Social Media For Business Intelligence

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Presentation Provided at NSGIC 2010 Midyear

Presentation Provided at NSGIC 2010 Midyear

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  • 1. Social Media Tools for Business Intelligence
    Learon Dalby
    NSGIC 2010 Midyear
    March 7-10, 2010
  • 2. Two quick demos to illustrate the use of
    Twitter (in this case) for business intelligence.
    You may not use social media tools, but being
    aware is just as important
    Reached 10 Billion Tweets last week
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
    • Twitter is the source data, Transformed by FME Server and loaded into Google Maps/Earth via KML.
  • Source data is read by FME Server
    Data is Transformed by FME Server
    Data is streamed to Google Clients
    Data Streamed to a web client via KML
    Spatial ETL process authored in FME
    Source Data
  • 9. Few details
    • Tweets are stored in a database
    – Allows for future analysis
    • Tweets are time stamped
    – Allows for ‘replaying’ the event
    • Tweets are displayed based on
    lat/long or place in profile
  • 10. Few details
    • New tweets are searched for and archived in the database every 30 seconds.
    • 11. The KML Network Link in Google Earth is set to request the tweets from the database every 10 seconds.
    • 12. The Google Maps embedded and external map show a staticsnapshot of the tweets and the page must be refreshed to request newer tweets from the database.
  • 13. Why consider
    • Gov 2.0 requires bidirectional information
    • 14. Think about how your kids communicate
    • 15. Shouldn’t they communicate with gov thesame way
    • 16. Regardless of your personal use, being awareof the various technologies is important
    • 17. Things will change and likely do so quickly
  • Note from AGIO
    • Pick one up, take a pic with it and send itto us. Drop me a note if you don’t get one and want to play.
  • 18. Contact Info
    Twitter: @LearonDalby