Where is My Herd? Your Business Needs Subscribers
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Where is My Herd? Your Business Needs Subscribers

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Where is My Herd? Your Business Needs Subscribers ...

Where is My Herd? Your Business Needs Subscribers

Ever wondered why subscriptions and lifetime value are two important considerations, as you grow your business?

"School Never Taught Us About Making Money"

Schools were never designed to teach us to be entrepreneurial - they were meant to teach us how to become employees. It's interesting that we were never taught how to manage our money - we were supposed to just get it and get on with it! Maybe you agree that we are missing a vital piece in our education and learning how to manage our money is just as important and more so, than a great chunk of the school curriculum.

Today, we can pat ourselves on the back, because we graduated from school. I am not saying that school is not essential - it is! BUT, dig into what you know right now - if you lost your job and had no money to pay the VISA bill, how would your understanding of "quadratics" or "photosynthesis" help you? We basically have nothing to pull out of the bag which would solve the problem.

In these times of growing financial pressures it's important to have a "plan B". Keep your job and keep learning. There is no reason why learning should stop when you leave school; life is your school and to add to your skills and knowledge is essential.

This book is about improving your business skills and thereby your income potential. To this end, I, the author of, "Paid To Think Business Magazine", am proud to promote a live streaming event in April, with Armand Morin, but you will most probably still be able to get access to the training videos if you are reading this after the event.

"Learn How to Build an Asset"

It's all about learning how to build a business asset - your own contact list. On the surface this might appear as not so critical, but you'll be amazed to learn that when this is done correctly it adds more and more revenue potential for your business.

Of importance is that when you have your list you have someone who is interested in buying your solutions to their problem. They are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Without a list it's more like cold calling and no one really likes that. So your list can produce for you more regular sales, as you provide diverse offerings and the lifetime value of your list rises, if you are able to satisfy your subscribers.

"Want Some More Great Training?"

This training event will teach you all you need to know about how to increase your subscribers and create lifetime value. Keep in mind you will learn how to create a very valuable asset and who wouldn't want to build an on-going income?

Register For WebCamp:

