How to Attract More Clients Using LinkedIn Marketing


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Tips and Strategies for Marketing Your Linkedin Profile That Attracts Your Audience

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How to Attract More Clients Using LinkedIn Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====Discover the most powerful professional social platform on the planet, and it aint Facebook! ==== Business marketing has come a long way since the days of print ads only. Using the socialnetworks is proving to be a valuable asset in the quest to build newbusinesses as well as growingexisting ones. However, there are some social media sites that aremore in-tune to the needs ofbusiness professionals. LinkedIn Marketing is one of the places that many accountants, lawyers, and otherprofessionalsare using to attract more clients. LinkedIn has seen great increases in the clientbases of thosewho effectively use this means of advertising. One of the best ways to use LinkedIn Marketing is to set up a professional looking profile.Thisprofile will be your opportunity to make a good impression. Potential clients are not normallyinterested in a long list of past accomplishments; however, they will be interested in what you cando for them. This can be demonstrated by including what you do for your other clients. You caninclude a little bit of the story of your background but be sure not to overdo it. You dont want themto get bored and go on to something else. When speaking about LinkedIn, businesses are learning to use this resource to theiradvantage asmore and more business people discover it. The most important thing that abusiness owner cando when they get started with LinkedIn Marketing is to get connected withothers with similarinterests. These may be other professionals or those who simply share yourinterests in a hobby or sport. By performing a search with targeted keywords on the site, you willbe able to locate andmake those kinds of connections. These can eventually be a rich resourcefor finding new clients. Of course, when you are using LinkedIn, you will have to choose how you will add thoseconnections. The options are "Open Networking", which will allow you to connect with anyone thatfinds their way to your profile, or "Trusted Partner Networking", which may allow you to get betteracquainted with the connections you do approve. The big difference is the number of connectionsyou will be able to achieve. Having testimonials on your profile will add to your credibility so ask your businessacquaintancesand those people you have done business with to write some for you, but be surethat you arewilling to do the same for them. It would be a great idea to be the first to write atestimonial forothers and then submit it to LinkedIn. The site will then show this testimonial to thatperson andask if they would like to do the same for you. Most likely, they will. There are so many other ways to use LinkedIn for marketing you and your business thatwill bringgreat success to the professional that is willing to do what it takes to make it work forthem. Whenit means added benefits in the form of more clients, there is no excuse for not usingthis method togrow even an existing thriving business.
  2. 2. If you want to attract more customers you need to have aquality internet presence. Visit for lots of great tips on how tofind more customers online fromCatherine Trebble, author of Guide To Marketing Your Business Online In Ireland.Article Source: ====Discover the most powerful professional social platform on the planet, and it aint Facebook! ====