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Notes march 26 2012

  1. 1. NOTES & OUTCOMES LEAVE A LEGACY™ Working Group Session March 26, 2012 - 3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Tompkins Funeral Home, Davis Drive, Kingston, ONPartners to DateFirst working group meeting was held on March 28, 2011, program became active September2011 and we are up to 27 Partners with 2 potential in the works. Our goal for this year is 35 witha stretch goal of 100 Partners by the end of 2012-2013.TO DO: Continue to spread the word, encourage partnerships – all partnersInsert Planning – Fifty-five Plus Magazine for May 2012Coordinated by Colleen Fitzpatrick Killorn; sales rep is Rachel Henry from 55+ will dictate sizeof supplement based on 40/60 split editorial to ads; Call for Editorial due April 13, 2012.The insert will be included in the middle section of the magazine.Inquired about cost for ‘overrun’ so partners can distribute; asked for 500 – no cost.Distribution is 15,000.TO DO: Ask how many Coyle Publishing willing to provide at no cost and offer to partners fordistribution. – ColleenPartners to seriously consider taking out an ad to increase the editorial portion of the insert. – allpartnersMeeting with EMC rep Kate Lawrence (Kingston/Frontenac) – considering partnership withpossible sponsorship status. Willingness to promote LEAVE A LEGACY™ month for programand pass along any information to colleague in Quinte area. Very encouraging in terms ofwillingness to assist promotion of LEAVE A LEGACY™ program. Distribution to 157K copies.Agreement that EMC has come a long way and is being read much more than in the past.Let working group know that Performance Printing (owner of EMC that was recently sold toMetroland/Torstar) also has creative arm and has an interest in promoting design/printingservices and would request consideration for RFP to meet such needs among clients/others.Story deadline for EMC article April 26, 2012.TO DO: Colleen and Kate to have telephone meeting to discuss options aroundpromotion/sponsorship – Kate to contact Colleen (done March 28th)
  2. 2. Provide editorial content and other information to EMC by deadline – Liz/ColleenEvent for May – Panel Discussion – Belleville May 29th , Kingston, May 30thLoyalist College May 29th, St. Lawrence College May 30thModerator – Bill Petruck, President Funding MattersPanel Members – to be decided – preference to partnersCoordinators for each location – Tim Brown, Deborah Paus, Lois Hodgins for Belleville, LizDobbs Jones, Korin Flindall for KingstonProposed agenda (based on template used at T.O. event:9:30 arrival, welcomeSurvey of guests to determine their values/inclination for a legacy gift (for their own use)Panel discussion with Q&AFollow up survey of guestsRoundtable discussion with panel members and LEAVE A LEGACY™ partners over light lunchInvitation for follow up meetings with professional advisor/charity of choice.Partners may invite guests, whether donors, prospects, board members, other charities who mightconsider partnering.TO DO: Finalize panel members - coordinatorsDetermine maximum capacity for budgetary purposes – Liz Dobbs Jones with Ron Kelly, FrankLockingtonPrepare invitation – TBDDeclarations to Municipal CouncilsBelleville, Kingston for 2012 or all in region?Agreed to send out template for Partners to submit to various local municipal councils.In the interests of time, Lois Hodgins has sent to Belleville City Council, Liz Dobbs Jones hassent to Kingston City Council.TO DO: Provide template (attached) to Partners and members of Working Group. If anyonedecides to send to local municipal council, please advise Liz Dobbs Jones ASAP to avoidduplication of effort.Social MediaFacebook provides access to Slideshare account which is where documents will be stored forPartner use including ads, editorial content about LEAVE A LEGACY™ , PowerPoint, PSAsetc.E-Blast for March to include content on social media and invitation to Partner with LEAVE ALEGACY™ SEO.TO DO: Check Facebook/Slideshare for accessibility – Korin – will advise if workingLinked In page being worked on – Chris WinterChris to advise how best to use social media to promote any LEAVE A LEGACY™ activity bypartners across the region.Guest Kate Lawrence from EMC could not join us for this group gathering.
