Weather Quiz #2

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  • 1. Weather Quiz #2 Air Masses, Fronts, & Weather Patterns
  • 2. Question #1 1. Studying weather maps helps scientists… A. measure air temperature. B. classify clouds by shape. C. make weather predictions. D. measure air pressure.
  • 3. Question #2 2. What is a front? A. a place where air masses meet B. the front part of a storm C. an area of very high wind D. an area that has fair weather
  • 4. Question #3 3. When is the temperature in an area MOST LIKELY to rise? A. after a cold front passes over the area B. before a cold front passes over the area C. after a warm front passes over the area D. before a warm front passes over the area
  • 5. Question #4 4. You know fair weather is MOST LIKELY on the way if which of the following is moving toward your town? A. high-pressure area B. low-pressure area C. stationary front D. cold front
  • 6. Question #5 5. What is the weather like during a hurricane? A. snowy and windy B. warm and dry C. windy and wet D. cold and dry
  • 7. Question #6 6. In which season will North Carolina MOST LIKELY have the coldest weather? A. fall B. spring C. winter D. summer
  • 8. Question #7 7. What type of precipitation falls most often in North Carolina? A. snow B. hail C. rain D. sleet
  • 9. Question #8 8. During which day was the weather windy and fair? A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday D. Friday
  • 10. Question #9 9. Which will MOST LIKELY bring clouds and precipitation that last for several days? A. high-pressure area B. cold front C. stationary front D. warm front
  • 11. Question #10 10. A weather forecaster says that a cold air mass will bump against a warm air mass. Which type of weather will MOST LIKELY happen? A. rainy and warmer B. colder with thunderstorms C. fair and warmer D. fair and colder
  • 12. Answers Answers are on the next slide
  • 13. Answers 1. C, make weather predictions 2. A, the place where air masses meet 3. C, after a warm front passes over the area 4. A, high-pressure area 5. C, windy and wet 6. C, winter 7. C, rain 8. D, Friday 9. C, stationary front 10. B, colder and thunderstorms