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A set of slides to be used in a workshop for teachers of English at a Chinese Medium School in Hong Kong.

A set of slides to be used in a workshop for teachers of English at a Chinese Medium School in Hong Kong.

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. 20 Ideas on Using Podcasting for English
  • 2. After some early support they will love podcasting!
  • 3.
    • Podcasting can be very simple!
    • All ideas use just the computer and a microphone
    • A portable recorder could be a good investment
  • 4. Motivation!
    • It is amazing how much students will love to see their voices as a wave. Maybe compare English to Cantonese??
  • 5. Chanting Verbs or Drilling Vocabulary
  • 6. Rehearsing Dialogues
  • 7. Recording the conversation with a foreign language assistant
  • 8. Practicing clear pronunciation
  • 9. Explaining Grammatical Rules
  • 10. Recording the Singing of Songs in English
  • 11. Reciting Model Answers for Examinations
  • 12. Do a weekly weather forecast in English
  • 13. Have students create an audio tour in English of their school/a place they know well/a gallery/a museum
  • 14. Have students record a recent film review in English
  • 15. Students can produce a radio show or news report in weekly updates
  • 16. Students can make some recordings in English that may be of use to a partner school
  • 17. Can record a weekly learning log in English
  • 18. Getting a student to do an audio summary of a unit of work can be quite effective and can be shared easily
  • 19. Challenge students to read poetry in English
  • 20. Try book reviews in audio instead of text
  • 21. We all know that the best way to learn something is to….
  • 22. Someone will be the first weekly podcast on learning English for Hong Kong students!
  • 23. Try to keep it fun for the students.