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Sofa Buying Guide - Tips For Buying Your New Sofa
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Sofa Buying Guide - Tips For Buying Your New Sofa



The ultimate sofa buying guide - top tips for buying your new sofa!

The ultimate sofa buying guide - top tips for buying your new sofa!



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Sofa Buying Guide - Tips For Buying Your New Sofa Sofa Buying Guide - Tips For Buying Your New Sofa Presentation Transcript

  • Sofa Buying GuideThe Ultimate Guide To Buying Your New Sofa
  • The Sofa Buying Decision
    Sofas come in a variety of
    shapes, sizes and colours and
    knowing which one to choose
    can be a big decision.
    Often a sofa is a key part of your home furniture and choosing a stylish and comfortable sofa, or suite, is important.
  • Questions To Ask Yourself
  • Which Type Of Sofa Material Do I Want?
    Choosing the right type of sofa fabric is vital - you want something which is no doubt in-keeping with the design of your room but which also offers comfort.
    Available options include:
  • Leather Sofas
  • Fabric Sofas
  • Sofa Size – 2, 3 Seater or bigger?
    Clearly the key consideration with regards to sofa size is simply –
    how much space do you have available?
    Further to this, how many people to you want to seat on one sofa?
    It is important to measure the space - there is nothing worse than
    spending out on a sofa that ends up being the wrong size!
    So take precautions and get that measuring tape out before you start
    Shopping around for a sofa!
  • Heat Damage & Sofa Size
    A further consideration for leather sofas is the
    distance from a radiator. Heat can damage leather,
    thus it is vital to ensure that the heat from a
    radiator will not be felt by the leather.
    Usually a foot (approx 30cm) or so will be enough
    room to ensure no heat damage occurs.
    If you are considering a new sofa suite, e.g. 2 sofas,
    1 sofa + 2 chairs or any other combination, be sure
    to calculate the maximum size allowed for each
    potential sofa/chair.
  • Which sofa colour do I want? 
    When considering potential sofa colour, personal taste as well as
    suitability and match with your decor should be taken into account.
    Colour swatches allow you to compare the fabric colour with
    your room decor and existing furniture. This allows you to see
    for yourself how it may look and whether the colours complement
    each other well.
    Similarly, for patterned options you should consider how well the
    pattern goes with the room and if it is too much of a clash, maybe it is
    best to try another design (unless of course, this is the look that you
    are going for!)
  • What is my sofa budget? 
    Buying a sofa can be a large investment, with sofa prices ranging
    from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands of pounds for a
    luxurious, top of the range suite.
    Your view on furniture is clearly a factor here - some people like to
    change their decor and furniture regularly, perhaps every 2-3
    years. Whereas some view a sofa as a long-term investment and if
    you spend wisely, you may get a sofa which will last for upwards
    of 10 years.
    However, clearly your budget depends on how much you
    can afford to spend, so shopping around for the best deal is vital.
  • Do I want a Sofabed?
    Whether or not you opt for a sofabed or regular sofa
    option is down to your requirements. But you should ask
    Will you need the bed for sleeping?
    Would you like to have the flexibility of an extra bed?
    Perhaps you plan on inviting some guests to stay?
    The sofa bed option is great for those who simply don't have
    the space or desire to have a permanent bed. They are ideally
    placed in guest rooms or studies, making that all important
    extra space for guests when they come to stay!
  • Do I want a reclining sofa/suite? 
    Having a reclining sofa or armchair can help you to achieve the ultimate
    comfort in your home. However clearly this comes with an associated cost.
    Therefore you need to take your budget into consideration.
    In addition, space is important – will your room accommodate the reclining
    nature of the sofa/chair?
    It would be unfortunate if the sofa/chair blocked a door/walkway when
    reclined, therefore it is important to measure the space available for the
    Chair when it is reclined, not just when it is not reclined.
    In some cases, a foot stool would be more appropriate? Foot stools are
    flexible as they can be easily moved and used in conjunction with other
    chairs/sofas now and in future.
  • Ready to buy your new sofa?
    Well done, you've made it to the end of our sofa
    buying guide!
    We hope you've found it to be informative.
    Are you now ready to buy your new sofa?
    Why not browse our website, Premium Sofas, and
    take a look at our range?