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Minutes of working group march 28th
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Minutes of working group march 28th


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Published in: Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Leave a Legacy ( LAL ) – Public Awareness InitiativeWorking Group – Notes – March 28, 2011Questions:What’s in it for you?What’s in it for your loved ones?What’s in it for your community?Notes:-this is not about rebranding an image-we should work with what we know and what we have-partnerships between non-profit and for profit-this is all about relationships-clients need to realize a passion (health care, humane society, etc) and supportthat passion“10 By 10” EffectEveryone has 10 networking people in their life. Between family, friends, co-workers, etc. We all have 10 networking people in different communities. If eachof us introduces LAL presentation to those different networks, we can develop agrass roots method of spreading the word.Establish a Target Audience-65 years and older-55 years and older-Everyone and anyone with a Will-anyone about to write a WillKey Ideas
  • 2. -Questions about this organization is just as important about the answers-Why partner with LAL? Because it is important to have a network of peopleworking with the same goals-people are going to want to know if there are requirements to becoming part onLAL-What does the round table look like? It is brand recognition. Have the LALbrand throughout organizations, out in the community, financial organizations,etc-Build a list of local partners-This project is to support the entire local communityPromotion- possible ideas:-start a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page for LAL to inform and create moreawareness-PSA-radio, TV, print ads-social media-“piggy bank” off of other events happening where there would be interest-ask financial advisors to “have the talk”Top 10 Things You Can Do Today To Leave A Legacy 1. Prepare a will. 2. Leave a gift in your will for the charities that have made a difference in your life. 3. Leave a dollar amount or a percentage of your assets to a charity.
  • 3. 4. Consider using assets for your charitable gift. 5. Name a charity as the beneficiary of your pension plan pr RRSP. 6. Purchase new life insurance policy naming a charity as the beneficiary. 7. Name your favorite charity as beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy. 8. Remember loved ones with memorial gifts to a favorite charity. 9. Encourage family and friends to leave gifts to charities in their wills. 10. Ask your financial advisor to include charitable giving as part of counsel to clients.Questions raised by working group: - Are CAGP members inherently partners of LAL? Yes they are, although most roundtables do charge a nominal additional fee to the $299 (plus tax) annual membership – details being determined. There is typically a separate grid for LAL and offers the name, organization, log and link to the CAGP member’s organizational website. - All CAGP members have permission to use the logo, slogan, and purchase materials at a discounted rpcie through national office. National office monitors the right of use clause and agreements. - CAGP members do automatically get their information on the LAL website under the Find a Charity, Find an Advisor section – national office handles this through the membership listings.
  • 4. - Individuals are CAGP members, while organizations are sponsors or partners through fees at whatever levels are determined by the roundtable. Organizations do not need to have a CAGP member to be a sponsor. It is possible in future that given the strong brand of LAL that it may be contingent on being a CAGP member in order to maintain the integrity of the level of knowledge and professional education standards maintained by CAGP. This is not yet in place and many roundtables are doing what we are – building their LAL partnerships first with a future goal of encouraging CAGP membership. - Is there benefit/need to develop a separate webpage for LAL separate from what’s available through national office? It seems the larger roundtables have developed their own, separate website i.e. Vancouver, GTA, Niagara. - Currently those roundtables that don’t have their own website, send information to Jennifer Paradis at national office, she uploads information to the appropriate page on the website. We can list such things as upcoming sessions, partner names, logos, hyperlink to their website. There are currently about 1400 hits a month to the website. - She can post electronic copies of newspaper supplements. - Once the partnership/sponsorship package is developed it can be uploaded.Next steps:
  • 5. 1. Explore a national resources (there is an individual who is a resident expert on LAL and has been working with Roundtables across the country to position them for success). We have had an initial conversation and based on the feedback from Roundtable chairs, will have a second conversation to determine the cost/benefit of engaging this individual to help us set up our program.2. Develop a powerpoint presentation that can be delivered to interested groups; make contact where there is interest to have a presentation and recruit speakers – Liz working on powerpoint. (p.s. we have the first Rotary presentation planned for May 17th – yay – one activity in place for May!) Liz presented to the Community Support Services Network of south east Ontario on April 11th – over 30 organizations present and all very interested in LAL. They are anxious to hear more.3. Obtain information re: available resources by way of ads, PSAs to readily use when opportunities arise or are identified for month of May – we already have the TV ad, Liz to work on getting radio and print material asap. – Please let me know if you have any connections to radio/TV to start ads – Liz can contact Elizabeth Kalinowski from CKWS TV. Filler ads in local newspapers would be great. Does anyone have a listing of the publications and contacts?4. Develop a partnership package and related costs/benefits – we need 2-3 people willing to put their heads together, review what’s out there and make a recommendation. – Any volunteers?5. Compare and contrast what is available on the national website and the resources required to set up our own – Michael seemed to have knowledge and interest in that area – can we talk?6. Set next meeting of the working group – without adding undue pressure on ourselves to have it ‘all done’ by May – we will use May as a starting point to get some easy to implement, good payback in place like PSAs.
  • 6. Please forward any comments and feedback directly to Liz Dobbs Jones. Ihope that we captured the essence of the discussion and look forward toworking with you as we relaunch Leave A Legacy™ in Southeastern Ontario.