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  1. 1. Edutech is a leading provider of learning solutions and services for aca- demic institutions, companies and governments. Our team prides itself to be “Learning Specialists” who assist in making learning innovative, easy, fast and fun. Leveraging our deep industry, technology and product exper- tise, we help people learn the skills necessary to succeed in today’s com- petitive multicultural and international business environment. We enable our customers to improve their performance and meet their learning objectives. Since its establishment in 1991, Edutech has grown into a global corporation with operations around the world. Today, the company offers an entire gamut of learning solutions and services seeking to enhance learning in classrooms, libraries, corporate and industrial training centers and school, college and vo- cational laboratories. Our R&D team comprises specialists in learning peda- gogy, implementation methodology, emerging technologies and curriculum design. Our team continuously scans the market for trends, needs and oppor- tunities to formulate thought leadership and evolve new generation learning solutions. We work closely with our partners to create product and service solutions that enhance customer performance to create an environment that fosters a community of continuous learning and improved learning outcomes. Our strategic focus areas include: AT A GLANCE Founded 1991 Who we are Learning Specialists What we do We increase the impact of learning by trans- forming the learning environment using tech- nological advancements and methodological innovations. How we do We establish personalized learning environ- ment through an optimal blend of learning resources, systems, pedagogy and technol- ogy. Mission Prepare today’s learners to solve tomorrow’s challenges Early Education Research has proved that the human brain’s capacity for new learning is at its peak during the ages of 3 to 5. Appropriate learning programs at this age not only help the child’s physical, emotional and social devel- opment, but also achieve the key developmental milestones thus contributing to their overall development. Equipped with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by children, parents and teachers, Edutech enables par- ents and teachers to design, build and operate their own learning environment with greater efficiency. We combine years of experience with Content, Technology and Services to provide fun, activity-based solutions. This play-and-learn way nurtures the young child’s ability to easily grasp and learn new skills while enhancing knowledge retention. Stem Education We at Edutech believe that people learn better with the intertwining of learning and technology. We work with partners around the world to provide an immersive, interactive, technological learning environment through math, science and engineering labs. The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields are collectively considered the keystones of an advanced society. One of the innovative and effective methods of teaching the STEM disciplines is through Robotics. Through Robotics, Edutech provides an exciting hands-on/exploratory learning experience to the stu- dents and at the same time help to improve their analytical and problem-solving skills. CORPORATE OVERVIEW Higher Education The power of the information and communication technology has been bringing about dramatic changes in the way students learn. Our learning solutions provide a student-centric and active/inquiry-based, fun and engaging way of learning that helps develop 21st century skills such as digital literacy, critical thinking etc. and facilitates informed decision making in the context of the real world. The accelerated pace of technological development and globalization has broadened the focus of educational systems beyond examination results and discipline. The mission of today’s educators is to prepare today’s students to be productive members of the ever-changing workplace and society in general. In this scenario, Edutech provides the key advantage of flexibility to personalize the learning by aligning the challenges and requirements of each individual customer.
  2. 2. MIDDLE EAST 2209, The Prism, Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road,Dubai, Unite Arab Emirates. Tel: +971 4 452 8887 INDIA Crystal Lawn, No 20, Haddows Road, Chennai - 600 006, India. Tel: +91 44 2833 0999 USA 2610, 5 Revere Drive, Suite 200, Northbrook, IL 60062. Tel: +1 630-310-8538 OUR MAIN OFFICES E: W: www.edutech.comBAHRAIN INDIA KUWAIT OMAN QATAR SAUDI ARABIA UAE USA ABN Amro Accenture Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Army Medical Corps Bajaj Auto Bank Muscat Capella University Delhi University Dubai e-government Emirates Airlines Exxon Mobil GE Technologies IBM Indian Oil Corporation Infosys Indian School of Business King Khalid University Mashreq Bank MoHE (Oman) National Aeronautics Ltd Officers Training Academy Oracle PAAET (Kuwait) Philip Morris International Qatar Petroleum Shell Refinery Siemens Sultan Qaboos University Corporate Education We appreciate the fact that organizations are different and one solution set or approach does not fit all. We believe in context-driven solutions that are calibrated to address the current and future needs of organizations. We offer content solutions that are engaging, instructionally sound, and use learning technology that is right for your needs, whether through the cial learning platforms. Our learning processes and development parameters are optimized to produce ‘Smart Learning’, which reduces the training cost and thus optimizes your learning investment. Our key offerings include structured and personalized content, learning management systems, testing & assessment systems. We develop innovative and comprehensive training solutions that seek to provide the necessary skills at every phase of the work lifecycle of employees from recruitment and induction to their per- formance appraisal. Our Online Testing Systems measure knowledge, skills and attitudes securely for certification, regulatory compliance and successful learning outcomes. MILE MARKERS 2012 Launched Distance Education Infrastructure & Services Launched Teachers Training 2011 Launched Stem Academy Launched skill development initiatives 2009 Global Launch of TechMentor 2008 Global Launch of PlantMentor and On-Spot 2006 Launched Assessment Services 2005 Established Content and Knowledge management Unit 2001 Launched SmartClass solutions 2000 Established educational services 1994 Introduction of digital library and e-learning infrastructure 1992 Introduction of technology-enabled education solutions 1991 Focus on hands-on learning for Engineering Streams An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company OUR APPROACH With subtle but continuing shifts occurring in the learning space, we begin with a shared understanding of customer preferences, context and needs. Our subsequent collaborative approach ensures rapid user adoption of our solutions. The international network of offices, subsidiaries and representatives further reassures the customer with quick personalized support. OUR PARTNERS We leverage the power of partnerships and alliances to deliver value to our customers. Over the years, we have built an impressive chain of global relationships to deliver customized solutions to our clients. Today, Edutech has more than 100 partnerships and several alliances to its credit. OUR CUSTOMERS Edutech has an impressive list of customers. They include some of the most respected corporations and academic institutions around the world. Our growing list of happy customers includes: Our range of solutions encompasses not only scientific/technical lab equipment, but also solutions in the fields of cutting-edge technology such as robotics, nanotechnology and mechatronics to en- able students to develop into scientists, engineers and more importantly curious learners. We also provide supportive tools that enhance learning such as Learning Management Systems, Web Col- laboration & Live learning, Digital Library, Online Testing Systems, Student Response System, etc. Vocational & Technical Education We believe in the role of learning and technology in fueling creativity, in- novation and wealth to build personal and national capabilities. Today, there is a growing demand for technically skilled people in the workforce across sectors and it is essential to bridge this gap of skilled human resources to drive innovation and growth. Through the conversations we have daily with academics, learners, employers and governments, we build solutions that enhance the process for acquiring knowledge and the mastery of that knowledge. Edutech provides skill development and employability programs to address the skill gaps in the workforce, making them job-ready.