud of their work. All I would like to see is more “likes” so their community does want to follow their posts and more people can see what great work they do! DO still post these great Fire Engines and vehicle – Just add more varied activity in between these posts that will attract interest in clicking “like” !
  • No Comment.
  • Promote FundraisersCross promote all your sitesPost Press ReleasesStay on topic Create events pages and post about EventsAdd lots of varietyShare and re-tweet friends from other sitesPost on others’ Facebook and twitter sitesCreate Landing/Promotional pagesAdd lots of FUN Post lots of media –Videos, photos and graphicsLinks attached to all postsEngaging photos and sized to fit the post
  • #1: TACTICS: What social tactics are most effective?The number-one question marketers want answered (90%) is which tactics work best.This high number is likely in response to the constant changes taking place across many social networks. #2: ENGAGEMENT: What are the best ways to engage my audience with social media?Figuring out how to best connect with people remains high on the list of questions marketers want answered (88%). As more and more businesses become social, those who best engage will stand out.#3: MEASUREMENT: How do I measure the return on my social media investment?A significant 87% of marketers want to know how to measure their return on investment for social media activities. This question has been top of mind for marketers for the last three years. Clearly very few marketers have figured this one out.#4: TOOLS: What are the best social management tools?As interactions increase and newer social networks continue to grow, the need for tools to simplify the job of social media marketers becomes more important. A whopping 84% feel like they don't know what tools are best.#5: STRATEGIES: How do I create a social strategy?Creating a social strategy is still a major concern for marketers (83%). This is a positive indicator that marketers are now thinking about social media within the larger umbrella of marketing and trying to determine smart strategies.
  • Sorry about the yellow, it happens to be my favorite color.

Fire Chiefs' Association of B.C. Conference May 28th 2013 Fire Chiefs' Association of B.C. Conference May 28th 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • and GETTING STARTED AND THE ESSENTIAL DOS AND DON’TS Fire Chiefs’ Association of BC Annual Conference and BC Fire Expo May 28th, 2013
  • What is Social Media? Social Media refers to the: 1. means of interactions among people in which they: 2. create, share, and exchange information and ideas in: 3. virtual communities and networks. Wikipedia
  • 1. Means of interactions among people– it works when: • People choose to use Social Media platforms as a primary way of connecting, engaging and communicating with others. • Social Media platforms synchronise and perform interactively across multiple online platforms.
  • 2. Create, share, and exchange information and ideas – your examples:
  • 3. Virtual communities and networks: two examples, Facebook and twitter:
  • Two virtual communities used by Fire Services & Facebook is a Social Network platform used: • As an interactive site to connect and communicate with: – Words, links, pictures, graphics, polls, press releases, podcasts and videos to build a stream of dynamic informative and visual content accessible for others to engage with. Twitter is a Micro-blogging platform: • That functions well to communicate at a fast pace by “twitter followers” posting information in 140 characters or less as “tweets”. Twitter followers can: – String topics using hashtags “#”, Share others’ content by retweeting, make lists of topics by category, communicate with individuals by including their twitter handle @_ to name a few. More on this later…
  • #1: LISTEN
  • #2: ENGAGE
  • #3: BE REAL
  • #5: HAVE FUN
  • Why Facebook and twitter?
  • THERE ARE MANY REASONS LET’S START WITH 3: NUMBERS - TOP SOCIAL SITES - BETTER THAN WEBSITE 1. NUMBERS - Reach Facebook: 1.1 Billion Facebook users 665 Million Daily active Facebook Users 751 Million “Mobile” Facebook Users Twitter : 500 Million twitter users 400 Million tweets per day 60% are “Mobile” twitter users tweet 2. TOP TWO SOCIAL SITES - In a recent 2013 survey Facebook and twitter were the top 2 platforms used to reach markets with Linkedin and YouTube gaining the most interest for growth this year. 3. BETTER THAN WEBSITE – Interactivity. Social Sites interact and communicate continuously with audiences. “Many things websites do Social Sites do better.” Jay Baer -
  • Why are these changes happening so fast? Meet the incoming generation – The Millennials: Incoming Generation: Millennials 19 – 35 years • • Retiring Generation: • Boomers 51 – 69 years Photograph Image Source Corbis – Bloomberg Business Week 75% have a Social Network Profile 41% Only have a Mobile Phone - no landline. For Millennials, Facebook is the dominant digital communication channel. McKinsey Quarterly • 28% access Social Media at work for work related activities - out of necessity - without permission Accenture
  • Connie Guglielmo, Forbes Staff 2/07/2013 @ 3:27PM |1,255 views PC Users Switching To Tablets, Smartphones 'At Warp Speed' For Internet, Facebook. More than a third of PC users — 37 percent — are now turning to smartphones and tablets to surf the Internet and access Facebook, according to a new consumer survey by The NPD Group. Photo credit:
  • Why for Fire Services? To reach your communities!
