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Sample pages and helpful discussion about the Chinese Made Easy Textbooks. All information has been compiled and created by
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Information on Chinese Made Easy Textbook

  1. 1. Chinese Made Easy Textbook Series Review By Giving Kids the Chinese Advantage
  2. 2. – Giving Kids the Page 2 Chinese Made Easy Task-based lessons for children to easily remember and communicate in Chinese • Uses rhymes, pictures, storytelling • Learn over 1700 Chinese characters and several thousand Chinese phrases • Great for Test reviews such as SAT II
  3. 3. – Giving Kids the Page 3 Chinese Made Easy Lessons: • Up-to-date topics relevant for young students • Careful pacing • Clearly focused aims • Regular consolidation and reinforcement • Presented in fun, interesting way
  4. 4. – Giving Kids the Page 4 Chinese Made Easy is for: • Grades 4 and up, or 10 years and older • Students with no previous Chinese background • Students preparing for Chinese tests Popular in schools and with homeschoolers
  5. 5. – Giving Kids the Page 5 Features Chinese Made Easy • 5 Levels of Textbooks with CD, Workbooks, and Teacher’s Guide • Available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese • Printed in color
  6. 6. – Giving Kids the Page 6 Sample Page: Chinese Made Easy Level 1 Textbook, Simplified
  7. 7. – Giving Kids the Page 7 Sample Page: Chinese Made Easy Level 2 Textbook, Simplified
  8. 8. – Giving Kids the Page 8 Sample Page: Chinese Made Easy Level 3 Textbook, Simplified
  9. 9. – Giving Kids the Page 9 Sample Page: Chinese Made Easy Level 4 Textbook, Simplified
  10. 10. – Giving Kids the Page 10 Sample Page: Chinese Made Easy Level 5 Textbook, Simplified
  11. 11. – Giving Kids the Page 11 Teacher’s Edition • Includes Answers for all Home and Text • Companion CD • Available in Simplified and Traditional Characters
  12. 12. – Giving Kids the Page 12 Work Book • Exercises to complement textbook • Available for Each Level • Traditional and Simplified Versions
  13. 13. – Giving Kids the Page 13 Sample Page: Chinese Made Easy Level 1 Workbook, Simplified
  14. 14. – Giving Kids the Page 14 Use CME for Test preparations Curriculum aligned with content of the: • CSE/ IGCSE/A- Level Mandarin Chinese Exams (UK) • SAT II/ AP Chinese Examinations (USA) • IB Chinese Exam • Australian Mandarin Exams • HSK (Mainland China)
  15. 15. – Giving Kids the Page 15 What parents say about CME • “Both my girls have used the Chinese Made Easy Series in their Chinese Conversation class. Good quality book. Nicely illustrated. They don't mind listening to the CD because some parts are rythmic and fun for them.
  16. 16. – Giving Kids the Page 16 “ It's a great book. Full color. Very attractive to young children. Started with easy dialogues and characters.” - Michelle from Kirkland , WA What parents say about CME
  17. 17. – Giving Kids the Page 17 “ The accompanying CD is great for hearing pronunciation. I find myself repeating phrases in my head that I can't necessarily translate, which is a more natural way of learning than translating first. My 5.5 year old daughter really likes to listen to the CD and follow along with the rhythmic "songs/poems." - cecegary from Franklin, TN United States What parents say about CME
  18. 18. – Giving Kids the Page 18 Ms Yamin Ma • Masters in Education in Curriculum Design and Development from Queen's University, Canada. • Research interests : Educational psychology, ESL, and Chinese language learning and teaching. • Has taught both English and Chinese in China and Canada • Currently teaching Chinese at an international school in Hong Kong. Co-author Ms. Winying Li • Post graduate diploma in Applied Linguistics from Tsinghua University, Beijing China • Teaches Chinese at an International School in Hong Kong. About the Authors: Ms Yamin Ma and Winying Li
  19. 19. – Giving Kids the Page 19 Chinese Made Easy for Kids • Designed for teaching Chinese for smaller children - focus on verbal. • Four levels with Textbook with CD, Workbook, Flash Cards • Simplified and Traditional Chinese Versions.
  20. 20. – Giving Kids the Page 20 Get your Kids the Chinese Advantage! Use the “Chinese Made Easy” books now. Learning Chinese Books, DVD’s, Music, and Software for Kids!