  3. 3. Plan for Coming Year 2012 – 2013May 2012 – Supplement Education event Belleville, Kingston May 29, 30thMay 3rd – Partner Derek Cooper hosting information lunch on legacy giving with Liz DobbsJones to provide overview on LEAVE A LEGACY™ program.May 14th – Kathryn Wright hosting seminar with lawyer Mary Alice Thompson on the upcomingchanges in executor responsibilities for estatesNovember 2012 Partnership with AFP National Philanthropy Day Education session on Gift PlanningJanuary – March Membership DriveTO DO: Partners are encouraged to consider what they might do to promote LEAVE A LEGACY™ program during month of May and advise us.Other:Need for a media firm – any suggestionsPSAs – Radio, TV – volunteers to help coordinate?Current PSA for radio/TV focus on health, sports, education and may be considered a little toonarrow focus for our market. Preference is for something more generic.Interest in techniques to open discussion about legacy giving – start collection of ideas.TO DO: Develop local PSA with neutral content to messaging – Liz to discuss with ColleenInterest of working group to gather once more before LEAVE A LEGACY™ month:Monday, April 30th 2012 3 p.m. Tompkins Funeral Home, Davis Drive, Kingston
  4. 4. LEAVE A LEGACY™ Southeastern Ontario Update of Activity – March 26, 2012General Overview of Activity to date (since working group meeting late March 2011) • Proceeded with contract work through Bestway Marketing Solutions (Colleen Killorn) who has been working with LEAVE A LEGACY™ programs for over seven years in Nova Scotia and the last two in Vancouver. She has recently assumed virtual coordinator role for South Saskatchewan and this summer with Southeastern Ontario. • Developed Partnership Benefits Package including recognition levels, associated costs and benefits. • Created database of prospects which continues to be worked on. • Completed first email invitation August 2011. Plans for second mailing November 2011. • Local LEAVE A LEGACY™ website live October 28th, registered as ; domain .com also registered and will dovetail. • Sponsorship of Education Session with speaker Paul Nazareth at AFP National Philanthropy Day November 15th. LEAVE A LEGACY™ will have air time to promote program and receive recognition and profile on all material for event. • Evening session for professional advisors hosted in Kingston by Scotia Private Client Group LEAVE A LEGACY™ overview provided - November 2011. • Grant application completed and approved for $4K Fall 2011 to promote program. • Identified LEAVE A LEGACY™ Champion in Belleville/Kingston markets with plan to roll out as program grows. Belleville – Lois Hodgins, Tim Brown, Hazel Lloyst; Kingston – Korin Flindall, Chris Winter, Liz Dobbs Jones • Social Media sites set up January 2012 including Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,, profile, • Slideshare account will have centralized, updated resources available to partners including PowerPoint presentations, ads, resource material etc. • PowerPoint presentation created for general overview of LEAVE A LEGACY™ SEO program.
  5. 5. Partners to Date:New as of March 28th – Mike Kramer Investors Group at Gold levelORGANIZATION CONTACT LEVELAlbert College Timothy Brown BronzeAlzheimer Society of Belleville-Hastings-Quinte Laura Hare SilverAlzheimer Society of Kingston Vickie Poffley BronzeBMO Harris Private Banking Helme Good SilverBMO Nesbitt Burns Anne Desgagnes BronzeCanadian Red Cross Lois Hodgins BronzeCataraqui Region Conservation Authority Michael Bell BronzeCommunity Foundation for Kingston & Area Vikram Varma GoldFaithLife Financial Dawn Harris BronzeGlenwood Cemetery Company Sandra Latchford SilverGordons Estate Services Nicky Soulis GoldHospice Kingston Natasha Girard BronzeKingston Home Base Housing Dawn Sadler BronzeKathryn Wright at Kingston Financial Centre Kathryn Wright BronzePathways Foundation Deborah Paus SilverQueen’s University Linda Pearson GoldScotia Private Client Group Korin Flindall BronzeScotiaMcLeod - Derek Cooper Derek Cooper BronzeSecura Financial - Kingston office TBA TBASeniors Association Kingston Region Diane Luck GoldSt. Lawrence College Frank Lockington GoldSouthern Frontenac Community ServicesCorporation Kathryn OHara BronzeThe Anglican Diocese of Ontario The Rev. Canon David Smith SilverThe Prince Edward County Community Care forSeniors Foundation Debbie MacDonald Moynes SilverUniversity Hospitals Kingston Foundation Liz Dobbs Jones GoldWilkinson & Company LLP Jennifer Fisher GoldWinter Financial (with Investors Group) Chris Winter BronzeAs at March 8, 2012 Total 27 Partners
  6. 6. Upcoming Activity/Plans • First Supplement planned for May 2012 as centre section of Fifty-Five Plus magazine, being coordinated by Colleen Fitzpatrick Killorn of Bestway Marketing. • Approach local councils in each municipality in region in March/April 2012 to proclaim May as LEAVE A LEGACY™ month. • Event planned for May 29th in Belleville at Loyalist College and May 30th at St. Lawrence College in Kingston – “Building Your Legacy” Panel Discussion.Investigate cost/opportunity to have banners made for LEAVE A LEGACY™ month.
  7. 7. Partnership PromotionSuggested Activities (in consultation/coordination with Bestway Marketing) • Encourage all members of working group to sign up for Partnership • Invite all partners and members of working group to commit to contact 5 centres of influence or not for profits to encourage partnership • Develop information package/scripting for partners and others to promote LEAVE A LEGACY™ partnerships • Approach Upper Canada Law Society to send out notification to all members.Media OutreachSuggested Activities (in consultation/coordination with Bestway Marketing) • Develop list of Radio stations in region and contact information • Identify individual willing to approach with PSA (opportunity for partnership) • Develop list of Television stations in region and contact information • Identify individual willing to approach with PSA • Develop list of Print media in region and contact information • Identify individual willing to approach with filler ads • Explore other advertising options i.e. Billboards, cost, locations etc. • All partners to promote LEAVE A LEGACY™ on their own websites with link to lalseo website •