Leave a legacy survey question 1,2 & 3 2013 event


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Leave a legacy survey question 1,2 & 3 2013 event

  1. 1. Question #1:What did you find most helpful today?1) Getting started with leave a legacy and how to proceed.2) Practical guide very helpful and info about my volunteers very useful.3) All of it! Came not feeling sure of what to do with regards to Legacy Giving andfeeling like I am family with a foundation.4) RACC *Really.5) Stress “impact”.6) I now have a clearer idea of how to begin a program.7) Insight re: receiving shares as a gift and NOT sitting on them, but liquidating ASAPfor cash. Also felt that it was a general understanding in the group that we are NOTexpected to be planned/legacy gifts experts in order to engage in thecommunication donors. We just have to know where to start and when to directthem to their financial advisors/lawyers, etc. to continue the conversation.8) Level of experience varied as to legacy giving which provided good feedback invarious areas.9) How to approach legacy giver strategy in starting legacy program.10)Learned that you talk about impact not process, and being aware of undue influence.11)I found the whole session very helpful.12)Understanding the various gift options.13)Clarification on RRSP + RIF options.14)Examples of various Legacy gifts and how they were put together.15)How to do the ask, use of volunteers and Role of Board needed a bit more focus!16)The energy and the ease with the “ask”.17)“Philosophical level” advice18)Discovering the wide range of options. Opened up my way of thinking about how tobetter focus our understanding efforts. Ideas to develop a legacy planning strategyfor my organization.19)Knowledge. Resources from the information shared meeting everyone.20)This was my first intro to Leave a Legacy. Enjoyed heavily the personal stories.21)Practical steps.22)Talk about the impact!!23)Basic explanation; stories from other partners not just presenters.
  2. 2. 24)The new ideas that we can use. Seeing and hearing the breadth and depth of thesupport available.25)Use of volunteers to promote the process. Stress of Impact. Makes it easy toapproach people. Looking at the whole general picture.26)Everything! The information was refreshing and reassuring that we can do it!27)Gaining an understanding of the concern that fundraisers/charities share inspeaking to donors. This allows financial advisors a clearer picture of what role wecan play in the partnership.28)Removed the mystery –appreciate the sharing.29)About how to get started.30)The fact it was “general” info, not detailed info.
  3. 3. Question #2:If you were to move ahead with Leave a Legacy Planning as describedtoday, what tools or resources would you need?1) Regular meetings.2) Still processing.3) Presentation to Board/ED – Book guest speaker/presenter, and join L.A.L.4) That will become much clearer after we have begun our planning.5) Not sure …really need to get an understanding of who our donors are and then will worktoward having the conversations with them. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!6) More handouts re: areas of giving.7) We need to develop a plan to get farther.8) List of professionals in our area.9) Hand-outs that can be given to donors. Public Service Campaign – radio + print topromote L.A.L.10) More time, less hats, allow to focus – but a good start.11) Presentation to the Board or better yet, a “dog + pony” show for the AGM.12) Materials and checklist as suggested by Mr. MacDonald.13) New promo/info material. Dedicated wells page. Board/Volunteer training.14) Video, Pamphlets, Website.15) Volunteer, speech, material for those interested, list of partners.16) Since we are already a major “legacy planning” organization the resources tend moretowards the partnerships and link that we can form.17) Brochure or booklet, Board involvement.18) “Top down, inside out approach” within our organizations board/advocates.19) Simply to be identified with leave a legacy as an advisor who knows what the charitieswant to achieve.20) The 1ststeps slide answered this well. Patience – Preparation.21) I would welcome a partner to come speak to a group that has committed to thisprogram on my organizations behalf.22) You have provided many tools today. Financial resources vs. time to follow up withdonors always an issue.
  4. 4. Question #3:How could we as a Leave a Legacy Partnership help you succeed?1) Networking and informative sharing.2) Present to Board/ED.3) Continue workshops so that other members of my organization may attend at introlevel.4) See answer above.5) There were some references made both in the handouts as well as by Tim Brown re:places to find good gift agreements and knowledge to support the professionalfundraiser and donor in legacy gifts. Would be helpful to have those links send along fora reference.6) Leave a Legacy is of more personal interest and shows how someone can give back totheir community.7) Being a resource for question + support which you already are.8) May need some direct training with our Board Members.9) Promote in our area (Lanark County)10)Provide approved L.A.L. List of partners i.e. lawyers, financial advisors etc.11)Keep up the good work. Well done.12)Keep up the continuing education. Thank you!13)Support with volunteer training/orientation.14)Will contact with further questions.15)Participating on monthly meetings, mentorship.16)Resources + link to the website.17)Some meetings in Belleville.18)We are planning a workshop with the help of Ottawa.19)Ensure that people know that we exist and where we fit in the “spectrum”.20)Not sure yet.21)Just simply, be there. Will likely be in contact with a few partners for more informationin the future.22)See #223)The invitation was cleanly and sincerely made today. Thank you.24)Will be in contact with someone very soon.25)More seminars – annually perhaps?