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A helpful presentation about the New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook that's useful for College students or anyone who wants to learn Chinese as a second language. …

A helpful presentation about the New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook that's useful for College students or anyone who wants to learn Chinese as a second language.

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  • 1. NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READE Learn-Chinese Textbooks for College Students
  • 2. Learning Chinese Textbooks for College, late High School New Practical Chinese Reader (ed. Liu Xun) - Updated version of the popular Practical Chinese Reader of the 1980s - Compilation of Chinese textbooks that aim to teach Chinese to English speakers - Setting of lessons is about campus life. Over 300,000 copies sold!
  • 3. Total of 70 lessons in 6 volumes Volumes 1-4 for Beginners (50 lessons) Volumes 5-6 Suitable textbooks for English speaking students. Can also be used for self study. NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER
  • 4. Students will learn linguistic structures and functions, and also gain a sense of achievement in communicative ability as the lessons go along. – Simple dialogue – Sentence patterns – Expansion of previous lessons – More words and grammar, more complex sentences and paragraphs NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER
  • 5. NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER Features : • Emphasis on useful conversation • Equal emphasis on systematic use of Chinese characters • Background on Chinese culture • Use of stories to interest students
  • 6. Emphasis on useful conversation • Greetings and introducing oneself • Phonetics also taught • Students are trained to understand and communicate at a higher level, especially in paragraphs. • More functional conversation to improve the student’s understanding, speaking, reading and writing Chinese. NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER
  • 7. Equal emphasis on systematic use of Chinese Characters The first 2 volumes stress the basic rules of Chinese script: – Basic strokes – Easy characters frequently used as components of other characters – Single component characters – Advancement to more difficult ones in the later volumes NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER
  • 8. Background on Chinese culture For students to understand the context of Chinese conversation better Use of pictures that show cultural details, such as: – Menus – Advertisements – Road signs – Newspapers – Classical literary pieces and more NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER
  • 9. Use of Stories to Learn Chinese The stories of 3 international students provide an interesting jump-off point to learn Chinese. – Continues the story from the original Practical Chinese Reader characters, who now have a child and it is this child who is now studying Chinese. – Learn new words, grammar and characters as the 3 students’ friendships, love stories and relationship with teachers are also revealed. NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER
  • 10. Structure of lessons: – Text. The topics and scenes of each lesson. Dialogues with audio practice – Pronunciation – New Words – Notes. Explanations of new words, develop grammatical points taught previously, or introduce necessary cultural background. – Conversation Practice, Drills and Practice – Reading Comprehension and Paraphrasing – Phonetics and Pronunciation Drills – Grammar – Characters. Character components, later combined to form characters. Rules for constructing and writing characters – Culture Note NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER
  • 11. Sample Page - Level 1
  • 12. Materials included in this series: (Available at ChildBook, sold separately) – Textbook – Workbook – CDs for textbook – CDs for workbook – Instructor Manuals NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER
  • 13. GET THE CHINESE ADVANTAGE! ChildBook also has learn-Chinese materials for teens and adults: • Quick Guides – Chinese conversations, etc. • Software for business Chinese • Mock tests for SAT and AP Chinese • Dictionaries • Audio lessons • Popular novels in Chinese , plus more!
  • 14. Visit For more Learn-Chinese resources!