Wendy Henry from Lincolnshire County Council - Totara: Reaching your Efficiency Targets


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Wendy Henry explains how Lincolnshire County Council has improved their organisational efficiency through using Totara LMS for Talent Management.

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  • Wendy Henry from Lincolnshire County Council - Totara: Reaching your Efficiency Targets

    2. 2. Our story so far.....• Learning Pool customer since 2008• Essential subscription upgrade to Total subscription• No corporate LMS = sporadic LMS use in service areas• Totara Pilot in October 2011• HR system review = currently use SAP HR and Finance• Learning and Development process review• Launched a new Appraisal Policy and Procedure
    3. 3. People Strategy 2012 -2015 commitment.....Work smarter which means we will use technology to promote innovation and change and support employees to work in a more efficient and agile way
    4. 4. People Management Service Plan 2012 -2015 Priority..... To streamline HR managementsystems and processes to improve services to managers
    5. 5. How does Totara fit in?• Brings the Manager to the Party….but also• Supports self-directed planning, learning and evaluation• Provides opportunity to improve learning processes and therefore increase efficiencies• Underpins good performance management principles• Improves our ability to achieve compliance for statutory learning programmes• Supports incremental growth with the system; Roadmap Vs Learning and Development Strategy & Performance Management approach
    6. 6. Scenario 1: Statutory/legislative/essential learning DRIVERSStatutory/legislative/essentialComprehensive Audit trail TOTARA BENEFITS ISSUES Improved navigation forAchieve compliance levels Large number of courses learnersSpeed to competence Complex navigation to courses Placed directly into a No obvious completion Learning Plan status Completion status more High level of manual obvious report generation Improved automated reporting Improved measurement of programmeNew system features effectiveness What works for LCC….in the minds of Administrators1. Programme Management Functionality “Imagine a programme of learning that leads the2. Activity Locking + learner through a set of resources and activities they Completion must complete before they can show they are3. Report Builder competent” “It would be ideal to do an automatic refresh”
    7. 7. Scenario 2: Paper-based event booking system DRIVERS• One stop shop for all learning resources and activities = blended TOTARA BENEFITS learning• Improved booking Automation of ISSUES processes = time saving practices, process, and Paper based form on Intranet Reduction in admin = saving content• £150 admin charge per event monies Reduction in training No Blended learning approach Central repository for admin costs and time• No reports to monitor attendance learning resources and Improved activities Management Management Information InformationNew system features1. Classroom Connect2. Report Builder
    8. 8. Scenario 3: Learning Plans to capture team learning DRIVERS What works for LCC….in the minds of Managers and• Alignment with organisational Learners goals and strategies “It would be good to have all my team’s learning records in one• Continuous reflection and place - but “I don’t want to have to access the system all the update by employee to keep time”; track of goal achievement (evidence) throughout the “It would be useful to have all the core behaviours and abilities already pre-populated in my team’s learning plans”; appraisal period rather than once a year. “It would be so much simpler if learning resources and activities could be directly linked to our core behaviours – this would help• Small targets over shorter towards the preparation for the formal Appraisal meeting” periods rather than big targets of the length of a year “I would like to capture new objectives and learning we identify in our one to ones” “I want to access all my learning opportunities in one place”; “I want to be able to update my learning plan during the yearNew system features when I have achieved some of my objectives and completed some of my learning”;1. Hierarchies and Frameworks2. Learning Plans
    9. 9. Scenario 4: Distribution of core abilities and behaviours to support culture change programme ‘People Make it Happen’ DRIVERS Embedding new culture through new set of core abilities and behaviours Link abilities + behaviours directly to learning Support continued achievement of Investors in People standardNew system features1. Hierarchies and Frameworks2. Learning Plans3. Find Courses
    10. 10. QUESTIONS? Wendy HenrySenior Organisational Development Officer 01522 552205 wendy.henry@lincolnshire.gov.uk