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  • 1. Where is My Herd?Your Business Needs Subscribers By Joseph Sgro
  • 2. Where is My Herd? Your Business Needs SubscribersIf you would like to learn moredownload:Paid To Think Business Magazinehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paid-to-think-business-magazine/id554879840?ls=1&mt=8The magazine that brings you newsof business trends, services andtutorials to grow your business.Copyright © 2013 by Joseph SgroAll rights reserved. You may not copy, reproduce, post orforward this document in any format.
  • 3. Legal Disclaimer We live daily with all manner of risks and we need to face that we entertain risk by pursuing our daily activities. It is impossible to eliminate risk from our daily lives and the only thing we can do is to manage it. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE Creating and operating a business is a risky proposition and no one can make it safe for you, nor can anyone promise that anything discussed here will make an income, or that it is right for you. We do not have the professional expertise to help you make the right decisions for you. We recommend that you get professional and legal advice before embarking on any financial decisions and that you regard everything printed within this book as purely educational. By using this publication you understand and agree that the information contained here is for general information purposes only. We do not guarantee the information is correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability, with respect to the websites, or the information, products, or services contained within this publication for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. If you proceed to use this book you assume full responsibility for your actions and decisions and hold the author blameless and yourself responsible and will conduct your own research and get your own professional advice. The writer, publisher, staff and contributors SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR LOSSES ARISING FROM ANY DECISION YOU MAKE DUE TO OR AS A CONSEQUENCE OF READING OUR PUBLICATION. If you are not in agreement then you will not read or use this book. DISCLOSURE You should assume that the author has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned herein and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. You should always perform your own due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.
  • 4. Contents Introduction Where is My Herd? You Are Invited to WebCamp Find Out What They Want 3 Reports Why Subscribers Are More Profitable Catch That Wave Just the Beginning Resources
  • 5. Introduction If you are starting out with no resources and you want to build an income from nothing, the news is it can be done! Today we are over-connected and the smart operator wants to gain as much leverage as they can from the internet and the internet giants that work the web from profit. You know who they are and the chances are they have information about you. They are tracking your every move online to see what you do and to find out how they can sell more to you. In a few short years we have given away our privacy by using the devices created by the big companies: Google, Amazon and Apple. These companies are rich and they have huge resources. Don’t worry if you don’t have much in the way of knowledge and resources, you can borrow theirs. Renting their infrastructure at the moment is cheap and you can do it with ease. They also teach you how. It’s really up to you to stop crying and stop feeling sorry for what you don’t have and create the positive mindset of an entrepreneur and project manager. I say project manager because when you know nothing and you are learning everything, then you will pay for the service of others to help you do things. If you have a job then you will be able to do this. If you are in a third world country which doesn’t have electricity, clean water and internet then this book is not for you. You are a project manager. You don’t have to create anything, but you do need to be able to communicate and you must know what you want to achieve, before you create a job ad, or post on Elance, the home of freelancers. To tell you the truth, I don’t want to deal with anyone who is not going to understand me, or whom I won’t be able to understand. My English has to be good. I need to be able to plan and articulate clearly what I’m buying and they have to agree to my written agreement. I’ll also look for people that have a star rating. I’ll talk to them and make sure they are right for the job. Plan everything and plan carefully. You’ll make some mistakes – just make sure everything is legal and that they sign a non disclosure agreement as well.
  • 6. Where is My Herd? If you have a product or service currently, then you will be looking for new distribution channels and ways to get new buyers. What about if you had an audience first and then you sold the audience what they wanted? Most of the time people are trying to sell the product or service, but do not have anyone to talk to. It was Dan Kennedy who talked about getting a “herd”, which of course refers to your audience, subscribers and people, who are interested in what you are selling. Seth Godin talks about “tribes” and Facebook used this idea of creating groups, which was used by Yahoo first, and now Facebook has more accounts than some countries have people. So do you have a Facebook Fan Page? Do you have a subscriber list? Do you have an audience for your offer that gives a damn? Do you have any control over your channels of distribution? Getting an audience and remaining in control is critical. When you start with an audience you’ll get a better idea as to whether your product or service is wanted. The internet has come along at the right time and caused a major explosion in commerce and if you don’t have a website then you are at a disadvantage, because your message is not being seen 24/7 by more people and far more frequently, than you can pay for ads. Now with social media you have lots of opportunities to spin your web. How many webs have you spun? Unless you are an absolute master at advertising, your ads are probably burning a whole in your pocket and if this is the only way you know to bring new customers to your door, then you might lose the game. Jay Abraham talks about your business “pillars”. These are the structures you have in place that bring you fresh business leads. They are the channels that people use to find you and when they do, in the words of Dan Kennedy, you make them part of your herd.
  • 7. You Are Invited to WebCamp Live Business Event Ever wanted to learn how to build a $100 000 income? This live streamed event with Armand Morin will teach you how to build a business asset. Click below to register for the event and watch the video: http://auto-pilot-biz.com/webcamp
