Virtual Holland Codes for Kids Career Test


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In 2013, will launch a NEW virtual career test for elementary and middle school students. The Kid Career System uses self-by-step activities, career games for Kids, and kids activities for career choices to highlight Holland Codes. More details are available at

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Virtual Holland Codes for Kids Career Test

  1. 1. o m s .c  de c o d Explore Holland Codes and Careers n l la by o Dr. Mary Askew Holland Codes Resource CenterH 4133 E. Siesta Lane Phoenix, AZ 85050 (602) 569-1050
  2. 2. o m .c · A = ARTISTIC e · E = ENTERPRISING s o d · C = CONVENTIONAL d c · S = SOCIAL n · I = INVESTIGATIVE l la · R = REALISTIC H oThere is also a Holland Codes for Kid model.
  3. 3. o m s .c de oOver three hundred c(300) posters highlight dHolland Codes. n l la H o
  4. 4. o m s .c de o• Working with your hands• Playing sports d c n• Using tools l la H o
  5. 5. o m s .c de o• Writing c• Acting d• Painting Playing Music n la• o l H
  6. 6. o m s .c de o• Learning c• Listening• Sharing nd l la H o
  7. 7. o m s .c de o Leading c• Selling d• Enjoying an adventure n• l la H o
  8. 8. o m s .c de o• Always asking questions. c• Likes Math and science. d• Likes computers. n• Loves books. l la H o
  9. 9. o m s .c• Putting things in de o order• Counting d c n• Managing time la• Setting goals o l H
  10. 10. o m s .c• Characteristics: Frank, de Practical, Focused, c o Mechanical, Determined, Rugged n d l la H o
  11. 11. o m s .c• Strengths: de o Manipulates tools, c Possesses d mechanical, manual, n or athletic ability l la H o
  12. 12. o m s .c de• Potential Careers: Craftsman, o Fitness Trainer, Optician, c Policemen, Fire Fighter, d Physical Education Teacher n l la H o
  13. 13. o m s .c• Possible College Majors: de o Justice Studies, Fire Science, c Athletic Training, Martial Arts, d Corporate Fitness, Physical n Education l la H o
  14. 14. o m s .c The Color Key shows: de • Job Titles o • Paint Careers With Colors c Codes nd • 3 letter Holland Codes • Paint Careers With Colors l la Poster NumbersH o
  15. 15. o m .c Flash Cards help the s students: de • Discover their interests, o abilities, and skills c • Find out what makes d their personality tick n • Explore careers with la middle school students, ol children, and kids • Link careers toH interests, abilities and skills
  16. 16. o m s .c de oOne hundred (100) cBingo Cards dreinforce careers nand Holland Codes. l la H o
  17. 17. o m s .c de o Request additional information at the cPaint Careers With Colors web page – d n l la H o