  • Your community on Fire and Rescue Services Sites Emergency Preparedness Sites Municipal Offices Firefighters Memorial pages The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Police Departments and Services Firefighters Charitable Societies Vancouver Fire Fighters Calendar Vancouver Firefighters Pipes & Drums Canadian Red Cross Transportation Authorities
  • 3 things you can do right now to increase engagement on your Facebook page: 1. Choose a great cover photo and/or graphic that tells people who you are in an image. You can also change your cover photo frequently. People following your site will see the new cover photo in its entirety on their site each time you do this. Vancouver Firefighters Historical Society
  • 2. Follow more Facebook sites and comment on some of their posts.
  • 3. Include one media item (video, photo, graphic etc.) AND one link in as many posts as possible and always add your own comment.
  • Why for Fire Services? When a Fire Department develops a social media following they can be the voice of reason and accurate information in times of crisis. Today the public can communicate instantly from any accident scene or disaster in real time and often generate this news before the press. People following a Fire Department’s online communication can be assured the information is delivered in a respectful, timely and accurate manner.
  • Getting started on - Set up a twitter account - Add a complete profile description - Add a sized logo and profile picture with links to your facebook site and website. - Follow other Fire Services Associations and others you interact with in the community.
  • What are?! hashtags# Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets marked with that keyword. tweets The act of posting a message, often called a "Tweet", on Twitter. handles@ The @ sign is used to call out usernames in Tweets, like this: Hello @Twitter! When a username is preceded by the @ sign, it becomes a link to a Twitter profile. Followers To follow someone on Twitter is to subscribe to their Tweets or updates on the site.
  • DON’TS Don’t post pictures of cats doing strange things
  • DON’TS Great Site just DON’T only post one thing… even if you are really good at it!
  • DO Strange dogs are ok! Here is the New York Fire Department’s pooch found on a Facebook site!
  • DOS Do promote the Code3Spices award-winning rubs! With 20% of online purchases going to benefit the IAFF Charitable Foundation and include a link to purchase >>>
  • DO Follow more – Comment more – Post more • • • • • • • • • • • • • Promote Fundraisers Cross promote all your sites Post Press Releases Follow your department’s communication policy Create events pages and post about Events Add lots of variety Share and re-tweet friends from other sites Post on others’ Facebook and twitter sites Create Landing/Promotional pages Add lots of fun! Post lots of media –videos, photos and graphics Attach links to all posts to a post or your website Include engaging photo, sized to fit the post
  • Top 5 Social Media questions people want answered – 2013 survey of 3000 online marketers by • #1: TACTICS: What social tactics are most effective? • #2: ENGAGEMENT: What are the best ways to engage my audience with social media? • #3: MEASUREMENT: How do I measure the return on my social media investment? • #4: TOOLS: What are the best social management tools? • #5: STRATEGIES: How do I create a social strategy?
  • For your Association to get started on Social Media I would suggest 3 things: 1. Branding consistency. Developing an authentic image of who you are between your website, all Social Media sites and marketing so people find you easily. 2. A Social Media Strategy including what, when and how often to post. This should also include communications, website social sharing, fundraising and marketing goals for your association. 3. A Tactical Plan for the persons in your organization to follow that includes Posting Schedules, Best Practices and Content procedures.
  • Best Place to learn about Facebook? 1. The Facebook Help Centre: 2. Mari Smith: Best Place to learn about twitter? 1. The twitter Help Centre: 2. Social Media Today: 3. Hubspot: Thank you for the opportunity to speak and for spending this morning with us. If you have further questions contact Pamela Lebens: or Frank Byl: or connect with “lebens media” on twitter and our New Facebook page!