  • 8. Find Out What They WantIs there an audience for your offer? It’s essential to find out before you waste too muchtime. Will they subscribe for your free offer? This is a good test. What do they really want?Here is how you find out. You try and create a list of subscribers by giving away your freeoffer. Then you can follow up and ask them what they want. Below are some ways to get toknow your customer:•Survey your subscribers•Access forums where your prospects by be found•Read trade publications on your topic•Research products in ClickBank•Research Amazon and in particular books(Read the Table Of Contents)Creating Your OfferTo begin with you will give away free information while you are educating yourself as towhat the customer wants. When you know what they want the next step involves creating aproduct specific to your customer. Now you can do it all yourself, or you outsource thewhole project. Elsewhere in this edition mention is made of ELANCE, as a place where youcan find an outsourcer for your project.If you know what you want, you can find someone to make it for you. You are the projectmanager and in charge of promotion, rather than the creator. This way you have more timeand energy to think about growing your business – instead of working in your business.Your product can use a multi-media with text and video or it might be simply a book, whereaudio interviews have been transcribed, or used to create the content. The ghostwriter putsit all together and creates the finished product according to your instructions. The criticalpoint here is that you do not have to create the product yourself.
  • 9. Don’t try to start your own trend. The smart way isto jump on a trend and surf it all the way. Leverage is the one word to study and understand and apply.Using LeverageLet me introduce you to ELANCE, where you can outsource your project or where you cansell your own skills. This allows you to cut your workload and get more done. If you couldpay someone to bring you traffic, subscribers, or customers and do all the jobs you can’t dowell, then you could concentrate on growing the business and sourcing content.Leverage PeopleIt’s a good idea to write down how you will leverage other people’s talents. This includeshow to make use of experts in your niche that you can invite to joint venture with you on aproject.Leverage Other People’s AssetsYou might not have an offer of your own when you start, but there will be others in yourmarket that do. You could consider becoming their affiliate and sell their offer and receive acommission for your sales.Don’t overlook the fact that you can leverage someone else’s database. You may not havesubscribers, but your competitors will have a database. If you have an offer you can jointventure with someone and share the profits, or pay them to post your offer to their list.Lastly, do not overlook the fact that you can leverage the assets of the internet giants,Apple, Google And Amazon. Inside there are links to reports that show you what to do.Start an Information BusinessIf information didn’t sell then there would be no internet giants. The proof is indisputable.Your first mission is to select your niche if you want to start an information business. One ofthe people that has made it to the top of the game by selling information is Dan Kennedyand he is a good teacher if you want to learn more. Here is how to tap into his wisdom andteachings.
  • 10. 3 ReportsAmazonQuickly and Easily Publish and Sell E-books, Reports & Newsletters onAmazon’s KindleAmazing New $7 Report Reveals Step-by-Step How You Can “PartnerWith Amazon” and Have Amazon Sell For you! Get the report here: https://digitalmarketing.infusionsoft.com/go/7Amazon/a17919/Make Apple Your PartnerDo you want a partner who has 375 million credit card accountnumbers??? Millions of active, credit card-wielding users browsethrough iTunes every day, just one click away from making their nextdigital purchase.Apple needs YOUR e-books, MP3, pod casts, and videos to feed thismedia hungry mob.The worlds most valuable brand has set everything up for you. All youneed to do is bring them a product. It couldnt be easier! This reportwalks you through how to leverage Apple’s assets ands systems step-by-step. Get the report here: https://digitalmarketing.infusionsoft.com/go/pwapp/a17919/
  • 11. If you understand how to leverage people, money and systems you are writing your ticket to a different life. Amazon… Google… Apple… Learning who are the giants on the internet and using their systems and assets is smart and essential if you want your business to thrive. If you network and form alliances then you are also using leverage and one example of a meaningful relationship in business, is when you get access to someone else’s customer base.Traffic to your offer is essential and the following reports outline how you can create leverage and get more business. You Tube and Google This $7 Report teaches you exactly how to Rank Almost Any You Tube Video #1 on GOOGLE in 3 Days Flat! According toCompete.com, “You Tube” is currently ranked 4th in the worldin terms of traffic. It’s also the second largest search site on the web, it runs ahead of both Yahoo and Bing. So its safe to say that You Tube is HOT right now! Get the report here: https://digitalmarketing.infusionsoft.com/go/7youtube/a17919/
  • 12. Why Subscribers Are More Profitable The simple reason why subscribers are more profitable is that they keep paying you. When you rely on getting sales to create an income, you have to keep getting sales to maintain your income. There is a better business model that helps you achieve the same, without the expense of trying to get a new customer every time. It’s the subscription model. Of course the idea is to keep expanding your customer base - you don’t ever really want to stop trying to get new subscribers. Is this confusing? Well it won’t be after you select a subscription based business model and see how it works. Each subscriber that becomes part of your paid program will generate recurring income each month and that can be a very profitable situation for you. After having sold a subscription, the money keeps coming in until the subscriber no longer wants to be part of your program. In order to keep the money rolling in you need to provide excellent value and it is much harder for a subscriber to unsubscribe from a service which is intrinsically valuable to the user. Thus, it’s not about whether this model works – it works very well, it’s about finding something you can sell that someone else wants and is willing to continue their subscription. What about if you are brand new to business and you haven’t got a clue how to get subscribers? Well the first thing to do is to find someone with a list of subscribers and then make that owner and their subscribers an offer and split the profits or rent their list. Now there is nothing from stopping you. You are continuously looking for people with lists and gaining leverage from list owners. Lifetime Value of Subscribers Your subscribers initially may be free subscribers to a newsletter and later will upgrade to one that is paid. You may have got their subscription by giving them something for free. It could have been a book, a free trial or some other gift. Now that they are your subscribers you give them more of what they want.The other possibility is that they will be buyers of various products that form the backend sales in your business. These products and services may be affiliate products and services. Just don’t burn them by presenting offer after offer. Try to build a relationship and good will.
