Daily 15 minute office 5S


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Helping you to embrace lean by doing 5S in your office or work-space. A good way for a busy executive to clean up his office, work effectively and learn 5S by experiencing it first hand

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Daily 15 minute office 5S

  1. 1. Daily 15 Minutes Office 5S Audience: Everyone in Office By- Vivek Naik http://viveknaik.net/
  2. 2. Why Do 5S in Office• You have to walk the talk. Especially if you are doing 5S in other areas like shop floor then you need to show that you are committed too• It will make your office much more effective and efficient working place• Clean and well organized office will boosts your morale• It also lets you experience what a person goes through when he has to change his work space
  3. 3. Why Daily 15 Minutes• When you do something on daily basis it becomes a habit• When something becomes a habit you can sustain it• It will develop qualities required in a lean manager and sustain your improvement efforts• You will be open to idea of changing yourself, a necessary quality before you change others
  4. 4. How to start 5S in your office or workspaceGETTING STARTED WITH 15 MIN 5S
  5. 5. 5S Phases1S Sort 2S Straighten5S 3S Shine 4S Standardize5S Sustain
  6. 6. Before you Start• Click a picture of your workspace and save it
  7. 7. What makes mess in your workspace?• Old documents piling up on the desk• Drawers filled with unwanted stationery supplies, files, papers, brochures etc• Samples of products which you no longer need• Old posters, Post-it notes, certificates, photos etc hanging on the wall
  8. 8. Day 1: Sort in 15 MinutesWHAT YOU NEED• 2 large empty boxes• Some help if you want to move out heavy furniture
  9. 9. Day 1: Sort in 15 MinutesWHAT TO DO• Empty all your desk drawers,• Remove the things hanging on walls• Now put all this stuff into the boxes – documents, files, folders in one box – Stationery, personal items , photo frames, etc in the other box – Get rid of broken or scrap items• Remove any old or unwanted furniture, samples or things that you don’t use on daily basis
  10. 10. Day 1: Sort in 15 MinutesEXPECTED RESULT• At the End you will only have a Your computer and keyboard mouse and phone on your desk and may be a printer – All walls and your desk top must be clear of any other articles – You may keep a piece of paper or note pad and pen
  11. 11. From Now Onwards….• You will only pull things from the two boxes if you are going to use that item• When you pull any item ask yourself – Do you need it everyday, one or more times a week but not daily (weekly), one or more times in a month but not every week (monthly) – Assign marked space on you desk to keep these three categories as you pull them out of the box
  12. 12. Day 2: Set in PlaceWHAT YOU NEED• Document tray• Ring binders or hanging folders• Stickers / labels• Marker• Small tray or open box for Pens
  13. 13. Day 2: Set in PlaceWHAT TO DO• Setup inbox for incoming documents using document tray and label it using sticker and marker• If you have a drawers set the top drawer to keep items that you use on daily bases – Keep the pen tray and note pad in Front – All other items at the back(like Hole Punch, Stapler, clear tape etc.)
  14. 14. Day 2: Set in PlaceWHAT TO DO• Use filling Drawer with hanging folders or Ring binders to store your documents: – Daily used will go in front of the drawer – Next will be weekly used documents – Monthly documents will be the furthest away
  15. 15. Day 2: Set in PlaceEXPECTED RESULT• You will have place for all the documents that you use on regular basis• All items like pen, notepad, stapler, will have a place in drawer• Nothing other than your computer, inbox tray and phone will be on top of the desk at the end of the day
  16. 16. From Now Onwards….• Continue questioning each document that comes to your inbox or the one you pull from the box and find a proper spot for it or shred it away. Inbox to be emptied by day end.• If any sample or item is in the space move it out by the end of the day• Store all items including pen, notepad and documents in their proper places before you go home
  17. 17. Day 3: ShineWHAT YOU NEED• Paper towels or wipe cloth• All surface cleaner• Broom or brush with long handle• Any other cleaning tools or supplies you feel is needed
  18. 18. Day 3: ShineWHAT TO DO• Clean up your desk with paper towel/ wipe cloth. Use all surface cleaner if required• Ensure there is no dust to top of your phone , computer and other items• Clean the walls and floor including the space below your desk
  19. 19. Day 3: ShineEXPECTED RESULT• You will have a clean dust free work place
  20. 20. Time to Click• Click a picture of your workspace and Print it• Compare it to your before picture• Are you proud of what you did? If yes than share it with others. Especially with the ones you manage so that they are inspired to follow
  21. 21. From Now Onwards….• Keep a wipe cloth in your top drawer and wipe your desk, computer and phone before you go home
  22. 22. Have you done a great job?• If everyone thinks you have done a great job than reward yourself! – You can keep one of your personal items on the desk ( Photo frame, souvenir, etc)
  23. 23. Day 4: StandardizeWHAT YOU NEED• Check List• Printed Picture of your work space taken after the shine phase
  24. 24. Day 4: StandardizeWHAT TO DO• Paste the After picture in place easily visible while working• Write a check list post it in front of you – Daily wipe the table, computer, phone etc – Store away everything in its place at end of the day – Empty the inbox at end of the day
  25. 25. Day 4: StandardizeEXPECTED RESULT• You will have a standardized system to maintain a clean and effective office• The picture will provide reference for how your perfect office should be setup
  26. 26. From Now Onwards….• Maintain these activities by using the check list before you leave the office daily• See if you can do all these tasks in 5 minutes• Are others in your company doing 5S for their office? – If yes then invite them to audit and share ideas for improvement
  27. 27. What Happened to Sustain?• We build the system to sustain with all the first 4S• Sustain is doing all of those 4S on regular basis and adapt to the changing needs of your workspace• Do not go back to your old way, Look at the picture• Strive to improve what you have setup
  28. 28. What about the stuff in Boxes?• You will continue pulling the items from these boxes only if you really need them• If the item or document is really needed then find a place for it• Also ask if you can get rid of paper by scanning the documents• Keep the boxes for a month then you need to decide: – if you have not used that item for a month then do you really need it?
  29. 29. Continue Improving• If you are able to apply this to your self and develop habit to question the status quo you will be better equipped to teach continuous improvement to others• Continuous improvement is about continuous learning and experience is the best teacher
  30. 30. By three methods we may learn wisdom: First,by reflection, which is the noblest; second, by imitation, which is the easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. - Confucius