Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips For Success


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Tips and Strategies for Marketing Your Linkedin Profile That Attracts Your Audience

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Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips For Success

  1. 1. ==== ====Discover the most powerful professional social platform on the planet, and it aint Facebook!http://learnit2earnitwithLynn.com/10links==== ==== 1) Get noticedThe first step for marketing with LinkedIn would be a no-brainer: sign up if you havent! This is soimportant because one cool fact I know about LinkedIn is that your name can be searched onGoogle and your LinkedIn profile will appear on the first page. Could you imagine how powerfulthis networking site is for your business? People will just search your name on Google and theycould instantly access your profile. 2) Use search engine optimizationGetting signed in is not enough to be seen in Google. Search engine optimization is a techniqueused to increases your chances to be seen in the front page, which is what anyone would want.You could customize hyperlinks to your related website. For example, you could change the title ofyour blog from "Blog" to "Networking Blog". You could also customize your LinkedIn URL. This isto make typing of your link faster and easier. You should edit your information: make it specific andkey in relevant words that potential employers and customers search for in Google or other searchengines online. 3) Ask for recommendationsHaving recommendations impacts the minds of future employers and/or customers. Word ofmouth marketing is an integral part of LinkedIn marketing. You can find the link for asking forrecommendations under each position you entered in. You ask for recommendations from youremployers in LinkedIn. You must help your previous or present employer what job youre asking arecommendation to enable him to give out specific ones. By doing this, you can assure yourprospect a great working experience with you. 4) Join groupsGroups are potential marketplaces to expand your horizons. Active participation would furtheropen the way to business relations. You can start a discussion on the latest product or businesscontroversy to stir up reactions and get them into the discussion. You can also give out advice toyour group mates. Without participation, joining a group would be pointless. What you are sayingwhenever you start a group discussion or engage in one or contribute to your groups is that youare open to communication and able to help out with their needs. 5) Link your social mediaYou can broadcast information to different venues and therefore more people by following thisstep. You could now import your blog feeds directly to your LinkedIn profile with LinkedInapplications like the WordPress app and Blog Link. You can also display your Twitter updates(tweets) and import LinkedIn accounts of contacts in Twitter through apps such as Tweets. Includeyour info on other networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This way, you can contactthose people who use other media more often and reach out to your LinkedIn contacts in othersocial media.
  2. 2. 6) Generate prospectsYou can start with people you know already. Search for them in LinkedIn if they have an account.You can even search for people to talk to. The first place to do this is in a group. End yourcomment with a link to your own site. You can also talk with someone who just responded to acomment or discussion of yours. If you have what t takes, you could also search for people yourenot related in any way. You can search for such prospects by company, job or industry. Do you want to learn more about internet marketing and othersocial media promotions? Want toknow how it can help your business increase its brandawareness? Visithttp://thesocialmediaspecialist.blogspot.com to find out!Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Madeleine_G_Labitan==== ====Discover the most powerful professional social platform on the planet, and it aint Facebook!http://learnit2earnitwithLynn.com/10links==== ====