  • 13. Lifetime Value Wins!Think about your active subscribers and the revenue that they will create foryou over the years. This is the benefit of increasing your subscribers. The moreyou have, the greater the value of your list, in the event that they are activesubscribers. The way to activate them is to present what they want and in orderto do so, you may have to survey or bribe them to tell you. It’s certainly easieronce you have them as part of your subscriber list.Yes, it’s hard work. Building a list of subscribers takes time. That’s why it’sworth money to someone who does not have a list.In the event you sell your business, the subscriber base will definitely improvethe selling price, so get more subscribers! Be generous and they will love youmore. Be relevant and solve their major problem and they’ll stay with you.
  • 14. Catch That Wave
  • 15. Money IdeasIt would be nice if someone could guarantee an idea to produce a regularincome stream which was sustainable and low risk. It’s what anyone wouldwant on their Christmas wish list. Alas, no-risk opportunities do not reallyexist, as you will most likely spend time and money finding the right marketand starting your projects. Everything we do carries some degree of risk.Active in BusinessIn order to get an exchange of money for your product or service, the buyerneeds to derive value in completing the transaction. This is where you comein. Your job is to provide an offer that provides value. So in business you arean active participant. Your marketing educates the buyer as to the reasonswhy they should choose what you are selling and that the offer is just toogood to pass up. So you talk up the benefits of accepting your offer.Passive in BusinessOn the other side of the coin, the passive business owner invests money andcreates, or uses systems that do all, or most of the work. Learning how toleverage people, money and systems can make you rich.Remember the story of Tom Sawyer? Tom was painting a picket fence andwhile busy at work he was creating a plan on how to get paid for doing thework and still enjoy his leisure time. During this time a friend turns up andsees Tom enjoying himself and hard at work. The friend wants to have fun justlike Tom and can’t resist having a go at painting the fence.After some negotiation Tom hands over the paint brush to his friend and sitsback to watch his friend do the work Tom would be paid to do.The internet offers everyone the opportunity to put their business on auto byproviding the infrastructure. It’s up to the individual to make a decision aboutwhat they will sell and create the systems to attract customers, interact withthem, provide them with value and benefits and collect the money.
  • 16. Money IdeasSo understanding how to leverage people, money and systems is yourticket to a different life. The proof of how successful leverage can be isobservable when one studies the giants, Apple, Google, and Amazon. Thereis no clearer example that you can have a business ticking over if youleverage the internet to build an enormous customer base. Furthermore,people are eager to use their assets and systems with the hope of gettingpaid.The benefits for the business owner include:1. Access to the systems 24/7 and 365 days of the year with minimal upfrontcosts.2. They can do other things while their business runs itself.3. Do the work once and keep getting paid.The app explosion would not have happened to the same degree if appdevelopers were not able to leverage the assets and systems created byApple, Google and Amazon. A smart entrepreneur would see the potentialand would hire someone to create the apps for the android, IOS and kindlefire platforms. Thus leveraging the skills of people and using the systems putin place by market giants. Then they would have an income stream for as longas buyers purchased the apps.Control Over Your BusinessOn the other hand, there is also a lot to be said about controlling your content.Let’s just say that your business is running on auto and you are leveraging theinternet giants, but you have no subscriber list – is your business in yourcontrol? Certainly, if you have not found a way to get maximum exposure foryour content and are creating a subscriber list, everything you have workedfor is at risk and everything depends on your one channel of distribution.This is not safe. What happens if you break on of the rules, for whateverreason and your account is closed – what happens to your business?
  • 17. In order to grow your business you need to find a number of channels and re-purpose your content, so that you have “more than one iron in the fire” andmultiple channels of distribution. It does mean a lot of work, but think of thebenefits when you can have multiple products and services available all at thesame time, instead of one.A Growing BusinessA growing business is demonstrated by a growing subscriber base, across allyour channels of distribution: websites, blogs, video content and products.The way to get your subscriber base to grow is to continually create offers –free and paid, that solve other people’s problems. Get your marketing piecesout there and start using YouTube to get your message out and create anaudience of subscribers for your products and services.
  • 18. Money Ideas Selling InformationHere is what you might liketo sell.Sell Tips“How To” TutorialsTeach Techniques – a strategy or processCreate a CourseExamples and Case StudiesTools and Templates that help to accomplisha goalFormatsAudios, Books, Videos, Newsletter, Magazine, DirectMail etc
  • 19. Money IdeasServices From HomeFitness Coach – personal trainerHome MaintenanceGraphic Design – design, images andartistic creationsMarketing for a % of profitCreating Videos
  • 20. Just the BeginningBe creative! Do your research and learn as you go. Starting a YouTubeChannel is a very good way to learn all about winning the hearts andminds of subscribers and creating your new revenue stream.I invite you to subscribe to Paid To Think Business magazine and readour latest edition. It will make sense to you and eventually dollars, whenyou grow your raving fan base. Entertainment and information are ahappy duo and if you can grab the attention of mobile device users andmake them your subscribers, you’ll definitely have a successful, growingbusiness.Go here:http://www.auto-pilot-biz.com/PTT
  • 21. ResourcesPaid To Think Business Magazinehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paid-to-think-business-magazine/id554879840?ls=1&mt=8Learn more about business trends, tutorials, services and ways to grow yourbusiness.WebCamp – Learn how to build a business assethttp://auto-pilot-biz.com/webcampSubscription Model Presentationhttp://www.drivingtraffic.com/final-notice-video-1Learn more about why you want to be using this model.Elancehttps://www.elance.comFor posting your projects to outsourcers.Dan Kennedyhttp://www.info-riches.com/r/?free=774792Information Marketing Lessons"3 Days to Cash Workshop"http://www.auto-pilot-biz.com/3daystocash"3 Days to Cash Workbook"https://liveoutloud.infusionsoft.com/go/3D2Cbook/tutor/
  • 22. I invite you to subscribe to Paid To Think Business Magazine and read ourlatest edition. It will make sense to you and eventually dollars, when you growyour raving fan base. Entertainment and information are a happy duo and ifyou can grab the attention of mobile device users and make them yoursubscribers, you’ll definitely have a successful, growing business.