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Educational Podcasting Ktlms
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Educational Podcasting Ktlms


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This is a set of notes I orginally used for training sessions for chinese teachers working in local Hong Kong schools.

This is a set of notes I orginally used for training sessions for chinese teachers working in local Hong Kong schools.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Educational Podcasting Paul McMahon Learning Solutions Asia Limited
  • 2. Examples of Educational Podcasts
    • Lit2Go: Audio Files for K-12
    • BBC Learning English Site
    • BC/BBC Teaching English Site (not Pdcsts)
    • Podcasts in English (not Free)
    • Lots of EdTech ones!
  • 3. What about the student voice?
    • An English Class’s podcast on Podomatic
    • A similar class use a series of images to make it a bit more lively
    • A podcast from a teacher at HKUST including segments from students
  • 4. Finding Podcasts
    • Podcast Directory
    • Podomatic
    • Receiver
    • iTunes is by far the best known!
    • Like google, it is possible to search for adult content!
  • 5. Subscribing Vs Listening
    • You can choose what episodes you want or you can subscribe and have each one delivered “hot and fresh!”
  • 6. How to Podcast
    • The podcasting process can be seen as 5 Ps:
    • Prepare – gather together your content
    • Perform – 3-2-1, click and record
    • Produce – edit, add sounds and music
    • Publish – publish to the internet
    • Promote – tell others what the link is so that they can subscribe and listen
  • 7. Prepare
    • This can be done by simply using word or any other text editor to write out a script.
    • Sometimes free form comments are recorded but students are not so good or confident to speak without some prepared notes.
  • 8. Perform
    • Capturing the audio can be done direct to the computer or remotely by voice recorder/MD recorder etc.
    • Microphones/headsets and USB devices can make a huge difference.
  • 9. Produce
    • Podium/Audacity
    • Usually very easy for students and teachers to pick up.
    • Background music and effects can make a real difference
    • Remember to compress and save as, probably, an mp3 file.
  • 10. Publish
    • There is a lot to know about here. (Hopefully your technician will take care of all of this for you!)
    • If you need the information, go to this link:
  • 11. Promote
    • Need to have an XML feed for RSS.
    • This is done easily via Easy Podcast or Poderator
    • This feed needs to be published to your site or sent to potential subscribers as an email.
  • 12. All Encompassing Solutions
    • Really only suitable for short, low bandwidth podcasts. Also adult content problems.
    • Examples ,
  • 13. Podium
    • The great advantage of this product is that it will do the whole 5 steps in the one application.
    • Nothing else on the windows platform does this as easily but “Garageband” on the Mac platform does most of this as well.
  • 14. Configuration Settings
    • You can keep the settings on your trial account for Podium but if you want a local site for practice with freeware:
    • ftp account: host: folder: / user: edbpodcast password: abc123 web page showing the uploaded file,
  • 15. Thank you for listening!
    • Paul McMahon
    • Learning Solutions Asia
    • Email: pmc@
    • Phone: W: 81702808 M: 91705605
    • PowerPoint