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The Evolving Mobile Ecosystem and MeeGo
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The Evolving Mobile Ecosystem and MeeGo

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An informal conversation about the mobile software/hardware ecosystem and MeeGo (a Linux-based open-source OS for mobile and embedded devices). Slides work best with my color commentary added. ...

An informal conversation about the mobile software/hardware ecosystem and MeeGo (a Linux-based open-source OS for mobile and embedded devices). Slides work best with my color commentary added. Presentation to Portland MeeGo Network on June 20, 2011.

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  • 1. The Evolving Mobile Ecosystem and MeeGo
    Gail Rahn Frederick
  • 2. Who am I?
    Product Planner at Intel
    I work on the MeeGo project
    I’m speaking tonight from personal experience, not as an Intel representative
    Mobile Web Enthusiast
    Deployed mobile search engines and mobile web sites to operators in US and Europe
    Wrote Beginning Smartphone Web Development for Apress in late 2009
    My passion
    Mobile App Developer
    Wrote code for and managed mobile apps with 20+ million cumulative downloads and pre-installs
  • 3. Who are you?
    With a show of hands, who…
    Has built a mobile web site?
    Knows how to analyze its traffic from device models and through operator networks?
    Has written a mobile app?
    Deployed to an App store?
    Made money with mobile apps?
    Has installed the MeeGo SDK?
    Has seen the MeeGo Tablet UX?
    Written a Qt/QML app for MeeGo?
  • 4. Agenda
    What is MeeGo
    Mobile Industry Players
    Mobile OS Market Share across Geos
    Mobile OS Choices for OEMs, Consumers and Developers
    Mobile Web vs. Native App
    Tablets: Mobile Devices or Not?
    MeeGo Value Proposition
    No prior familiarity with mobility is assumed.
  • 5. What is MeeGo?
  • 6. MeeGo Value Proposition
    100% Open-Source OS built for Mobile and Embedded
    In-Vehicle Infotainment
    Uses Linux Kernel
    Open Governance
    Open Roadmap
    Nurtured by Intel and others, owned by Linux Foundation
  • 7. Mobile Industry
    Or, how an advertising giant came to develop a mobile OS, and vice versa.
  • 8. Mobile Industry Players
    OS Vendors
    Network Operators
    App Stores
    App Developers
    Media Developers (Music, Video, etc.)
    Mobility blurs traditional boundaries in computing ecosystem:
    Nokia is a mobile music vendor.
    Apple has a mobile advertising network.
    Google provides a mobile OS.
    Intel owns an app store and enables a mobile OS.
  • 9. The Patent Mess
    Rapid industry innovation +
    Rush to patent actual and questionable innovations +
    Slow turnarounds at USPTO =
    Litigious mobile industry rushing to own and protect patents
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12. Mobile OS Market Share
    Or, it’s not all about iOS
  • 13. Mobile Device Market Share by OS, Worldwide
    Data from Gartner – August 2010
  • 14. Data from Feb 2011 - Source (data and following graphic): icrossing.co.uk
  • 15.
  • 16. Consumers, OEMs and Developers
    Why would each audience choose each mobile OS?
  • 17. Choosing Mobile Web Doesn’t Help
    21 WebKits on Mobile with API variations
    field/method exists (yay!)
    field/method should exist but does not
    field/method exists but implementation is broken
    It depends on the device
    And whether the device identifies itself as mobile
    HTML5 helps … on proven mobile platforms
    Moving intelligence into HTML5 means browser vendors must worry about app-grade performance
  • 18. Tablets: Mobile Devices or Not?
    What are your thoughts here?
  • 19. The End
    Thanks for Listening!