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LearnFlow Industrial Training Program

  1. 1. Learn Flow –Industrial Training Program
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Industrial Training Program - Background • Need – The Why • Program Details – Modules & Focus Areas • Program Schedule Details • LearnFlow – Key Differentiators • Fees • LearnFlow Contact
  3. 3. Background • Industrial Training refers to the work experience that is relevant to Professional development prior to the graduation. • One of the requirements to award the graduation degree is to ensure that the students are completing the Industrial training. • Industrial Trainings Programs are typically few weeks On Job training which includes theory and Practical • These Programs can be conducted within Campus or Outside Campus as well • Industrial Trainings are typically done between the semester breaks
  4. 4. Need – The Why • Understand the Real World • Keeping pace with the world • Theory Vs. Hands on Experience • An aid to prospective employment • Getting ready for the corporate world • Building Skill Sets • Win-Win to all – Students / Colleges / Companies
  5. 5. Modules & Focus Areas • Software Universe – How IT works 1 • Getting Ready for the Corporate Bandwagon 2 • Future of IT – The Road Ahead / Innovation 3 • IT – Software Project Lifecycle and Delivery Methodology 4 • The Real Work – Hands On Practical 5
  6. 6. Software Universe – How IT works WHY? WHAT? HOW? WHEN? – This Module will give all the details on the IT Industry so get ready to dive deep into the depths of software industry & understand its model Software Insight Categorization IT Companies •What is Software and What is Software •Technology Services & OPD Companies Industry? •Technology Product Companies •Difference between Software and •Sector/Domain Companies - Captives Hardware? •Difference between IT and ITeS Working Models – Geography Working Models – Commercials •Onshore-Offshore •T&M •Near Shore •Fixed Priced •Dual Shore -Offsite On-Shore Model •Staff Augmentation •Advantage INDIA and INDIAN IT Companies
  7. 7. Getting Ready for the Corporate Bandwagon Operating Model - High level Expectations from Freshers overview •Expectations of Software company •Various departments from a FRESHER •How the department works closely •Dos & DONTs for a fresher before with each other joining a company •From Sales to Payments – How sales •What you should do to make a and Delivery cycle works smooth entry & lay a strong foundation for a glorious career
  8. 8. Future of IT – The Road Ahead and Innovation •Are You the next Steve Jobs or Narayan Murthy or Mark Zuckerberg - Learn Flow will help you in treading the path that will lead to your goals & dreams. •All the big names in the technology world GOOGLE, APPLE, IBM , Oracle , SAP, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia - All have been trying hard to outdo each other for the race to the TOP. What effect it will have on you as a software developer & how you should brace yourself up. Cloud Computing, Big Data, Business •Latest technologies like Intelligence & Analytics have opened up a wide range of possibilities in industry. They are the foundation stone for the most exciting things that will happen in this decade in software industry. •Social Media / Gadgets / Automation – Rule our life •Cost Pressures / Simplicity / Innovation – Game changers
  9. 9. So Are you READY to take the LEAP………..Don’t worry……………… LearnFlow is Here for you for all the help and Guidance
  10. 10. IT Software Project Lifecycle/Delivery Methodology •Software Development Life Cycle •Project Development Environment •Basics of programming •Use of SVNs •Processes followed in IT Companies •Tracking time through timesheets •How a project team coordinates •Project Documentation •Emails etiquettes to be followed •Handling change requests •Communicating with the Clients •Standard coding techniques •Code review •What are Mobile applications? •Mobile architecture •Understanding Android / i-OS environment •Marketing your applications •Revenue models in applications
  11. 11. Live Projects Work • Each student will work on LIVE project • LearnFlow will provide all the necessary Training and Guidance required for the Project • All the Students/Trainees will be divided into groups • Each group will be assigned a project • Project topics will to revolve around latest technologies • Each group is expected to deliver the completed project
  12. 12. Project Topics • Mobile Apps • Social media apps • Cyber Security • Cloud Computing • Web Applications • E-Commerce • SEO/PPC
  13. 13. Training - Important Details Duration • 1-Nov-2012 to 07-Dec-2012 Timings • Monday to Friday • 9-11 am Training • 12-3 pm Live Project work FEES - 5000 INR 3500 INR Certificate on completion of Industrial Training
  14. 14. Training - Schedule Week Number 9 A.M. to 11 A.M. 12 Oclock to 3 P.M. Week 1 Theory Project Work Week 2 Theory Project Work Week 3 Theory Project Work Week 4 Project Work Project Work Week 5 Project Work Project Work
  15. 15. Advantage - LearnFlow • Industry Experts • 15+ Yrs Industry Experience • Comes from Engineering background and know things inside out • World Class Training Content • Latest technologies • Flexibility - Select your project topics and you get all help • Focus and dedicated attention during five weeks of training
  16. 16. Reach us for all required help Address:- R K Business Centre, 194 Cement Road, Besides Wazalwar Driving School Dharampeth Extension, Nagpur (MS) - 440010 INDIA. Website - www.learnflow.in Email - info@learnflow.in Call us - 97637-92442 / 7709636176