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  • 1. E-Learning - Blended Learning Organisational Structures in Austria and Practical Experiences at an Austrian ENIS-School
  • 2. The E-Learning-Cluster Austria was founded as an ESF-project in 2002 is a network of more than 50 schools divided in 9 regional clusters all over Austria which are very innovative in the use of e-learning is supported by the ministry of education, which is leading the project The overall aim is to develop common models of a qualitative use of e-learning for the daily use in the classroom
  • 3. The E-Learning-Cluster Austria - AIMS To develop and try out of e-learning-sequences which all follow a common defined standard Exchange of learning objects and e-learning-sequences, The implementation of blended learning in a systematic school development It helps that each cluster-school gets 2.000 € for material and 2 – 4 man-hours/week each laptop-class gets 5. – 7.000 €/year to buy technical equipment each student of a laptop-class can lease a software-package
  • 4. SPECIAL AIMS FOR CLUSTER-SCHOOLS Each school has tried out sequences in each subject, The systematic work with e-learning-sequences/objects is a daily work All students have at least worked with e-learning-sequences in 2 subjects Each school has to discuss the sense and chances of blended-learning as a method for good teaching/successful learning Each school has to work with an e-learning-platform (content management or learning management system)
  • 5. "Blended Learning with Class Server at the Skiing-Commercial School Schladming”
  • 6. Microsoft Class Server in Schladming
    • Why did we choose Class Server ?
      • Need for a learning platform for laptop-classes
      • Easy to handle for teachers and students
      • Easy to create learning resources
      • Exchange content with other schools using Class Server
    • What are the prerequisites?
      • Regular access to the Internet with notebooks or
      • Regular access to computer-rooms
    • We are using the platform now in six (laptop)-classes
  • 7. Teacher and Tests
    • Class Server teacher
      • you can create and administrate courses and material
      • you have an overview of the courses, exercises and the learning progress of each student
      • you can mark the exercises and make comments
    • You can create different kinds of tests
      • multiple choice
      • space in text
      • short free answers
      • essays (fill out or attache files)
    students access
  • 8. Teacher and Tests how to assess
  • 9.
    • " Hurricanes " – find out information about the origins of hurricanes and actual threads (45 min - for self-study)
    • “ The Journey of a Pair of Jeans ” students learn about
        • the history of Jeans
        • cotton plant and cotton production
        • working conditions in textile factories in Asia and Mexico and
        • the ”Clean Clothes Campaign”
    • (about 8 hours – self-study: summaries, animations, games,…)
    • "Corel Draw " – online-course for a whole school-year– including exercises and guidelines "how to do"
    From 45 Minutes to a Year - Examples
  • 10. Experiences
    • Advantages
      • 100% availability of teaching/learning material (e.g. data-sheets to work with, hyperlinks,…)
      • Students can chose their working speed/working environment
      • Possibility of working offline (teachers)
      • Overview of what has been missed
      • Deputizing
    • Problems
      • much control (online)
      • Bad overview/ no central file-server included
      • Preparation of lessons is more difficult and costs more time
  • 11. Students Evaluation
    • Critical notes
      • too much distraction
      • too much games
      • less contact to each other
      • no one pays attention to the teacher
    • Positive aspects of laptop-classes
      • easier to take notes
      • information from the internet
      • better presentations
      • better computer-knowledge
  • 12. Thank you for your attention